Help Me Decide

I’m about two weeks away from drawing my 1,000th bird and I’m having some trouble deciding which bird that should be, so I thought I should let all of you help me pick!

I’ll be drawing it on October 12th (meaning it will go up on the 27th). If you have a suggestion, please add it as an answer to this post*. I’ll collect all the nominations (closing on October 5th) and create a survey, then you’ll be able to vote on your top bird choice. If people suggest birds that I’ve already drawn (try using the search bar on http://birdstudies.net/ to check), they won’t be included, but any that I haven’t drawn and that don’t win the vote will go onto the request list. So even if your bird doesn’t win, you’ll still see it on the blog eventually. Also, feel free to second other people’s nominations, if I get a lot of suggestions I may have to limit the voting to the most popular options.

*If for some reason you can’t add an answer or reply to this post, you can send me an ask, just know that I may not reply publicly to your message if I get a lot of responses that way.

Which species should I draw as my 1,000th bird?


I have never thought this day would come :)))  thanks all of you guys<3 <3 <3 This is my small gift for you all :* :* :* (Gruvia -Inspired by Mashima sensei’s art)

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Oh, that’s interesting, that’s terrific, that’s libelous, but what can I do?” [Laughs] You let things run in order to have some sanity and be able to do your work and not feel pre-judged. That’s not even a word, but you know what I mean. I think of people have an opinion about it so I guess I’m saying is that I was probably too scared to look into the fan writing on it.

Benedict Cumberbatch, part of the answer to a question about fans wanting and him being interested in the role of Doctor Strange


i present to you Reigen Arataka 1000 % in all his glory

I wonder if anyone will recognise the crossover, because i thought about it for the rest of the episode.

i wanted to make this as soon as i saw the final episode, but this took me some time to finish ahaha just about 10 hours ahaha….and its this silly ahahaha….

Well i’m pretty proud of it even if its not going to get alot of notes

I even designed a new idol outfit based on the utapri maji love 1000% opening outfits with a reigen color scheme. And i tried to shade like in the anime. and anddddd

The final episode was a blaaaaast!!!


i was tagged by @shaytron!!!! tysm for the tag, friend  (๑•́ω•̀๑) ♡ ♡

this was harder than i expected!!! im decently happy with who i chose tho, hopefully theyre accurate :’) (super huge thank you to @ao-kun for helping me!! ily bae)

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