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I tagged this video as ableism because of the artist’s name, but also wanted to make sure I gave them credit for their work. Hope that’s okay!

Taste in Music Chapter 8

I would like to simply apologize for the delayed update. I usually update at least once a week, but my child started school, and I home school her! So I am the teacher lol. I also have a two year old so my days have been extremely busy and I’ve had no time to write. When I do have time, I often draw blanks. I finally was able to sit down and brain storm with a friend, and finally came up with the next chapter. So here it is! Prepare yourself for the plot twist ahead!

A special thanks to @bluuesparrow for helping me overcome a bit of writer’s block and always being there to throw ideas at! As always, Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima, I’m simply barrow characters. p>

For the second morning in a row, Gajeel was stirred from his slumber by the text messaging alert on his phone. At the tone, his eyes shot open. The sun was creeping it’s way across the room, and a tiny, beautiful, blue haired woman in his arms began to stir, and the scarred black cat at the foot of the bed stretched and yowled. The day had begun before he was ready.

    Grabbing his phone from the nightstand, he blinked away the sleep still present in his eye. He read the notification: “Gajeel, come to my office immediately. -Makarov”

    He stared at the screen for a moment, rereading the message to be sure he conveyed it correctly. The Old Man knew they were leaving for Europe today, he was surprised that Makarov would bother him. It must have been important, maybe the police had caught the bastard.

    A quiet moan left Levy’s small mouth as she nuzzled close to his warm chest, and warm honey eyes peeked up at him while the rest of her face was hidden by the blanket she cocooned herself in. She let out a raspy “morning” that was muffled by the blankets, and it made him chuckle.

    “Mornin’ Short stuff.”

    He let his hand snake around her form under the cover and find the dip in her side, holding it and rubbing circles gently with his thumb. She practically purred under his touch, leaning closer to him for more.

    “I got a text from the Boss man, I need to get down there right away.” He grumbled, not anxious to leave the bed he shared with her for the first time. If there was one thing he could never get tired of, it was waking up seeing her. Although she was a blanket hog, tossed a lot in her sleep, and occasionally kicked him, she was adorable while she did it. Despite her early morning charm, a sense of concern washed over him when he realized that he needed to leave and she needed to pack.

“Are you going to be okay here by yourself with Erza and Jellal keeping watch, or do you want to come with me?” he questioned as worry washed over his face, metal stud eyebrows furrowing.

Levy avoided eye contact but nodded, still hiding under the covers.

“I think I’ll invite them in for coffee and cookies.” Gajeel gave her a reassuring smile, knowing that Titania would want to run across the street for cake he sent her a quick text before crawling out of bed and heading to his own room to start the day.

After taking a quick shower and dressing in his motorcycle gear, he came back to find Levy had let Jellal and Erza in, and Erza had indeed run to the bakery and was politely eating cake.  Jellal sat next to her sipping coffee and Levy tried to hide a blushing smile behind her coffee cup, as if they had been speaking of something in secret before Gajeel walked into the room. He would normally inquire about her suspicious behavior, but he didn’t have the time today. Instead he gave her a quick kiss goodbye, and nodded to the power couple before he took his leave.

Erza finished chewing the bite of cake in her mouth and commented after Gajeel pulled the door shut behind him.

    “It’s interesting…” She said as she cut off another bite from her slice, “Gajeel has never expressed interest in relationships before. And yet it seems that you two have slid into a form of comfort that takes most couples months to achieve.” She lifted the fork to her mouth and consumed her cake, and Levy blushed deeper behind her coffee cup.

He had hoped that racing across town on his bike might burn off some of the anxiety he felt. His mind raced faster than his bike could go, in and out of thoughts and moments that had occurred since he had met Levy as he swerved in between cars in traffic. He mindlessly drove through lanes, his concentration stuck on the thought of Levy, his chest tightening at the thought of someone wanting to hurt her.

Since he had joined Makarov’s family, referring to themselves as the Fairy Tail Guild, he had numbed himself from emotions. He had spent a long time letting his anger boil over while he worked for Jose, letting his victims feel the pain and frustration he felt after losing his father, suffering abuse in the foster system, the neglect of not having someone love him as a child should feel loved, and losing himself to drugs. The longer time went on and his resistance to the drugs built, the more violent he became. By the time Makarov had found him, he had sent dozens of men to the hospital with his brutal beatings. When he began his process to get clean, he focused his efforts on numbing those emotions, rather than dealing with them. It had been so long since he had let himself experience emotions, and he had never properly learned how to process them to begin with. And now he felt as though he was experiencing the 27 years worth of emotions that he had swept under the rug come at him all at once.

The small rundown warehouse was in front of him before he could register that he was even out of the traffic. To his surprise, he found Makarov waiting out front for him. As Gajeel approached his boss, the small elderly man turned on his heel and quickly moved into his office without saying a word. Gajeel found himself quite worried as the man who had always been direct and honest with him was delaying any information he had to relay to Gajeel. On Makarov’s desk sat the metal cup Mirajane kept behind the bar for Gajeel, and a full bottle of scotch.


Makarov slid into the large chair behind his desk, pouring a large glass of scotch for himself and filling Gajeel’s cup. Gajeel knew that if the old man had pulled out a bottle of scotch, it couldn’t be anything good. It was worse that it wasn’t even 9 o’clock in the morning, and he was pouring a glass full.

“‘Fuck’ is right, my boy.” Makarov sighed after taking a large gulp of the alcohol, as he topped off his drink.

Gajeel looked down into his cup and took a small drink before inquiring, “Is this about the incident with Levy’s stalker last night?”

The look on Makarov’s face seemed to darken the whole room, and fear grew quickly in the pit of Gajeel’s stomach as he feared the worst.

