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Could you give us some examples of the hints they dropped in S1 about Lucas's character/past? Some of them are obvious ("a guiding hand that has your best interest at heart"), but what about the less obvious ones that people might not have realized?

In terms of dropping hints about his not-so Squeaky Clean Boy Scout side, here’s a sampler:

GM the Truth: Lucas is verrrrry interested in the topic of when to tell the truth or not.

GM 1961: Basically everything about Merlin.

GM Friendship: The rebel shadowing Lucas, Lucas’s dubiousness when Farkle calls him “moral compass.” (Bonus: Cory is in the background of the shot when Riley tells Maya she doesn’t want to be told if Maya finds any dirt on Lucas).

GM Flaws: self explanatory, (Bonus: also a hint about Cory knowing about Lucas via his reaction to the “Mr. Perfect” flaw.)

GM the Forgotten: Lucas has a keen interest in Harley which makes a lot of sense in retrospect.

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