where are the milennial superstitions? like my gf told me that if you instagram your food before eating it, it won’t taste as good. i was psyched i was like hell yeah milennial folk tales but apparently it’s a science thing about perception or whatever which was thoroughly disappointing bc i want my generation to have folk tales that our kids and grandkids will be like “ugh, that’s just an old milennial superstition that’s not even a real thing”


Oh Toby..


He was interrupted during a meal.. By what he wasn’t exactly sure, the scent was familiar but at the moment the most pressing aroma was the blood all over his lips and chin.
His scissor bite had been finally used to it’s full potential and a good size chunk of flesh had been ripped from the now obviously dead woman’s carotid artery, her body hung limp in the vampire’s large arms. His reminisced sloppy childhood finger paintings as his beard had been slightly matted together with the victim’s burgundy life source..

Crimson eyes narrowed and he lifted his head once again as he picked up that strange smell..

“Who aaaare you?” He called in a somewhat singsong voice, clearly pissed that he had been disturbed.
“What do you waaaaant?”

“Don’t read too much into this, ya bloody showboatin’ peacock.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it, pint-size.”

*snuggle closer*

more of those what-if ships…Bruce and Zipperflash, a match made out of ridiculous eyebrows, horrible accents, swear words, and emotional constipation

I didn’t even consider this ship til a few of you suggested it, now it’s one of my favorites XD

This would be taking place early in their relationship, because Zips would eventually be really obnoxious with public affection just to make Bruce squirm and blush like a dork

shhhh lean into that wing embrace Brucie, you know you waaaaant tooooo~

INTP: Can we get a cat and name it “My Precious”?

INFJ: I’ll let it sit on my lap and pet it while I talk to it in the gollum voice. “Precious, we hates the laser beam! Hatessss it, we does. Yes, precious. But we wants it, doesn’t we? We waaaaants it!”

INTP: “It burns us! Burnsssss! But we wants it, doesn’t we precious? We wantsss the laser beam!”

I want to be quietly considered,
a slithering thought weaving
amongst others like a silent
snake in the reeds;
I want to be whispered
like soft silk against your tongue,
plush velvet syllables
hugging your lips in the quiet;
I want to be held with controlled fervor,
handled with hunger only abated
by careful hands and gentle fingers
gracing my contours
still swelling with madness beneath
their poise.
—  Brittany RubioI Want You to Want Me.