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I hope you enjoy your launch party! I was at a Barnes & Noble in Durham, NC earlier, and when the man ringing me up saw I was buying your book, he got very excited and said he'd just finished it, and really enjoyed it. He's name's John, and he said you'd worked there before going to the UK for your degree. You're clearly remembered fondly, and his enthusiasm's pushed If We Were Villains to the top of my tbr pile. : )

John is a lovely, lovely man who was my manager when I used to work there! It’s going to be surreal to go back and actually do an event in the B&N where I used to work, but I’m so excited for it. It’ll be so wonderful to see all my former colleagues again. I’ll have to thank John for talking it up!

The Witcher 2 - Sentence Starters
  • "Are your pubes white too?!"
  • "How do you fight something like that?"
  • "If you want to go in heres the key, but if you get killed, dont come back to haunt me"
  • "That, that...was kind of touching"
  • "What kind of soup you makin'?"
  • "You're the most noble human I know"
  • "I see you took care of the guards"
  • "She/He is your very opposite"
  • "You killed them all?"
  • "They didn't slaughter themselves"
  • "It's a dragon! I can't believe it!"
  • "Some professional you are..."
  • "Maybe I'll come back when you're sober"
  • "Drinking alone is as bad as shitting in company"
  • "I'll tell you when I get my memory back"
  • "I wonder, are the stories about you true?"
  • "Listen, ______, you're so drunk a single spark and you'd be a torch"
  • "______, stop fucking around and get up!"

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ahhh, so could you please do draco x harry headcanons? i'm a sucker for epilogue-compliant, middle-aged, "we had a thing right after the war, but then we got married and had kids but i never forgot about you" type of situations..i know it's not a rare pair, but i'm so curious how you'd write this. thank you :)

