pls forgive me i know it’s not what he said… (but it’s what he thought)

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The problem of comebacks: do i stay up after midnight for their v live or should i go to sleep for my 8.30 class next morning ;-;

Anon, I feel you on this with my whole soul.  I’m lucky that this comeback hits me on a day off (it’s Sunday for me not Monday) but I work at 8 a.m. 5 days a week, and if I’m up much after midnight on a work night heh…well the next day isn’t very pretty.  I can’t tell you what to do, you make your own decisions anon, but feel that BTS would 1000% understand if you miss their comeback to make sure you can get your own shit done (even if it’s so tempting to stay up late).  

Just listen to the wise words of one Min Yoongi

Good luck with school anon!!

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Wait when did he say that??? Omg u need to go and look for it that's amazing I love that show more and more

jdkfldkjf his…entire journey in episode 3, about learning to skate eros..is about this…..like he has that whole monologue about “i’m a man, i’m twenty three! i should be able to project some semblance of sexuality by now!” and ppl are like “he’s asexual” and it’s like…but like…no..he’s just..gay…and hasn’t totally figured it out yet…ughghghgh. he’s agonizing over how to portray eros and can’t seem to get it right until he has his awakening: i’ve been thinking about it all wrong, i can’t seduce the woman (”i can’t be the playboy, it’s not me!”), i can seduce the man.

like this is so obviously a story about being gay and repressed and figuring it out? i see myself and other gay ppl so viscerally in this exact narrative (even the part about the sexual awakening being tied to one specific person..that happens a lot), i went through this exact process, so many people i know went through this exact process. like “why do i not like romance? why do i not like sex? wait i never realized that the same gender was an option Oh Fuck Everything Makes Sense Now”. he’s not the only gay character to go through this, either. alex danvers basically says the exact same thing, just for example. and like when u look at it this way he’s actually a baby, really, like 23 is still very young to figure this out and a lot of people don’t do that until much later in life.

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Just finished reading the latest TWS update and now I have to run across campus to teach and I'm going to be grinning like an IDIOT while lecturing on workplace management issues (ughghghgh) because I can't stop picturing how Draco must have looked when he said she had always been one of a kind and I'm just going to DIE of happiness and delight.

I’m so, so happy you like it. A little window of fluffs before more sorrow…


Baby (2015)

ughghghgh sorry for all the personal posts but i gotta vent somewhere

i had a NASTY charley horse in my left leg a few days ago and my muscles are STILL sore and my leg just feels drained it suuuuucks

im still limping a little bit is that bad