“No, son. I’m afraid we have much bigger problems on our plate now, as well.” Makarov opened the large drawer in his desk with a key that he kept in his pocket at all times. He pulled out a file, setting it on the desk and opening it with a weary look as he handed the contents to Gajeel.

“It seems that our friend Jose Porla made ties with the right people before he landed himself in prison. He was able to bribe a judge into dropping the charges held against him, and he was released on bail. There has been whispers in the alleys that he is after our heads, Gajeel.”

    The alcohol in his cup rippled as Gajeel’s hand shook with fear. As if there wasn’t enough on his plate already, chasing the shadows for a stalker who wanted to hurt the person he treasured most and leaving for a year long trip, now he had a bloodthirsty gang leader with a vendetta against him on his ass.

    “Knowing Jose, however, he is too stingy to pay to send mercenaries overseas after you. This year long trip might buy us some time. He could cool off, or land himself in prison again by the time you return to the States. Until that time, Erza, Mira, and Laxus will act as my own personal bodyguards.” Makarov poured himself another drink as he waited for Gajeel to absorb the information he was given.

    Opening the file on the desk between them, Makarov pulled pictures of three men Gajeel recognized to be Jose’s right hand heathens. Sol, a short, green haired man with a tiny mustache and a monocle, who he knew to be a real priss with a fake French accent. Totomaru, a punk ass kid with his hair dyed slit down the middle, platnium blonde on one side and jet black on the other and a large black strip tattooed across his face. He was known for setting the homes of Jose’s enemies on fire. And Aria. A man larger than even Gajeel, who kept his eyes covered with a blindfold until he engaged in battle, saying that world’s ugliness depressed him so much it hurt to look at.

    These members were the most loyal to Jose, doing more of his dirty work than even Gajeel did. He knew them to be quite ruthless. Knowing that unlike him, they were not motivated by drugs to do a job. They were motivated only by their own intent to kill, maim, mutilate, and wreak havoc. You’d be an idiot or insane not to fear them.

Lastly was a photo of a woman he did not recognize. She had straight black hair and milky white skin. Her face was hard and serious as she looked at the camera in what seemed to be a cropped group photo.

“These faces should be familiar to you, they are the faces that you should be on the lookout for during your travels,” Makarov stated as he laced his fingers through one another and left them on the desk.

“Who is the woman? I don’t know her face.” Gajeel responded as he pulled her photo out from the pile and handed it to Makarov.

He sighed deeply before he began to explain, “This woman is the reason for our issue. Ultear Milkovich. She is the lawyer that was able to convince- with a large sum of money, the judge Crawford Seam to drop the charges held against Jose and release him from prison.”

Gajeel’s brow furrowed with worry. “Is she the type that would come after me personally?”

His stomach churned in anticipation, not knowing whether this woman was a direct threat to his and Levy’s well being or not.

“To be honest, Gajeel, I don’t know enough about this woman to tell you. My best advice would be for you to be on high alert at all times until this issue is resolved.” The exhaustion in Makarov’s voice was evident. The bags under his eyes were heavy, and Gajeel could tell that he was tired. Not just without sleep, without rest. Makarov had spent his years taking care of the family he made his own. He had spent almost 50 years as a police officer, and even in retirement he still was chasing bad guys, and had them chasing him.

“He’s not going to stop Makarov…. The only way this will end is with a dead body.” Gajeel foretold, he knew what the outcome of the situation would be in the end. He knew Jose well enough to know what was to come.

“I’m aware of that, my child.”

The entire ride home, Gajeel’s anxiety rose higher and higher the closer he got. By the time his hand reached for the doorknob, he was shaking. How was he going to handle this situation? A million possibilities ran through his head. How was he supposed to keep her safe when the amount of variables to the situation was uncountable. Twisting the knob and entering the penthouse, his eyes immediately landed on a smiling Levy, book and cup of tea in hand. His heart calmed, the beat steading within his chest. His stomach settled after doing nothing but twist into knots all day. His hands stopped shaking, replaced by the urge to hold her.

His lips curled gently upwards as he quietly walked through the room to meet her, aware of the sleeping redhead on the couch. He leaned over the couch and met Levy’s awaiting lips with a quick, but gentle kiss.

“Did ya finish packing?” He whispered as he lingered close to her face. He could smell the peppermint tea on her breath as she smiled and nodded.

“All ready for take off, captain.” Gajeel snorted at her little joke, and retreated from their close proximity to speak with Jellal, who was seated at the table near by reading the newspaper and munching on cookies.

Gajeel slapped a hand down on the man’s shoulder and gruffly murmured “Take your wife home, Fernandez.”

Jellal nodded acknowledgingly, and packed the remaining cake with him to lure Erza from her sleep.

    The remainder of Gajeel’s packing consisted of shoving all his clothes and toothbrush into a duffle bag, since Juvia had taken the liberty to do his organizing and packing for him. It didn’t take him long to shower, dress, and pack. Before he knew it, he was attempting, and failing, to get Lily in a carrier. The loud howling coming from the black cat and the long string of swear words led Levy to make her way into Gajeel’s room where she found him trying to shove the cat into the door of the crate and that cat’s legs holding onto the edges and a panicked look of his face.

    “Damn cat, just get in the cage!” Gajeel said through gritted teeth as Lily continued to fight against him with the strength of a panther.

    Covering her mouth to hide her giggles, she retreated from the room. She returned with a slice of kiwi, and took Lily into her lap calmly and let him eat the kiwi from her palm. Levy giggled as he pressed his head against her hand to request she rub his ears the way he liked so much. Within minutes, Lily had fallen asleep under Levy’s ear scratching and she was able to gently set him inside of the crate.

    “Fuckin’ traitor, he is.” Gajeel sneered at the cat, Lily yowling back at him.

