Catching you

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Prompt: “Just catch me!”

Characters: Klaus x Reader

Word count: ~620 words

The wind blew through your hair when you adjusted yourself on the branch you were sitting on, resting your back against the trunk.

Your pencil moved across the page of your sketchbook, the sound of the leaves rustling kept your head clear, making it possible for you to solely focus on drawing.

You sat on the tree branch for at least an hour until you noticed someone standing underneath the tree. Klaus had his head tilted back to look up at you, an amused smile playing on his lips.

“What are you doing up there, love?” he asked.

“Just working on something,” you called down.

Klaus shook his head, taking a step back to get a better view of you.

“You should come back down. We have a reservation at the new restaurant you wanted to go, did you forget?”

You quickly snapped your sketchbook shut and tugged your pencil behind your ear.

“No, no. Just give me a second to get down.”

Klaus chuckled at your eagerness when you moved around on the branch, grabbing your sketchbook in one hand and holding onto the branch with your other hand while dangling your legs to reach another branch.

You squirmed around for a while before you glanced over your shoulder at Klaus.

“I think I’m stuck,” you stated meekly.

Klaus threw his head back and laughed, the wind ruffling his locks.

You held tighter on the tree and suddenly your idea to climb on a tree to draw didn’t seem so great anymore.

“Shut up and help me!”

“What do you want me to do, love?” Klaus asked, not even bothering to hide the amusement in his voice.

“It’s not funny, okay? Just catch me!” you instructed.

Klaus nodded, but he had his arms crossed in front of his chest and made no move to actually catch you.

“I swear to god if I fall I’m so going to stake you.”

“No need to be so snotty.”

Klaus seemed content watching you struggle, but you honestly started to panic a bit.

“Please, Klaus? The bark is scratching my hands and I don’t want to die today.”

“I’m not letting you die, love. Neither today nor ever,” Klaus scoffed.

“Do you promise to catch me?”

“Yes, just let go.”

“Are you sure you can catch me?”

“Yes, love. I promise,” Klaus said, now exasperated.

“Okay… I’m letting go now.” You glanced at Klaus again before you let go of the branch and clutched your sketchbook to your chest.

You squeaked when you fell, the fall suddenly seeming far higher than you expected, but it was soon broken by strong arms.

Dazed you blinked up at Klaus, who was casually holding you bridal style as if you didn’t just fall out of a tree.

When you started to squirm in his arms Klaus gently set you down on your feet but kept one hand on your waist.

He pressed a quick kiss on your lips, “Hello there, love.”

“I’m never doing that again, but at least my sketchbook survived,” you said.

Chuckling Klaus pulled a few twigs out of your hair, “Can I still take you to that restaurant or have you any other trees to climb?”

“After I survived that I definitely need something to eat.”

“Shouldn’t you show a bit more gratitude towards your savior, love?”

Leaning up you pecked Klaus’ cheek before you grabbed his hand to pull him towards the car.

“I’m never going to forget your act of heroism, but take me to dinner, would you?”

Klaus obediently followed after you, squeezing your hand, “Your wish is my command, love.”

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Safer, Not Safe

Characters: Dean x Reader
Words: 620
This is my one shot for @one-shots-supernatural‘s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge. The prompt this week was “No, I said we were safer, not safe.”

Warning: Panic attack

           You were standing at the window of the abandoned cabin and groaned. The rain was really coming down. So hard you couldn’t see where Dean had parked the Impala, which wasn’t even far from the window where you were.

           “You okay?” Dean asked, coming through the cabin.

           “Yeah,” you sighed.

           “What’s wrong?” he asked, coming up behind you and putting his arms around your waist.

           “Just kinda off,” you shrugged, “Normally I love storms, but this isn’t making me feel like usual. We’re safe here, right?”

           You felt Dean’s arms stiffen slightly, “No, I said we were safer, not safe,” he said, “But I don’t think anyone or anything will come out in something like this.”

           You turned your head to look at Dean, “Seriously, Dean?”

           “Babe, we’re never really safe. I have put up all of the symbols I can to protect us, but things still happen. But we’re going to be fine here.”

           You leaned back against him, “I hope so.”

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