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Okay so... you said to bring more Langst prompts so... This kinda has Klance in it so plz don't hate, you don't have to put that in if you don't want to. So, Lance stays up late, he has been for quite a while. Lance cries about his insecurities so he doesn't get much sleep, sometimes none at all. It's been affecting his health and he starts having hallucinations of his family. He's usually late for training and eating. Keith gets angry and goes to scold Lance, only to find him screaming names.

I relate to this more than I should tbh

Lance washed off his facemask, not even surprised that it did nothing against the dark circles that hung beneath his eyes. He was tired. He had been for the past week? Maybe month now. He lost track. 

Lance rubbed his eyes and started to get ready, only half assing his morning routine. He didn’t even register the comb through his hair, or putting his green jacket on. His mind was occupied. 

Why do I keep thinking about them? It was bad enough when I couldn’t see them anymore but now I see them everywhere. Lance attempted to push his family out of his mind. He loved them to death but he knew he needed to focus and not worry the team. 


Lance pushed the goo around his plate as he watch Allura speak, barely listening. Man am I tired. 

“Lance!” Allura slightly slammed her hand down on the table, causing the boy to jump and everyone to stare at him. “You need to focus. We have to make sure training goes perfectly today since we will be losing time creating alliances the rest of the week.” 

“Of course princess. Sorry I’m just really tired today.” Lance stifled a yawn. 

Allura stared at him for a few more seconds before sighing. “Training deck in 15.” She glided out of the room. 


Lance sprinted into the training deck, he knew he was late. 

“Lance, you’re late!” Coran said like it was the happiest thing in the world. Did anything bother him? 

“Sorry, I was….distracted.” Lance gave the team a wide grin and a forced laugh. When he saw that no one questioned him he exhaled the breath he didn’t know he was holding. Lance couldn’t tell the team the real reason he was late. He actually thought he saw his sister, ON THE CASTLE!! He saw her but no matter how fast he ran he never caught up to her. 

Allura enter the training deck. “Good we’re all here. Let’s begin. 


 They were split into groups. Pidge with Hunk, Shiro with Allura, and of course Keith with Lance. 

Lance seemed to be the only one struggling with hand to hand combat. He wanted to say it was because he never used he hands, however Hunk was doing just fine and he had a bigger gun than Lance. 

Lance tried to give Keith a run for his money but he was tired. His head was pounding and he kept getting lightheaded. His vision would sometimes get blurry and he could barely stand at moments. 

Needless to say, Lance was a very easy opponent for Keith. Keith would put him down in about 10 ticks every time. Lance could barely keep up, let alone keep standing up. 

Lance could feel the annoyance radiating off Keith, he couldn’t bring himself to care. He just wanted to go to bed. 

After what felt like years Allura said that they were done. Lance listen to Shiro tell him what he needed to work on and he dragged himself back to his room. 

Lance barely got his armor off before he fell on his bed and passed out. 


Keith stomped towards Lance’s room, he was already pissed from training today. Lance didn’t even try to fight him, he was like a rag doll. Now Lance missed dinner? What was up with him recently. 

Keith stopped in front of Lance’s door, inhaled and knocked. 

No response. Come on Lance, I’m not in the mood for games.

Keith knocked louder. Still nothing. 

Keith was about to walk away, just because he was mad he still respected people’s privacy.

 Keith started to turn from the door when he heard something. Was that a whimper? Keith put his ear up to the door and listened. Yeah, those are definitely whimpers…..I’m sorry Lance. Keith opened the door. 

Keith stood outside the door and stared into the room. He saw Lance on his bed, thrashing around and whimpering. 

Keith stared wide eyed for a moment, then he walked towards Lance, making sure the door closed behind him. He stood a few inches away from Lance, his hands almost touching him. 

Lance looked horrible. He was shaking, and sweating. He was whimpering and saying names? Keith didn’t recognize any of the names. However he did recognize “Mama”. 

It didn’t take Keith long to figure out that Lance was talking about his family. He couldn’t watch it anymore, Keith reluctantly reached forwards and shook Lance. “Lance!”

 Lance flung his eyes opened and bolted forward nearly smacking into Keith in the process. 

Lance looked at keith and scurried to the opposite side of the bed and hugged his legs. “He-hey Keith. Time for dinner?”

Keith nodded and continued to stare at Lance. “Lance is everything alright?” Keith wanted to hug him, strange right, but he decided to stay where he was. 

“Yeah, of course! Just a dream.” Lance tried to laugh ot off but his voice was raw. 

“Lance, that wasn’t a dream. You can talk to me.” Keith sat on the edge of the bed hoping to calm Lance down.

Lance continued to stare at Keith, his breaths were coming fast and his shirt was soaked in sweat. Keith wouldn’t judge him…right? “I miss my family.” Lance swallowed around the lump in his throat. 

“Well that’s okay we all miss someone from Earth.” Lance responded by shaking his head.

“No like this is different from usual. I’m seeing them, I saw my sister in the castle. Keith I’m losing it aren’t I?” Keith stared at Lance even more. 

He was hallucinating, okay.  “Lance I think you’re just tired.” Keith was trying to find and answer for Lance.   

“I can’t. I only slept because of how tired I was. Everytime I sleep I see my family. They’re disappointed in them, I left Earth and didn’t tell them. I never want to make my mama cry but every time I dream, she cries.” Lance’s breathing started to pick up. “And when I don’t sleep my brain is occupied with everything I do wrong. I’m a failed pilot. I’m a failed teammate. I’m a failed friend. I can’t do anything right.” Lance fought back tears as his voice wavered. 

Keith wasn’t sure what part got him but he crawled across the bed and hugged Lance as tight as he could. He slowly felt his shoulder become wet and shaky arms wrap around him. 

“Lance your parents are not disappointed in you. You’re not a failure. You just need to cope and get help. There is no shame in it. You can talk to me whenever you need.”

Lance tried not to shake but he started to tremble all over as he sobbed on Keith’s shoulder. “Thank you Keith.” 


Roughly 2 months had passed and Lance started to sleep better. He brain stopped voicing his insecurities and he saw less of his family. He trained better, and he pilots Blue better than ever. He did it because of one thing. Every night he would sleep next to a certain Red paladin and every time Lance had an issue, he was right there to help. 

I am terrible sorry this took so long. 

I love this idea! Also never apologize for Klance, it’s my life.

I hope you like it!!!

Thank you!

Blink Of An Eye

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1062

Author’s Note: I’d recommend listening to Blink of an Eye by Tori Kelly while reading, since this one shot is inspired by that song. Let me know what you think about it~ <3

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“Y-Y/N, he is.. I.. I think the time has come, Y/N..“

Hearing those words, you stopped breathing and your grip around your phone tightened. You never believed that you would hear those words coming out of your best friend’s mouth. Not now. Not so soon..

Now was not the right time, he knew that. He promised you. He promised you that he would fight a little bit more. He knew that he wasn’t allowed to go so soon. 

Not if you weren’t there..

With every step you took, you felt like you were being dragged away from your destination by someone. It felt like someone was holding onto your body, preventing you from moving forward while you were trying so hard to reach your destination, reach him.

No matter how much you quickened your pace, the corridor seemed like it was never going to end, your blurry eyes making it even harder for you to see your way to him.

‘Everything is okay, he is going to be okay‘ were the words you were mumbling to yourself as you turned the last corner, which felt like a big obstacle separating you from the love of your life.

The moment you lifted your head up, you were met with six pair of eyes, each of them reflecting sadness and sorrow, some of them even looking hollow, their bodies frozen, helplessly sitting on the ground.

When the realization finally decided to knock on your door, your whole body started shaking, your weak legs giving up on you, making you collapse on the ground as you shook your head from side to side. “N-No.. No, no no, please don’t! No, it can’t be! No!“

Only when someone wrapped their fingers around your hands did you realize that you were harshly tucking on your hair, your sobs echoing through the whole corridor of the hospital. “I-I’m sorry, Y/N.. I am so, so sorry..“

When you heard his voice, you immediately leaned back and looked at your best friend’s bloodshot eyes. “He can’t, Taehyung.. Not now.. He.. He promised me! He said he would fight! He promised me that he wouldn’t leave me alone..“

Leaning his forehead on yours, he stoke your cheeks as he whispered. “He did.. I know he did but not everyone can keep their promise, Y/N-ah..“

Sobbing even harder, you tried to stand up, locking your eyes on the door of his hospital room. With wobbly legs, you took hesitant steps towards the door, your shaky hand reaching out for the door handle. “ Are you.. Are you sure you want to go in?“

Slowly nodding at the question coming form Yoongi, you took a deep breath before you opened the door, stepping in with closed eyes since you were scared to face the heartbreaking reality.

Closing the door, you hesitantly but slowly turned around, your breath hitching in your throat when you opened your teary eyes.

