I was nervous about the drive to Inglewood. I usually get nervous before I drive anywhere remotely far for the first time. I can’t explain it. I know I’m going to get there and I’ll get there fine and if I get lost, I’ll just Google the way there but it feels like a big thing for some reason.

I’ve never been to the Forum before but I knew that the Forum was near LAX and you’re supposed to take the 405 if you want to get to LAX. Los Angeles traffic is legendary, especially on the 405, so I knew I was in for a drive. Before I left, my dad actually looked up the fastest way to get there at 4 p.m. He said the best way was to take the 101, get off on Vermont and take it all the way up to Manchester. So now, I’m a bit more nervous about taking an unconventional route and I’ll be going through the city streets to get to the Forum.

I immediately took a wrong turn when I got off on Vermont. Being fairly certain that I took the wrong way, I turned the car around and realized I was back on the right path once I saw New Hampshire street. New Hampshire, U.S state on the east coast near Vermont, that must mean I’m near Vermont. 

A block or two later, I find Vermont and I make the right. I don’t know where I’m going or how long it will take to get to Manchester. I have no idea what will be near the area or what landmarks I will pass. But it doesn’t matter, it’s 5p.m. If I haven’t found Manchester by 6 p.m, I’ll pull over and Google it.

I don’t listen to the radio anymore because I’m tired of hearing the same 10 songs over and over again. I’ll listen to Kevin and Bean on my morning drives, occasionally switching over to these adorable, awkward girls who play some punk on KCRW. I don’t have Kevin and Bean at 5 p.m so I put on Marc Maron’s interview with Terry Gross. His podcast is the other thing I listen to when I’m alone and his voice has become comforting. It will be more than enough for the drive ahead and he’ll keep me company.

I keep going down Vermont, passing USC, which brings back memories of elementary school because I really wanted to go there (ha!), and now I’m certain I’ve gone past Manchester. It’s only 5:40 though, I’ve still got 20 minutes before I give up. 5 minutes later, I’m on Florence street. Florence is a town in Italy, which is in Europe, which is small so it‘s probably a few hours flight from there to Manchester, which is a town in England, which is in Europe so I’m probably nearby. A block or two later, I’m on Manchester. I see how they named these streets. 

I see a sign that says Inglewood and I approach the turn you have to make into the Forum. I cheered, I made it. I’m here. I pay for the parking, opting to go for the $20 lot across the street instead of the $25 lot right outside the Forum.

I cross the street and decide to do a lap around The Forum. I wanted to take everything in but there wasn’t much really. Still, it was a good walk. I go up to my entrance, have my ticket scanned, get nervous because there’s a security guy with a wand (wands make me nervous), but they don’t check me. A girl stops me and asks me if I want to help Bono end female poverty because the world is a better place when females are educated. Yes, I do want to help Bono and I do want to help women, so I sign it. She notices my book and asks me what I’m reading. It’s Salinger’s Nine Stories and we begin to talk about Salinger and why people are so divided on The Catcher in the Rye. She’s cute.

I finally enter the arena and I’m buzzing. The lobby is beautiful and I decide to walk around for a bit. It’s 6:40, the show doesn’t start for another two hours. I finally take my seat at about 7 and I’m taken aback by how beautiful the inside is and how awesome my seat is. The stage was set up in a way that the band would be able to walk across the entire floor, which was good for me because that meant they’d be near me at certain points during the set.

The arena’s rather empty at this point. Television’s Marquee Moon is playing which felt right and I begin to read. I’ve got no one to talk to and I don’t want to waste it on my phone. I get to through two stories when Patti Smith’s People Have the Power comes blasting through the monitors. I know this is the song they come out to so I stand up and put my book down. 

The lights go down, the arena cheers, and there’s a silence. Bono enters from the second stage and he begins to chant the chants from The Miracle (of Joey Ramone). The sound is pristine. It sounds just as good as the record but you can tell it’s Bono delivering those chants. He makes it to the main stage and the band bursts into the chords that begin the song. With nothing but a single light bulb and stage lights, the band is a punk rock band for the opening.

After the opening song, the band makes use of the giant screen and stage they’ve setup. They’re up there telling stories, not just through their lyrics, but through their visuals. We get to see Bono’s childhood and walk along his streets with him.

