A Lesson in Influence

Caption: “Can you believe we’re getting ot3 supereigncorp in season 3? Amaze.”

Caption: “The tension during the sdcc interviews is literally ridiculous. Melissa better sleep with one eye open.”

Caption: “Odette legit thinks that Melissa’s answer is the dumbest thing on this planet”

Reality, 2 seconds later:

Manipulating footage to fit an emotion is what tumblr creators do best, and it’s why non-canon ships sail so well. We can do a lot with a little.

But don’t rely on it in reading real people’s real emotions, because tumblr creators can and will manipulate the way it looks in order to fit their agenda. 

Sometimes that agenda is positive and fun, sometimes it’s negative, malicious. Opinions of which is which will vary. 

But if you want the truth of an interaction, look at the footage yourself, clear of the expectations people put in your mind for what is happening, because your perception of reality is more easily influenced than you think.

Ruth, drawn in PS. I had a free minute to fix this—the earlier background wasn’t doing it for me. <3

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Ruth Negga. Portrait is from the waist up. Ruth is wearing a short sleeve gown covered in sparkling silver sequins. Her dark hair is short and wavy, and she’s gazing to the left with a subtle smile. The background is bright peach with a yellow rose as a halo around her.]

1. You must be in the US according to what I’ve heard. Sorry other regions :( (Edit: Apparently Canada and New Zealand also have access to this!)
2. In your settings change your preferred language to Japanese. This will change the text on the site/app to Japanese!
3. In the language/caption options select 日本語 (Japanese audio track) on the left and 英語(CC) (English captions) on the right.

Things I want to see on Isak’s insta this season
  • A cute little rap video of him with Even beat boxing 
  • an upgrade of the famous Jonas and Isak Simon & Garfunkel photo
  • Isak and Eva selfie
  • photo of Even cooking 
  • a stupid Seinfeld meme 
  • Boy squad photo with illuminati reference
  • Video of Even singing to a pop song with Isak giggling in the background
  • a cute pic of their apartment with the caption “home sweet home”
  • one of Isak’s dorky close up selfies
  • a goofy photo of Even taken at an unflattering angle with the caption “Hawt <3″
  • a photo of a pair of shoes with the caption “Jonas left his shoes here again I promise @Eskild” 
  • just a random pic of Isak’s lunch with a little bottle of cardamom next to it
  • A photo of his wardrobe with a caption like “hmm someone keeps stealing my clothes 🤔”
  • A cute pic of Sana and him with the caption being “Isabel and Sanasol”
  • a pic of Even wearing Isak’s beloved red snapback
  • A photo of Magnus being a fluffy dorkazoid
  • a photo of Romeo + Juliet on a tv screen with the caption “movie night”
  • another cute boyfriend selfie
  • A serious photo of Even being beautiful with a ❤️  as a caption


  • a photo of a puppy with the caption “meet the new member of our family!”