There he was, the love of your life, lying lifelessly in his hospital bed.

Was this the way how a heartbreak was supposed to feel? Feeling it shatter into million pieces, each piece feeling like a stab into the chest, was this the way? Because if so, you weren’t sure if you would be able to handle it, let alone survive the hurting feeling.

You tried to cover your sobs with your hands as you took tiny steps towards his lifeless body, sitting on his bed as you reached out for his now cold hands with your shaky ones.

Without saying anything, you rested your head on top of his chest, biting your lip when you became fully aware that his once rhythmically beating heart wasn’t beating anymore.

“Jungkook-ah.. I’m here, I came..“

Nuzzling your head further into his chest, you whispered as you let your tears roll down your face and on his chest. “I’m sorry that it took me so long to come.. I never thought you would leave so… so soon..“

Chuckling lightly, you asked.“Isn’t it strange? I’m currently resting my head on your lifeless body but for some reason, I still can’t believe that you’re gone.. It feels like you’ll wake up in a few minutes, your sleepy voice filling the room while you’ll wrap your arms around my body..“

Closing your eyes, you continued talking. “What about your promise, Jungkook? You promised me that you’d stay by my side no matter what, that you would never leave me alone.. How could you leave me like this, hm? I don’t even know what your last word was..Everything happened so fast.. How can you leave right when I wasn’t beside you?“

Intertwining your fingers with his, you placed a long kiss on his knuckles. “The world is cruel, Junkook-ah.. You left but the clocks upon the wall keep ticking on and the world keeps spinning on.. You should have taken me with you.. How am I supposed to live without you? What about your Hyungs? Your family? Your fans?“

Lifting your head, you started stoking his soft hair. “You still have so many songs left to sing, so many things to learn and experience, Jungkook.. Its too early for you to leave this world..“

“How could you? How could you leave me in a blink of an eye and expect me to learn saying goodbye to you while heaven already holds you in its arms?..“

You leaned your forehead against his, your lips only a few inches away from his and thought about your conversation you had with him a few months ago. 



“Can you promise me one thing?“


“Y/N, please, only one thing, hm?“


“If something should ever happen to me, don’t cry and don’t be sad, okay? Just move on..“

“Yah! Why are you saying things like that?! Stop it, Jungkook!“

“No, first, promise me..“


“Y/N, please..“

“Okay, then promise me that you’ll never leave me, that we’ll live together forever.“

“I promise..“

“I promise..“

Placing a long, last kiss on his lips, you whispered in between your sobs.

“I’m sorry, Jungkook, but I can’t keep my promise. I’m really sorry.. I love you..“


Hi, everyone! I’m back and writing a few requests, but I’m about to be out of state for the next four days and will not have access to my laptop :( Sorry this took so long and I hope you all enjoy!

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Paring: Dean Winchester x Daughter!Reader 

Prompt: “Heeey! I have a request:) Could you do an DeanxDaughter!reader one where it’s the beginning of season 12, Dean and Mary have returned to the bunker, the reader is there but is unconscious, then when she comes around it’s just a really fluffy reunion? (Also TWD fic made me sob, like literal tears)”

Warnings: Season 12 spoilers!

It was very, very dark. 

You looked around the space you were in, seeing only black around you. You spoke out, only a simple ‘hello’, only for the word to echo around you. You closed your eyes and thought back to how you may have gotten here, and felt tears brim your eyes. 

Dean had absorbed all the souls to become a bomb to defeat Amara. You thought of your tearful goodbye with your father, and how Sam had to practically hold you back before Chuck zapped Dean away. You remembered coming back to the bunker with Sam and Castiel, a big flash of light, a British woman, a gunshot, and then falling on the floor. 

Wait, you fell on the floor? 

You opened your eyes and looked around once more, coming to the realization that maybe you were stuck in your own head. You called out again, this time yelling for Sam and Castiel, but nothing was heard besides your own echo. 

“(Y/N)?” A familiar voice asked faintly, and you turned around, not seeing anyone. The voice spoke your name once again, and you continued looking around, a few tears slipping down your face. The voice that was speaking to you was Dean’s, and you sat down in a ball and started sobbing, because you didn’t understand why your brain was playing games like this with you. You tucked your face in your knees, tears rolling freely down your face. 

Then, it was bright. 

Everything was so bright you had to squint when your eyes were opening. There was a silhouette above you that was blocking out some light, and your vision was blurry when your eyes opened all the way, but it was an unmistakable face that you thought you would never see again.

“Dad?” You asked softly, eyes opening completely and staring up at your father. He nodded, mumbling something about how he’s here and not leaving. His face was filled with concern, his brow scrunched together slightly while his eyes were filled with worry. 

You sat up from the floor quickly, ignoring the screaming pain that your body was giving you as your wrapped your arms tightly around Dean’s neck, him ignoring the awkward crouching position he was in and wrapping his arms securely around your waist. Your buried your face in his shoulder and Dean felt you start shaking, placing one of his large hands behind your head and scratching your scalp slightly. 

“It’s okay, sweetheart. I’m here.” Dean said softly, gripping you tighter. 

“T-thought you were dead.” You stuttered, tears falling from your eyes and onto the fabric of Dean’s t-shirt. He didn’t have his flannel on, which you thought was strange, but ignored it as your hugged him tighter. You were incredibly relieved he was here, but something was missing. 

“Where’s Sam?” You asked quietly, sniffling and pulling away from your father. Dean placed his hands on your shoulders and looked at you softly. 

“I thought maybe you could tell me the answer, kid.” Dean spoke, giving your shoulders a squeeze. Your eyes went behind Dean to a woman you’d never seen. She was blonde, her face full of light wrinkles, and she was wearing a nightgown. 

“Who’s that?” You asked, and Dean let go of your shoulders, turning around to see Mary. 

“(Y/N),” Dean started, glancing at you, “this is Mary, my mom. Mary, this is (Y/N), my daughter.” 

“I thought your mom was dead.” You stated quietly, looking at Dean. 

“It’s a long story, sweetheart.” Dean said softly, glancing back at Mary, who was hugging herself slightly. “What happened here?” 

“I-I don’t know.” You mumbled, your gaze turning down to the floor from where yo were sitting. Dean stood up and offered you a hand, helping you stand as you spoke. “Sam, Cas, and I came back here and there was this lady. Then there was this big flash and a gun went off…” You trailed off, getting nervous. Dean wrapped his arms around your shoulders and placed a kiss on your head, looking down at you. 

“Don’t worry, kid.” Dean said kindly. “We’ll find him. Together.” 

“Together.” You repeated, giving Dean one more hug. Mary slightly smiled, looking at her oldest son and new grandkid. 

“I like her.” Mary spoke suddenly, causing you and Dean to pull apart. “I feel like she’s got spunk.” 

Smile Always

Summary: The reader is going to a meet up to see Mark, Ethan, and Tyler. 

Word Count: 660

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x Reader

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My nerves were really getting to me. The sight of the three men were exciting yet it was also enough to make me want to throw up on the sidewalk. I stared ahead at them as they stood in the park, fans crowded around them in anticipation. My friend lightly pushed me forward and I clenched my jaw. It was taking every thing I had in me to keep my cool because all I wanted to do was cry and maybe even scream a little. I could feel my chest getting heavy as I walked closer to where Ethan and Mark were getting some fans lined up in a conga line as Tyler filmed them.

I gripped my right wrist briefly, trying to find something to calm my nerves, but the action only caused me to flinch. The dark ink on my skin was still fresh and scarred. “Smile Always” was permanently etched into my arm and although it still hurt, seeing it made me feel a little better. 

It was when my friend snapped her fingers in front of my face that I realized that I had stopped walking. My eyes were still glued in front of me but I could feel my breath coming in short gasps and something warm dripped down my cheek. I brought my hand up and wiped it off, only for more to fall. 

Suddenly someone took my shoulders and pulled me into their chest as I began to sob, soaking their shirt. They rubbed my back and they were joined my more hands but all I could do was cling to the stranger for dear life. This went on until I could finally breath normally and my eyes were red and puffy. I pulled my head up and gasped when I saw that the people holding me were the same people who had unknowingly supported me through the most difficult times of my life. 

Tyler, who was the one that was hugging me from the front, said something but I was still in too much shock to say anything. I could feel more tears breaking through but as Tyler put his hands on each side of my face, the weight on my chest got a lot lighter. 

“Are you okay?”

It must have been weird for some random person to just show up to their meet up and start crying like their dog had died. My cheeks heated up and I nodded. 

“Yeah! Um, sorry…sorry. I just-” I could feel my bottom lip start to quiver and Tyler brought me into his arms once again. Mark and Ethan moved behind Tyler so that I could see them and the sight of them made me lose my shit all over again.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. Everything’s alright. We love you so much.”