It was a brilliant and beautiful show. Never before have I been to a concert where I’ve felt like I’m in the presence of something grand. As big of a figure as Bono is, there were times where it felt like he was directly speaking to you. I’ve seen bands in clubs who interacted with the audience less than they did. Throughout the show, they fluctuated between being that punk rock influenced band playing a club to the biggest band in the world. They utilized their arena setting to it’s fullest extent, yet there were several moments where they managed to make the arena feel so small and intimate.

It’s cool to hate U2 and I’ll never understand why. The show they put on last night would’ve converted anybody. There was a fear before this album came out that U2 was no longer relevant, that they were going to hang it up and disappear, but I suspect they’re going to keep going for a long,long time.

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Hi! I just read 'out of mind' and it was fab! do you know any more fics with hermione owning/working in a bookshop?? Thank you so much :)


  • The Guard By: NJ Coffee Queen - T, 21 chapters, Words: 26,016 - All Hermione could think about was Draco Malfoy. How could they ever work together? Would they kill one another before her mystery attacker could? Most importantly, though, she wondered - what was Harry thinking?
  • Fall Back Down - M, 50 chapters - Seven years after the war, Hermione runs into Draco and his son, Scorpius. Hermione decides to not hate the boy simply because of his father. Despite their past differences, Hermione finds herself developing a relationship with Draco. M for later chapters.

And these:

Title: Books and the Bold
Author: Phnxgirl
Rating: K
Genre(s): Family, Humor
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,405
Summary: A trip to the bookstore, and some wise words from a 5-year-old, what could go wrong for Draco?

Title: Hermione and the Beast
Author: DMlover8
Rating: M
Genre(s): Drama, Humor, Romance
Chapters: 28
Word Count: 121,499
Summary: Hermione owns a bookshop and things get complicated when she receives a very ancient rare book full of spells and a blonde haired bad boy from her past shows up. Let’s just say things get a bit furry!

Title: Incentive
Author: silvernatasha
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 456
Summary: Hermione’s business partner offers her an incentive to leave work early.

Title: Tessella
Author: dormiensa
Rating: T
Genre(s): Humor, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,744
Summary: Draco stumbles onto an unusual bookshop tucked away in a corner of Diagon Alley.

Title: Unexpected Happenings
Author: Jassy
Rating: PG-13
Genre(s): Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,865
Summary: Hermione and Draco meet again 5 years after the war ended and unexpected things happen

- Lisa


casy13ysac said: There is also ‘All Because of a Muggle Bookshop’ by Cora DeBlaere. It’s an active WIP and pretty amazing.



As told by Aristoxenus, and after him Cicero (De Offic. 3.45), Diodorus Siculus (10.4), and others, Pythias and his friend Damon, both followers of the philosopher Pythagoras, traveled to Syracuse during the reign of the tyrannical Dionysius I (r. 405–367 BC). Pythias was accused of plotting against the tyrant and was sentenced to death.

Accepting his sentence, Pythias asked to be allowed to return home one last time, to settle his affairs and bid his family fairwell. Not wanting to be taken for a fool, the king refused, believing that once released, Pythias would flee and never return.

Damon offered to take his spot while he was gone. The king agreed, on the condition that, should Pythias not return when promised, Damon would be put to death in his place. Damon agreed, and Pythias was released.

Dionysius was convinced that Pythias would never return, and as the day Pythias promised to return came and went, Dionysius prepared to execute Damon. But just as the executioner was about to kill Damon, Pythias returned.

Apologizing to his friend for his delay, Pythias told of how pirates had captured his ship on the passage back to Syracuse and thrown him overboard. Dionysius listened to Pythias as he described how he swam to shore and made his way back to Syracuse as quickly as possible, arriving just in time to save his friend.

Dionysius was so pleased and astonished with their friendship that he pardoned them both. It was also said that Dionysius then sought to become their third friend, but was denied.

Another version says that it was a test planned out by Dionysius and his courtiers. The Pythagoreans were known for their claimed moral strength and superiority. Courtiers of Syracuse believed that they were fakes while others disagreed. The plan was devised to test the Pythagoreans’ moral strength in a time of crisis

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2 Board Bench: 345x5@7, 365x5@8, 380x5@8.5, 360x5@8, 360x5@8.5

Not bad Obama. Ill be repping 405+ to the boards soon I think. Much excite.

Pull-ups: BWx10x3

Then some more jacked and tan stuff. Solid workout even tho the gym was about 1000 degrees.