Hey everyone! I’m seeing taylorswift in Ottawa with purelyjamie on July 6th, and then again in Montreal on July 7th! ❤️ We absolutely LOVE Taylor’s tour outfit for Out Of The Woods, so we decided to recreate it! ✨ 12 hours of work, 6 tubs of glitter, 4 bottles of glue, and 3 packs of rhinestones later, and this is the final result! We are SO excited to see Taylor again, especially in our hometown! 🇨🇦

We’re in section 104, row O, seats 1-3 for OTTAWA, and section 112, row O, seats 3-5 for MONTREAL!🎉 Come and say hi! ☺️

Then there’s Taylor Swift, whose 1989 is far and away the year’s top-selling album, having moved 1.328 million units in the first six months of the year. Last year didn’t see its first million-seller until November — and that happened to be 1989 as well.

Swift has 2015’s top-selling CD and vinyl LP, and only Drake’s If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late has outsold it digitally.

—  USA Today on 1989’s success in 2015