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When the hyungs are just a bunch of meanies, Joonyoung becomes a bored cutie ^_^

title: Mine Now

author: aclosetlarryshipper

word count: 32k

After Harry is expelled from private school, he joins a secret competition to get back at the boy who made it happen.


This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

okay i didn’t think Mass Effect: Andromeda’s graphics were that bad but… holy shit.

This is a female turian from ME3 (aka Nyreen Kandros):

And THIS is a female turian from ME:A (aka Sidera Nyx):

… jesus christ, what the fuck happened???? Holy shit Sidera’s face doesn’t even look DONE compared to Nyreen’s. What the fuck.

And you know what’s even more hilarious?  It doesn’t even look better than the models from MASS EFFECT 1.

Like, I knew the graphics were bad, but THIS BAD? Holy shit.

headcanon where abby gets injured gathering medical supplies and kane has to carry her back to camp [inspired by]

i reeeeaaaally want to write a spiderman yoonmin au but i cant decide if i want jimin or yoongi to be spiderman ??? help ???

For the best person in the world @rniq

My friends and I were wandering down an aisle in the trade-show area of SW Celebration on Saturday and I see this guy in an Indiana Jones costume rolling toward us on a segway. I assume he’s a security guard since that’s pretty common, and as he gets nearer I notice more and more that this guy has a seriously nice, hella-accurate Indiana Jones costume. I chuckle, because it’s Star Wars Celebration and this guy is awesome to be rolling around in Jones for the day. He gets closer and when he’s about four feet from me, I get a better look at his face. In my head I’m going, ‘Whoa, that guy looks EXACTLY like a much older Indiana Jones.’ Then I’m thinking, ‘Wait, Indiana Jones WOULD be much older now, this guy is really spot-on. … WAIT, OMG! NO WAY! THAT’S TOTALLY HARRISON FORD!’ The moment I recognize it’s him is the moment he spots me too. I’m dressed in full Kylo Ren gear, wig and all, with my helmet held in one hand and my saber lit in the other, and he just fixes me with this pointed look, staring me down as he’s rolling by and gives me the most disappointed dad head shake I have ever seen, then just keeps right on rolling. He didn’t even stop. The whole time I’m standing there with my eyes wide and my mouth open, and as soon as I gather my wits I’m like, “Guys! Guys!! GUYS!!!” to my friends because that was HIM! And he was SO disappointed in me and it was amazing and I don’t think I could have had a better or more hilarious interaction with him than that. My year has been made and Harrison Ford is a national treasure.

this! is! a callout post!


  • has too cool of a name?? i mean, spiral??? is a name that awesome even legal???
  • can and will drag you into a fandom with zero regrets. eventually, that fandom will become your entire life. you won’t have any regrets either
  • knows All The Podcasts. All The Podcasts know them. you can never hope to achieve the level of fame spiral has.
  • their hair is cooler than any single person could ever aspire to be
  • their southern accent is somehow even better and definitely more hilarious then an actual southern accent. this should not be possible.
  • creates Hellish AUs that make you want to cry and will never leave your head. they also come up with the Best headcanons. they’re way too fucking good at this.
  • can cause actual physical injury because they’re so funny you’ll end up falling onto the floor in laughter
  • is too nice of a person?? how are any of us supposed to live up to the standard they set?? :/ it’s unrealistic
  • deserves all the hugs in the world, which leaves the rest of us with 0 hugs. rude.
  • has a summer birthday so they can actually go outside and appreciate the weather if they want to. wow.
  • their birthday is also national s’mores day, how unfair is that
  • is a really awesome friend and i hope they have the best day ever!!
The definition of self-care (for me! ymmv!)

It was a STUPID BUSY day.  It rained non-stop.  I’m still getting used to some personal changes in my life, so this evening, did I:

1.  Re-heat some amazing pasta?

2.  Watch Magic Mike XXL?

Yes.  Yes, I did.

Was it:

1.  Waaaay better than I thought it would be?

2.  Waaaay more positive and hilarious than I thought it would be?

Yes.  Yes, it was.

Do I:

1.  Want to be Jada Pinkett-Smith when I grow up?



You were wonderful Rika!!  Love you ^-^

Happy Halloween | Teen Wolf Preference

not requested. but it’s halloween. i had to. 

S C O T T  - 

Scott knew that Halloween, though once your favorite day of the year, was no longer fun or exciting for you. It had stopped being fun when you realized that your day-to-day life was now an actual Halloween horror story, and you didn’t see the point in celebrating something that happened regularly now. Scott, however, wasn’t having it, determined to not let you stay by yourself on a Saturday night that you used to look forward to every year. He showed up at your house, a large bag of candy clutched in his left hand. He held it up, a shy smile on his face when you opened the door. 

