Special Dance

Summary: You promised Jungkook you would see his concert, but you aren’t feeling very well.
Type: Drama/Fluff
Member: Jungkook x Reader
Words: 2,941

Written by a potential admin. This is the last potential admin written piece, so please send in your opinions on what you’ve liked over the last few imagines. Thank you for being so supportive over the last few days, I promise admin announcements are soon <3 - Admin A.M

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The chirp of your phone pulled you out of your daze of brushing your teeth, you had woken up this morning with a killer migraine and to top it off you still had to go to work. Your boss had left you a very strict message about not having anymore sick days for this month and not having anyone to cover your shift if something came up. As you slipped into your work clothes and choked down some medicine, you read your text message from your boyfriend:

My Kookie ❤️: I got your tickets. Just tell them at the door and bring an ID. Don’t worry they have backstage access at the end too ;) -10:22am

Have a nice day at work! I’ll see you tonight! Love you. :) -10:24am

You smiled to yourself and for a brief moment the pounding in your head subsided. You and Jungkook have been dating for a while now, and you are used to his need for appreciation and acceptance. A bubble of excitement coursed through you, it’s almost slipped your mind that the big night was tonight. Tonight he was going to perform his special dance that he’s been working on for months with Hoseok. He had been really persistent with making sure that you don’t see any of it, and now that it was going to debut he was able to get you a ticket to go to the concert. You ran your fingers through your hair and let out a small squeal of joy.

With the sudden cheer of joy, your headache came back with a vengeance. You gripped the bathroom counter tightly watching as the world swirled around you. Blinking the blur away, you put a hand over your mouth, trying to prevent the feeling of vomit rising in your stomach before quickly emptying it into the toilet. Letting out a swift groan you sat down in front of the toilet and sent Jungkook back a message filled with smiley emojis and hearts telling him that you couldn’t wait. You cleaned and brushed your teeth again before feeling your forehead and neck for a fever. Thankfully, it didn’t seem hot, ‘Fake it till you make it (y/n), don’t let this get you down’. You gotta go support Kookie. You kept your mantra to yourself as you slowly moved your body up and into the living room, keeping a hand on the wall just in case. The black numbers on the analog clock glared at you telling that if you didn’t leave then you would be late. Letting out a sigh and grabbing an unappetizing apple you grabbed your coat and bag and walked out of the door.

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Image credit: Matthijs van Roon | Text credit: Orange Architects

“The construction of the residential tower The Cube in Beirut is finalized. Orange Architects designed the iconic tower for the Lebanese development corporation Masharii.

The Cube is located on a prominently visible location on Plot 941 in Sin el Fil, an eastern district of Beirut, Lebanon. The concept of the 50 meter high tower is simple but extraordinarily effective: ‘MAXIMIZE’; making optimal use of the client’s wishes, the site’s potential, the local building code and the fantastic views on Beirut and the Mediterranean.”

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「株価暴落に市民が悲鳴! これはアベノミクスの終わりの始まりだ!」(毎年聞いているそんな台詞)



—  【在日発狂】日経平均大反発で941円高ww ⇒ マスゴミが 沈 黙 www サヨクそっ閉じワロタwww - 中国・韓国・在日崩壊ニュース
#59 - “Tell me to go and I will, but if you ask me to stay, I’ll never leave you again.”

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Yoongi x You

Word Count: 941

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There was one sentence that one person said, that you couldn’t get out of your mind. That one person was your one love and he had meant the world to you. Yet, a few simple words were all it took to send him away. Emotions run high, minds and hearts get muddled, harsh but false words get spoken. You couldn’t say you were a victim of his plague but perhaps, no you were the cause.

It had been three years to the day, that Min Yoongi, this precious, handsome, overly focused and easily neglectful but most genuine man you knew slipped out of your grasp. Slipped? No, he was shoved by your own two hands. A familiar park surrounded you, bottom parked on a swing; back and forth, back and forth you went mine and body. There was a black bag at your feet and a bottle of soju in your hand as you let the memories wash over you. The day you picked up your ipod to find all your songs erased except for one playlist. A playlist of songs you had inspired as well as a message that was simple and to the point. “I love you.” He of course had backed up all your music beforehand.

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Your blog is good and you should feel good! Thanks for spreading knowledge and cool pics, having a good attitude about life, and not being an asshole when people keep asking about your legs and junk. I just cleaned my Jericho 941S after its first range trip. Ever handled on of them?

Yessum! They’re sweet little guns. I’ve wanted one for a long time because Space Cowboy.