the angst oh my god k i l l m e now

  • so
  • it all starts when harry’s still sleepless nine nights out of ten; the nightmares aren’t as awful as the insomnia, but that’s only because the nightmares aren’t as real. he doesn’t just see thestrals anymore. he sees blood where it isn’t, and ghosts where they aren’t, and when it’s especially vivid–especially violent–he wonders why he ever bothered waking up again. making that choice.
  • hermione tells him to go back to hogwarts. watching everything be rebuilt will help you, harry. 
  • it doesn’t help, but it also isn’t a stale pillowcase at grimmauld place, or a stagnant mess of further responsibility at the ministry, or ginny’s thoughtful, achingly somber smile when he’d flinched at the press of her lips against his. hogwarts is home, even when it’s broken. 
  • and a few months pass without incident, late summer fading into fall, crystallizing into winter–until he notices, properly notices, draco malfoy again. 
  • harry waits for the familiar swell of anger, loathing, bitterness; except it doesn’t come, and there’s nothing to drown in, and he’s suddenly aware of a very different sort of emotion. understanding–recognition. there are lavender circles under malfoy’s eyes. thick swathes of guilt blanketing a placid, too-empty expression. unspoken blame, unwanted apologies, a patch of permanently pink, wax-blistered skin around the bones of his knuckles. 
  • malfoy’s not whole, either.
  • anyway.
  • that’s how it starts. a stilted conversation by the rubble of the quidditch pitch; a relief, unexpected and harrowing, that harry isn’t alone in searching, searching, searching for a reason. one day, it’s an all-encompassing hint of awareness around his spine, and the next, it’s a kiss, sloppy and awkward. there are bruises, splotches of red and dashes of violet, and there are memories–teeth clacking and hands roving and brief, scintillating flickers of heat when their fingers brush and their chests collide and it’s consuming, really, the most changed harry’s felt since he’d found magic. 
  • it ends, though.
  • it ends because it has to, sooner or later, and it ends because neither of them need it, not like they had before.
  • and years go by.
  • harry doesn’t like the phrase the one who got away–it reminds him of the chosen one, and he’s almost thirty-five before he stops reflexively clenching his jaw upon hearing that.
  • still, he thinks it, swiftly and surely, when he sees malfoy again at king’s cross.
How he'd comfort you
  • Eren: Coming from someone who has experienced just as much hurt, he would be able to relate to whatever problem you're going through. You'd spend the whole day/night talking about and wondering these problems, why they happen, etc. It may be putting salt on the wound, but you'd feel strangely lighter after you guys are done talking.
  • Armin: Once he'd see you in such a broken state, he couldn't help but panic. He would run around like a headless chicken, bringing back pillows, sweets, tissue, and whatever he thinks you need. However, when you tell him you just need someone to listen to you, he'd calm down a little and just let you talk. In turn, he would assure you that he'll help you get along every step of the way.
  • Reiner: He may not really understand it, but it doesn't mean that he doesn't care and that he won't try to make things better. He'd be your butler for the day, wherein he'll be at your beck and call the whole day, just because he doesn't want you to stress yourself any further.
  • Bertholdt: He really wouldn't know what to do in situations like those, so he would just let you sob into his shoulder while he strokes your back. Once in a while, he'd whisper a little in an attempt to make things better, stuff like "it's going to be okay" or "it happens to all of us". Little words like these and his presence alone will be enough to make you feel better.
  • Jean: His first instinct would make him tell you to suck in it and that it can happen to anyone, but once he sees how upset you are about the matter, he'll take his words back and try to make things better. It'd be a little cheesy, but he'll take you to an open space, like a rooftop or a riverside, where you can shout out all your frustrations and whatever makes you sad. Once you're sated, he'll treat you to whatever you feel like eating to cap it off.
  • Marco: He'll listen to your concerns carefully with two ears, and after that, he'll tell you that it's best to move on from your problem, and he'll start spoiling you. He'll buy tons of DVDs, buckets of comedy movies, and your favorite take out meal. Once in a while, he would check on you just to see if you're faking your smiles or what, but how could you fake it after all he's done?
  • Connie: He would hate seeing you down in the dumps, so he'd try whatever he can to distract you and make you smile. For him, forcibly dragging you to an arcade or an amusement park would be much better than having you stuck at home, wallowing in your sadness. After he finally sees that bright smile of yours, he'd take you home and let you know that you can bug him for anything.
  • Levi: As a man of a few words, he will only have his presence to offer. He prefers body language over words, so instead of trying to come up with a philosophical piece of advice, or try to recall a quote, he would just hold your hand, or let you soak his shirt in tears, even if it would mean another round of laundry.
  • Erwin: You would have a long, long talk about your problem. It may be strange, but it would be him who would do most of the talking, but it would be sensible advice that would really be fit for your situation. Once you're okay, he'll take you into his arms, where it will be his turn to listen to everything that's on your mind.

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Hi viria! I love your haikyuu hp au and I was wondering if you'd given any thought to which house ennoshita would be in and maybe your reasoning why? (sorry if you've said it before and I just missed it)

To be honest I’ve been thinking…Gryffindor. I might have a not very good take on his character, but still.

It’s almost like with Yamaguchi for me, initially not “brave” but gains courage in the process. 

Ennoshita got frightened at first because of how serious their trainings have become, when suddenly something “for fun” has turned into something “for the win”; so he backed off from it at first. But then later there’s regret, and he comes back, and he tries to make up for it even though he’s not quite “talanted”.

He tries his best to be a steady ground for the team, and even though he might not be THAT good, he is still doing his best.

What I love about Ennoshita, is that how calm and collected he seems most of the time, he doesn’t jump into fights, he isn’t too loud, per see, but at the same time there is undeniable passion and courage burning inside of him, so that’s sort of why I ended up with Gryffindor.

