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"Please take your mask off" Jamilton, please? MAKE ME CRY, HONEY

This is dedicated to @styxetal‘s lost au that I’m bringing back to life honey.

And this really isn’t angst, just.. I dunno what to call it.

Balls were a tradition in the kingdom and a fairly good one. Though a masquerade ball was something new, something exciting that Thomas wanted to try out this year. Of course there was the chance of a outsider or criminal coming in but who was he to blame when he was holding one in his own bedroom?

Invitations were sent out weeks ago and yet he still waited to tell Alexander, wondering if the smaller male would run away or not. But regardless he wasn’t going to leave him cooped up in the palace without anyone watching.

That night he sat on the edge of the bed, watching Alexander scribble nonsense on paper like it was going to solve the world’s issues. Had he not stolen from the castle then Thomas might’ve kept him as an adviser. Regardless he made his way across the room, draping his arms around Alexander’s shoulders. 

“What do you want?” Alexander murmured as he dipped his quill in ink, starting on another god forsaken sentence.

“Your undivided attention.”

“I’m listening,” he remarked as he continued writing. Thomas sighed softly and handed Alexander a feathered mask, pressing a small kiss to the top of his head. 

“We’re having a masquerade ball at 7:00 tomorrow night, I can’t make sure you’re present but I assume you’ll find your way to yours truly by then?” Alexander took the mask into his hand, dropping his quill and touching the soft feathers lining the outside of the mask. 

“Of course, it’s not like I have a choice, do I? You’d find a way to make sure I was there.”

“You’re not being forced…”

“I think you seem to forget I’m a prisoner here Thomas, I do not have a choice,” he whispered and pushed his chair back, making Thomas stumble back. “Though I’ll be there.”

Thomas grimaced slightly but nodded his head regardless. “Good, I don’t like being disappointed.”

“Of course.”

Alexander was ready at 7:30, a little later than Thomas would’ve wanted it but yet he didn’t care at this point. After tonight he wouldn’t need to please Thomas anymore. His left hand raised to his face for a moment before leaving a mask of ornate red, black, and gold leather over his eyes in a fire design with a small hook nose on it and pulling up his hood to cover his face even farther.

“Sir Jefferson would like to see you downstairs at this moment. Should I fetch him or escort him up here to meet with you?” Alexander examined himself in the mirror one more time before turning to face the younger man.

“No, I’ll go find him myself if that’s alright.”

“Of course, Sir.” The man bowed deeply, waiting to be dismissed. 

“You know, you have quite the lovely face…” Alexander said softly, taking a step towards him. The man smiled and looked up at him. 

“Thank you, Sir-”

“Call me Alexander.” The man nodded. “Good, now can you do me a favor?”

“Of course, Sir Jefferson told me to do anything you wanted.” Alexander smiled and handed him the mask Thomas made for him. 

“Go to the dance tonight, wear this, and have fun.” The man grabbed the mask and bowed again before walking out of the room. Alexander sighed softly and turned to his desk, grabbing one of the scraps of paper he had left over and wrote something down for Thomas. With that he blew a kiss to the room and swept out into the night, out of the castle. 

Thomas took that night looking for the olive green mask he had custom made for Alexander, only to spot it in the hands of another. He frowned and set his drink down, excusing himself from the party. His shoes clicked up the floor to their room. He knocked on the door and when there was nothing he opened it, seeing the open window. Their room was several floors above the ground but that hadn’t stopped Alexander from trying to leave before.

“Hamilton, you took your mask off, take your new one off now. Take your mask off and quit hiding-” Out of the corner of his eye he caught the note. He took a deep breath and slowly turned, snatching it up between his fingers.

Farewell you dumbass, I don’t like being kept locked up for stealing from the rich. If only you could’ve seen to my release when I asked for it the first time.

~ Yours truly.

Thomas turned his heel, stomping out of the room and heading for the guards, snatching up the first one he saw. 

“Go get his beloved partner Laurens. We’re going to dine tonight, kill tomorrow gentlemen.”

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Okay I know this is largely a Gwenvid blog but I read that 'I will pretend to be your loser boyfriend for free Thanksgiving food' post and all I could think of was adult Jasper putting out that ad in order to get some free food (and largely just for the sake of the potential chaos), and Gwen, having been guilt tripped into going to North America's Most Uncomfortable Thanksgiving at her parents' house AGAIN and dreading it, seeing it and deciding to get herself permanently dis-invited.


