• Ruby:Sweet precious Cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure
  • Yang:Brick House that is the living embodiment of no chill
  • Blake:Broody Grump with hidden heart of gold
  • Weiss:Defrosting Ice Queen
  • Jaune:Huge Dweeb with hidden talents
  • Pyrrha:Mr. Universe crossed with Ms. America
  • Ren:Ninja Dweeb
  • Nora:Cute and bubbly, but she will break you
  • Sun:Monkey boy that digs on Blake
  • Neptune:Too cool for school, but not really.
  • Sage:Kid that doesn't get enough screen time
  • Scarlet:Pirate with permanent testicular damage
  • Ozpin:Literal fucking wizard of Oz
  • Glynda Goodwitch:Semi-dominatrix that is sick of everything
  • Penny:Combat Ready Cinnamon Roll x10
  • Dr. Oobleck:Nyoom
  • Professor Port:Blowhard with a great mustache
  • Mercury:Legs for days
  • Emerald:Needs to stop
  • Cinder:Needs to stop even more
  • Torchwick:Clockwork Orange Wannabe
  • Adam:Fuckboi
  • General Ironwood:Crouching dickbag hidden badass
  • Winter:Ice queen that defrosts in certain situations
  • Uncle Qrow:More like Drunkle Qrow

“She does not have a boyfriend,” Sun growls again.

           “That we know of,” Scarlet corrects, smirking at the aggravated look his leader sends him. “She could easily have one and just doesn’t talk about him.”

           Sun pulls a face. “That doesn’t make sense!” he protests. “Girls always talk about their boyfriends!” He suddenly pauses, like he’s just now realizing his own inexperience in the matter. He cuts a glance at Neptune for confirmation. “Right? Girls totally do that.”

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so like

if sanji gonna get some emotional rescuing arc that means he is gonna be the third straw hat to get a whole serious arc focused on them after they “joined” after nami and robin

which means every serious rescuing arc focuses on ladies


all three damsels in distresses of mugiwara

RWBY Predictions

Okay, they said they had to evacuate the academy. So I assume the students will have to go elsewhere for their studies. Well I think I know where Volume 4 will take place.

We’re going to Atlas people. And Here is what I think can happen there.

For Ruby, she can meet Penny’s creator/father and maybe help rebuild her. But what if she loses her memory. So she has SOME consequences for dying. And I do have this theory that since Atlas has learn how to CAPTURE not make aura, Penny was originally human, but something happened (hey this is Atlas, home of super dangerous military tech) and they had to place her in this robo body. She just can’t have her previous memories because that would include the memory of her death.

For Weiss: She can finally tell her big sis how she finally managed to summon. I’m sure winter will be proud. But at the same time she might end up having to deal with Daddy Schnee (sounds fun right?).

For Yang, this is where all the awesome military tech is right? So this can be where she gets her ROBOT ARM! I AM ALL FOR THIS SCREW EVERYONE WHO SAYS IT CAN BE REATTACHED! ROBO ARM 4 LIFE BROS!

As for Blake, I’ve seen lots of fanart involving her using her bow to wrap up Yang’s arm, therefore revealing her faunus heritage. And if she continues to have it off when she gets to Atlas, she’ll have to deal with what might be the location with the most racism towards faunus.

I guess if you want JNPR to do something (and by that I mean just Jaune and/or pPrrha since Ren and Nora never get to do anything cool) Pyrrha said that the whole, soul transfer thing is wrong, so she might try to find this tech and destroy it due to her sense of morality.

Welcome to (Night) Vale
  • Jaune:The son of a scientist who recently came to work in Night Vale. Utterly clueless.
  • Pyrrha:The actual reincarnation of Achilles.
  • Blake:A member of Tamika Rice's child militia. Fights with Bricks, specifically the Isabel Hapgood translation.
  • Weiss:Possibly StrexCorp's failed attempt at a genetically altered perfect human (Even she isn't sure).

They come to our kingdom, destroy our festival & hurt our Penny….well I got one thing to say to them about that….you bitches just gone & done it now!

& it’s payback time!

Something i’ll throw out there before it is irrelevant/confirmed:

They DID NOT build up all that angst with Pyrrha just to have her walk away unscathed. She may not have the fall maiden’s power, but she must suffer some effects from this arc, even if they are mostly psychological.