everyone lives!au where bilbo slaps thorin back to life like “bitch u better be sleepin i aint got time for you to die like this” bilbo is voted first hobbit king of erebor(thorin started the votings shh) everyone is happy and alive and erebor never had a better king. thorin is consort. they adopt lil frodo and are very happy.

Yesterday was the halfway mark in my month of recuperating in San Francisco, so to celebrate, I raided Kayo Books’ vintage 1950s-70s gay porn section for treats! Woo! Got a lot to go through in the next two weeks.

I’d be lying if I claimed my criteria weren’t “Could I see Fiddleford as a character in this?”

(Also Corgi socks. Because CORGI SOCKS.)

i only just realised that by purchasing the foxtel drama package a couple of months ago we now get all the movie channels and im so angry i didnt know this like i just recorded wolf of wall street, the second hunger games movie and calvary in five minutes and i can watch them all like wtf wtf this is amazing all these free movies wtf

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S*mali Challenge Questions i woz tagged by bangtangorls n xaji

Name: Url and reason behind Url: Where were you born? How old are you? Say these words in s*mali: Washroom, Living Room, Grandma, Banana, S*mali Pancake (canjeero, canjeelo, laxoox), Chair, Baby, Drink, Clothing, and Blanket Have you ever been to s*malia? Favourite s*mali food? 5 Random s*mali sentences. Do you think you speak s*mali well? IF YOU WANT TO: Tell a story about your childhood in s*mali.

THIS WAS SO BAD DAMN nyways i tag all my s*mali follwoers just say i tagegd u

faithsammy asked:

*skulks into your ask* I'm just upset that no one has even thanked Sam for saving the world- he gets no credit for anything. *skulks out*

*hugs you before you can skulk out* Oh my goodness, I have so many feelings on this topic! To be entirely honest, I think that even if Sam did get thanked for saving the world, he’d deflect the compliment. He doesn’t think very highly of himself, so he doesn’t seem able to take compliments and/or praise for his (multitudinous) good deeds to heart.

I know that the brothers didn’t grow up in an environment that encouraged them to express their emotions verbally, but I think Sam needs to hear the words. I think he needs someone who’ll take the time to tell him over and over again until he’s able to believe them.

It’s absolutely terrible, and sickening, and sad, because Sam takes on the blame for so many things, but he keeps on smiling and trusting people and loving people, and he doesn’t talk about his own pain, so I think a lot of people don’t even notice how much pressure he’s under.

I think Jody needs to become a more central character, and she can tell it to Sam like it is: She can let him know that he’s amazing and he’s loved and just… yes.

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