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For the meme thing, fenhanders dialogue 7 or 14 (or both mixed together)?

“You’re really drunk right now.”

“No I’m not, you’re just blurry.”

Anders bit his lip and tried not to laugh. He didn’t want to give Hawke the benefit of actually rewarding their antics.

Meanwhile, proving less successful, the most strained snort came out of Fenris’ direction. Anders glanced at him and shook his head.

“You need to stop encouraging them.”

Fenris just feigned shock and adjusted his hold around Hawke’s middle.

“Me? Encouraging? Never.”

“Fenris appreciates my humor.” Hawke cooed and reached over to grip the elf’s chin, wiggling his face slightly.

Fenris scrunched his nose and Anders, once again, found it almost impossible to fight off his laughter.

“How’d you let them get like this anyway?” the mage asked as Fenris half-drug Hawke past him. “Usually they can still walk after your card games with Isabela.”

Fenris shrugged and paused at the foot of the stairs, considering how to get Hawke up them in their current state. The mage shot Anders a look over their shoulder, grinning cheekily, before reaching to grab Fenris’ behind. The elf’s ears twitched but he managed to give them the benefit of no other response.

Anders was less successful, forced to slap a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing.

“They like Rivaini whiskey, apparently.” Fenris replied dryly before simply deciding to scoop Hawke off their feet and set off up the stairs. “Come on.”

“Me?” Anders asked, raising a brow.

Fenris shot him a sour look over his shoulder.

“Yes, you.” he grumbled, unable to avoid Hawke’s drunken affection as he climbed the stairs.

“Someone has to read a bedtime story.” Hawke this time. “Plus, you’re the cuddly one.”

Anders just laughed and trailed up the stairs after them. Perhaps, just this once, he could leave his manifest early in the evening. If only for such a good cause…

Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger | Busy on a Weird, World Tour Vacation.

He’s such a pampered, pureblood, pig, that he does not apply sunscreen even on his legs on his own, when they visit beaches! It almost makes her wanna take a Portkey back to London. As if she’s his elf!

But she is his girlfriend, and so she does enjoy massaging his lean thighs, and teasing him when she reaches a bit too close to his crotch…

But - that is beside the point! And completely off the principle!

【so. the thing is. i lost an aunt of mine. my mother’s real, elder sister. it’s a sad moment, though we all knew it would happen, sooner or later. she had been a patient of blood cancer since past 20 years. since before my birth, effectively.

may her soul rest in peace. and may my mother cope up well; she’s really distraught, right now.

and i felt quite a bit off, too, so this came out.】

My beautiful child. Finally Hearthstone makes a grand magical entrance. Despite Blitzen begging Hearthstone to take it off and that it clashes horribly with his armor, I’m afraid the elf will never give up wearing his candy colored scarf, and he’ll put up a fight if you try and convince him otherwise.