“Oh god I love you too. So much you have no idea. You guys have helped me so much. I went through so much shit in the past couple months and watching you three be idiots helped me to stay grounded. I love you guys so much I can never thank you enough, I just-I just-thank you.”

At the end of my confession I started crying all over again. After a few more seconds, Tyler grabbed my wrist and brought it up so he could read it. A wide smile covered his face and he pressed his lips to the tattoo and then wrapped his arm around my shoulder, pressing a small kiss to the top of my head as well.

“That’s good advice, whoever said that must be a genius.”

At first I was confused but when I realized what he was talking about, laughter bubbled out of my chest. Well, more like half laughter/ half sob. I was still sniffling but the smile on Tyler’s face made it impossible for me not to smile, that and the fact that I was surrounded my my three favorite people.  



For this anon:

Hello ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Still taking drawing requests ? If so, Spicycinaroll please ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Have fun ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

LOL! Why the lenny face? XD
What are you expecting on my sfw blog lenny anon? XD

Anyways, let me rant a bit. I have NO FUCKING IDEA HOW LONG THIS TOOK ME.
I don’t remember when I started. 5 am? And it’s almost 1 pm.

8 hours. This took 8 hour—jrnsbsochebxiakdbeicnwj

Okay, it’s done. I’m not gonna dare to do designs/patterns on the clothes or colour. Too scared, hungry and tired.

Don’t get me wrong, it was painstakingly fun. Emphasis on pain. _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):
It was so hard to find male clothes references. I cry.
And! The hardest one to actually draw for me, was Uf!Sans!!! DX THE ANGLE WAS HELL TO WORK WITH. I DIED SO MANY TIMES. Sob sob sob.

Ahem, so this idea came to me where I wanted Uf!Sans to be a Sun God(dess) and Ut!Paps to be the Moon God.

The ‘flowers’ that are levitating on their hands are a representation of their lover. ‘Sun’ and 'Moon’ flower. I was also going to have Uf!Sans hold a fan, but I got lazy. And tired. DX Spare me.

And they’re lovers that never met. Only by messaging each other (birds or a messenger or letter—whatever!!) did they fall for the other.

I think it’s bittersweet that way. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (is this wat u wanted anon? Lol)

Enjoy~! … Imma eat. _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):

Update: there was a tiny detail that was bothering the hell out of me, so needed to change it. Otherwise, the quality is better so no regrets (even if lighting might suck) :D

The Girl with the Angel Tattoo

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Warren Worthington III x Reader

The Girl with the Angel Tattoo

Author: Morgan

Prompt(s): “Could you maybe write some type of soulmate thing with Warren? I absolutely love your stories!!” and “Warren soulmate thing? Where like some people are born with marks that represent their soulmate in some way, and you have wings on your back and Warren has something somewhere that goes with your mutation, like if the reader had electrokinesis or something he would have a lightning bolt?”

Note: I am a sucker for soulmate AUs. Also, this is a really interesting concept, and I really like it. Reader has plant powers, just because I think it might be confusing for Warren with Storm and all. Like she has Electric powers and you wouldn’t want things getting mixed up, you feel?


Living in a mutant fight club was hell. Every day, Warren was forced to fight mutant after mutant. Some of them walked away fine. Others…not so much. And sometimes, he was the one that got hurt. It was no way to live, but one thing got him through the long days and lonely nights. The marks on his arm.

Yes, Warren was a mutant, it was true. He had giant, magnificent wings, but he also had soulmate marks. They were etched into his arms, trailing upwards from the veins in his wrists. Leafy vines, twisting and turning, a few flowers here and there.

He stared at them before he went to bed, often tracing them gently with his fingers when he was alone. It was his solace. His safe place. When he was thinking of his soulmate, whoever and wherever she was, he felt like all of this trouble was worth it if it meant he got to meet her eventually.

And then Apocalypse came. Warren was broken, sad, alone, and Apocalypse had scooped him up, tempted him into doing his bidding. But after Warren was rescued, he went with the others, to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters.

It was one of his first days there. He walked through the courtyard, surrounded by his new friends. And then he saw you. You were standing under the biggest tree on the campus, arms wide open. Your back was to him, and on your back, etched into the skin under your green dress was a very distinct pair of feathery wings. He broke into a run, leaving the others behind as he ran to meet you.

“Warren, where are you going?” asked Scott, but he spotted the marks on your back. It was you. Warren’s soulmate.

Warren stopped, standing just behind you. He took a breath, running his fingers through his curly blonde locks and puffing out his muscular chest. He straightened out the sleeves of his leather jacket. Finally, he reached forward and tapped your shoulder.

You turned around. He gasped softly, taken aback by how beautiful you were. But he was also scared, terrified beyond words. Would you like him for him? Metal wings and all? Or would you reject him as everyone in his life had before the Mansion?

“Hi,” you smiled, greeting him. Suddenly, your smile faded and your eyes went wide. “Oh my God, you’re…you’re my…” you started tearing up. Here it was. The rejection. Warren’s shoulders fell, preparing for the worst.

And then you hugged him. It was a tight, nearly bone-crushing hug, but he loved it more than words could describe.

“You have no idea…” you sobbed gently, tears of joy streaming down your cheeks. “How long I’ve been waiting to meet you.”

“Aww, don’t cry.” He held you tight, rubbing your back. He smiled, one of his first real smiles in a long, long time. “I’m sorry it took me so long to find you.”

“I always knew you would come,” you whispered. “Oh my God, I don’t even know your name.”

“Warren,” he introduced. “What’s yours?”

“(Y/N),” you replied. “I just…I want to know everything about you.”

“Well, now we have all the time in the world.” he chuckled. You peppered kisses all over his face. He laughed, smiling brightly. He couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe the most beautiful girl in the entire world was wrapped up in his arms and kissing him relentlessly. After all of the pain, all of the fighting, all of the loss, the war, you were here and everything would be better.


Later that night, you were laying on top of him on one of the many couches at the Mansion. Your fingers traced his muscles. He watched you, smiling softly.

“I never imagined in all of that, that I would ever find you.” Warren whispered, one of his hands stroked your cheek. “I wish you could have seen my wings before. They were beautiful.”

You looked up at him, your eyes meeting his. You gently rubbed his cheek with your thumb.

“Warren, everything about you is beautiful,” you told him.

“I love you so much.” he pressed a long, tender kiss to your forehead.

“I love you too,” you smiled, scanning his face before you kissed him full on the lips.

Warren knew one thing for certain. He would never get enough of this.

thegaypumpingthroughyourveins  asked:

AU in which Graves is utterly touch starved and affection starved after Grindelwald but everyone's afraid of him so no one dares to offer any comfort of any kind to him. He needs a hug so bad. But he's too proud to ask anyone for it. They'd probably run in the opposite direction anyway.


Like, he knows how people look at him, he feels the strong gazes on him at MACUSA, the whispers in his back, and he notices how the President only gives him unimportant cases. They don’t trust him anymore, they’re afraid he might not totally be on their side, or even that he might be dangerous, after all he had been throught. He cries during the night, when he’s alone in his bed, in his big appartment, a pillow in his arms. It’s the only thing he found to substitute a hug. God, what did he become? A wreck craving for affection.

But, maybe, one day he comes home, and as he was about to colapse in his bed, he notice the slim, pale figure sitting on it. The boy, the boy he thought was dead, the boy who Grindelwald manipulated, wearing his own face, was looking at him, his lips barely oppened, like if he wanted to talk but wasn’t able to. He didn’t look scared of Graves, which was even more confusing to the Director of Magical Security. Instead, he even seemed quite confident, compared to how he was before all of this.

“I thought you were dead.”

“And I thought you betrayed me. Mr. Graves. I’ve been watching you. I didn’t know. I’m so sorry.”

Percival didn’t even cared anymore, he felt to his knees, crying. The pain in his chest was hardly bearable. He was relieved, of course, but the guilt was killing him. But the boy took his in arm, forcing him to stand up, and squeezed him against him. Graves felt like the weak one at the moment, enjoying the embrace as much as he could. It has been so long. He dreamed of this for weeks. He needed this so badly, and judging by the light sobs of Credence’s body, he wasn’t the only one. 


Hi, I really like your stories :)

Could you make one where y/n feels really insecure and stuff, but Shawn can make her feel better/more confident? I really like these cute stories where Shawn just says the perfect words to make you feel better.

Thank you

Hey! Sorry I haven’t been posting, it’s the first request I’ve got in a while! I’m still open for them but I’m trying to make them as good as I can that’s why I take a while. But, hopefully this ones just as good. Also, big shout out to my homie @whitechocolateperfection for recommending my blog, you’re the real MVP! And @invisiblefangirl for the request! You’re so sweet! ❤


I was a pretty happily, bubbly girl. I was content with my life and grateful for many things that have come my way.

