GoT: Stormborn Spoilers

The Cons:
• Cersei got a big spear gun wtf
• Euron is fukcing CRAZY.
• Theon :(
• The Sands Snakes that everyone hated for 2 seasons??? That everyone suddenly loved for 2.5 seconds???
• That Cockblock at the end goddamn
• Greyscale… Skin… Peeling…. Yellow puss…

The Pros:
• Euron clearly isn’t gonna be the wasted villain we thought he’d be in season 6 so… Good?
• Queen In The North™
• BaLeRiOn
• “Prince” doesn’t gotta be a guy :)
• Arya is going fukcing home I’m not crying ur crying
• Olenna was there so yeeeesss
• Tyrion and Sansa were married, in case your forgot

And a bunch of other shit I didnt think to put but you know

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Can you do a prompt where Lance just breaks because the others always say 'why can't you be more like _____ and _____'

Oh yeeeesss, give me that langst goodness. Hope you like it! 🖤
Lance has been compared to other people his entire life. When he was growing up, he was compared to his siblings.
“Why couldn’t you do this like your sister?”
“Why can’t you act more like your brother?”
And it got to Lance. Every time he was compared to someone else, he would feel as though he weren’t enough, that being himself wasn’t good enough. And all Lance wanted to do was make others happy, not caring about his own happiness. So, whenever he was compared to somebody else, he would swallow the hurt and try to become more like that person. He began to lose himself. But then he finally got a break. He got accepted into the Garrison, moved to fighter class even. He thought surely no one would compare him to anyone else then. He could finally be himself and that would be enough. But he was wrong. Lance knew who Keith was, like everyone did. Lance essentially took Keith place when he got kicked out and Iverson never failed to remind Lance of that every chance he got.
“McClain? What was that?! That was some of the worse flying I’ve ever seen! Kogane could’ve completed that simulation in his sleep! Surely you must have at least some flight skills like him!”
Lance bit the inside of his cheek, curtly nodding. He would never let anyone see him cry. He saved that for the nights where Hunk was in a deep sleep, and the pain and hurt was just too much. There were many night where he would sleep on a tear-stained pillow, only to wake up with bloodshot eyes that had dark purple bags under them. He would cover them up with countless face masks. But Lance still continued to endure it, never snapping or breaking down. That was until he ended up in space as a defender of the universe.
Getting practically abducted into space was honestly a blessing in disguise at first. Nobody compared him to the other Paladins. Lance finally felt like he could truly be himself, and that he was enough. He wouldn’t have to pretend to be somebody else; the team was happy to have Lance. Normal regular Lance. And Lance was happy. His smiles seemed less forced and his eyes shined brighter. He finally felt like he belonged and that he was going a great job. Until he accidentally messed up during a flying training session with the team.
It was a simple mistake, really. He flew left when he should’ve gone right. Lance chuckled and said a hasty “Sorry guys! I guess my brain’s not all here today.” He went to fly to the correct position, but Allura cut them off, coming over their coms. “Paladins! Return to the hangar immediately!” The annoyance was easily heard in her voice. Lance took a deep breath, knowing that he was the cause. As he flew back to the castle, he was mentally preparing for a simple scold from Allura to pay more attention and that would be it. But Lance is never that lucky, is he? No, when they all landed and walked out of their lions, Allura was already marching toward Lance, not even giving him the chance to take off his helmet.
“Lance, what happened out there? We’ve been over this plan hundreds of times, and you still messed it up!”
Allura huffed, crossing her arms and gritting her teeth.
“Lance you should really start paying attention. Try to be more like the others, okay? Keith had this plan memorized in almost one go, and you’re still having trouble! The others Paladins haven’t had any trouble either!”
Lance could feel the familiar heat behind his eyes, breath becoming quicker. He had to get out of here.
“I-I’m sorry. I just need to get out of here.” Allura’s face turned red in outrage.
“What?! Lance this is serious! I’m taking to you about your behavior! You need to be more focused and serious-”
“Like Keith?!”
Lance snapped.
“Like any other person of the damn castle but me! I get it! They’re all better than me, but I trying! I’m trying so damn hard. But I get it.” Lance ripped off his helmet, throwing it to the floor. The team gasped as they saw the heavy flow of tears streaming down his face, dripping onto the ground with little splatters.
“I need to be more like them! I’m not good enough and I never will be! I promise from here forward, I try and act more like my teammates. I’m sorry I couldn’t be enough.”
Lance turned his gaze to the floor, chocking on his sobs. He laughed bitterly.
“You know, for once in my life, I thought that I was good enough. I’ve been compared to people as long as I could remember. In Cuba, I was always compared to my older siblings, told to be more like them. At the Garrison, they would always get compared to Keith, always reminded that I would never live up to his expectations, that I would never be half the pilot that he was. But when I got here, it stopped. I could be myself. I-I thought that was enough. That I was enough. But nothing has changed.” He looked up to Allura, whose eyes were wide and hands covering her mouth.
“I’m sorry to disappoint you Princess. I’m sorry team. To everyone. I’ll be better, I promise.”
With that, Lance exited the hangar, sobs echoing throughout the room and hallway. The team had shocked and horrified faces. Allura’s wide eyes were filled with unshed tears, ashamed of her words.
“What have I done?”

RFA - Cuddly Sleeper MC

o no.  my weakness.  the chocolatezzz…!!

And the fluff, too!


  • He would be a big fan of that.
  • “Yeeeesss….touch meee….!!!”
  • Affection is what he thrives on, and cuddling at night would make him sleep so comfortably.
  • He would be so happy!