    Levy couldn’t help but giggle at the two boys she had come to love so much in a short amount of time. They had become her family, a thing she hadn’t had since she was a child. Whenever she was near Gajeel, she felt warm and safe. She knew that he would protect her, care for her, and love her. Lily was no different- she knew she held a special spot in Lily’s heart by the way he had immediately taken to her, and seemed to enjoy taunting Gajeel with his affection for her. In that small moment, she knew that whatever life was to throw their way, she would be with them until the end of her days.

    The time they spent at the airport was surprisingly minimal. Levy owning a private jet meant not having to wait for their flight time. Levy had some of her trusted crew members pick up their motorcycles, instruments, and the rest of their baggage ahead of time, so it was a simple matter of walking through security and getting to the terminal.

    However, what should have been a simple walk through an airport set Gajeel on edge, knowing that Midnight or Jose could have been on his tail, had eyes watching him, or worse. He stood tall and stiff, staying as close to Levy as he could without giving away their relationship was anything but body guard and client. His eyes searched faces in the crowd as he sought out familiarities, but found none. He breathed a sigh of relief as they entered the private jet, whose pilot and crew were approved by Makarov as personal friends.

    Gajeel followed Levy into the main cabin where they would spend their flight. There was a love seat couch with a table in front that had a bottle of champagne and glasses set out. There was a sizable television directly in front of the couch, and near the windows there were single bucket seats facing one another with a small table in between. Near the rear of the plane there was bed with curtains for privacy, and the attendant directed them towards the kitchen and restroom towards the front.

    The young man serving as flight attendant, named Hibiki, took Lily’s crate and strapped it into a secure spot for pet carriers before he took the liberty of serving small the champagne. Levy sat on the couch with her legs crossed, leaning back on one arm as she sipped at the bubble drink.

    “Little early for drinkin’, isn’t it, Shorty?” Gajeel teased as he took the seat next to her.

    Levy finished the gulp in her mouth and responded with a hiss between her teeth, “The alcohol helps settle my nerves a bit before take off,” she explained to him as she poured another glass.

    Gajeel threw his glass back in one quick swoop, finishing the drink. He didn’t have the best experiences on planes. He stared into the empty glass in his hands as he leaned on his knees, his thoughts beginning to stray back to the issue at hand. He had news to break to Levy, information she needed in order to keep herself safe. His thoughts were interrupted when Hibiki returned to announce the arrival of the pilot and Levy stood to greet them.

    “Miss Levy and guest, I would like to introduce you to your pilot for today’s flight; the master of the plane ‘Christina,’ Captain Ichiya Kotobuki!” Hibiki took a bow as he backed out of the way, making way for a short, red haired man in a white captain’s suit enter the plane. The atmosphere of the plane immediately was overtaken by a strong essence Gajeel could only assume was an overdose of cologne the man had sprayed on himself.

    “It seems, that destiny has brought us back together… Miss… Levy,” The man who was shorter than even Levy grabbed her hand and spun her around.

    “Oi! What do you think you’re doin’?!” Gajeel gaped as he witnessed the strange man grab hold of his woman.

    Levy faked the best smile should could though she looked like she might vomit when the intense amount of cologne hit her nostrils.

    “Hello…. Ichiya….” She choked out while trying to hold her breath.

    Ichiya’s attention was suddenly taken away from Levy when he noticed another scent in the room.

    “Sniff sniff…. who is this…. iron beast?” Ichiya crooned when his eyes met Gajeel’s, who jumped back in response as his face dropped in fear.

    “This is my boy-boyfriend,” Levy stuttered, realizing that was the first time she had introduced Gajeel as such. “He is attending my tour with me as my bodyguard as well.”

    Ichiya gave a sharp nod, “Alas… another one off the market,” Gajeel honestly couldn’t tell if he was speaking about Levy or himself. “But, no matter. No one could ever come between me and my one true redheaded love….This young brute will take good care of Miss Levy, I can tell from his parfume.”

    Gajeel’s face turned four shades of red and he eyed Levy in utter confusion and whispered “What the fuck?” to which she only stifled a small laugh, and Ichiya retreated to the captain’s quarters with Hibiki following.

    Levy settled onto the couch and buckled herself in as the engine of the jet started. She went about her way casually, kicking her feet up onto the table and grabbing a book to read, as if she had done this a million times before. Gajeel, however, struggled with the strange buckle for a moment, and sat up straight and stiffy, with his hands on his legs as he awaited the plane to begin moving down the runway and take off.

    The plane creeped forward before accelerating as fast as Gajeel frequently went on his bike, and lurched as it lifted itself off the ground. He gripped the arm of the couch with one hand, steadying himself as he breathed in sharply repeatedly. The contents of his stomach turned, and he deeply regretted drinking the alcohol. His head began to swirl around him as he struggled to focus on the settings around him, and the involuntary urge to vomit crept up in his throat, making his cheeks puff out in response.

    “Gajeel? Are you okay?” A small voice tinkered in his ear and brought his focus back to her for but a moment. He mustered up the effort to answer, only muttering out a series of gurgles and “motion sickness,” to which Levy responded with “Motion sickness? But you drive a motorcycle!”

    Normally he would retort back at her, but his stomach threatened to heave if he so much as moved his tongue. A voice came on over the intercom that he slightly recognized, speaking words he thought he knew before fading again into spiraling despair within his own body. He felt a shift in the weight on the seat next to him, and the weight holding his body to the seat lifted. He was suddenly being tipped sideways, oh god are we crashing on this fucking death trap? when suddenly his face hit a smooth and warm cushion. It was unlike any pillow he had ever known, it must have been made from the finest silk in all the worlds. His dizziness eased slightly as he felt fingers rub his earlobe, and he could swear he could hear his mother’s voice singing, before he drifted off into a painless sleep.

    Levy giggled to herself as she realized that she had rocked both cat and his owner to sleep in the same way, by rubbing their ears.