“I know you don’t really celebrate anymore, and I get that, but you shouldn’t be alone on Halloween. So, I brought some candy, and I brought The Nightmare Before Christmas, which I know you used to love…so what do you say?” You chuckled, nodding happily and dragging him inside. It became your little tradition to just do that every Halloween, and soon enough, you were back to celebrating like you had all those years ago. 

S T I L E S - 

Stiles showed up at your house on the night of Halloween perfectly dressed up in his classic Batman costume, something that he had been sporting every year since he was fourteen. Surprisingly, it still fit. You had chosen not to dress up this year, and Stiles was clearly disappointed in you. 

“Seriously? Nothing? You’re such a loser,” your boyfriend whined, stomping his foot impatiently. “We are not too old to trick or treat! Go get a costume on, I’m getting my free candy.” 

“Stiles, we’re almost eighteen, and you’ve worn that outfit for almost four years now, isn’t it time to put the costumes away and hand out candy to the kids?” You held up a bowl of candy, but Stiles grabbed a large handful before you could move it again. 

“Nope. Good thing I brought you a costume!” He cheerfully held up a plastic bag, and you knew before you even opened it what it was going to be. Of course, it was Cat-Woman. You groaned, but begrudgingly went inside your house to change, leaving Stiles to do his victory dance outside your house. When you were all dressed up, you had to admit that you were feeling the Halloween spirit again. He clapped cheerfully, dragging you down the steps of your house and through the neighborhood in search of candy. 

“Aren’t you kids a little old to be trick or treating?” One old woman asked, her eyebrows raised skeptically at the two teens dressed as superheroes. You and Stiles look at each other, shaking your heads and laughing loudly. 

“Nope! You both declared cheerfully, holding out your candy bags with bright grins on your faces. The woman shook her head, sighing as she filled your bags. You had definitely missed all the free candy. And your perfectly dorky boyfriend. 

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queendohertyplayfair  asked:

So I was watching that video of Thomas asleep on the mats and China recording. I think the one who says we're all posting photos to Dove might be Mitchell? It sounds like him a bit, but then again I don't know what any of the dancers sound like, but I think it might be Mitchell, which for some reason makes that whole video even better for me. So yeah 😂💙💜💙💜

Yes! I’ve read that a lot of people think that it’s Mitchell too (honestly I’m not very good at recognizing voices lmao) but I think that’s him. Really it makes that video even more better for me too, hilarious if I dare! I don’t know what’s funnier: Thomas being the slepping beauty or the other 3 watching him like creeps and arguing about taking photos/videos of him 😝😂💓💓💓

True love isn’t roses, or diamonds, or grand romantic gestures, or physical intimacy. True love is comfort. Safety. Trust. Honesty. Knowledge. Acceptance. A candlelit dinner for two is lovely, but it’s nicer to prepare their favorite, simple, comfort-food meal and have it waiting for them when they come home after a long day.

True love is knowing his favorite book, her favorite film, the country he’s always wanted to visit, and the song that always moves her to tears. It’s remembering that he hates cilantro and leaving it out of the home-made guacamole, and making sure she’s OK during thunderstorms because you know that they frighten her.

It’s sitting through a concert for a band only he loves and enjoying yourself anyway, not because of the music itself, but because of how happy he is to share it with you.

It’s remembering that she adores sunflowers and buying the teacup with sunflowers on it for her…just because.

It’s picking up that antique volume of Keats at the used bookstore for him because he mentioned how much it meant to him in college, and taking her hand and pulling her out to the car on a July evening to drive to a field of fireflies because she talked about how much she loved catching them when she was little.

It’s the little gestures - flowers for no reason, breakfast in bed just because it’s Tuesday, flea markets, movie nights, silly dancing in the kitchen, inside jokes, water fights with the garden hose, shoveling snow so she doesn’t have to, reminding him to bring his sunglasses, covering her ears for her when you watch fireworks, leaving cute notes in his sock drawer, buying her shampoo when you notice it’s running low, and sewing the button back on his jeans.

But mostly, it’s the quiet realization that, while you can still happily enjoy things on your own, you’d rather not. Everything is “less” when you’re alone. Not worse, just…less. Because you know that every adventure, every sunset, every trip, every meal, every crisis, every movie, every fun day out, every book, every song, every dance, every hardship, every single moment will be better when shared. That everything will be more fun, more enjoyable, more memorable, more meaningful, more bearable, more hilarious, more moving, and just plain better…with them.

~ With Them; May 17th, 2015

Soul Mates

Summary: Dan and Phil keep running into each other at different concerts and one day when they meet again but this time they actually get talking and they bond over their love for the band their seeing and then they get to meet the band members and they’re both fangirling and its the best day ever and then they arrange to go to another concert together sometime and get each others phone numbers and lots of awkward cuteness.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 3,074

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