  • Another boy that loves attention, he would feel so cherished if MC cuddled him in her sleep.
  • He might get a little irritated if he were hot, but then he’d look down and just be grateful that she loves him so much
  • “Yes plz…hold me…”


  • might be a bit surprised by it, at first
  • she’s used to sleeping alone, and then on top of that, MC’s got her body wrapped around hers?  It’ll take some getting used to.
  • But, she gets chilly at night, so she’d really appreciate the affection
  • Once she gets used to MC always cuddling her at night, she would miss it terribly if they had to sleep separately, for whatever reason


  • one of my personal headcanons is that he prefers when MC sleeps against him
  • So, her cuddling him in her sleep would be right up his alley
  • The idea of him supporting or anchoring her, even in his sleep, and she granting him warmth and love, even when she doesn’t realize it, would really appeal to him.
  • He really loves his wife; he’s happy to do anything to be close to her, even if it’s just sleeping tangled together.


  • Would take so long to get used to it.
  • Not that he doesn’t like it or think that it’s cute; it’s just that he’s so used to keeping people away and protecting himself, that being so obviously close to someone in his most vulnerable state (asleep) would be uncomfortable for him.
  • But he would like it.
  • He loves MC; he wants to be with her forever.
  • But he just…can’t relax enough to sleep.
  • He might gently wriggle out of her grasp once he knows she’s deep asleep, so that her feelings aren’t hurt, and then fall asleep beside her.
  • But he’ll always wake up and find her arms around him.
  • And seriously, it’s the best feeling in the world, for him, to know that she loves him.

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can i request a long & fluffy cuddle sesh with RFA + unknown?

♡(。- ω -) It’s late but I want Yoosung cuddles so why not figure out the rest!

-Usually the two of you cuddled at night and briefly in the morning
-But some days, when he had no school and you had no work, the two of you just lazed on his bed and snuggled.
-Talking? Sure. Cuddles under the covers? Okay! Above? Yeah!
-Improved nap time? Yeeeesss!
-Today the two of you were settled to where you could rest on his chest, arm wrapped around, while he played with your hair absentmindedly
-The two of you would change positions on a daily schedule, but today’s was especially comfortable
-It was a mild afternoon- Not too hot or cold. A easy sunlight filtered in through the windows. Yoosung had even cracked it open so the two of you could listen to the outside
-Even a wind filtered in at times.
-You shifted up a bit, giving him a little kiss
-“I love you~”

-This man Loved cuddles
-He could practically never keep his hands off of you
-So long cuddle sessions before bed, right after nice showers? Hell yes!
-He loved being the big spoon, or both of you laying on your sides and snuggling up
-Each time he cuddled he’d nuzzle into your hair (with or without kisses) and hold you tight against him.
-He’d even slip a leg in-between yours, hooking it around as well
-Basically a human knot of limbs
-But it felt nice, and you felt safe
-During these cuddles the two of you would discuss the day, any worries the two of you had, and even have the type of talks as if it was 3am and everything was out on the table
-You wouldn’t miss these cuddle sessions for the world
-(On a good night he’d sing/hum a lullaby)

-She was such a warm pillow
-Often they weren’t as long as the two of you would want, due to working and a hectic sleep schedule
-But laying on your stomach, head on her chest, was the best position ever
-She was quick to sleep, but not before lots of petting and murmurs of how she couldn’t live without you
-She got so affectionate during cuddle time
After a bit you’d hold her hand
-Rubbing circles with your thumb
-“I couldn’t live without you either.”

-He loved for couch cuddles
-He stretched out with you laying right on him, your back to his chest
-You were like a human blanket for him. And there was the TV right there! Perfect for watching movies/YouTube and chilling
-Sometimes he’d sneakily try to braid (aka knot) your hair
-But mostly he’d wrap his arms around you and sometimes gently rock you back and forth
-It helped him calm down.
-He’d focus on your breathing and just feel so amazingly glad that you were willing to love him, and let him love you.
-(But he couldn’t stack his cans on your head. Man, you were allllmost perfect)

-This bed was made for cuddles
-Usually it was difficult. He worked so much, and during the day Elizabeth 3rd was the only one available to cuddle
-(Guess what cat hated cuddles from you)
-So days he called out(With fussing from you) or the rare day off, you two snuggled until you guys couldn’t stand it
-You loved laying on your back as he rested on his side, holding you close
-He’d ask you so much about your day, how the convos went with your friends, RFA chats
-But mostly you let him read to you, occasionally kissing your head
-This was worth the wait
-His voice was so calming. You usually fell asleep quickly.
-He’d just chuckle and set the book aside, kissing your head and relaxing into sleep himself

-He was still a bit stubbornly shy when it came to PDA
-But in his room, anything went
-Often the two of you would cuddle on his bed, especially since it was so new to him still
-He. Loved. Cuddles.
-He loved resting his head on your chest as you laid on your back, calmly rubbing his spine
-if he wasn’t feeling well, or needed to be calmed, he loved having you hum for him
-Apparently it was a short calming song from a game you played as a kid? He didn’t know, but you made it sound wonderful
-During these cuddle sessions he would open up the most. About his day, how hes been feeling recently- How much he loved you
-You meant everything to him, and he was so glad you loved him back


“SDCC 2017 all sneak peaks”//Season 5//Steven Universe//Clip - Yellow Di…

“Since they’d left Los Angeles, she’d done nothing to indicate she wanted to repeat their one kiss. And Kit had found that he didn’t either. Not that he didn’t like Livvy, or find her pretty. But something seemed off about it now-as if it were somehow wrong.”


“Maybe it was the fact that he didn’t know if he wanted to be a Shadowhunter at all”