    His consciousness continued to fade in and out for what seemed like days. Occasionally he was alert enough to hear muffled words exchanged, “Thank you for the food, Hibiki,” “Gajeel, I have to pee,” “Lily is awake, better let him roam around the plane,” “Jeez, who knew the big tough body guard’s weakness would be planes!” Eventually, after a long rest, he felt the energy to mutter a few important words to Levy before he drifted back to sleep.

    “Shorty… if I get off of this god forsaken metal death trap alive, there’s something important I need to speak with ya about…”

    Her giggle was like fairy bells in his ears and she whispered “okay,” before all the strength left his body and he fell into blackness.

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Baking cookies
  • Mom: You need to put the cookies on a cooling rack so they turn out straight. If you put them directly in a container they turn out crooked and bent.
  • Me: Maybe they don't want to be straight. Maybe they want to live their lives without other people pushing their society-influenced ideas onto them. MAYBE THEY DON'T WANT TO CONFORM. YOU DON'T KNOW THEM. LET THEM BE FREE TO CHOOSE!
  • Mom: ...they're fucking cookies.
adam driver as kylo ren icons

#16 icons of Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in Star Wars:The Force Awakens. This are screencapped from the movie (CAMRecorder) so the quality isn’t the best. All screencaps and icons belong to me so please LIKE/REBLOG if you use/save them. Most of them are of him with the mask on.

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Ben, Ted, and Marcus are going to kidnap the president of the United States 


How to Meet Your Idols

           I’m sure every single person who’s reading this has an idol or idols they look up to and admire, and if the opportunity arose that you could actually meet them in person, I’m sure you would take it swiftly and graciously. Well, I’m here to tell you with hard work and constant dedication you really can achieve your dreams and meet the person of your dreams. Here is the story about how I met alt-J.

           First of all, I got Twitter in June 2014 and I only got this Twitter with the sole purpose of maybe talking to alt-J somehow. By August 2014, I got my first reply from alt-J’s keyboardist, Gus Unger-Hamilton. After receiving that notification I was shaking with disbelief because my favorite member of my favorite band had actually acknowledged my existence. Since then, getting a reply from a member of alt-J doesn’t come as a shock to me and I’ve had plenty of casual conversation with them over Twitter. Because I didn’t meet them after their Berkeley show in April, I was determined to never let that happen again. So I created a plan. If I brought them gifts, then they’d have to see me to get their presents. I asked them via twitter what foods they liked so I could bring them delicious gifts in October. After being presented with their orders, all I had to do was wait.

           Finally, October 15, 2015 arrived and I couldn’t be more excited. My friend Nina and I were going to see alt-J for the fourth time together and we were stoked. For the week leading up to the concert, I had been teasing the alt-J band members about how awesome my gifts for them were so they’d know I was coming with gifts and so I could meet them possibly. After my plane landed in Los Angeles, I took my phone off airplane mode and casually checked Twitter like any normal teenage girl – except what was about to happen wasn’t normal. As I checked my notifications, I noticed that I had a direct message which I assumed to be from a friend that was excited about my concert as well. However, when I clicked on the envelope tab that opens my messages, I received the greatest shock of my life. Gus Unger-Hamilton, the keyboardist and backing vocalist of alt-J, had messaged me saying “Let me know when you get to the venue so I can try and say hi”. I was actually shaking on the airplane. The taxi sped us from the airport to our hotel, and we quickly made our trek to the venue.

           When Nina and I arrived at the Hollywood Bowl, a gorgeous venue by the way, I messaged Gus saying I was here and where should I go. He responded by saying that he was sending his production manager to come and escort me backstage so he needed my full name and location. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I was being invited into alt-J’s dressing room. The manager walked me through many parking lots filled with venue employees and much security before finally entering through the artists’ entrance doorway. I could feel heart pounding uncontrollably in my chest. I stepped into a corridor filled with many rooms labeled anything from “alt-J manager room” to “alt-J warm up room”. I was in complete awe. The manager knocked politely on their dressing room door and swung it open, informing the band that they had visitors. As I walked through the door, I saw Gus, lead singer Joe Newman, and Joe’s girlfriend Darcy sitting on a black couch. They both stood up and strode over to hug me as Gus said, “Wow Samy! It’s great to finally meet you!” I was completely stunned. They wanted to meet me just like I wanted to meet them. We made brief introductions consisting of hugs and hellos before I proceeded to pass out their delicious treats. Thom Green, the drummer, and Cameron Knight, the guitarist, were not there however because they were still at the hotel. We’ve met Cameron twice before but I’d still really like to meet Thom. I gave Joe and Gus the absentees’ gifts of homemade brownies for Cam and brownie batter Oreos for Thom to give to them later. I then gave Joe his limited edition sugar cookie PopTarts which he freaked out over. He squealed about getting to toast them in his new toaster in his London flat because “you’re supposed to toast these, right?” Then I turned to Gus. He remarked, “I’m anxious to see what you got me because you’ve been teasing me about it on Twitter.” I pulled out and handed him a $10 In-n-Out giftcard. He was overjoyed because In-n-Out is one of his favorite foods and he can only get it in California, so I thought that’d be special. Gus exclaimed, “You bought me an entire meal??” He hugged me tightly after I gave him his gift. Nina gave them each hand-painted cards with delta symbols on them.  I also gave the entire band a Halloween mix CD and a hand written letter addressing all of alt-J. After all the gifts were passed out, Gus shocked me once again. He told me, “We actually got you guys something too,” and that he sent someone named Sarah to bring us a special California only This Is All Yours tour t-shirt! I couldn’t believe that they actually got us a gift!

