(...i gave them cookies.)

02.10.16 // 4:24 PM With love, from Princeton -Kat  

adam driver as kylo ren icons

#16 icons of Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars:The Force Awakens. This are screencapped from the movie (CAMRecorder) so the quality isn’t the best. All screencaps and icons belong to me so please LIKE/REBLOG if you use/save them. Most of them are of him with the mask on.

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OK last annoying update but i have literally been on like a constant happy lovey high allll day bitch im SO SHOOK i gave him half the batch of my cookies and put them in a plastic case that i wrapped a gold ribbon and he already loves my baking so when we met up in the morning and he saw what i brought HE WAS SO HAPPY I GOT TWO SEPERATE LONG HUGS AND I WAS SMILING THE WHOLE MORNING?? Next weekend we’re going to an animal shelter together to volunteer (just us two and hes picking me up 😢💗) and i think after that im probably gonna ask him either to go out for coffee or we’ll do drive thru starbucks and go to walk around the lake/park together before he has to go to work (i like the 2nd better tbh) because i think after we spend all that time together im probably gonna tell him how i feel if im confident enough 😓 hes really sweet and an amazing friend so even if it doesnt work out ik we’ll become closer bc of it but weve just had a really good week and i have such a good feeling about it all i am SO HAPPY


Decided to share some close up photos of the cookies from Cosplay Night and Overload 2015!

@rainbowthinker ended up being the lucky one to get SABA HARU!!!

Anyway, if these look familiar, that might be because I made my first batch earlier this year! We had a new con earlier on the year named Otaku-Con, which has now been re-named Akiba-Con. I uploaded pictures of the cookies at the time. But, for comparison to my newest batch:

I’ll be doing these again next year for Akiba-Con and Overload! I don’t know if they’ll be Free! though… I might do Haikyuu or Snk or… whatever comes to mind at the time!

Both times I’ve given these away to random people I meet! They’ve been SUPER popular! Which I’m glad! ^.^ It’s always fun sharing cookies with people and seeing their smiles while they choose their fav character! ^.^

(Clearly there wasn’t enough Makoto and Haru at Cosplay Night! I’m so sorry to the people who missed out on them! T.T)

Happy Birthday, Red.

@askraymondredreddington, I’m sure you don’t celebrate it, but I remember seeing the date on your file. Maybe indulge in that sweet tooth of yours today. Sure it may not be your favorite pie from that restaurant we hid out in, but it’s your birthday, so I made you some semi-burnt chocolate chip cookies and gave them to Dembe to give them to you. 

 Happy Birthday, Red.