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Our paladin planning to break her oath

Paladin OOC: “If I’m going out, I’m going out big, you can’t unring the bell.”

Paladin (Who is a dragonborn): “As I’m pinning her down I lean over her and whisper “Die” before using my breath weapon at point blank range.“

DM: "I’ll count that as an automatic crit. The room starts to smell like burning flesh, and her face starts to look like Anakin Skywalker’s.”

The rest of us had to role to see if we threw up from the smell.

Next Round:

Paladin: “I’m going to hold her hands down with my knees, throw my shield to the side, and two hand my flaming axe on her face.”

DM: “Okay, roll to attack.”

Paladin: “…Nat 20.”

DM: “Okay, roll double the fire damage since you’re basically attacking a 3rd degree burn victim.”

Paladin: “Okay I rolled 44 damage.”

DM: “Wow okay. You slam your flaming axe down into her head again, and again, and again. The amount of blood and facial tissue spraying around the room is more than you would find on a battle field, even the barbarian looks horrified at the massacre going on in the corner.”

Paladin OOC: “Hey, I said I was going out big.”

a concept : gideon is aged back down to be a tiny small baby at the end of 619 and in 620, rumple and belle are the only ones not singing. some characters sing/dance their way into the shop (do not ask me why they’d be at the shop w their newborn but i know this show so they’d be at the shop) and belle’s like “i swear to GOD if you wake up my BABY” - and then pauses and gets all cute bc she finally has a baby - “i will personally destroy your happiness myself”

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They cut Reese getting the masks from someone on the street or something that they use in the Federal Reserve from return 0, also a mysterious motorcyclist cut from the final sequence, dialogue with Shaw on the phone at the end, and apparently 20 minutes from The Devil's Share, return 0, If-Then-Else and Deus Ex Machina.

Alright fandom let’s do this! Here’s your (not so) comprehensive list of deleted scenes that we know are out there somewhere:

1. Root and Shaw’s totally hot date in Panopticon aka when TM realized that Shaw needed something besides being a cosmetic salesperson and introduced her to Romeo’s amateur crew. (x) (x) (x)

2. Harold fishing TM out of the water at some point during BSOD. I can’t believe we were deprived of this amazing scene. (x)

3. Harold and Grace hugging at the end of Return 0. (x)


5. Shaw’s loft from Razgovor, also featuring whiskey, chinese takeout and a great view of the city. (x)

6. Root wearing black nail polish on her toenails when SAM came online because Amy Acker is so goddamn thoughtful and wanted to preserve that part of Root somehow. (x)

7. The Harold vamoosing to his childhood home scene from Beta that still makes me rage to this day (and there’s even video of this fucking scene)! (x)

8. Harold’s vests are integral enough to have their own origin stories! 

9. The Mysterious Motorcycle person from Return 0 that fandom simultaneously squee’d over and complained bitterly about for the longest time. (x)

10. Flashbacks to TM moving itself in God Mode. I would legit kill someone for the chance to see this. (x)

11. Shaw having a longer convo with TM at the end of Return 0 that they cut because it didn’t flow well. (x)

Feel free to add to these if I’ve missed any (preferably with credible sources)!

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Your opinion on Wander Over Yonder -Karmen

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Seeing as how I have the whole series on itunes, I think it’s safe to assume I love it. XD It’s quickly become one of my favorite shows in recent memory. I’m sad to see the show get canceled, but I’m also happy with the show that we got. A fun and silly show with themes of positivity, hope, and the impact a little help can have on a person’s life.

I’m still sort of confused as to the exact reason why it got canceled (I’ve heard everything from ratings to merchandise sales….even though there’s barely any merchandise >>;). I still have hope that if the fans are vocal enough, we may see the show get picked up again. It happened with Kim Possible, and it happened with Samurai Jack. There’s a few more examples, but the point is, if there’s still demand for a show, there’s a good possibility it’ll come back. Don’t know how long it’ll take, but I’ll still hold on to the hope that we may see a season 3 someday.

(favorite characters are Wander and Sylvia, btw)

Writing Day #01

Hello all! Thank you so much for all the encouragement yesterday! It means more than you know! 💜

Now, on to writing!

Time spent: 1 hour

Music: 2cellos classical playlist

Accomplished: I’ve started a new section of chapter 21 in Royce’s perspective. I think one of the main reasons why writing this chapter has been so difficult, is that I’ve been writing from the wrong POV. Hopefully I have it right this time!

Another issue I need to work on, is making my three POV’s distinguishable and unique. It’s fairly challenging to write in first person with three POV’s. I constantly worrying that the voices will blend together. 😬😅

Plans for tomorrow: try writing in the morning. Continue working on this section.

Thank you guys! I love you all! 😘

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