           As we waited on the t-shirt to arrive, we had a casual 30 minute (I couldn’t keep track of the time) conversation with our favorite band in the entire world. We talked about the most random things like baking television shows, sugar, the most harmful types of burns, touring, Europe, the Hollywood Bowl, our past alt-J experiences, the Greek Theater in Berkeley, how old we are now versus when we started listening to them, how tall we are, how the time period that we’ve been listening to them is such a pivotal changing period in our lives, whether or not you toast a PopTart, Joe introduced his girlfriend Darcy, British television versus American television, the Hamildad tweets, that night’s opening bands, some of their past opening bands, their two-night Berkeley show and Gus’s framed poster from that, how the Hollywood Bowl’s seating is slightly unfair to more dedicated fans who can’t afford VIP, Moët McClain (@peasantmoet), and her Hamildad mug she gave Gus at her show. The conversations sadly had to end when Sarah arrived with the shirt.

           Now that I had the exclusive tour tee, they asked if we’d like them signed but I told them that I had brought my This Is All Yours vinyl sleeve for them to sign instead. Nina had her shirt signed. As Gus was signing it he asked, “It’s spelled S-a-m-y, right?” and I freaked out inside because I didn’t even have to tell him how to spell my name. Gus just already knew. The finished signatures said “Thanks for everything, SΔmy! Lots of love, Gus x” and “Joe x”. After the signing was done it was picture time, and Gus proclaimed that the picture should be an alt-J sandwich, as Gus put it, with Nina and I in the middle. Darcy took the picture of us but kept making us move so she wouldn’t be visible in the mirror behind us. First, Nina got individual selfies with of the band members and I followed suit. Sadly, the end was drawing near. Gus, Joe, and I made our last hugs and goodbyes before they escorted us out of the dressing room and back to the artists’ entrance.

           A few days later, Cameron tweeted me a picture of the brownies saying thank you and that they were so delicious that he ate them in like 5 minutes. Gus told me he was on his way to In-n-Out for dinner that night. I sent him a picture of my new shirt thanking him and replied with you’re welcome and how he wasn’t able to make it In-n-Out ever but that he’d save his giftcard all the way until next time when he’s back in California.

           I still can’t believe this all happened and frankly I don’t think I’ll truly be able to comprehend it. Every time I tell someone new this story I feel like I must be lying because this is honestly too good to be true. My favorite band, alt-J, personally invited me into their dressing room to meet me. It wasn’t a promotionally stunt hosted by the venue or a local radio station where they had to meet me and I didn’t bang on the door screaming and begging to be let in. They initiated the invitation, and wanted me to come in at their own free will. I’m still in a slight shock and I am so so so grateful that I am lucky to have scored this opportunity. Hopefully, I can hang with alt-J again soon. Δ

Dream Guy

I know I said I was going on hiatus for a bit, but I decided to write my feelings out instead. I know I already did an entry to shine, but this one fits the prompt better anyway.

Setting: High School, AU

Pairings: NaLu

Summary: Since they were younger, Natsu vowed to himself to become the dream guy Lucy always wanted. Growing up, Natsu seen the task was harder than he first imagined. Now seniors in high school, Natsu knew he wouldn’t ever be Lucy’s dream guy… or so he thought.

“Hey Natsu! A shooting star make a wish!” A blonde around the age of six said to her pink haired companion laying right beside her.

Natsu looked up into the sky, and there was indeed a star looking like it was falling out of the night sky. Closing his eyes, and making a wish he turned his head over to the blonde.

“What’d you wish for Lucy?”

“I can’t tell you!” She shouted. “Then my wish won’t come true!”

“Oh come on Lucy please?” He begged. Seeing her sigh, Natsu knew he had won and a victorious grin took over his lips.

“I wished for my dream boy to come to me one day.”

Natsu raised an eyebrow at her wish. “You wasted your one wish on a dumb boy?”

“Not just any boy! My dream boy!” Her voice growing louder with each word. Lucy’s anger sizzled down as she plopped back down in the grass, gazing at the midnight sky. “He’s gonna be tall and handsome! Big muscles, pretty hair, rich, funny, and he has to love dogs!”

Natsu chuckled at the young blondes wish. “Sounds like you’re dreaming Lucy.”

“I know, thats why they call it a dream guy Natsu.” Lucy stood up, dusting off the pretty blue dress she was wearing. “It sure would be nice if he was real though.”

Natsu stood up after Lucy. “Guess its time to go?”

“Yeah idiot we have school tomorrow.”

“I can’t wait to be done with school though.”

“Natsu were only in the first grade, we still have awhile.” She explained with a laugh. She took his hand, starting to lead him off in the direction back home.

Natsu’s face slightly reddened at the contact of her hand holding his, but couldn’t help the smile that graced his lips. He really didn’t have a wish until now.

And his wish was to become Lucy’s dream boy.

“Man, I’m so dead.” Gray groaned, walking next to Natsu who grunted in agreement.

“You can say that again Ice Princess. Which I really wish you were, I need ice to cool me down.” Natsu said, wiping a bead of sweat that trailed down his forehead. “And we didn’t even lift today, I guess I gotta do it when I get home.”

Gray snapped his head to his best friend, looking at him as if he had gone mad. “We just got done with a two hour conditioning practice and you want to go home and lift?”

Natsu rolled his eyes. “Excuse me if I like to workout princess.”

Gray’s crazy look turned into a menacing smirk which Natsu did not like adorning the ink haired male’s face.

“What do you think you’re-”

“You only like to workout because Lucy likes guys with muscles.”

Natsu’s face turned a dark shade of red. He tried to cover his face to hide the blush, but he already knew Gray had already seen it. “That’s not the only reason why I lift.”

“Yes it is.”

“Shut up Eskimo.”

“Natsu, we are Freshman in high school and you work out so much to impress Lucy you have bigger muscles than some of the Seniors on the team.” Natsu grinned at Gray’s compliment.

“Maybe that’s why I’m a Varsity starter.”

“You definitely earned it with all that hard work man.” Gray snickered, before walking up the driveway to his home. “Even if it was mostly for Lucy.”

