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“Respect yourself. Don’t look for it in someone else. Don’t try and receive the admiration of others and acceptance of others because you’ll never actually feel any benefit even when you get it. Respect yourself and accept yourself then other people can try and accept you.”

Closed rp with theverygroovymutant Erik couldn’t sleep, a normal occurrence for him but part have him had hoped with everything being so busy at the manor that he might be able to. After wondering the hall for what seemed like hours he sits in the room he and Charles would play chess in. With nothing more to do he practices flicking on and off a light in the room. Hearing a noise in the room he looks up, “May I help you?”

I never really understood why everyone are so obsessed with bath bombs. I mean sure, Lush is amazing. I could spend hours in there. But I’ve always gone for soap, face masks and all that. But I got a bath bomb for christmas, so I had no other choice but to use it right? And god damn. It’s like bathing in candy land, with lots of glitter. I’m surprised there isn’t a unicorn here yet. I think I’ve been lured in to the world of bath bombs.

“So? What’ll it be, sweetheart? I don’t got all fuckin’ day, now.” The blonde put a cigarette in between his lips, looking to the other person while keeping it between his tongue and teeth. Why were people always so nervous around drug dealers? Jesus christ. He fumbled into his pocket for a lighter, pulling it out while waiting for an answer.