One thing I was grateful for was my best friend, partner in crime and boyfriend, Shawn Mendes.

We never failed to be honest with each other on how we were feeling, it was the way our relationship stayed strong.

If he was away for a long period of time, I was honest and told him that I missed him and felt lost without him.

If I was travelling back home, making us further away from each other, and he was lonely and needed someone there, he would tell me and I’d try my best to get to him as quick as possible.

But, sometimes, I felt guilty because I wasn’t completely honestly with him.

About how I felt about myself.

He would ask to go to many things that consisted of paparazzi, other celebrities with award shows and premieres, but I always avoided it. I tried to avoid it.

When I had to, I refused to go anywhere on the carpet and would meet him inside the venue. I’m sure he’s picked it up, but he refused to ever talk about it with me.

You see, I was insecure. There were moments where I couldn’t even look in the mirror, hating everything that I saw. Sometimes, after I had talked with Shawn and he called me ‘beautiful’ or 'perfect’, I’d cry when I was alone, feeling so guilty about not believing his words.

I came to surprise Shawn on his European part of his tour, with the help and organisation of Geoff and Andrew. He’d been doing press all day, which left me to my own demise in waiting for him on his arrival.

I sighed, looking in the hotel long length mirror, looking at my outfit, more so myself. I sighed in disappointment, not even my clothes could make me feel better about myself.

I sat on the edge of bed, wresting my head in my hands. Shawn hasn’t seen me properly for two months. What if he took one look at me and didn’t like what he saw anymore? What if he changed his mind? I couldn’t lose him; I didn’t want to lose him.

I didn’t realise I was crying till I could feel my body racking with sobs. I didn’t want to lose the only boy I’d ever actually had feelings for, strong feelings.

I heard the door open and closed, making my head jerked up. I stood up quickly, wiping the stray tears away that had fallen down my cheeks.

I saw Shawn enter the room, his eyes widened and a grin planted on his face as he dropped his bag on the floor, sprinting to me and picking me up of the ground by my waist, spinning me around.

'Oh my god, Y/N! I’ve missed you so much! When did you get in? How long?’ He placed me back on the ground, still holding me tightly. 'This is the best thing that’s happened to me today, oh my god, I’ve missed you.’ He repeatedly kiss my temple, burying his face in my neck.

The thoughts that I was thinking about before he walked in the door soon crawled back into my mind. I felt my eyes started to water as I hugged him tighter, squeezing my eyes shut.

I tried to hold in my sobs, but that was impossible. Shawn pulled back to look down at me, his smile disappearing whilst looking at my teary eyed face.

'Surprise?’ I sniffled, feeling him pulling me in for a bone crushing hug. I broke down into sobs, gripping onto his long sleeve shirt and burying my face into his chest.

'Hey, hey - shh, what’s wrong? It’s okay honey, it’s all okay. I’m here for you, alright?’ He reassured, holding the back of my head, resting his chin on top of it.

'I’m - I’m so sorry…’

'No, don’t be sorry. It’s alright.’ I shook my head, lifting my face up from his chest. I looked up at him, innocent but guilty with not being open with him about my insecurities.

'No…I’ve - I haven’t been honest with you.’ I wiped my face, sighing in exhaustion.

'What? What’s happened?’ I could only imagine the thoughts running through his head. His jaw tightened a little, anxious to hear what I was about to say.

'I - I’m not happy.’ I answered honestly. Shawn’s face dropped, the anger disappearing off of his features. 'I’m not happy, Shawn, I’m sad. I - I don’t like the way I look and I don’t feel confident in anything I wear. I feel like you could do better with someone else who’s good with the cameras and publicity. I mean - I have fans thinking that I’m telling lies about dating you since they hardly see any photos of us together…it hurts.’

'Oh, Y/N…’ Shawn sighed, resting his forehead against mine. 'Don’t…don’t talk like that, okay? Seeing you here in front me right now is the best thing I’ve seen in two months. I know that you have your own thoughts on how you think you look, but I’m here to tell you one thing; you are so perfect to me. The way you ask me all the time if I’m handling everything okay, making sure I’ve taken vitamins so I don’t get sick, making sure I’m sleeping okay…you really care about me in ways no one else has. You’re so selfless in putting everyone first before yourself, and that’s what I’m here for, to put you first.’

I chuckled, feeling a few more tears trickle down.

'You’re beautiful, Y/N. Every. Damn. Inch. No matter what you think, trust that I love you, and I think your the best thing that’s ever happened.’ I smiled, placing my hand on his cheek, 'Okay?’ He smiled, placing his large hand over mine that rested on his cheek.

I nodded, 'Okay.’ I let out a laugh, feeling Shawn’s lips capture mine, making me smile and forget all of my thoughts.

All that mattered now was this moment with the boy that I loved and had so much respect for. He honestly could make anyone feel beautiful.

And that’s a gift right there.

thank you

I’m ready for him to come out, I’ve felt like this for weeks now, Harry too, I can tell by the way I catch him looking at me sometimes, like he’s willing the baby to come sooner so I can have my body back. It’s been months since Harry and I decided to stop having sex and such not wanting to risk anything, the ever growing baby making me too scared to try anything, although Harry was convinced I would be fine.


It’s a Tuesday evening, a week later when he does, I was at home, painting when it happened, ruining my current project. Nancy was at the house with me, per Harry’s request, not wanting me to be alone at any point as due date neared. Although the doctor said it was probably still going to be at least another week.

It was honestly a blur up to the first contraction, that part I remember clearly, I had just started to color the sky went I felt the first. I had had contractions before, plenty of false ones to know this one was real, the pain was dull ending with a sharp pinch unlike the fake ones, “Nancy” I gasped accidentally swiping the brush across the canvas, leaving a pale pink stripe in its wake.

She was in the room within seconds still holding the half full cup of water she had been filling in the kitchen, “What’s wrong are you okay?” she rushed over at my pained expression,

I took a deep breath recovering, “It’s… s’time”

She jumped, “Yes!, Yes” I gripped her wrist as I felt a swift kick poke at my side, the baby growing more and more restless, my elbow knocking over the water it smeared the painting further although neither of us noticed as I gasped out again,

“Nancy, now!”

“Oh, fuck, let’s go” she helped me stand, grabbing the flats I kept by the door and lead me to her car,  the drive was fast, not fast enough as I suffered two more contractions each getting a bit worse as we neared the big white building.

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Littlefinger dies

Me: *clears throat, tears of joy and laughter streaming down my face*

Me:“I would like to thank not only God but Jesus, as well as the Old gods and the New. Thank you Red God and the Many Faced God.”

Me: *Now full on sobbing as I replay the scene over and over*

Me: “sorry for getting so emotional, I just…do any of you realize that I’ve been waiting for this moment since day one?! This slimy, manipulative, scheming lying mother fucker has been playing my Starks for too damn long. And it means so much to me that Sansa and Arya took his ass out. :) ”

Just practicing, y'all. How’d I do?? Anyone else ready?? He gonna die, and I’ll bet anything my Stark girls are the ones to take his ass out. I’m gonna laugh from a good healthy place in my soul.

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I have a lot of regrets (namely only painting one side of the flowers and forgetting to add a piece until it was too late) but my legs are tired and aching after spending almost 8 hours tucked underneath me to make this

So ! here is Natsume as Houzuki

strawberrywhaliens  asked:

namjin headcanon for secret sat: consider seokjin feeling down one day bc school is hard and weird and he's a freshman in high school but already he's being told to just focus on grades and nothing else and when he's walking home he passes by this park and suddenly hears a whole bunch of rapping dissing the school system and he looks to see what's going on and there's Namjoon, still in middle school but with a crazy mohawk and hands in the air as he verbally rips apart an imaginary person (1)

and seokjin is just awed while he watches this kid go in an empty park. before he knows it he’s right behind him and when namjoon stops he automatically starts clapping, half scaring the poor guy to death, who never had any idea anyone could hear him at all. and then jin is all up in his face, eyes sparkling, telling namjoon how he’s awesome and that was such a cool rap and how he totally relates to it and namjoon is s o talented to be able to do that and poor namjoon just turns bright red (2)

bc he’s never rapped in front of anyone before or shown them the stuff he’s done but here’s a really cute guy talking about namjoon like he’s actually something special bc of his raps and even saying he LOVED it and namjoon is just really?? flustered?? and afterwards they sit at the park together ralking and joonie talks about his rapping and why he does it and his love for music and jin just soaks it all up and talks about his own tastes in music amd they talk so long it becomes hella dark (3)

so jin is like omg!! you’re still a kid!!! so he sends him home after exchanging contacts and then when jin gets home and hits the bed he gets a text from joon like “got home safely, what about hyung?” and he grins and starts texting back and then they ended up falling asleep messaging each other bc this is basically their first real friendship and over the years jin is namjoon’s #1 fan and supporter even when ppl tell him he should stop rapping and just focus on his grades instead (4)