(Also you’re actually not the only one who’s thought of that! @hopefullypessimistic84 sent me the same idea, and I love that people know our/fanon interpretations of Jasper and Gwen enough to picture them doing that, because they so fucking would.)

*Sometime I should go into how long Hope and I spent trying to figure out how Jaspwen would work. We knew we wanted the OT3, because she loved my Gwenvid and I loved her Jaspid, but for a really long time all our headcanons were centered around how the two of them would interact with Davey, more like a V than a triangle. And then I think I was like “hey uhhh let’s make Jasper and Gwen have more of a relationship” and it’s about 95% centered around memes and bad television and if more people cared about it I’d write a 20-page dissertation on how those fuckers bond but no one loves our Jaspwen baby and now I’m rambling.

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Polish, for the language ask thing. I'm sorry you're experiencing Max withdrawal *hugs*

Hi there!

Polish: Tell us a moment when you felt on top of the world because of your language knowledge.

- This is gonna sound lame, but it was a big deal for me, so don’t laugh :D

I have a wonderful German friend who has a wonderful daughter whom I love to bits. I sent her a voice message saying hi to her daughter and I actually managed to form like three sentences in German for the little girl.

I felt on top of the world not simply because I could form the sentences, but rather because I could form them FOR the little girl. Does that make any sense?

Thank you for the ask, beautiful :*

  • This week in Doctor Who discourse: I can't believe Bill Potts, the show's first proper LGBT companion and a woman of character, is definitely dead. Moffat is the worst!
  • Next week in Doctor Who discourse: I can't believe Bill Potts, who definitely died last week, didn't stay dead. This show never commits to its character deaths. Moffat is the worst!

More Damien and Lucien headcanon:

  • Lucien never knew his other dad.  Damien got pregnant right around when he realized that he was definitely trans and going to transition, and when he came out his boyfriend couldn’t deal and left.  Damien decided to keep the baby anyway and do this all on his own.  So Damien had the baby and then as soon as it was safe for him to start transitioning he did.  The only pictures that are still held onto of Damien’s pre-transition self are infant Lucien pictures because there is no way he’s going to get rid of those.
  • Lucien took it on himself as a toddler to be his dad’s protector because dad was carrying the world on his shoulders all by himself and if anyone talks shit they get punched in the nose by a toddler or find worms in their shoes
  • No one is allowed to talk shit about his dad but him and his close friends.  It’s only okay when he does it. Anyone else who does get a dead rat in their locker
  • Lucien was sent to therapy because he put a dead rat in someone’s locker but it didnt last long because it became clear very early on that he’s actually super well adjusted he’s just a vindictive teenager with creative means that don’t involve physical aggression.  
  • “My son doesn’t need therapy he’s just an asshole.” 
  • Lucien babysat the Christiansen kids a LOT because Aunt Mary couldn’t be bothered. He maybe encouraged the twins’ creepy behavior because it was hilarious. 

Twelve days of twelve [Day 7]  Favourite Scene

The Doctor distracts the Cybermen from the fact that he is picking up his sonic by being dramatic™

One thing I love about Twelve’s era is how much it gave us a look into how the doctor thinks. He doesn’t always have a plan but can improvise so well that it seems as if he can survive anything. This scene (although not necessarily my favourite of his entire run) for me forms the subtle culmination of this exploration of the doctor’s mind. Because, while when the doctor says he has a plan he is lying to you, if he appears to have lost and finds himself surrounded by an army of Cybermen looking at him, you can bet that he’s exactly where he wants to be.