Ennoshita Chikara is A+ captain material and you will not persuade me otherwise:’)

one direction // preference // he buys you tampons
  • harry: you'd asked harry to buy you some tampons and chocolate, seeing as you were feeling a few cramps and couldn't be bothered to get decent enough to leave the house. harry agreed casually through text, though he had absolutely no idea which tampons you wanted. by the time he was stood in the feminine care aisle, he had a deep furrowed brow as he looked over the vast array of tampons that were available. he was holding a packet and reading the back as he wondered what exactly it meant by super-heavy when his phone buzzed. he pulled his phone out of his pocket and sighed in relief at the photo you'd sent him of the packaging of the tampon box that you usually bought before he picked it up and went to the checkout.
  • zayn: 'erm, babe i really have no idea which ones you use.' he said through the phone, one arm over his chest as he scanned the different, colourful packages of tampons, 'and i really don't want people to catch me staring at tampons. they'll think i'm a creep.' you rolled your eyes, cuddling up tighter in bed as another cramp hit you, 'zayn, its a pink box. the one i showed you before you left.' there was a silence, and then the sound of cardboard hitting the floor - and a curse from zayn that was muffled by the phone pressed to his shirt. you let out a soft laugh as you rolled your eyes, waiting for his voice again, 'i got it, sorry. i dropped a whole heap. okay i'll be at yours in five. love you.'
  • louis: he was heading out to do a weekly shop seeing as you were rather busy with some work. he'd taken the shopping list - and you didn't hear from him for half an hour. until he rang your phone and quietly asked which tampons you usually bought. you let out a laugh as you realised he was probably standing in the aisle, feeling way out of his comfort zone. 'like there's light, and there's heavy, and there's super heavy.. and super heavy plus?' he said, making you erupt into giggles again. 'listen, i'll send you through a picture of the exact ones okay? just remind me to never send you out to buy tampons again.'
  • niall: he chewed on his nails as he stood in front of the tampons, stepping forwards and reading the front of the boxes before stepping back again. it didn't take long for an employee to walk over to niall, asking if he needed any help; the confusion evident on his face. he let out a weak laugh and nodded, 'it's for my girlfriend... i don't know which ones she needs. i thought it'd surprise her with some sweets and some tampons.' niall said, cheeks heating slightly. the employee chuckled and mentioned that he should just ask what you needed - so he pulled out his phone and sent you a quick text. 'i was trying to surprise you, but im an male and i don't know what tampons you use. help?'
  • liam: he listened to your phone ring out again, making him groan and whisper to himself, 'i don't want to wake you up but answer your freaking phone.' he stepped back and looked over the tampons again before grabbing one type that looked most normal before he took it to the checkout. he arrived at your house only ten minutes later, walking inside and into your room. he sat on your bed and kissed your temple as you slept - causing you to rouse. 'sorry babe.' he whispered after waking you before smiling softly, 'i got you some food and some tampons, these okay?' he asked as he handed them to you. you chuckled tiredly and brushed your hair back, 'actually, they're a bit too heavy but.. that's just extra protection right?' you laughed, making liam shake his head, 'yeah, sure.. whatever that means.'
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"How can I help yo--" Belle stopped as she saw who it was that had entered the library. Her heart squeezed painfully & she carefully made her way down the ladder she'd been using to fix a stack of books. "I was wondering when you would come looking for me." She said, her tone tense but not altogether unkind. "I heard you'd come back." Her voice was soft as she tried to hide the mix of emotions swirling inside of her. Anger. Hurt. Love. Guilt. Sadness. Relief. All emotions that warred inside her.


Gold, still looking a little worse for wear, lingered in the doorway of the library, leaning heavily on the cane that, with the return of his magic, he no longer needed. Somehow, it was a comfort to him, a crutch to keep him upright as he prepared to confront his wife at last. The wedding ring still glittered on his hand, the only valuable possession he had not pawned for money. He came no closer, afraid that she might reject him again. “Please, Belle… Hear me out– please.