jin is just always there telling him he can do it and jin believes in him and somewhere along the line joonie falls for this kind and dorky and energetic hyung of his who’s never once given up on namjoon even though he’s obsessed with rap/music or thought namjoon should change in any way and so when jin struggles in school joonie learns the subjects he struggles in to be able to help him and constantly praises seokjin when he can so he knows he’s really absolutely amazing no matter what (5)

and namjoon always buys jin’s fav snacks or new ones he wanted to try out whenever he feels down and goes to the same highschool as him as a surprise, shocking jin even more when he skips another grade to be in the same class as jin after jin tells him he wishes he never had to go to school bc its horrible and they’re just always together, always seokjin and namjoon and nothing else to everybody who knows about them. namjoon makes a cd and sends it to companies to see if anyone will take him (6)

and jin is telling him “they will, they will” but namjoon doesm’t believe him and they’re in their last year of highschool when namjoon hears back from someone and gets a record deal and finally, finally makes his dream come true and becomes a rapper like he’s always wanted to be. the first song he raps is that one from all those years ago in that park, edited and tweaked just a little bit, and he dedicates it to jin. he saves up the money, goes to the first flower he sees and buys a HUGE (7)

bouquet of flowers and heads straight to seokjin’s dorm that he just moved into all alone since namjoon isn’t going to college, drops to his knees right there and tells seokjin he doesn’t have the money or stability or even worth to propose to him right now and ask him to marry him, screw the law, but he will one day and right now he just wants to know if jin will give him the chance to be his boyfriend and jin just laughs and kisses him right there in the dorm hallway with everybody there (8??)

and namjoon becomes famous and makes money and gets them an apartment and jin finishes college and they don’t have legal papers saying they’re married but they’ve got rings and the memories and love to say it for them and that’s all they need. joon dedicates every album to jin and jin is his number one fan always, to the point where not a single one of namjoon’s fans doesn’t know who jin is. (sorry i took so long iT GOT AWAY FROM ME AKSKFK) but like. consider. (9??? who knows anymore sjdkg)

/weeps in the corner/ you.. basically….. wrote a short namjin fic….. /nasty sobbing/

FOR REAL DUDE I’M SO HAPPY THIS GO AWAY FROM YOU?? i love it so much it’s just??? WOW thank you

never gonna be over it…….. i wanna read a full fic

it’s a sleepover

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Hello! May I get some drabbles about Mei's, McCree's, and someone else of your choice having a S/O that died... and then later came back to them as a ghost? And the ghost s/o can't interact with them without possessing something (or maybe even someone)?

(I’ll make the third one my bae, Genji. ^^)


Mei held the photograph in her hand, her elbow leaned to the wooden writing table. It had been a long time since they had died… And she didn’t even know.

Mei had been frozen for years without knowing all of her comrades had died. She was the only one on Ecopoint: Antarctica to survive. Not even her lover had remained alive, and she didn’t know. Once she was found and told what had happened, she almost couldn’t believe it was real.

It had been a long time even since then, but she could not stop thinking about them. Mei wasn’t sure she’d ever get over them, but she didn’t even know how to try. How to start trying. Fot the moment, she couldn’t take her eyes off that photograph.

Their old house felt far too large without smelling the fresh coffee made by her s/o, and without waking up next to them. Their old clothes and furniture were still everywhere, reminding her of the past she could not let go. Every day, she felt hollow.

The broken table lamp flickered on and off again and it was starting to get distracting. Mei put down the photo and turned to turn the lamp off, but it didn’t seem to work. She groaned and sat up, going to pull the plug on it. She tore it out of the socket, and the flickering ceased. She sat back down, sighing. [Name] had always been cheap when it came to furniture…

A moment later the light started flicking again, causing Mei to blink in confusion. She made sure the cord in her hand really connected to the lamp, and it did. So… How was this happening, exactly? She picked up the lamp and examined it thoroughly, then screwed off the light completely. Yet it still blinked.

“What in the world…” she muttered to herself as she stared at the blinking light. That’s when she noticed more blinking in the corner of her eye and turned to look toward it. She saw that another lamp was blinking in the hallway. Was somebody pulling a prank on her?

Mei stood up and followed the blinks with a confused expression, stopping under the supposedly broken ceiling light. That’s when it stopped blinking and turned off. However, another blinking started in the staircase.

“Who’s doing that?” she asked, still more confused than anything. After lagging in the hallway for a few seconds, she decided to follow the light downstairs. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, the blinking stopped again. She heard the TV get turned on in the living room. Now things were really getting creepy.

Hesitantly, she followed the noise into the living room and cautiously stepped toward the television. She picked up the remote and turned it off, but it came right back on, by itself. That’s when she noticed she had started to shiver.

“Whoever is pulling a prank on me, now would be a good time to stop,” she asked, more than a little spooked. But no response came. Then the channels of the TV started changing, never going further than one or two words before changing again.

Hello… My love… It has truly been… A while… Hasn’t it?

Mei flinched, and her legs gave in. She was now seated on the sofa, her hand covering her wide open mouth. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This prank was outright cruel.

I know you… Have been waiting… For… Me… For a long time… But I… Had no way… To… Contact… You.” The channels kept changing similarly, as if the TV was really Mei’s dead lover speaking to her. She couldn’t help it when her eyes suddenly filled with tears.

“This isn’t real. That can’t really be you,” she protested, nearly choking on her own words.

It’s… Hard… To believe… Even… For me… I’m sorry… For… Leaving… You.

Mei hiccuped and tried to hold back her sobs. The words were spoken far too much like her lover’s. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she shook her head in protest. She couldn’t believe it.

I don’t… Think I… Have… Long… But I… Wanted to… Tell you… Did I… Ever… Tell… You look… Cute… Without… Your… Glasses?

That’s when Mei finally broke into sobs. It must’ve been her lover. There was no one else who would know to speak to her like that.

“You told me all the time,” she sobbed, her cheeks wet with tears. “Every morning you would tell me that. I- I miss you too, [Name]. I miss you so much…” The television took its time before starting to change channels again.

Hah… Yeah, I… Think I… Did… But… Mei?” Mei thought it was strangely cute how the TV had turned to a weather report to get her name. “Promise… Me… You… Will… Move on.” She shook her head again.

“No, I can’t p-promise that… I don’t know how to, I can’t forget about you. I don’t want to,” she stuttered, pointlessly trying to wipe away her tears.

I don’t… Want… You to… Forget about… Me… I still… Love you.

“I love you too, [Name],” Mei responded, her breathing shaky. “Please don’t leave me again.” Again, the television didn’t respond at first.

I’m sorry… I have… No… Choice… I’m… Already… Fading.

“That’s not fair!” Mei exclaimed weakly, her throat sore and her voice hoarse from crying.

I’m sorry… Goodbye… Mei.

The television flicked off. It became dark in the room, and the only noise left was Mei’s violent sobbing. She had curled up on the couch and covered her eyes with her hands. Though she felt the world was cruel for tearing her apart like that, there was a hotness in her chest she hadn’t felt in a long time. For the first time of what felt like a decade, she felt like she was actually alive again.


Mercy was currently examining him after Jesse had gotten injured on his last mission. As usual, he’d been too reckless and had not thought everything through. There was a bullet wound on her thigh, and he was currently only in his briefs in front of the beauty that was Angela Ziegler. Anyone would have been a little flustered, but the doctor was very professional about it.

“Ahh, you don’t have to be so violent, doc,” Jesse complained when Mercy slowly inserted the pliers into the bullet hole.

“Oh, stop complaining. I need to get the bullet out, whether you like it or not,” she stated with a calmness that would’ve freaked out a younger McCree. This version was used to it by now, however.

“Ya coulda made it so that I weren’t feelin’ it, though,” Jesse argued and earned an eye roll from Angela.

“Honestly, since when have you changed your preferences? You seemed a lot tougher the last time I patched you up… Or perhaps it’s because I was doing it in front of [Name],” she teased, finding the bullet. Jesse stilled at the mention of that name.

“Oh… Could be,” he replied dryly, earning a concerned look from Mercy.

“Oh, I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to bring them up,” she instantly apologised. Jesse shook his head, waving it off.

“Nah, it’s fine, Angie… Just, hadn’t thought about them that much lately,” he explained half-heartedly.

[Name] was an Overwatch agent Jesse had fallen head over heels for when he was still a young man in Blackwatch. On one of their missions, things had gone horribly wrong and they had passed away. The only consolence to McCree was that Morrison had told him they’d passed peacefully. Even if he couldn’t be sure, he wanted to believe that.

Angela nodded, regretful, and turned back to the wound.

