Bamon Fic Rec List (Vol. 1)

 bellapetitex asked me for some bamon fic recs, so here you all go =)

Back to Reality by bluesimageburgundy: Bamon fic. Season 6. Damon visits Bonnie for the first time since her return. *Must Read*

I’ll be Home by nicola de lenfent Bonnie’s back, but different… but then again, so is Damon.*Must Read*

Untitled Bamon Oneshot by: bluesimageburgundy Damon visits Bonnie in the hospital after her return.

The Other Side by Zesty Bod Damon and Bonnie are stuck on the Other Side, and it’s not quite what they expected. Set after 5x22.
    Rating: M - Chapters: 26
*Must Read! One of my favs!*

Bring me to Life by Zesty Bod  Something is not quite right with Bonnie when she finally returns home, and Damon is the only one who can help. Set after 6x10. Long one-shot.
    Rated: M - Words: 10,620

Have I gone Mad? by Lana Archer “Who are we now?” She asked, “If we’re not Bonnie and Damon, and, as it stands, I can no longer be her and I no longer see him, if we’re not them, then who are we?” “We’re this.” Damon said, “And there isn’t anything wrong with that.” - Damon brings Bonnie home, then bit by bit, they both put each other back together”
    Chapters: 9 - Words: 26,614
*Must Read*

Strawberries by befreckledblake  “I like your pancakes.” She sighs, the words fuzzy and soft against his ears. It’s oddly endearing to hear her admit it, and he can’t help the small chuckle that escapes his lips.

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Now don’t get me wrong, that is amazing for a channel being up for only about one to two months. BUT I think we can do way better than that!

Currently, only one goal has been reached for all of the subscriber goals they have set up which is the 500,000 Magic the Gathering.

Here is a list of the goals they have set up.

- 500,000 subscribers, we play Magic the Gathering
- 750,000 we use a taser on Michael
- 1,000,000 24 hour live stream from new AH office including live Dungeons and Dragons game
- 1,500,000 Geoff gets a tattoo of Gavin’s nose on his body.  The tattoo will be to scale.
- 2,000,000 Painstation X

If we can rally the troops, then I think we can do it as a community to make all of these things happen! Even if it is in the last couple of days! We as a community can do this! I mean come on! Who WOULDN’T want a 24 hour live stream of the fellas playing D&D or having GEOFF LAZER RAMSEY have a TATTOO OF GAVINS NOSE on him!

We can do this guys! Let’s reach those goals and subscribe to their channel!!!!!


Yellow-throated marten (Martes flavigula)

The yellow-throated marten is an Asian species of marten. The species occurs in subtropical and tropical forests from the Himalayas to eastern Russia, south to the Malay Peninsula and Sunda Shelf (Borneo, Sumatra, and Java) to Taiwan. It is the largest marten in the Old World, with a tail more than half its body length. Males measure 500–719 mm in body length, while females measure 500–620 mm. It is an omnivore, whose sources of food range from fruit and nectarto small deer. The yellow-throated marten is a fearless animal with no natural predators, because of its powerful build, its bright coloration and unpleasant odor. It shows little fear of humans or dogs, and is easily tamed. It primarily hunts on the ground, but can climb trees proficiently, being capable of making jumps up to 8 to 9 meters in distance between branches. Nine subspecies are recognized.

photo credits: glogster, Rushenb, Dibyendu Ash


Taming the sound from a Shuttle using water.

What purpose would a water tank have in the proximity of a space shuttle launch? 

Well, believe it or not, it is used to suppress the acoustical energy (sound and rocket exhaust reflected from the flame trench and Mobile Launcher Platform during launch.

Underlying Principle.

NASA came up with an ingenious way to suppress the sound- Bubbles!

Bubbles are excellent at absorbing the sound. They absorb the sound energy and as a consequence of which get heated up. NASA exploited this and sprayed water molecules in the air surrounding the Mobile Launcher Platform. This reduced the sound from the firing of the rockets by almost a half!

The Sound Suppression System.

The Sound Suppression System includes an elevated water tank with a capacity of 300,000 gallons (1,135,620 liters). The tank is 290 feet (88 meters) high and is located adjacent to each pad. 

The water releases just prior to the ignition of the Shuttle engines, and flows through 7-foot-diameter (2.1-meter) pipes for about 20 seconds. Water pours from 16 nozzles atop the flame deflectors and from outlets in the main engines exhaust hole in the Mobile Launcher Platform, starting at T minus 6.6 seconds. 

A rainbird nozzle in action

By the time the solid rocket boosters ignite, a torrent of water will be flowing onto the Mobile Launcher Platform from six large quench nozzles, or “rainbirds,” mounted on its surface. 

The peak rate of flow from all sources is 900,000 gallons (3,406,860 liters) of water per minute at 9 seconds after liftoff.

Exquisite, isn’t it? 


Excerpt of #620 by Robert M. Drake @rmdrk #rmdrake
Black butterfly is available everywhere! Only stay books come signed. The link is on my bio. Sorry guys I haven’t been in front of the typewriter lately. Some delays on book orders (about a week late) Our small team is trying to get everything out for tomorrow. Love you all.

Ok so you all know the brainwashing scene in The Winter Soldier right, who am I kidding you all know it.

But what you don’t know is that the writer for The Winter Soldier Ed Brubaker was one of the HYDRA scientists in that scene

Brubaker made a cameo appearance in the 2014 film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as the Winter Soldier’s handler!!!!!

How fucking crazy is that!!!!

He wrote Captain America (vol. 5) #1–50, (vol. 1) #600–619, (vol. 6) #1–19, Captain America and Bucky #620–628, Winter Soldier #1–14, Winter Soldier: Winter Kills #1

Also you can’t forget the Russo brothers cameo as Fury’s doctor as well their sister Angela Russo-Otstot as a Strike Agent