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Hey! I saw your panels for the Elf AU and they look so good! Your art is amazing! You mentioned at some point that Phil can absorb water through his skin, so now I'm just imagining Dan watering Phil with a large water can. Phil would be radiant like the Sun with a large smile while Dan would try to hide just how smitten he is by this precious plant elf by doing his 'what even Phil' look, but he would fail and just smile at Phil. 🌱

Yes, Phil can partially photosynthesize haha, but mainly via absorbing light through the flower.. He mostly needs to drink water like a normal human being, because he has clothing on all the time. Though if he bathed any thirst would be quenched without having to drink! Haha that’s a cute image, Dan watering Phil :P 

“Just because you don’t know how to put the hurt into words doesn’t mean it isn’t real,” Cole said out of the blue one day, as Maedwyn led them through the Hinterlands on the quest to find one last Rift.

Startled, Maedwyn glanced over his shoulder at the spirit…or, well, the spirit who had now almost become a boy. Cole gazed back, pale blue eyes half-hidden under the rim of his hat, and he held out a flower crown made of daisies for Maedwyn. When the elf reflexively ducked his head, he flopped it on top of Maedwyn’s helmet. Continued, “You just need to learn how. Say it slowly, softly if you need to not be overheard. Dorian can always hear you, you know. Because he’s always listening.”

Maedwyn nudged the flower crown out of his eye slit and glanced at the two other people slowly catching up to them, the mage in question clearly complaining to Cassandra about something under her breath, making her chuckle. “Did you read that from him or from me?” he asked Cole, mostly humored.

“Both. You’re all twisted up and tangled in the middle, the ropes you’ve tied between yourselves. It hurts when he tugs and it hurts him when you won’t come. It’s…” Cole fidgeted with his gloves, face all scrunched up, “upsetting.”

The guilt was real. Maedwyn winced inwardly, grimacing under his helmet. But like Cole said, he didn’t exactly know how – or in fact why it was that he didn’t know how. He knew people well enough to understand that admitting things like a broken ankle and anxieties came easy to them; sometimes it was an overwhelming urge to share that burden, to be heard.

For Maedwyn it was the opposite. He sought endlessly to know the people around him but had never…been able to let go of his own secrets. Something felt wrong, to appear weak, to rely on someone. Almost like…

“You don’t have to be strong,” Cole said now, gentle, a reassurance as well as a reminder. “He understands. He doesn’t demand that of you, and he never will.”

“He deserves more from me than troubles,” said Maedwyn, though he didn’t really mean that. Well, he did, but not as refutation to what the spirit said.

Amatus. Beloved. You. You are amatus.” Cole tilted his head. “Let him love you. It’s all right, you know. You don’t have to be worthy of love to receive it.”

Maedwyn’s breath caught in his throat. By the time he unstuck it, Dorian and Cassandra had finally made it to them. “What an adoring adornment,” drawled the mage, reaching up to adjust the flower crown so it didn’t fall off. “Our young man’s gift, I presume?” He grinned at Cole, who smiled back, big and bright.

“It adds some color to my dull outfit,” Maedwyn replied, gaining enough control over his emotions to make the joke. It came out halfhearted and he knew it; Dorian’s and Cassandra’s sudden sharp eyes told him so. Sighing at their worrywart tendencies – but fondly – Maedwyn removed the helmet and transferred the crown to Dorian.

They stood now on a low hill, a good vantage point of the shallow valley below. The sky above them was an endless azure blue dotted over by clouds. The winds brought sweet floral aromas, the world for once unhurried. Corypheus was dead, and all that was left was picking up the pieces. They had time. For once, they had time.

“Let’s take a rest,” Maedwyn heard himself say.

“Never let it be on me to complain about delays,” Dorian raised both hands.

“At last, we find something that pleases you,” Cassandra retorted, though she was already sinking down on a nearby large rock.

“Excuse me, I adore the Hinterlands,” Dorian shot back, “but I am not so insane as to resort to feet when we have horses. Presumably.”

Maedwyn left them to their bantering and turned to Cole instead, meaning to say thank-you. The boy got there first. He put another freshly-made flower crown on his head and said, “You’re welcome.”


neil, you lil shit

happy holidays, foxes! its only been a few months since i joined the fandom, but i can honestly say that it’s the best one i’ve been in; the books and the fandom saved 2016 for me (that and yuri on ice but i digress)

so thank you, foxes, for everything 

Elfcup and Dwarfstrid  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

Sportacus without his hat on!!

Redraw of [this] because it needed some serious improving!


“S- I would rather share one lifetime with you, than face all the ages of this world alone. I choose a mortal life. 

N- You cannot give me this. 

S- It is mine to give to whom I will. Like my heart… “

-Lord of the Rings

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