“Okay, this is the part that hurts the most. Bite on that sponge I gave you,” she ordered, and Jesse did as asked, putting the white, soft sponge into his mouth. Mercy released a breath and took a steady grip on the bullet, then pulled it out in one smooth motion. Luckily it wasn’t stuck to the bone – but even then, Jesse made a pained groan.

He took the piece of sponge out of his mouth and watched as Angela put the bloody bullet aside and pressed a clean rag against the now bleeding wound.

“Would you hold this for me while I get the bandages? Thanks,” she asked and moved Jesse’s hand onto the rag. He pressed it against the wound, like he’d been told to, while Mercy turned to the table behind her. The wound stung, and he could feel the blood soak the rag slowly.

“You could hurry up a little, Angie. I’m bleedin’ out here,” he half joked and lifted his gaze to the blonde. He noticed she was oddly still, her back still turned to him. He raised a brow. “Doc?”

Swiftly, the angel turned around, a strange expression on her pale features. There was a sad smile on her lips, pain in her eyes. Jesse quickly became worried.

“Hey, Angie, I didn’t mean–”

“Jesse,” she said calmly, but that was not Angela’s voice. Well, it was, but the pitch was not right. The way she said Jesse’s name, was not right. Nostalgia flowed through him when he heard the pronounciation of those syllables. “I’m sorry… It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen your face.” Jesse blinked.

“Ha… Stop jokin’, Angela. You don’t want me to stain the medbay, do ya…” he chuckled awkwardly, weirded out by the behaviour. It must’ve been a strange joke, maybe one she’d learnt in Switzerland. Mercy shook her head.

“Jesse… I know you haven’t forgotten about me. Remember the time I bailed on the mission briefing and we hid in the storage room for hours?” she said, causing McCree’s eyes to widen. Of course he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Angie, if this is your way of trying to make me feel better about [Name]… Well, I’d appreciate it more if ya stopped. They musta told you about that time,” he retorted, disappointed that someone as nice as Angela would do something like this. He was also briefly hurt that [Name] had told about something so private and intimate.

Mercy kneeled in front of the chair he was seated on and reached to cup his cheek with her left hand, just like [Name] used to… Jesse swallowed, and suddenly couldn’t take his eyes off Mercy’s.

“I didn’t tell anyone. It was our secret, after all… Remember the necklace you gave me that day? The one I lost the next spring. The lock broke and it fell into the lake,” she said, and Jesse’s lip quivered. Maybe it wasn’t real, but it was at least something. Could it be real…?

“I swore I’d dive in and get it back for you, but you stopped me. I laughed about it after, but ya felt really bad about losing it,” he finished the story easily. “[Name]…” he said quietly, his tone needy and his gaze distant. There was a smile on Mercy’s lips again.

“Jesse,” they responded, softly. “I wish I could stay longer, but I only came to tell you how much I’ve missed you.” Jesse quickly took their hands into his own.

“I’ve missed you too… You don’t have to go,” he assured, suddenly worried that he wouldn’t get to see them ever again, or to hear their voice… What remained of it. It had always been his favorite lullaby.

“I can’t, I really can’t… It would be wrong to steal Angela’s body just to be with you. It would be horribly selfish. I’m sorry, but I can’t,” they said and shook their head violently, clearly torn. Jesse didn’t want that to be true and he grit his teeth in frustration.

“You only came to tell me this and to break my heart again,” he said, bitter. For years he had mourned after his fallen lover, and now that he got to see them again, they would abandon him for the second time. They looked stunned, hurt, even.

“I came to say goodbye,” they said, worked up due to Jesse’s response. “A goodbye I never got to say. I don’t remember exactly how I died, but my last memory is wanting to tell you how much I love you… Jesse, please just give me this. I’ve been wandering aimlessly for so long. I need to be free.” There was obvious pain in their voice and Jesse immediately felt guilty about causing it. He pulled them into a hug, and they made a little yelp as they were pulled close.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I really didn’t. I’m sorry,” he repeated, keeping them pulled against him. “I missed you for so long. I never got to say goodbye either.” They relaxed and wrapped their arms tightly around Jesse, then pulled away. Their eyes were locked as they stepped away, fingers still intertwined with McCree’s.

“Goodbye,” they whispered, then their fingers fell apart.

Mercy stilled and stared blankly for a few seconds. She took a hold of her head, feeling dizzy all of a sudden and having to take support of the table behind her.

“Woah… What was that…” she muttered to herself – perhaps she needed to take a break and get something to drink… She only got to wonder about it for a moment before she was distracted by the sounds of muffled crying. She looked up and saw Jesse sobbing into his hands, and she froze, her stare firmly on the man.

“Oh, Jesse…” she said softly and stepped over, placing a hand on the man’s shoulder. The talk about [Name] must’ve hurt him worse than she’d first assumed. “Come on, let’s patch you up,” she continued with a reassuring smile and went to fetch the bandages.


They weren’t sure why everything was such a haze. Events from their past played faintly in their head, a messy stream of memories. Some of them were more prominent than others. Their childhood was mostly a confusing mix of colors, faces and sentences. As time passed, some moments became clearer than others.

Memories of Blackwatch came to mind. They remembered gruesome missions, colorful personalities. They remembered Commander Reyes, how he was the crew’s favorite and how unexpectedly kind-hearted the man was. The image made them smile.

Then, they remembered another person. They remembered someone wounded and angry, someone who was half man and half machine. Their heart beat a little faster at the bittersweet memories. They remembered falling in love with that man – all the arguments and long nights. The sweet moments whenever they managed to get a break from life.

They remembered great pain. It started from their chest and spread to everywhere in their body. They remembered dying, but that’s when their head stung. How did they die, again? They were pretty sure it was in a fight, on a Blackwatch mission. But then it hit them: They were dead.

It was empty and dark where they were. They tried to look around and make sense of things, but there were no shapes in the darkness. Not until a few beats later, when they started forming. Walls, a floor, furniture… All formed one by one. Then it all came apart and changed. The process repeated multiple times before the view finally seemed to still. It had switched to a graveyard.

They stood in front of a dark gravestone. It was cloudy, but there was no rain. They walked closer to the gravestone, feeling it call to them, whispers in the distance. They kneeled down, their eyes widening at the immediate discovery: It was their own name engraved there. This was their grave.

Quickly, they stood straight and looked around. The graveyard was almost empty, except for the figure that slowly neared them. The figure looked like an omnic, they noted, and simply watched as it came closer. The omnic passed them and kneeled next to their grave, lighting a stick of incense and placing a sparrowhawk feather next to it.

Once again, their eyes widened. They quickly turned their gaze back to the omnic who had put his hands together and said a wordless prayer. Genji? They tried to reach out and touch his arm, put it phased right through. Stunned, they quickly retracted their hand and stared at it. Ah… They were a ghost.

“Genji…” they said his name, and for a moment the man looked distracted. He looked around, as if he’d heard something, but soon just started walking away from the graveyard. They bit their lip and started following him, wherever he was going.

It was a hotel, a very standard one with nothing special to say about it. He walked a straight path into his room and they followed him like a shadow. Genji picked up the phone in his room and seemed to be calling someone.

“Room service? Sorry to bother you. I’d just like to inquire you about your breakfast options,” he said. [Name] just watched him. “The first one will be fine, thank you.” After he’d said that, he lowered the phone. Genji picked up the book set on the nightstand and seated himself comfortably onto the bed, then started flipping through the pages.

It was hard to take it all in. This Genji Shimada was nothing like the one [Name] remembered. He was polite and respectful, but most of all, he sounded like he was at peace. They didn’t know what to think about it, except that clearly a lot of time had passed. Then they wondered, was Genji upset when they died? Did he even remember…

Suddenly they were a little bitter. Their lover was allowed to move on while they were stuck in a timeless loop. They wanted to shout, but knew it would have no effect. It would be meaningless to scream in an empty void.

It wasn’t long after that there was a knock on the door. Genji put the book away and got up from the bed, then went to open the door. It was the room service he’d called, a pretty lady dressed in the hotel uniform. Genji let her in with the breakfast cart.

“Thank you for being so quick,” he said politely, but the maid could only blink at him. It must’ve been odd to serve food to an “omnic”. She probably thought it was for someone else not in her view.

“We try our best to be efficient,” she then said and offered the tray with a wide smile. Genji chuckled softly and watched the lady take the cart and head back for the door.

Like by the gravestone, strange whispers were echoing in from the woman’s direction. [Name] wasn’t sure what it was, but it was calling to them, so they walked closer. They reached toward the maid and touched her, and slowly she turned her head around. For a brief second they were sure she had seen them.

They felt a little dizzy and glanced down. That’s when they noticed their clothes had changed. In fact, they were wearing the clothes of that hotel employee just now. Their free hand held onto the breakfast cart, and the metal felt hard against their hand.

“Are you alright?” Genji’s voice called, and they snapped their head up at him. He was looking straight at them, his head tilted just a little in concern. He… Could see them? Then… They must’ve somehow possessed that woman’s body.

