INFORMATION PUT HERE. I am kind of late with informing you lot of this but uuuuh. Coming three days I have a convention on my hands. I will be going there as Nick Wilde, Mikaela and a Yukata girl. And perhaps also Rin from Free. IDK yet. Depends how bloody hot it is jfc.

But my replies, my activity will be scarce from tomorrow on. Please don’t miss me too much and I promise I’ll try not to miss you lot too much either. Weeps into hands.


Just so ya’ll know.

Inspired by Eine Kleine
I like this song ಠ᎑ಠ

i was tagged by the beautiful @vaylinns (THANKS <3) for the 10 question tag. now let me see if i got this right…

1. What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you?
uuuuh i really have no idea!!!! weird things are happening all the time i guess. the one thing that comes to mind is when this woman i didn’t know at all came to me showing me pictures of her sons bc she wanted me to date one of them… like i’m gay lady thanks! your sons are ugly.

2. When did you first start using the internet and what website did you use? 
it was probably when i was 6-8 idk. i was very little! and the website had to be something with games but i can’t remember askjdhasd.

3. What would be your favorite place to live and why?
i’m planning on moving to canada when the time comes!! probably bc i heard it’s nice and gay.

4. If you could change something abt your favorite show/game/movie what would it be?
uuugh there’s so much i could say. but the most important thing! ARIA ROMANCE IN MASS EFFECT!!!! thanks.

5. What’s your least favorite meme? 
idk i love memes…

6. If you had to spend a whole day w/ someone you hate for $50,000 would you do it? 
uh YEAH who cares about the company i need money pls

7. Have you ever met any friends you’ve made online in person? 
noo, i was planning to but i fucked up… so NOPE ;-; 

8. What’s your favorite and least favorite animals, and why? 
favorite animals: cats bc CATS, i love them they’re fluffy and cute.
least favorite animal: anything scary… idk

9. Do you prefer dry hot weather or humid hot weather? 
NEITHER. cold pls

10. What’s your favorite kind of doughnut?
aaah i’ve never had one :c but anything with chocolate!!!!



1. What was your favorite video game growing up?
2. Something that calms you down?
3. What words describe you the most?
4. What is one random but interesting fact about yourself?
5. Do you prefer day or night?
6. What’s your favorite album?
7. What’s on your mind?
8. Things that make you happy?
9. What are you excited for?
10. What’s your favorite game/show/book?

i’m gonna tag: @lesbianaloy @reaperscience @merrabela @liarasbitch @tobajuice @aariatloak @shadowbroker @naive-but-adaarable @space-cowboi @coryphenuts @halfdalish @spectre-tabris 

no pressure guys!!!

GG: SO! yet another interesting full moon! :0

GG: kanaya came over to help with my garden during the full moon, since y’know its kinda hard to harvest plants that only bloom during the full moon when you have paws :/

GG: i still dont understand why or how vampires grow horns or glow? how does that help them at all evolutionary speaking? but hey seems to work nicely for night gardening!!!

GG:anyway… i accidentally got dirt on her shirt and she ran intoo the bathroom to clean it up

GG: and uh  that’s how she met my mermaid gf rose who was staying in my bathtub

GG: i have no idea what thy talked about but uuuuh i think i now have two gfs???!!!!

okay i decided to participate in @rosemarymonth!!! and i ended up doing jaderosekan ehehehehe anyway i made it just in time for au week! so here’s part 2 of werewolf jade accidentally gaining girlfriends during the full moon!!!

part one is over here: |x|

shellfish-queen  asked:


H - What is your favorite source text for fandom stuff (e.g., tv shows, movies, books, anime, Western animation, etc.) 

id say tv and games are my main source probably

A -Your current OTP(s)/OT3(s)/OTX(s) 

mchanzo, genyatta, pharmercy, sheith, uuuuh like i said before, not much of a Shipping Kid

Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go (prompts optional but encouraged) 

ok listen i love hanzo with my heart but if i have to see another kid pick hanzo instead of a healer im gonna Fucking Lose It, same goes with mccree and genji like kids PLEASE just pick ana or zenyatta if you want to get gold for kills or something + do a favor to your team

O - Choose a song at random, which ship or character does it remind you of 

nevermind - leonard cohen reminds me a lot of soldier 76

anonymous asked:

The TemmieNator is so cute! Can I hug it? *_*

Uuuuh, okay…? You may hug it, but be careful. Its fur is sticky and its chest face tries to sell Tem Flakes for 1,000 G.

anonymous asked:

I expect a good event tomorrow to go with 0AP. I'm hoping similar to the one with DDD medals a while back. Any idea what might be due?

You’re hopeful and I’m proud of you. Uuuuh… the only event not Holiday-themed or new-story-themed (we already have those bosses), that hasn’t been used up (looking @ you, Darkside, Shadow, Illust FF7) would be… Flowbermeow, I guess? But it’s pretty early to get that nice of medal. …MOST non-raid events in JP are holiday themed. It’s pretty rare to have raid boss weeks back to back, ummm… I don’t think we have both of the Chip & Dale outfits yet? I think we only have Chip. SooOOo maybe that? It’s due to introduce the crappy & expensive Chip & Dale & Cid quests.

BASICALLY I HAVE NO IDEA. Please give us nice event medals @ Square.