Little context: Since my party was mostly new players and I really wanted to sell them on DnD (Dragon Age Homebrew) being a game where you can do anything, I allowed a lot of seduction in the beginning of the game and I’m regretting it bc now there are almost no NPCs that haven’t had sex with the party. Here are some highlights

Me (DM): You’ve fucked him well enough that he gives you all his tea.

Me: You’ve convinced the pirate to remove his pants. (rolls a d20) He’s pretty well-hung

Me: The 80 year old librarian agrees and takes you to a back room

Our Mage: Does she teach me how to use magic sexually?

Me: Sure

Our Blood Mage (in combat): I’m pretty well off as a male Qunari right?

Me: Yeah? I mean I guess I roll for it now. (Roll a nat 20)

Blood Mage: I drop my pants to intimidate him to leave. (non-nat 20)

Me: I hate you guys.

  • Interviewer: Well that's quite a way to start a season-
  • Sebastian: Finnish answers now, will be very short.
  • Interviewer: Okay, go for it. How happy are you with with this incredible start of a season?
  • Sebastian: Very happy.
  • Interviewer: Was this expected?
  • Sebastian: No.
  • Interviewer: How much fun are you gonna have tonight?
  • Sebastian: A lot.
  • Interviewer: Thank you Sebastian.