“Oh… Yeah…” they said hesitantly, then straightened their posture. Genji didn’t seem convinced.

“Are you sure? You look like you could use a break. I’m sure your boss wouldn’t notice if you took a few minutes,” he said, but all they could do, once again, was to stare at him. They stared, then averted their eyes. Genji’s gaze on them was too much, even if his eyes weren’t in view. It felt so long ago, yet not at all, since they last spoke. It felt wrong.

“I couldn’t stay,” they said hastily.

“I don’t see why you couldn’t. It’s nicer to eat in company,” the cyborg insisted and seated himself on the edge of the bed, the tray on his lap. He slowly removed his mask, revealing the scarred skin underneath. It really was Genji.

[Name] wasn’t sure what else they could do, so they went with it and sat down next to the man. They didn’t have to stare, they’d seen his face countless time in the past. They knew what he was.

That’s when they remembered the bitterness at the pit of their stomach. This was their chance to shout, to scream, to remind their past lover that they were still here. Alone. Their fingers twitched at the painful thoughts, and they looked up at Genji, ready to pile all of their frustration on him.

Genji looked back at them, chewing on his food. They stilled at how adorable it looked. It wasn’t fair – it wasn’t fair that he had moved on. They tore away their gaze and grit their teeth behind their lips.

“I have to go,” they said and got up, not leaving room for Genji to respond. “I hope you enjoy your food,” they added before pushing the cart out of the room. It must’ve been a strange meeting on his side, but [Name] didn’t really care. They needed to get out of there.

In the hallway, they leaned their back to the wall. Their breathing was shaky as they tried not to burst into tears. Sure, it was unfair that Genji had found peace even though they were gone from his life. But at the same time, it filled them with happiness that he was no longer that broken man they’d fell in love with.

Because of that, they felt themself become filled with relief. It was nice to see their lover one last time.

–Mod Evie

I Hope That You Burn

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean, Mia (OC)

Word Count: 2.8 k

Warnings: Angst, cheating (it’s not very graphic, but it does get described), swearing, implied smut

A/N: This is my entry for @carbonated-beverage’s Supernatural, the Musical Challenge! The song that I chose was Burn from Hamilton. Let me tell you, I fucking love Hamilton and I had a fucking blast while writing this. Thank you so much for letting me join your challenge!This is also completely unedited.

Prompt: Burn from Hamilton


I saved every letter you wrote me
From the moment I read them
I knew you were mine
You said you were mine
I thought you were mine

It was the summer of 2007 when you met Sam Winchester.

The first thing that you noticed about him was his height. His tall body easily towered over yours to the point where your neck would hurt from looking up at him for so long. He came waltzing in to your law firm. His body was clothed in a dark blue suit. He claimed to be FBI.

“Sam Brown,” He greeted you with a  warm smile and a handshake. “And this is my partner, Dean Moore.”

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My Bucky !

Bucky Barnes x reader

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

I had the shock of my life that morning.

A girl stood in our kitchen wearing one of Bucky’s shirts.

The shirt I had giving him on his birthday last year. I stood, staring at the girl, the grip on my coffee mug tightening.

“Goodmorning, (Y/N)” Steve said, as he stopped to give a quick peck on my temple before opening the fridge. I just stood, emotionless. And here I was,thinking that maybe Bucky felt the same way about me.

Ha. This changed everything.

Steve had spotted the small pout that I had, and came towards me slowly. Then he noticed the girl. AND the shirt.

“Oh” That was all he could say.

“Hi?” The girl looked at us in confusion, as we stared at her. “Im Marie.We met at the party last night ?” She offered.

Right. Thats where I saw her.Bucky brought her back into the tower ?!

“Are you ok, (Y/N)?” she asked, looking a bit frightened.

All of us looked back hearing a pair a footsteps. Bucky walked into the room with a smile on his face. Only to be met with three non-smiling faces.

“Everything ok ?” He asked, looking at me. I glowered at him, and he took a step back. Steve was trying to catch Bucky’s attention without me noticing. But obviously, I noticed.

Bucky turned to look at Marie, and his eyes widened. His eyes snapped back to me, and he shook his head violently.

“No no no !” He said, holding his hands up. “(Y/N), the shirt-”

Marie caught on all of a sudden.

“Bucky kinda ripped my dress, so I had to borrow one of his shirts ! ” She said, and then both she and Bucky looked me wide eyed.

“Thats just great !” I said, dropping my coffee filled cup into the sink, and storming off to my room, locking it.

Bucky was at my door, banging on it  for a long time. I was on my bed, sobbing. Bucky and I werent dating. But we were bestfriends, always fooling around, and flirting, that people always mistake us for a couple. And it had started to grow on me.

I was in love with Bucky Barnes.

But seeing the girl in that shirt, it just broke my heart. It hurt so much. I missed Bucky suddenly. I made my way to wardrobe, and took out one of Bucky’s pullovers (which I had stolen from him). Removing the shirt I had on, I pulled this on with my shorts and was relieve to find that it still smelled like him.

It has been quiet for a while, and I wondered if Bucky had joined that girl. I tip toed to the door, and opened it slowly, only to find Bucky sitting by my door, leaning against the wall. He looked up, and gave me his tearful puppy eyes. I returned his look, and slowly stood up.

“Can I come in ?” He asked in a small voice.

I nodded, stepping aside to let him in. He sat on my bed, and patted the spot next to him. I closed the door behind me, and joined him.

“(Y/N), please let me explain” Bucky said, pleadingly.

“But why Bucky ? You have no reason to do so ! Its not like we’re dating or anything” I said, my voice cracking towards the end.

I blinked raipdly to prevent the tears for falling.

“Oh God” Bucky groaned. “No baby ! Just let me talk alright ? Please ?” I looked at him, and his gorgeous eyes gave me such a look, I could have died.

I nodded.

“I was talking to this girl, Sam introduced her to me. I was about to come up to bed right after you left. She kinda spilled her wine on my shirt, and you know how expensive it was ! I came up to clean it, and she followed me to help” Bucky said, all in one breath.

I raised my eyebrows, waiting for the next part. Or better say, dreading it.

“I was washing my shirt, and she said she’ll grab a shirt for me, and then she closed the drawer too hard, her dress was stuck in it. I tried to open it, but it just wont open ! And I tried to pull her dress out, but the bloody thing ripped, and it ripped bad !”

I tried hard to control my urge to laugh. Not at the story, but his face. He was truly terrified.

“I told her she could borrow one of my shirts, ‘coz it was already late and everyone had gone to bed, and I stepped in to wash my shirt, and when I came back, she was gone. She slept in the spare room. I swear nothing else happened, and I didnt know it was THAT shirt !”

Bucky took in deep breaths once he stopped talking, and I couldnt help but laugh.

“Aww, Buck” I said, putting my arms around his neck, and pulling him into a hug. His arms wound around my waist, and i felt his breath on my neck.

“Dont ever scare me like that” I whispered, holding him tighter.

“Im sorry” he said, lips brushing my ear.

He slowly pulled me onto his lap, making me straddle him.

“You’re the one I want” Bucky said, with a smile. “And you look way better in my clothes ”

We laughed.

“When did you steal this ?” He asked, rubbing my back.

“None of your business” I said, nuzzling his jaw.

“Is that so ?” “Yes it is”

He smiled again, and I kissed his cheek gently, my lips staying there for a while. “I love you, (Y/N)” He said, his blue eyes locked with my brown ones.

I grinned widely, blushing.

“I love you too”

“Of course you do” Bucky said, pressing his lips on mine.

We had to pull back, since neither of us could stop laughing. I kissed him again, this time more seriously, and it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. The kiss deepened, Bucky flipping me over, and his weight shifted on to me slightly. I adjusted my legs, placing one over his, and his hand immediately went to stroke my thigh, and grabbing it, pulling me closer.

“Hey, (Y/N), where is Buck-” Steve barged into my room, and almost screamed out.

“Oh, you’re here” He managed to say.

“KNOCK you dimwit !” Bucky yelled, rolling off me, and straightening his clothes. I sat up beside him, blushing madly.

“What happened Stevie ?” I asked.

“Oh, Marie left. I had Nat lend her some clothes” Steve said, and he had this smile.

“And she asked if I wanted to go out for coffee sometime” He said, blushing. “Oh wow !” I said, sighing in relief. Bucky laughed.

“She said she’ll bring the shirt over later” Steve said, smirking.

“Oh, you can ask her to keep it” I said shaking my head. “I wont have it here anymore”

“But its my favorite !” Bucky whined.

“I’ll get you a new one !” I said, and Bucky calmed down.

“Ok, you guys carry on” Steve said, waving his hand, and turned to leave.

