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With the Democratic National Convention currently underway in our very own Philadelphia, we thought our friends @retrocampaigns@jfklibrary, @lbjlibrary, and @ourpresidents would appreciate these photos of Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson from our archival collections. Donated by Glenn Seaborg, these photos capture Kennedy and Johnson at a number of sites related to atomic energy, including the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Keen observers will also catch a glimpse of Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey, who isn’t the first vice president to pop up in our collections! 

Tuesday, July 26, 1966

  • Communist North Vietnamese troops executed at least six wounded United States marines captured when their company fell into a bloody jungle ambush, American survivors report. They say the Communists moved thru the ranks of the wounded, shooting in the head anyone who moved. The marines literally stacked their dead in a jungle clearing littered with blood-soaked bandages and the discarded boots of the dead and wounded. One marine medic, exhausted after what be called “that long night of hell,” estimated there were only 19 men left out of his platoon of 40 men.
  • The first American to escape from a North Vietnamese prison was incoherent and near tears when rescued, a witness to his return reports. Watching from hiding while communist soldiers beheaded his companion, the escaper was thrown into shock, it is learned. The American airman, on whose escape there is still official secrecy, became America’s newest hero with the announcement Saturday that be bad broken out of communist imprisonment and fled successfully thru North Viet Nam jungles.
  • President Johnson has received information that North Viet Nam does not plan to put captured American pilots on trial as war criminals in the near future, says Bill Moyers, White House press secretary. Moyers says the information comes frotti diplomatic sources, which he refuses to name. Johnson, he says, received the information during his whirlwind tour thru Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky Saturday.
  • The July county grand jury reportedly votes eight true bills accusing Richard F. Speck, 24, of murdering eight nurses from South Chicago Community hospital on July 14. It is indicated that indictments in the crimes will come today. The grand jury of 17 men and six women spends four hours bearing witnesses and considering the case. Gerald Getty, public defender who has been appointed to represent Speck, holds his first extended conference with the prisoner in Cennak Memorial hospital in the Bridewell.