Natsu decided to ignore his best friends comment and walk a few blocks over to his own home. Grabbing his key, he unlocked the entrance seeing the kitchen light on.

“Igneel? You home?” He called out to his foster father. He heard a grumbling sound from the kitchen. Upon entering, Natsu seen his adoptive father with a cookie in his mouth. Natsu’s eyes twitched. “Did you bake those?” He asked, pointing to the tray of cookies on the counter.

Igneel scoffed. “Please boy, if I baked we would have to go find a new place to live because I would’ve set this whole place on fire.” He paused between his words taking a final bite of his cookie. “Lucy stopped by and gave them to me. Well, us I guess.” He explained, taking another cookie.

“Alright! Lucy’s grub is the best!” Natsu dashed over to the soccer ball cookies and took a bite, moaning at the sweet flavor enveloping his mouth. “Did she have a reason to bring these over?”

“Nope. She just brought them over from the kindness of her heart.” He praised, finishing his umpteenth cookie. “I’m telling you Natsu, she’s a good one. You gotta nab her while you still got the chance.”

Natsu swallowed his cookie before answering. “You know I’m working on it Igneel.”

“Yes, but you’re trying to turn yourself into the dream guy Lucy thought of when she was six years old. Natsu, that was eight years ago.”

“I know, and eight years later I’m tall, I got the muscular body, I love dogs and I already make her laugh until she cries. I say I’m making great progress.” He commented before taking another desert and walking away to his lifting bench in the garage.

“Natsu, Lucy doesn’t care if you’re exactly like her six year old dream guy!” Igneel’s voice fell on deaf ears as he heard the door to garage shut. Igneel side before taking the whole tray of cookies to the living room to munch on. “She told me she wanted you and all your flaws, idiot.”

Once in the garage, Natsu dusted the crumbs of the cookie off his hands and onto his athletic shorts. He pulled the shirt from over his head, revealing the nice six pack of abs he had worked his ass off to get over the past few years. He walked over to the radio, turning on the usual station he listened to while lifting.

He walked over to his laptop he had left out here the previous night, powering it up and going straight to his saved pictures. He pulled up his favorite picture of his beautiful best friend. It was during the summer of last year when him and her decided to go on a spontaneous hiking trip at a nearby trail. Lucy had decided that she needed a break due to her aching legs, so the two had taken a rest on the large rocks provided at the resting areas.

Natsu had been taking pictures of the whole trip, but realized he hadn’t taken any of Lucy. With a mischievous smirk on his face, he aimed the camera towards her. Lucy noticed how he had pointed the camera at her and instead of yelling at him like she usually did, she began to laugh. She jokingly asked him if he knew how to work a camera, and he showed her by taking a picture of her. Natsu remembered looking at the picture for the first time after he had taken it, remembering he had never seen anything as beautiful before in his life.

She was sitting on the rock, one leg tucked in to her chest while her other leg hung freely off it. The long pigtails she wore that day reached to her lower back while strands of her golden hair framed her face. What really got Natsu was the expression she wore. Her eyes were closed, mouth smiling like she was truly happy. One of her arms were up at the camera jokingly trying to block it while the other hugged the leg closer to her chest.

Natsu had known he’d been in love with Lucy long before that moment, but just seeing her happy like that made him fall in love with her all over again.

Even about a year later, seeing the picture he had taken of her made his stomach fill with butterflies at the overwhelming situation of love he felt. With her picture pulled up on the screen, Natsu walked over to his workout bench and began to lift the heavy weights, knowing and seeing what his goal was.

“Can you already believe that proms right around the corner?” Lucy said to Natsu as he grabbed his bag from his locker ready to go home. Practice was cancelled due to the weather, which he was grateful for because on days he didn’t have practice he got to walk Lucy home… even if she was out of the way of his house.

“Nope, and when prom gets here then it’ll be graduation before we know it.” He stated with a grin, shutting his locker and turning around.

Lucy groaned. “Don’t remind me. I still have to go get my honor cords from the office. Natsu, can you believe that we’re graduating?”

Natsu rolled his eyes at her frantic state. “Yes I can Luce, and I can’t wait to get out of this hellhole.” He proclaimed, opening up his large umbrella so they could stand under to protect themselves from the rain.

Lucy giggled, huddling extra close to her best friend for the natural heat he gave off. “Yeah, I still remember when we were in first grade just stargazing.”

Natsu didn’t fail to notice how close she was to him. Taking his chances, he decided to take a step closer to her so that their shoulders were brushing against each other. “Yeah, those were the days.”

“I remember how you told me you already couldn’t wait to graduate when you were six. Did you really hate school that much that early Natsu?”

“Hell yeah I did! I don’t like waking up early.”

“Oh? Well, what about all those times I called you at eight in the morning on the weekends because I was cramping and you rushed over just to give me chocolate because you knew it made me feel better?”

Natsu felt his cheeks flame up at her story, knowing it was the truth. “Thats different! I went to sleep afterwards…”

“So not true!” Lucy shouted. “We played Mario Kart on my Wii because you knew it was my favorite game!” Lucy lips grew into a soft smile, grabbing the male’s arm in her own earning a surprised gasp from him. “And you always let me win.”

Natsu remained silent, not wanting to say another word afraid his scarf would fall from his face revealing his now flush cheeks due to her story and the feeling of her arm interlaced with his.

“Say Natsu, can I just go over to your place? Its not like my dads gonna be home anyway.”

“As if you even have to ask.” He replied, going on the path that lead to his home. After walking in ten minutes of silence, the duo finally arrived at Natsu’s house. Unlocking the door, Natsu let Lucy go in first before closing and locking the door behind them.

“Igneel! Are you home?!” Natsu called throughout the house, not receiving a reply.

“I didn’t see his cop car in your driveway.” Lucy plopped on the couch, grabbing the remote for the TV and turning it on.

