(2 days)

Friday, 09/15 at 6pm server time!

Credit goes to @theshadowborn​ for the gorgeous ad!

Primarily an Alliance event.

The Sisters in Sin welcome you…

to join us for a night of utter passion and excitement. Share with us a drink and a tale! Your journeys are never too small and never too dull to be told in the company of friends and lovers, especially not when a pint of ale or a hearty, bitter shot of hard liquor is readily available!

Come taste our alcohol, or taste our women! Lucky few with a little extra gold to spend will find themselves in the company of Azeroth’s finest women (and men)!

Find us in MIstfall Village, Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Pandaria. The large inn set toward the back of the entire village, we’ll see you there at six o’clock in the evening!

Let us forget our qualms for just this one night, for beneath the banner of sinner’s red and false gold we are all one – Horde and Alliance, lawful and unlawful, Kings and peasants. We are all just sinners in the home of the Sisters in Sin.

Disclaimer: This event will be Rated R and 18+ is 100% required. We do not condone or tolerate the exposure of such naughtiness to those who are underage. Thank you for understanding.

Discretion advised on account of themes surrounding sex, debauchery, as well substance and alcohol abuse will be involved.

We promote only positivity and love among this business, so we respectfully request no body shaming, kink shaming, or any general douchery that could leave a bitter taste in the mouths of any involved to your dickery!

We also request respectfulness for the public chat, and all ERP (Erotic Role Play) is kept in the dark of your personal messages or party chats! If you can’t do it in front of your grandma, don’t do it in front of your peers!

things I love about dghda

  1. brotzly
  2. the parallels between ken and burt and dirk and todd
  3. THE ROWDY 3!!!
  4. Amanda and Pharah my queens
  5. Amanda and the rowdy 3
  6. Dogs
  7. Brotzly
  8. The character development in all the characters
  9. The characters themselves?? They’re amazing
  10. Max Landis
  11. The plot?
  12. The fact that you watch ep 1 and you’re sold even though you don’t know what the hek is happening
  13. Dirk’s jackets
  14. DIRK
  15. Todds character arch thing I love the way it was played out
  16. The fact that all the characters are perfect for their roles
  17. Everything is connected
  18. brotzly
  19. That u know no specifics about any characters sexualities bc it doesn’t matter?? Like Todd has one crush and literally it isn’t developed and it’s the ONLY mention of romance in season 1?? That’s incredible and not a thing that happens like ever and it’s not good and nice
  20. Literally just everything this show is amazing and season two comes out in 2 days I’m so excited