#1: you see him cry for the first time...
  • MICHAEL: ...and your heart instantly breaks. Shatters. Crumbles into itty-bitty little pieces and which you wonder how you're going to put them back together again to make it whole. You've always seen Michael as his exterior self only let him be; tough and strong and not willing to take anybody's crap. And then, here he was before you. Tears in his eyes and his long fringe of hair stuck to his damp cheeks. When your heart mustered up the strength, you'd ask him why he had been crying. And, of course, he'd be embarrassed that you saw him crying and deny the tears. But you knew better. You would place your hands upon his shoulders and pull him into your body and let him cry for awhile. "Sometimes," you'd whisper softly into his right ear, "you just need to cry."
  • LUKE: ...and you drop everything to comfort him. Yeah, you know his cheeks would redden to the shade of ripe cherries because you caught him letting go a few tears, but that didn't matter. It shouldn't matter. You just want to let him know you were there for him, and that you didn't think of him differently for having emotions. "Courage," you start to say to him as you brush the tears that had escaped the bottom lid of his eyes and rolled onto his cheeks, "my darling, is not the absence of fear. It's facing your fears with a smile. It's okay to cry, Luke, it honestly is." And he'd blush even more and a small smile would appear on his face as he said, "You are the only person I know that can make me feel fearless."
  • CALUM: ...and you instantly blame yourself. You think that you're the cause of his pain, no matter how irrational that thought is. And this would make you cry as well. "Calum," you'd say, "I'm so sorry." You'd apologize a few times through your own tears and hiccups and you'd wrap your arms around your tearful boyfriend as he'd do the same to you, both of you trying to comfort one another. He'd hush you and pet your hair softly. "Don't be sorry, beautiful. It's not your fault." he'd say before a short silence filled the room and he'd wipe his eyes. Then he'd say, "Tears are there to show you care."
  • ASHTON: ...and you kiss him to make him forget. For Ashton, there wasn't a simpler tactic. You knew he wasn't going to tell you he was sad, though the tears kind of implied it. You peppered your kisses as light as a feather against the damp trails on his cheeks that the tears left behind. You'd continue so onto his forehead, then down the bridge of his nose, and then stopping at the tip. Leaving small little kisses there, you earned a small little giggle from Ashton because of the ticklish feeling your soft lips made. Though it didn't fully make his tears disappear, it helped. He'd throw one of his long arms around your shoulders to pull you in closer to him, and through some light sniffling, he would say, "Have you heard the term 'kiss to forget'? Though I think the term may be usable in this case, but I think the proper one is 'kiss to remember.' Because, though your kisses make me forget the sadness, your kisses make me remember the goodness."
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*Timidly, Lavinnia made her way to the bedroom door. She had seen you enter and was unfamiliar with your face, and it took a while to work up the courage to approach you. It was only in the evening that she stopped hiding and decided to be brave. After a few moments, she gave the door a couple raps with her knuckles. Her voice was strained and nervous and she was unsure if you'd be able to understand her Pokémon speech.* "He-hello...? Are you... Tom?"

*I was just about to go back to my bed to continue my sleep, when suddenly, someone started knocking on my bedroom door. It was already late at night, and it seems that someone’s still awake and is trying to get my attention. Wondering who could that be, I walk towards the door again to open it and see who it was. And to my surprise, it was the bespectacled Hypno who was knocking on my door. The one whom Yendy brought home a few weeks ago. I rarely see her roam around the Manor, probably because she’s very shy. So it was surprising she suddenly showed up in front of me.*

“… Oh, hello there! You must be Lavinnia!”

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Name the last 3 things Makoto did that you'd consider cute.

1. When I tried to get out of bed this morning, Makoto unconsciously grabbed the back of my shirt when I moved out of his arms.

2. I asked him what he was thinking about when he was zoned out; he said he was wondering if the magnolia seed we planted in the park when we were little ever grew. The scent of my incense reminded him of it.

3. I told him he needed to let go of me if he wanted me to make dinner. Instead of letting go, he had me stand on his feet while he shuffled around the kitchen and held onto my waist while I cooked.