Bellarke in 406 **spoilers**

* Clarke & Bellamy smile at each other
* The end of 406 is ‘heartbursting’ for Bellarke
* Romantic development, but they’re determined to deal with the apocalypse first
* ‘There’s a nice little Bellarke scene in 406’
* ‘She’ll see how special you are’ (COULD be BC, unconfirmed)
* Fans will cheer
* It furthers their relationship
* It’s not a hug
* It’s not a kiss
* C/N Sex scene is more of a goodbye scene
* Lots of reunions in 406
* Canon >>>> non-canon stuff
* The 406 Bellarke scene is worth waiting two weeks for
* The 406 Bellarke scene is 'celebratory with undercurrent of longing’
* The 406 Bellarke scene 'opens door for more’
* It’ll get a lot of attention
* Bellarke shippers are going to feel relief, understanding, and happiness by the end of 4x06
* So much of 406 is about BC and what they will do for each other
* BC scene will be a new 'fanfavourite’
* 'Emotional, Thrilling, Charged’
* It’s going to be something new, something they haven’t done/said before

^^ All the teasers flying round… just reminder these are her interpretations.