When most ARMY’s legit cant ship Junghope and only ship Taekook, so they call Junghope interaction a father son dynamic. Like no. #novkookforme __________ Update: im not trying to be a rude ass and hate vkook im just stating i dont ship them, however i still support and respect those people who do. Its just most vkook shippers are closed minded. Y'all can agree. They only see taekook. Im only telling the truth. Now that you know I’m really not a vkook shipper dont hesitate to unfollow i dont want to become a burden to your feed.

i just want to thank skam again for telling such a beautiful story; a story that most of us can relate to. thank you for not demonizing women in a mlm plotline. thank you for portraying a mental illness with all its soft and rough parts, and the breathtaking love that shone through. thank you for showing us that being gay doesn’t automatically make you educated and “woke.” thank you for giving us a group of wonderfully supportive boys who would fight tooth and nail regardless of the nature of their friends relationship/sexuality. thank you a million times over.

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andreil prompt where Neil has a Russian accent that he hides but it slips out and everyone is like wtf

ok so maybe to make this happen i sorta imagined neil living in russia for a few years when he was a kid. thank you for the prompt! Also can y’all tell how obsessed I am with languages and phonetics because I’m a translation student and i!! love!! it!! (sorry this is short n kinda lame)

Neil talks in his sleep. It’s cute for the foxes because everything Neil does the foxes think is adorable and it’s also sort of funny because he tends to mix up all the languages he speaks in his sleep, and sometimes Kevin sighs exasperated, and other times Nicky laughs and Aaron sighs at whatever Neil’s mumbling in German. Then when Andrew decides he wants to learn Russian because it’s a language Neil already speaks and no one else does arounds them, it starts happening in Russian.

Оставь меня в покое*” He says, consonants barely there and vowels disappearing into one another. Neil’s great at learning languages and sounding natural, but there’s something else about it when he wakes up from his unplanned nap.

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I just remembered now, how Nico di Angelo was the only one of the main characters from hoo who stayed at chb, and how flippin happy it makes me that he found other friends he chose by himself, got a boyfriend and is in the healthiest, nicest, gay relationship with him where they seem to equally complement each other. my son is now happier than ever and calls his bf his ‘significant annoyance’
I can rest in peace


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