critical role | fave percy one-liners (1/?)

credit to @critrolestats for the list, and @somethingveryodd for the suggestion over on my twitter

I just want like fluffy domestic headcanons:

  • What toothpaste do they use?
  • Who buys the junk food?
  • Who has to check that the doors are shut at nght?
  • Who chooses which bed sheets go on?
  • Who gets the takeout?
  • Where do they get it, do they pickup or deliver?
  • How do they split the tasks?

I just want to know


Because there’s no such thing as too many photos of Britney. We had a good couple hours of lap time while I watched TV.

There are times where she is a delightfully UNphotogenic kitten.

We’re still in a holding pattern waiting for her to gain weight. Being wobbly while walking looks like a permanent trait though. Maybe from the weird paste someone put on her head to ‘help’ the wounds, maybe mild cerebellar hypoplasia, maybe some other cause. So she walks a little like the stereotypical cowboy in the hind end but it doesn’t bother her at all.

In Dwyer and Ophelia’s S Support Dwyer starts speaking like Ophelia I am fucking dying 

Dwyer: The truth is… I am bound by unbreakable chains that wrap the secret in my soul.

Ophelia: What say you?! Unbreakable chains?!

Dwyer: They bind an invisible treasure chest in which I keep my unspeakable secrets.

Ophelia: Invisible treasure chest?! Unspeakable secrets?!

Dwyer: But your approach is shaking the chains. Turning them to rust. My deepest secret is about to take wing from the dark, Ophelia. Cover your ears, or forever be changed by what I will now say… You’re a goddess to me.

Exy & NCAA

Okay so this is really just a bunch of half formed thoughts about the rules and guidelines of Real Life NCAA vs AFTG NCAA. Like obviously it’s fiction so who really cares (okay I do but I care in a lol-this-is-different type of way). 

  • First it’s weird that it’s Class I & Class II instead of Division I & Division II, but whatever.
  • Second, all the random drug testing in Real Life. Cracker dust would definitely be a banned substance. Also they say about 10% of the team gets tested but since it’s such a small team it would probably end up being 2-3 players per test. So Andrew and crew and maybe some of the earlier foxes would have been in trouble (or maybe that’s why they didn’t come back?).
  • All the smoking and junk, there’s definitely rules about smoking in different areas in general (like no smoking on campus/public areas/etc but who knows when those rules went into effect and if it’s everywhere in the U.S. so w/e). I know tobacco in general is banned (on the field/court/athletic areas) with pointed looks at baseball (they totally do it anyway). I guess as long as they’re careful, they’d be fine.
  • But anyway. The thing that I can’t believe I hadn’t thought about until my compliance meeting today (aka signing the next 9 months of my life away), was that athletes have 5 years of eligibility to compete 4 seasons in a sport at the collegiate level and Wymack signs the foxes for 5 years. That would mean that they would have a red shirt year at some point.
    • A red shirt year is a season the athlete does not compete officially for their school. In the case of track and field, they can still compete in track meets, but the school will not pay for their travel or lodging expenses and the athlete is not allowed to wear the official uniform. So in exy, they would not be playing in the official games (idk about scrimmages) and they would not be traveling with the team for a season. A red shirt year could be for different reasons like taking a year to improve technique or due to an injury (medical red shirt) or a major that requires more than 4 years to complete or so that they can just stay for 5 years.
    • (If a player gets a medical red shirt, it is still possible to normal red shirt and have 6 years to compete in 4 seasons of the sport.)
  • Anyway, the foxes are signed for 5 years? So that means that there’s a year where they don’t compete. Like what if Andrew red shirted his 4th year, and then his 5th year he got hurt and got a medical red shirt. Then he would get a 6th year and graduate with Neil.

Okay, that’s really all I wanted to say. All of that just for this: Andrew and Neil graduating together.