Just as Steve left, Bucky got up, to lock the door. He turned with a smirk and said, “Where were we ?”

the color of lightning, pt. 3

Darcy/Pietro, rated T

read: part 1, part 2

Agent Darcy Lewis is called in after the Battle of Sokovia to help identify the bodies of the deceased. Except, it turns out, one of them isn’t quite dead.

Also on AO3! (it would mean a lot if you could leave a review.)

well, i said that i wouldn’t be updating anything because of nanowrimo, but then i had inspiration for the chapter that’s been blocking me for weeks.

Originally posted by marvelmaximoff

a million thanks to @dresupi and @georgiagirlagain for reading this over. (also, check out @paranoidwino‘s companion fic!)

There was dead silence for a long moment, then the room burst into a cacophony of sound. Wanda threw herself at her brother, sobbing hysterically. She hugged him so hard she was practically smothering him. Clint took a step toward the bed, then thought better of it. He and Darcy looked at each other.

“I, uhh—I’m gonna call Tony and Coulson,” Clint stammered, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

Darcy commiserated; she felt uncomfortable too. Like an outsider intruding on a private moment. “Good idea,“ she said. “I’ll get the doctor.” Wanda didn’t look up as they left the room. Pietro was buried under her hair and unable to see anything at all.

It was easy to find a doctor. Apparently, the loud cries of a family member could mean several things, but all of them were important. The nurses were already eyeing the general direction of Pietro’s room, theorizing amongst themselves, and had no problem directing Darcy to his doctor.

The doctor’s face lit up as soon as Darcy told her what happened. "I don’t get to see outcomes like this very often,” she confided. “Times like these make my whole year.”

The doctor entered Pietro’s room immediately, but Darcy loitered in the hallway. She stared at her fingernails for moment, eyeing each speck of dirt critically. For the first time in days, she was at a total loss. There were no forms to fill out, no security to arrange, no coma patient to take care of. Which was amazing. She hadn’t let herself think this far ahead, avoiding the crushing disappointment she would’ve faced if Pietro didn’t make it through after all.

But he did. And his sister was here, and Clint was here, and they were going to take him to the Avengers facility, probably, or at least some place where he would have better care. That was the plan, and it was a good plan. The problem was that Darcy didn’t know how to go back to her normal routine after all the excitement. Just thinking of the prospect of desk duty at Headquarters was enough to give her hives.

Scrubbing a hand over her face and plopping down in a nearby chair, Darcy shoved that thought away. Right now was a time for celebration. She’d figure out all the rest later.

She wasn’t sitting there for very long before Clint came back. He dropped down next to her so exuberantly that the chair creaked under his weight and thudded against the wall. Knocking her shoulder with his, he asked, “Why the long face?”

Forcing a tired grin, Darcy replied, “Just exhausted. And trying to figure out what I’m going to be assigned to next.“ She halfheartedly joked, "It’ll be kind of tough to go back to the usual assignments after this, you know?”

With a genuine smile, Clint teased, “Trust me, I know. You have met me, right?” More seriously, he continued, "But I understand. I might have a solution for that, actually.”

Whatever he was going to say next was cut off as the doctor exited the room. “They’re asking for you,” she told them. Before leaving, she added, “I’m recommending that he stay another 24 hours before you move him, just to be sure he continues healing as he should.” With a significant look at Clint, she challenged, “Will that be a problem?”

Clint grinned and threw a sloppy salute. “No, ma'am, that’ll work just fine.”

Wanda looked up with a smile as they entered. She had relocated to the side of the bed, no longer smothering her brother. A nurse stood next to the bed, fiddling with the IV and murmuring to Pietro. Based on the flutter of her eyelashes and his accompanying smirk, her whispers weren’t entirely related to his medical care. Pietro smiled broadly at something she said, prompting the nurse to flush. Darcy couldn’t blame her.

Upon seeing his smile, Darcy’s first thought was, Wow, that should be illegal, and her second was, Damn. Of course he was a flirt. If she looked like that and had just come out of a life-threatening coma, she would be too. Not that it mattered; she shouldn’t be thinking of him in that capacity anyway. It wasn’t professional. Screw professional, her ovaries whispered. Darcy steadfastly ignored them.

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Still Here

I’d been beaten up a bit, but not seriously hurt, and I knew the bruises would be gone in no more than a week, leaving no trace of the incident. Hotch was in the process of cuffing the unsub, and Rossi was talking to the local officers. I stepped out of the building and looked around. JJ and Emily were the first to approach me, a flurry of questions. 

“I’m fine, guys, it’s nothing,” I assured them, hugging them both as Morgan approached us. 

“Hey, girl,” he said, hugging me gently. “You alright?”

I nodded. 

“Yeah, I’m good, Morgan,” I said, and then looked around, noticing the absence of one very important member of the team. 

“Where’s Reid?” I asked. Morgan turned and pointed him out to me, sitting on the bumper of the SUV, his elbows on his knees, his head resting in his hands. 

“Is he okay?” I asked. I felt JJ’s hand on my shoulder and glanced back at her. 

“He’s been a complete wreck,” she told me. “He’s the one who found your bracelet, and he’s been literally worried sick all day.” 

“I’m going to go talk to him,” I said, and JJ nodded as I walked away from them, towards Spencer. My shadow fell over him as he looked up at me. He looked like hell-pale, his eyes rimmed in red, the bags underneath his eyes more pronounced than usual. 

“Hey,” I said, smiling at him. “How come I didn’t get a welcome back hug from you, genius?” He stared at me, and I noticed tears begin to well in his eyes. 

“This isn’t funny, (Y/N)!” he exclaimed angrily. “I’ve been worried sick all day, and you just waltz over here and make a joke?” 

I stared at him, surprised by his outburst. 

“Whoa, okay,” I said, taking a step back. “I’m sorry I bothered you, Reid.” I turned to walk away, feeling confused and a little hurt, but the sound of him drawing in a ragged breath propelled me to turn back and look at him. 

Tears were streaming down his cheeks, and his eyes met mine, full of fear and hurt and total anguish, so expressive that it stopped me in my tracks. 

“Spencer?” I said cautiously. 

“I thought I would never see you again, (Y/N),” he choked. “When I found your bracelet, I thought you were de-” he struggled to say the word, but it came out more as a strangled sob instead, and I could see that he was starting to crumble. I moved forward and took him into my arms. He held tight to me, and I could tell he was trying not to cry. 

“I’m so sorry, Spencer,” I murmured. “I’m so sorry that you had to be the one to find that, and I’m sorry you were scared.” I could feel tears seeping into my shirt where his head was buried into my shoulder. 

“I can’t lose you,” he whispered. 

“Shh,” I soothed, tracing my fingers through his long hair. 

“Spencer, you’re not going to lose me,” I whispered. “I’m here. I’m okay.”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).”

“For what, Spence?” I asked. 

“Not keeping you safe,” he breathed, and I held him closer, my heart absolutely shattering at his words. 

“Oh, Spencer,” I breathed. “This was not your fault, sweetheart. It wasn’t anybody’s fault, okay? And especially not yours.”

“I love you.” 

‘I love you’? What? We aren’t even dating! Not that I don’t want to be, but I always assumed he didn’t! Now I’m confused. What does this mean for us?

While I was lost in my whirlwind of thoughts, Spencer pulled away, looking crushed. 

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I shouldn’t have said that when it’s obvious you don’t feel that way about me. I’m glad you’re alright, (Y/N).” 

I began to panic as he turned away from me. This was not how I imagined our first ‘I love you’ would go!

“No, Spencer, wait!” I cried desperately, reaching for his hand. He turned back to look at me.

“I do feel that way about you,” I said. “I’m sorry, you just caught me by surprise because I always thought…”

“Thought what?” he asked, taking a hesitant step in my direction. 

“That I wasn’t good enough for you,” I admitted. 

“What?” he looked genuinely shocked. 

“No, no, (Y/N), you’re-you’re beautiful and smart and funny and you’re real. You’re amazing. If anything, you’re too good for me.” I laughed. 

“No,” I argued. “I am definitely not too good for you.” He smiled and I reached out, fitting myself perfectly back into his embrace, burying my head against his neck. 

“I love you, Spencer.” 


So my friends and I were discussing relationship stuff (another one of my friends got engaged recently!) and ofc my single status was brought up since I’m the only one out of the crew without a current datemate

And my friends started teasing me about how that’s probably because of how dense I am and how I wouldn’t know someone has their sights set on me even if they were to go down on one knee and propose to me there and then

and ofc I was like “ok yeah very funny” buT THEN ONE OF MY FRIENDS GOES LIKE “dude I literally tried to date you for two years straight and you never took the hint“ and I’m like ??????????????????????????? 

So long story short it turns out one of my best friends was desperately in love with me during my Uni years and I’m basically a terrible heartbreaking MF bc I kept turning her down without even knowing I was turning her down…. wheezes…….