Throwback to @cccephalopod‘s tally of all the times Woozi has said ow which was a throwback to @cutiecoups post “if woozi doesn’t go ‘ow’ is it really a seventeen song” because I COUNTED A LOT MORE THAN 25 OWS im sorry i dont know what i was trying to prove i dont want to fight i just wanted the truth to be known what has my life been reduced to

Baby girl is her full birth length and somewhere between 6.5-7 pounds.

Crazy to think she could meet us today or practically a month from now… Whenever she decides she’s ready!

Now that we had our private birth class and got to work through everything, I’m eager to go into labor. I just feel like it’s all fresh in our minds and we have some great strategies in place to make the process hopefully as smooth and calm as possible.

Can’t believe I’m about to be a mama!

Unlimited - Little Keplerette (classycloudcuckoolanderclasso) - South Park [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: South Park, Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings


Butters held up the box holding the two studs, raising an eyebrow at them. Not that they weren’t good looking studs - they were red and perfectly circular, and actually they were perfect for the dress Bebe had loaned him before, the ladybug patterned dress he would be toting at her fashion show in a few weeks.

And then something red and glowing flew out of the studs and Butters was screaming.

{Based off of my Miraculous Ladybunny AU on Tumblr.}

CardsFromArt Challenge #37!

by kilart

Source: http://kilartdev.deviantart.com/art/warlord-622839780

Welcome, everyone, to the thirty-seventh CardsFromArt Challenge, where find a piece of fantasy art online and you come up with an awesome Magic card design based on that piece of artwork!

All you have to do it submit your entries directly through this link (which can also be found on my main page; it’s the “Submit Things Here” link) and include CFAC 37 somewhere in the submission.

Submissions are accepted in two forms: first, if you can, create a mock-up image of the card through a program like Magic Set Editor, MTGCardsmith, or even Photoshop if you’re fancy. Just remember to include the artist credit!

Second, if you’re a tumblr-mobile user or just can’t use any of the image software, you can submit a text version of your card with the following information:

Name - mana cost
Type - subtype, rarity
ability/abilities, power/toughness

I’ll create a full image of the card, and give you a few friendly critiques.

You can find more information about the rules and such in the CFAC Comprehensive Rule’s Guide.

This week’s piece is entitled “Warlord” and shows, well, a warlord. Pretty straightforward. This week’s challenge, however, is anything but:

Bonus Challenge: An important skill to have as a card designer is to be able to reuse older design space. For example, R&D took Viashino Cutthroat and created a new mechanic, dash! You don’t have to make a whole mechanic, of course, but this week, your design should be inspired by a pre-existing card. If you have trouble figuring out a card to use, I recommend the random function on magiccards.info to help find some inspiration. Make sure to include the card that inspired the mechanics of your submission, and you’ll be awarded one bonus point!

Weekly Winners: In the past, I’ve done winners broken up by card type. This week, we’ll be choosing the winners based on the type of the card they were inspired by: one winner for creature, one for instant/sorcery, and one for the other card types (totaling three). Each winner will receive one bonus point. Like always, I will also be choosing my favorite entry, and that card will be awarded two points.

Good luck to everyone! I know the difficulty is a bit ramped up: remember that the bonus challenge is completely optional, and you’re 100% welcome to just make an awesome card with the artwork and submit it: you’re still eligible for the Weekly Winners challenges!

If anyone has questions, don’t hesitate to contact me and ask! You have until 11:59 pm EST on Friday, July 29, 2016 to submit your entries!

Canon Lúcio Facts

- forgets he’s not wearing his blades and drags his feet when walking
- polishes the floor just so he can slide around on his socks
- loves every child he sees like his own
- will kill a man to save a frog
- catches every pokemon he comes across because “i can’t just ABANDON it”
- forgets his headphones are still plugged into his laptop
- “what the frog”
- breaks into song every change he gets

Pokemon Go in a nutshell


request by anon: college bts as linguistics majors