Another Day After the 4th of July

Edward: Oi, lassie! Where’s me grandson? I wanna pop these rockets wit’im.

Selina: Hm, he must still be asleep.

Selina: Oh, Haytham. Is Connor in there?

Haytham: Um…well…no need to go in.

Haytham: I said there’s no need to go in!!!

Selina: Aw, Haytham. You tucked him in? <3

Haytham: What? Nonsense, I just…well…you all firing rockets and stuffing yourselves with franks…clearly it must’ve been tiring for the lad.

Edward: My son is finally bein’ a real father!

Haytham: Get a hold of yourself and put on a shirt.

Connor: (:


A year ago, this happened.