Natsu chuckled at her actions. “What, do you run the house now or something?”

“I might as well. I do basically live here.” Lucy commented and Natsu couldn’t help but know she was telling the truth. Natsu sat next to Lucy, a little closer than he usually did. He think she didn’t seem to notice or care since she didn’t voice a complaint.

A commercial about prom dress sales came on, making the blonde next to him squeal with excitement. “I so can’t wait to go dress shopping with Levy and Erza. Thats going to be so much fun!”

“Don’t you need a date to go to prom?”

Lucy scoffed. “Of course not! It’d be nice if you have one, but it’s not a necessity.” Lucy sighed, bringing her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around her knees. “Levy’s going with Gajeel and Erza’s going with Jellal so I’m that one friend.”

“I’ll be absolutely shocked if someone doesn’t ask you.” Natsu said truthfully, making Lucy look to him in surprise.


“Of course, any guy would be lucky to go with you.”

“Maybe my ‘dream guy’ will finally show his face and ask me.” She stated jokingly, but felt Natsu tense slightly next to her. She turned towards him and noticed he wasn’t the happy Natsu he was just seconds prior.


“I’m going to my room.” He abruptly stood up and walked out, not saying another words towards Lucy.

Once he got to his room, he roughly opened the door and slammed it shut. He gripped his hair, growling as he face planted into his unmade bed.

He felt like he wanted to cry, Natsu, captain of the football and soccer team felt like crying over a girl. Well, not over Lucy… because he felt like he failed Lucy.

Ever since she told him about her dream guy when they were six, he always strived to become him. Become the person Lucy wanted to date, because she deserved it. Lucy was hardworking student, making it in the top ten percent of their class. She got a full ride scholarship because of her academic grades and she’s going to to finally get the chance to live her own life. All her dreams were coming true… except her dream guy.

Because he failed her.  

He was startled by a knock and a sweet voice at the door. “Natsu? Can I come in?”  

He didn’t bother replying, he knew she was going to come in here anyways. He didn’t bother looking at her, but knew she made it over to him when he felt his bed shift next to him. He kept a moan in as she rubbed soothing circles on his back.

“Hey Natsu, whats wrong?”

He turned his head the opposite direction as her. “Nothing.”

Lucy puffed her cheeks in annoyance, but there was no way she was giving up. “Something is obviously wrong, and Natsu you know me. I will pry into you until you tell me… so might as well spit it out now.”

Natsu sighed in defeat, knowing she was right… and an angry Lucy wasn’t something to be messed with,

“All your dreams are coming true.” After the words left his mouth, he knew it was the wrong thing to say.

Her tempered flared, face scrunching up. “You’re pissed cause my hardwork and dedication to school is making me dreams come true?”

Natsu sat up, waving his hands to try to console her. “No, no Lucy that came out wrong.” He sighed, looking to his lap. “All your dreams are coming true… except one.”

Lucy raised her eyebrow, confusion evident on her face. “Oh? And what dream is that?”

“Your dream guy.”

Lucy’s mouth fell open after those three words left his mouth. She was about to retort, but Natsu began to talk again.

“I’ve been working for 12 years to better myself, to become the man you want and deserve. I’ve gotten majority of the traits, but not quite all of them.” He hung his head down in shame.

“I’m sorry Lucy…”

There was an awkward silence between the two. After a few moments, a smile appeared of Lucy’s lips.

“Idiot.” She flung her hands around the teens shoulders, earning a surprised cry from him.


“You’re such an idiot Natsu.” She pulled away from the embrace, cupping his tanned cheeks with her small hands. “Can’t you see you are my dream guy?”

“I-I am?” He stuttered out in disbelief. “B-But-”

“Natsu, I said all those things when I was in the first grade. My views are obviously going to change 12 years later.” Tears of gratitude ran down her cheeks. “My new definition of my dream guy is tall, tanned, handsome, athletic, has pink hair, is willing to do anything for me… most importantly be my best friend.” She began to rub her thumbs comfortingly on her cheeks.

“You’re my dream guy Natsu. Seriously, what other guy would dedicate 12 years of his life to try to make sure he had the traits of the man I wanted to be with when I was 6.” She put emphasis on the last part of her sentence.

Feeling a little daring, Natsu gripped her hips with his hands, pulling her on his lap. His onyx eyes gazing into her chocolate brown ones.

“So,” He said rather awkwardly. “Since you already know you’re my dream girl because of Igneel’s big mouth, can I kiss you? Or do I have to wait another 12 years for that too?”

Not even a moment later Lucy smashed her lips onto his, earning a surprise gasp from him. Soon after he regained his composure, he returned the kiss. Even if he didn’t want to end their lip lock, there were more important things to discuss. He pulled back, chuckling seeing her pouting expression.

“Looks like you found a prom date after all.” He smoothly stated, rubbing circled in the small of her back. She offered him a teasing grin.

“Oh yeah? And who would that be?”

“Oh you know, just your dream guy that loves you more than life itself.” Even though Lucy knew that Natsu had loved her, it still warmed her heart to hear him say that. She leaned forward, giving him a chaste kiss.

“Well, it sure does sound like I have a prom date.” She gave him another kiss. “I love you too.” She murmured on his lips, before the lip and tongue wrestling began once again.


You were making cookies in the kitchen, earbuds in and music blaring loud, when you felt his arms wrap around your waist. You smile and turn to look at him, pulling the earbuds out as well. “Hi love.” He says with a smile. His green eyes are smiling at you as he presses a gentle kiss against your lips.

 "Hey H. How was rehearsal?“ You ask spooning cookie dough onto the cookie sheets. He takes one of the dough balls off the cookie sheet, tosses it into the air and catches it in his mouth with a triumphant smile. 