Can we talk about Rosita Bustillos for a second? Like she was murdered in what I’m guessing was her early 20s like she was YOUNG. Just because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Then she got sent to hell to be tortured until the next heir came of age. And who knows how many times she’s been sent down since then. How much torture she’s had to endure in literal hell. Then Doc comes along and asks for help curing a dragon guy who she doesn’t know. So she does that. Then Doc gives her a job at Shorty’s and then she starts dating Doc. And then because of her relationship with Doc she decided to throw a baby shower for Wynonna. Wynonna. The person who is cursed to send her back down to hell to be tortured. But she does it. And she does it well. And then when Waverly is upset for an episode Rosita decides to take her to a spa with the gift card Dolls gave her. Rosita. A Revenant. Decides to take the little sister of THE HEIR. To a spa to make her feel better. And THEN Rosita saves the life of the sister of the heir. Rosita. A Revenant saves the life of the sister of the person cursed to kill her. And remember Rosita still barely knows Waverly at this point. But Wynonna goes in and tells Rosita she knows she’s a Revenant. And Rosita doesn’t run or try to hurt Wynonna. She asks how she can help Nicole. A person she doesn’t even know. Who’s dating the sister of the heir. Wynonna has Peacemaker pointed at Rosita. The one thing that can kill her. That can send her back to be tortured in hell. And Rosita offers to HELP. And after Wynonna threatens to kill Rosita once again Rosita still stays calm. And offers to help again. After Wynonna says she’ll kill her. Rosita says that all Wynonna had to do was ask and she would have helped anyway. And how does she choose to help? By putting herself though torture because she knows it can’t kill her. She puts herself through torture to help the girlfriend of the sister of the Heir who has the power to send her back to hell to be tortured. And she does it voluntarily. And purely because she wants to help. And she barely even knows these people. Like……Rosita is amazing and extremely selfless and she deserves the whole world and they better find another way to end the curse without killing her cause Wynonna owes her so much gratitude and she doesn’t deserve to be sent back to hell to be tortured again.

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.366:

The image is the volume 37 cover illustration.

Magi is ending in this week’s issue. I had a lot of fun writing about the Magi world during those long eight years. There were times that I felt I was incompetent, but I’ll be glad if you enjoyed it, even a little. I think Shounen mangas are the kind of things that those who read them forget about with time as they become adults. However, during those busy days, I remembered them all of a sudden and they filled me with courage. I wish if Magi becomes something like that for you and that from now on, the Magi characters are going to be by your side!

I thank everyone who sent me letters and messages as we were nearing the final chapter. I read them while thinking ‘I’m glad that I became a manga author’. I’m going to treasure them.

This is also the last backstage update, but I hope we meet again!

10/11/2017 Shinobu Ohtaka

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I'm kind of shocked you reblogged that post about neurotypical advice when I've seen you complaining about people giving you unsolicited advice for your chronic illnesses.

To me there is a difference between generally sound advice, and what is as you say, unsolicited advice from people who ignore what you have said, and insist they are right. 

I don’t mind any of those things, they are in fact great advice for most people and I think tumblr’s skewed anti-recovery rhetoric and baseline rejection of what are, lets face it, Basic Self Care Methods is highly toxic and harmful to those looking to start their path to recovery. 

For some people, drinking more water will help, for some people having a schedule and regular routine will help. To claim that these things flat out do not work at all, is false and harmful towards recovery. 

Where I get pissed off is when you have more severe issues, and people just willfully don’t get it. They refuse to believe that these things did not work for you, therefore you are a liar. 

I get a lot, A LOT, of daily messages from people asking me if I have tried XYZ for my recovery because it helped them, and more often than not I have to inform them I have, didn’t work for me, but thanks anyway. The response I get from that a lot of the time is “aw man that sucks, sorry to have bothered you then, hope you get something that works for you!” and I think to myself “what a nice person, I’m glad the thing helped them” and go about my day. Those messages do not make me mad because I genuinely believe they are sent with good intent. Sometimes it gets a little tiresome to repeat myself so often, but hey, they were just trying to help, and I’d rather live in a world where people try to help than where they don’t.

And then there’s the “If you just tried harder” squad who fall into my inbox every now and then, who don’t believe that some things can’t be cured, only managed. Who don’t believe me when I tell them I already do most of those things. Who tell me I am lying if I say XYZ doesn’t work because one time they had something vaguely wrong with them and it fixed them. 

They cannot perceive a reality where full recovery is not an option, and worse than that, they try to inflict that mindset on others and infer that we somehow deserve our suffering. Those people need to learn some of what they preach and try to be mindful, both of themselves and others. 

So yea, drink water, get sleep, eat regularly and try to be active. That shit is great advice for daily life. 

Just don’t be the asshole that sees someone talking about their health condition and immediately jump towards making suggestions. Listen to them, hear what they are saying and try to process it. If you still think you might have something helpful to say, go ahead, ask them if they have heard of, or if they think XYZ might help them. But don’t tell them that it will. And certainly do not tell them they just need to try harder then. Cause that shit ain’t right.

