Here’s some more color about the 6x platinum certification 1989 just received. Sales are normally counted as such: albums sold, 10 tracks=1 album, 1500 streams=1 album.

Brian Cantor, the editor of Headline Planet, believes that Big Machine and Republic are under-reporting sales - essentially leaving out track sales and streams - because Taylor’s camp only wants their certifications to refer to pure, full album sales in digital or physical form. That total therefore does not reflect any singles sold on iTunes, or YouTube plays and Apple Music stream.

This means that, if she was counting sales like her peer artists, she’d be just shy of 8x platinum at the minimum, but she’s opting to take a “cut” in exchange for integrity. That’s a bold move but I love her for it.


Roy Orbinson cover

“I Drove All Night” by Cyndi Lauper

A Night to Remember (1989)


It took a long time, but here I am, sharing this video.

My closest fellow Swifties friends knows how much Clean as a song means to me, and how much I loved the way Taylor decided to introduce it on the 1989 world tour; she decided to say all those beutiful things, very important words that I’m sure helped a lot of Swifties around the world.

So my mission is to make sure Taylor knows what a huge thing she did for us with that song and speech, something we’ll never forget, something so important that we’ll cherish forever. Something so important that had an impact on our minds and hearts.

This video is for all of us a chance to listen to all the speeches around the world.
To listen to these words again when we need it, on our bad days.

So thanks for watching, and of course thanks @taylorswift.

I added at the end of the video a message for Taylor, and some friends that I’ve met at the show in Cologne did the same:
Andre @newyorkromantics13, Anna @spectrumswiftie, Carla @i-wish-you-would-tay, Claartje @theothersideofswift and Jim @shedancedtooforgethim

I hope you enjoy this video!


The Warlock: How comes it that you have brought me here?

The Devil/Zamiel (speaking through a medium): Bring together that which has been thirded; bring together my bible.

Warlock: The Grand Grimoire?  Here?  Now?



“Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” by Jane Child

Jane Child (1989)