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Alright, so I didn’t notice this earlier because of the bad quality of the leaked trailer, but this shot, right here. Are we just going to dismiss the fact that Barf + Belch are carrying the thing that Astrid and Throk were trapped in in the episode where they had to help the baby eruptodon hatch? They were floating in the lava with it until the rest of the gang pulled them out, which means that even though it will eventually sink, it is effective for short notice and it can float for a short time.

That being said, assuming the continuity is a constant and the writers don’t change the rules halfway through the game, the riders could theoretically use that (shall we call it a volcano bucket?) to get close to the lava and save something, perhaps?

Like, oh, I don’t know, maybe, the dragon eye?

Just food for thought.

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ok i'm sure you've answered this a bunch of times before; but I was wondering how you get such good in-game pictures. I might just have bad settings on the camera, but i'm not sure, so I wanted to ask.. Sorry for bothering!

It’s no bother at all, I actually like talking about game stuff like this and if it’s of help to someone all the better :D (also thank you, I’m glad you like my pictures.) This will be bit long post so I’ll put the rest under read more.

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Sinister 10

A/N: Part 10, really? Jeez I feel super excited. Sorry y’all have had to wait ages for this I know I’m terrible and I keep getting sidetracked with other things I want to write. Anywho~

Genre: Supernatural!au

Pairing: Taeyong x Reader (at least for a little longer ;))


Taeyong seemed restless after that, suddenly feeling nervous that so many of  your friends believed he would hurt you. He couldn’t stay still, even as you tried to comfort him. He felt genuinely hurt by the idea. He ended up getting out of bed, despite your protesting of wanting to cuddle longer. You got up behind him, following him as he moved around the dorm.

“Taeyong-” You were about to try talking to him when a sharp knock on the door grabbed both of your attention. You looked at each other before he slowly moved toward the door, tucking you protectively behind him.

He glanced back at you when there was another knock on the door. “Stay behind me.” He whispered softly before putting his hand on the door, pulling it open just a crack.

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I live in hope that by the time Black Panther comes out, fan artists finally realize that drawing a random black face that looks nothing like the black character they’re supposed to be drawing isn’t acceptable.

You can find references everywhere because we live in a Google-driven world and yet… 90% of fan artists after The Force Awakens made sure to get Rey right but Finn… Finn is still drawn with what I can only call “Generic Black Guy” features.

(But it’s “their style” so it’s apparently rude to complain about how everyone takes pains to make sure the white characters look like their white actors but then play fast and loose with Black characters’ appearances.)

Maybe in 2018 fandom will figure out that all black people don’t look the same and apply that to their fan art?


You know i love smth if i make a khr crossover. Anyway Bakugou’s still stuck at episode 2 because he still hates Deku (tsuna)

8059 LIVES!!!

fun fact: I fucking lost the 1st picture (somehow it got corrupt) and I didnt save the sai file I was so angry, good thing I sent these to my friend so I have a copy

Moral of the story: send your finished art to ur friends so u have a back up.



Oh Kageyama…

(This was supposed to come out around prom season but school and life happened. Soooo 7 months after I started it, its here now… :) )