“Who’s the artist?” Nicky asked.

“Anonymous,” replied Aaron. There was something hard in his voice, and he was watching Andrew warily from the corner of his eye. Aaron knew, after all, that Andrew did not attract the kind of people who wrote sonnets and sent flowers. No, no, no. Andrew attracted the Drake Spears of the world.

“We’re leaving,” said Andrew. The words left his mouth cool and even, but they sounded very far away in his own ears.

For the @aftgbigbang and @psychosei ’s lovely fic good night, melpomene (come home, erato)

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"really can’t believe that she’s being sued for reporting a sexual assault that happened" she's being sued because she is Taylor swift. She needs no sympathy because she clearly has the upper hand and was not physically harmed. He wanted money, rich folks get sued all the time. Kudos to her for not backing down. But why does Taylor need sympathy when until a six months ago she was partying?

“rich folks get sued all the time” lol if taylor was being sued for like accidentally hitting someone with her car or something i would understand you saying this but that’s not what happened???? here is what happened:

  1. a man was given access to meet her through his workplace
  2. during the meeting, he groped her ass
  3. taylor reported this to his workplace - not the police, she didn’t intend to take legal action, she just reported it to the people who sent him to meet her - i’m assuming so they could take appropriate action against him and not put him in another position where he could do this to other women
  4. the man then sued taylor for reporting it, which forced her into a legal process that she did not intend to be dragged into

taylor needs sympathy because she was violated, the way women are every single day, and is now being punished further for something that was never her fault. but this goes far beyond taylor and the dj himself, it speaks volumes about the world we live in where women are punished for standing up for themselves and are told to just accept it because they’re ‘not physically harmed’. the fact that this is going to trial spreads the message that being assaulted and being punished FOR assaulting someone are equally terrible and it’s really frustrating and upsetting to watch play out

The Real King Midas Had A Fabulous Funeral Feast

Yes, he was real! Sort of. The legend of the rich King Midas is based on the life of King Mita, who ruled Phyrgia in what is today Turkey around 700 BCE. His tomb was discovered in the city of Gordion in 1957, and the site excited the world with its textiles, wooden furniture, and clay jars containing lots of residue. Everything pointed to a wonderful send-off feast fit for…well, a king!

King Mita was sent off lavishly. From the samples of residue left in the 18 pottery jars in the tomb, chemists detected traces of spicy goat or lamb stew, made with meat marinated in honey, wine, and olive oil. Lentils were probably served with the soup, and it may have been eaten with flatbread instead of forks or chopsticks.

But no feast is complete without drinking! Mourners drank barley beer, wine, and mead from bronze vessels. Though they were just bronze, not gold, there were a lot of them, with about 150 bronze goblets found in all. And when they were polished, they shone as if touched by the mythological King Midas.

We are Mission: Transition!

Mission:Transition is a new Non Profit Start-up that offers fully customizable subscription boxes & resource kits for trans* and gender variant individuals all over the world. 

We aim to put all of your transitioning resources and tools all in one place, and make these resources accessible to anyone who needs them.  

Our subscription box is unique because you’ll be able to 100% customize your box, along with receiving :

  • Binders/Breast Forms
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Hygiene Items
  • Skin Products
  • Makeup
  • Novelty Items
  • Art from fellow queer artists
  • Shaving Supplies
  • DIY Guides
  • Workout Guides
  • Health Resources 
  • Supplements
  • Coupons to your favorite trans* Brands
  • etc!


We also have a milestone goal of curating a predetermined box for female-to-male and male-to-female, that can be sent to queer youth groups around the world, and to those who cant afford their own subscription box. This is a big goal, but we can make it happen!

Our subscription box and resource kit will be on Kickstarter in the coming month, and we invite you to join us in our journey to making this dream a reality! 
Follow to keep up with our updates, especially if you would like to get involved, and share this post!!


Summary: In which you go missing and it turns Eggsy’s world upside down.

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Word Count: 3,196

A/N: Well here it is, my first Eggsy fic. This is all thanks to @writingruna who, after learning that I was thinking about writing for Eggsy, sent me a bunch of requests to help motivate me to do it. It worked and here’s one of those requests.