"It was good. I missed you though.” He said pulling you into his arms once again. You smiled and hugged him back before moving to go back to the cookies, but he wouldn’t let you go. You stood encircled in his arms for a minute longer before struggling out of them laughing.

 "Harry, I have to finish these cookies or I won’t be able to make your show tonight. Now if you are going to be so touchy at least help me finish.“ You tell him while handing him a spoon and cookie sheet. Harry of course made sure to touch you at every possible moment. His arm would brush against yours, he would bump into you, anything to touch you. With a smile you turned to him. "Babe you are driving me to distraction with all these touches. Please. Hands off until we done. Deal?” You ask. 

 "Deal.“ He promises, spooning the remaining dough onto the sheet. With all of the cookie dough ready to bake, Harry quickly helped you put things away and then dragged you to the couch where he pulled you onto his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him, your fingers tangling in his long curly hair. He held tightly onto you, his hands pressed firmly into your lower back. Soon, the kiss deepened and Harry was pushing your back into the couch cushion, him laying over you. His hands were intertwined with yours at the sides of your face and your legs were wrapped around his waist. Harry smiled at you before kissing your neck and around your ear. He was about to tug your shirt off when the doorbell rang. Sighing he sat up and glared. You laughed and pulled yourself out from under him, walking over to the door to answer it. Louis walked in as soon as the door was open and jumped on the couch with a smile. 

“Hey lads, what are you guys up too?” Harry smacked Louis in the side of the head glaring and you laughed.

“Hey Louis.” you said walking back to the kitchen to check on the cookies, which were almost ready. 

“It smells good in here (y/n). Been baking again?” Louis asked.

“Yeah, I made cookies for after the concert tonight.” you answered sitting next to Harry, who immediately pulled you onto his lap. “So, what brings you here Lou?”

“Oh you know, just in the neighborhood and thought I’d stop by. See how things are going with the two of you.” he said looking at Harry confused. The timer went off on the oven and you jumped up to pull the hot trays of cookies out. Harry had followed you into the kitchen and was pulling a hot cookie off the tray and into his mouth. You lightly hit Harry’s arm and ushered him back into the other room with Louis.

“Harry, the cookies are for the show. No eating them now.” you scolded.

“Babe, they taste so amazing though.” You laughed as he kissed your lips. “You taste better though.” He told you with a smirk. Louis watched with a confused look on his face. 

“Harry, can I talk to you for a minute?” Louis asked. You walked back to the kitchen, placing the cookies on cooling racks while Harry and Louis talked. “Why haven’t you done it yet lad?” you heard Louis voice ask.

“I’m not doing it. I don’t care what management says. I’m not hurting her.” Harry answered as you walked back into the other room.

“Hurting me?” you asked confused. Louis looked up with a guilty expression and Harry looked upset.

“It’s nothing love. Everything is fine.” he answered standing up and kissing your forehead.

“Are you sure?” you asked.

“Promise.” Harry told you. “Louis and I have to go get ready for the concert. You’re still coming right?”

You smiled and gave him a hug. “Of course, I wouldn’t miss your show for anything. I’ll be there as soon as I take a shower and get ready. Do I need a pass or anything?”

“Just tell the guards your name and they will let you in love.” Harry said grabbing Louis and pulling him towards the door. “Love you and see you soon.” and with that you were left alone in the house. Harry had been gone on tour for a while, but since he had a few shows in the town where you lived he was staying with you. The two of you had been dating for over a year and a half, and nothing had ever come between you. You both overcame the distance problem and understood the others needs. You were perfect team, so seeing Harry leave next week would hurt. You quickly took a shower and changed into better clothes before packing up the cookies and heading for the arena. At the gate, you told the lady your name and she shook her head.

“You’re not on list. Sorry kid.” 

“No, I’m on the list. My name is (y/n) I’m Harry Styles girlfriend.”

“I don’t care who you are. You aren’t on the list.”

“Well I should be. Harry probably just forgot to tell you.”

“Look kid-” the guard began.

“(y/n)!” Niall yelled from behind the guard. “She’s ok to come back.” he told the guard who you smirked at as Niall dragged you backstage. “Are those cookies for us?” he asked eyeing the bags of cookies. 

You laughed and handed them to him, “Yes Niall they are for you guys. I made them today for the show.”

“Thanks!” he said, shoveling a cookie in his mouth. “These are amazing!”

You laughed and followed him into the dressing room where the other boys were waiting. “Hey love.” Harry said with a smile. He walked over and kissed you softly then pulled you into his chair with him. Nuzzling your neck, he asks, “Did you bring any of those cookies?”

“I gave them to Niall.” you say turning to Niall who has eaten half of the bag. 

“Niall, so nice of you to share mate.” Louis says grabbing the bag from him and eating a cookie before passing the bag to Liam. “These are delicious (y/n)!” 

“Thanks Lou they are-” you begin, but are interrupted by management.

“Alright boys so here’s what we are thinking.” They stop when they look at me. “What is she doing here?” You swallow hard as Harry’s arms tighten around your waist and he glares at Simon. “I told you that she had to go.” Simon says looking at Harry.

You turn and look at Harry confused, “What?”

“Nothing. You’re fine.” Harry says back trying to comfort you.

Simon looks up and glares. “Harry we have a contract. She has to go. I’m sorry.”

You turn back to Harry, you now know what Louis had meant. You stood up and walked out of the dressing room, tears running down your cheeks. Louis, Liam, and Niall sat with their mouths open. They were just as shocked and hurt as you. Harry tried to follow you, but you took off running. “(y/n)! Let me explain!” he yelled after you. It was too late, you were gone. Harry stalked back to Simon. “YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID? I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY!” he yelled.

“Harry, it had to happen.”

“I’m done.” Harry said, his green eyes flooding with tears. “I’m not doing the show tonight.” He then walked out of the dressing room, hoping to find you and try to save your relationship.