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Definitely a Monday

Children were both up in the night last night. I had just gotten the little one back to sleep sometime around 2am when the older one woke up…waking up his brother again in the process. After a couple weeks of really good sleep stuff with them it seems like they are both off again. Anyway, I went to make myself some espresso, and in a clear sign of sleep deprivation managed to get it all setup…with no water in the pot. Time to buy a new sealing gasket for the espresso pot. Whomp. Not exactly the best start to the week, but it’ll go up from here, right?

Originally posted by sweartrek

“I’m uncomfortable when it’s not about me and I’m gonna do the most to make sure everyone is uncomfortable like me”

is how some people are acting since this season started!
it seems that with a lot of characters/relationships not being in the spotlight and others being in the spotlight, a lot of people are bored and have so much free time on their hands that they use in wanking over things they don’t even care about actually 👀
I mean since they are not interested or enjoying, why not just make sure no one is??

Sunday Night

I would gladly go to bed right now, but there are still a few things to do.

Mainly, waiting for the chicken and wild rice soup I’m cooking for the week’s lunches to finish up and this load of laundry to finish its run. If I was feeling more ambitious (or it was earlier in the evening) I might try tackling a couple other things, but it’s shower and bed for me as soon as this wraps up.

Mostly had a pretty good weekend of it. Friday evening was a lot of fun. Had a pretty lazy day of it both yesterday and today, and while I’ve been feeling plenty tired all of today, I’m glad I stayed up to give myself a little me time last night. Also spent a good bit of the weekend watching through Master of None. It’s got its misses, but I really enjoyed it and (no spoilers, promise) season 2 episodes #6 & #8 were especially fantastic.

We’ll see how things look tomorrow, but Squishy has had some really goopy eyes all of today and Minky has been dealing with a little of the same. Two kids with pink eye (if that’s what it is) could make this a (not so) fun week. Woot?Fingers crossed we don’t have to deal with that.

There are a couple other things on my mind, but I’m going to leave that intentionally vaguely open here.

Hope you all had a good weekend.