uuuuh mo la suono

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Daffodil for Smokey or Mul or both ye

✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

Daffodil: What’s the most thoughtful present you’ve ever received?

Mul gave me earrings. I feel kinda bad since I can’t exactly wear it unless I don’t mind getting shit all over it, but yeah. They have these tiny dragons that’s supposed to look like they’re going through the ear? They’re cute as fuck, eheh.

Goodness me, I’ve gotten so many gifts from many people, I can’t really choose one, I’m sorry…

… *quiet singing* say you’ll remember me… standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset baaaaaaabe, RED LIPS AND ROSY CHEEKS, say you’ll see me again even if its just in your… wIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILdest DREAMS wOOO UUUUH OOOOOOOOOH


!!!!!!! ok i was too busy and then too tired yesterday/today to post about the concert but AAAAA IT WAS REALLY GOOD!! the venue/crowd wasnt very big so u didn’t have to fight to keep your spot like in the west coast tours which was REALLY NICE! me and quasarcadet met up w kismesister earlier that day and at the concert met derodesko and rittz-the-aquacadet !!!! mcbc did a lot of crowd interaction he kept holding hands and hugging and sometimes just. dropping full body onto people. he took one girl’s hand and rubbed his hip w it at one point. i think he took same girl’s hand and pretendend to lick it she was really delighted about both of these events. uuuuh i can’t remember a whole lot rn i just woke up from a big nap but! i got mcbc’s setlist and the pick bones played w after the show!!! i had to clamber onstage afterwards but WORTH IT. also i got a drumstick for mu postshow too A VERY VERY GOOD DAY!! ill be on later me and teddy are gonna go get dinner!!! lov u guys! !

i love my mom despite some of the things she says that are problematic. i try to tell her what she did wrong and why they were problematic and most of the time she understands

but i also have to understand that she was born in a different time and in a different country and she has a hard time understanding some things.

shes super sweet and nice and not that ‘fake sweet mom that only acts sweet infront of other people’ i mean she really REALLY is sweet and nice she would give anyone her life savings if she saw that they were down in the dumps even though she is so poor herself shes on the verge of homelessness a LOT.

i love my mom. she tries SO hard to get my gender right she tries so hard to say my real name she tries she really does, although she doesnt get it right 90% of the time she was so excited when she sent me a package in the mail that she had to call me to tell me she was so happy that she wrote my correct name on the box. it made me tear up ;;;;

oh and that other time she had called me all excited telling me that when a person asked her how many children she had she said ‘three boys!’ she was so happy to tell me that. that i felt SO bad when i had to correct her again telling her, ‘’no, ma, you have -two- boys and -one- girl’’ and she gasped and felt so bad bc she had forgotten that my little sister came out a few months before telling me that she was infact a girl. (im sorry ma its gonna be hard for you to get used to TWO trans kids but i believe in you i believe you can do it)


sorry for the random love for my mom ;;;; i just had a dream about her and im crying so much rn i love my mom ;;;

and im so proud of her for finally taking the first steps in divorcing my dad im so happy to go back home and for him not to be there

Jace playing FNAF 2
  • Jace:Pfft this game is lame
  • Jace:Uuuuh a bear and a bunny how scary
  • Jace:wait is that
  • Jace:iS THAT A DUCK?!
  • Clary:Jace that's a chicken, not a duck.
  • Clary:Jace! It's not a duck! It's a chicken! It may look like one-
  • Chica:*jumps at the screen*
  • Jace:AAAAAAH! *breaks phone with seraph blade*
  • Clary:Why me...

It had been some time since Lyra had visited Skittles, and over the last few days she had wondered what her friend was up to. Making her way over to Skittle’s house, Lyra knocked on the door a few times, before opening it up a few feet and poking her head inside.
“Uuuuh, helooooooo? Anyone there?”


“Nopony here but us dorks!” Skittles rolls into the view of the door, and grins. “Lyra! Heeeey!”

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Do you have some where one of them is a model? Or where Zayn works for Marvel? (I've already read Bioluminescent Vampire Squid tho) I hope you have a greaaaat day 💕💕 Thank you so much :)

Model Zayn

higher than the moon

Leaving Fingerprints Under Your Skin

and uuuuh one where Zayn works for Marvel well, I just wrote one?

BUT please it’s nothing like BVS, like, it’s not as good.

Only you can set my heart on fire