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💊 Fangirl Outfit Lucky Lemonade! 💊

So my first departure from fan art pin-ups, still has fan art written all over it 😂

This is the drawing that got me excited about creating a little universe around - sort of my crossover from fan art to doing more of my own stuff I guess. Also I’d been looking at a lot of fashion photography images on pinterest and wanted to try out some of the stuff I liked from em.

I haven’t got all the details figured out for all the initial characters I have in mind yet - but this fangirl get up and the geek toys floating around is mostly just self indulgence x100 (what isn’t though, I guess) and won’t be the default costume for the character~

Hope you like it!!

(Oh and almost forgot - here’s the hi-res (1440x1920) version for anyone who might want to use this as a wallpaper etc etc)

아끼지마 (Don't Be Shy)
  • 아끼지마 (Don't Be Shy)
  • Sojung
  • 아이돌보컬리그 - 걸스피릿 EPISODE 02

SOJUNG (소정) of LADIES’ CODE - 아끼지마 (Don’t Be Shy)

Original by  PRIMARY (프라이머리) feat. CHOA (초아)of AOA & IRON (아이언)