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The Kingsman never had a rule put in place about agents dating each other. At the time of the organization’s creation, they didn’t feel the need to. Becoming an agent meant making sacrifices. The unspoken assumption was that this meant giving up a chance at falling in love.

That assumption was made on the belief that falling in love with someone outside of Kingsman could only end badly. A relationship was meant to be built on the truth, and telling the truth was one of the many things an agent couldn’t afford to do. Secrecy was the most important aspect of the organization. There was also the fear that personal connections could become liabilities out in the field. What if an agent’s significant other was kidnapped and used as leverage by the enemy? Or worse, killed to exact revenge?

Love was complicated enough on its own. By adding a person’s status as a Kingsman into the mix, that equation suddenly became an unsolvable one.

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Why I Was Fired By Google, by James Damore

Special to the Wall Street Journal

I was fired by Google this past Monday for a document that I wrote and circulated internally raising questions about cultural taboos and how they cloud our thinking about gender diversity at the company and in the wider tech sector. I suggested that at least some of the male-female disparity in tech could be attributed to biological differences (and, yes, I said that bias against women was a factor too). Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai declared that portions of my statement violated the company’s code of conduct and “cross the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.”

My 10-page document set out what I considered a reasoned, well-researched, good-faith argument, but as I wrote, the viewpoint I was putting forward is generally suppressed at Google because of the company’s “ideological echo chamber.”My firing neatly confirms that point.

How did Google, the company that hires the smartest people in the world, become so ideologically driven and intolerant of scientific debate and reasoned argument?

We all have moral preferences and beliefs about how the world is and should be. Having these views challenged can be painful, so we tend to avoid people with differing values and to associate with those who share our values. This self-segregation has become much more potent in recent decades. We are more mobile and can sort ourselves into different communities; we wait longer to find and choose just the right mate; and we spend much of our time in a digital world personalized to fit our views.

Google is a particularly intense echo chamber because it is in the middle of Silicon Valley and is so life-encompassing as a place to work. With free food, internal meme boards and weekly companywide meetings, Google becomes a huge part of its employees’ lives. Some even live on campus. For many, including myself, working at Google is a major part of their identity,almost like a cult with its own leaders and saints, all believed to righteously uphold the sacred motto of “Don’t be evil.”

Echo chambers maintain themselves by creating a shared spirit and keeping discussion confined within certain limits. As Noam Chomsky once observed, “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum.”

But echo chambers also have to guard against dissent and opposition. Whether it’s in our homes, online or in our workplaces, a consensus is maintained by shaming people into conformity or excommunicating them if they persist in violating taboos. Public shaming serves not only to display the virtue of those doing the shaming but also warns others that the same punishment awaits them if they don’t conform.

In my document, I committed heresy against the Google creed by stating that not all disparities between men and women that we see in the world are the result of discriminatory treatment.

When I first circulated the document about a month ago to our diversity groups and individuals at Google, there was no outcry or charge of misogyny. I engaged in reasoned discussion with some of my peers on these issues, but mostly I was ignored.

Everything changed when the document went viral within the company and the wider tech world. Those most zealously committed to the diversity creed—that all differences in outcome are due to differential treatment and all people are inherently the same—could not let this public offense go unpunished. They sent angry emails to Google’s human-resources department and everyone up my management chain, demanding censorship, retaliation and atonement.

Upper management tried to placate this surge of outrage by shaming me and misrepresenting my document, but they couldn’t really do otherwise: The mob would have set upon anyone who openly agreed with me or even tolerated my views. When the whole episode finally became a giant media controversy, thanks to external leaks, Google had to solve the problem caused by my supposedly sexist, anti-diversity manifesto, and the whole company came under heated and sometimes threatening scrutiny.

It saddens me to leave Google and to see the company silence open and honest discussion. If Google continues to ignore the very real issues raised by its diversity policies and corporate culture, it will be walking blind into the future—unable to meet the needs of its remarkable employees and sure to disappoint its billions of users.


Glad to report not only is this my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND (August 27th is my birthday!), I can eat solid foods again after my tooth extraction from August 12th! Well, I still can’t chew on the right or I’d better not use a straw, but now I can definitely bite a lot better than before! 🍎🌮🍣🍕

So what’s for lunch? Dinner? Dessert? I get to choose whatever and wherever during this particular weekend! 🎂😋