rain drop, crop top

request:  uR RECENT REBLOG OMG MY REQUEST IS !!!! tom wearing a crop top around the house and you fucking loving it

a/n: it’s not a recent reblog anymore, but i know exactly what you’re talking about 

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You wake up one morning, shocked that you weren’t in your own bedroom, but you realize that you are at your boyfriend’s house. This is your first time staying over, and you were nervous about it but after you two hit the bed you both were gone. You decide to slip out from under his embrace, after kissing his forehead, and go to make breakfast.

It was only about twenty five minutes later when your hear footsteps from upstairs, meaning Tom woke up. You were just putting the food on separate plates when he comes downstairs in a plain white crop-top, and low hanging sweatpants. He yawns, then stops in his spot. “I .. You stayed over?”

“Yes, you don’t remember?” You chuckle. “I like your shirt.”

“Don’t make jokes about it, I actually like wearing these.” He says, you frowning.

“I wasn’t making jokes, I actually do like your shirt.” You walk over. “Who’s giving you a hard time about it?”

“The whole world.” Tom sits down, you wrapping your arms around him. “Which is why I only wear them inside.”

“You can wear them all you want, you don’t have to be embarrassed.” You kiss his temple. “I mean you’re no Johnny Depp, bu-”

He gives you a look, and you laugh. “I’m kidding.” You grin, hugging him tighter. “But seriously, young Johnny Depp, oh my-”

“I’m hungry.” Tom cuts you off, reaching for the plate of food. You just laugh, sitting down across from him, both of you enjoying breakfast.

i literally just wrote anything as u can see sksksks sorry if this sucks