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IMAGINE: (summer traveling edition)

Elisa was pretty sure she and her husband were the exact representation of stressed parents in the airport. Their set up was as follows:

Mommy: Little Brother in kangaroo carrier on the front. Diaper backpack on the back. Rolly bag on the right hand. Declan’s hand on the left. Unruly curls conveniently pulled up in a bun.

And then Daddy: Two massive luggages on both hands. Baby’s carseat on hanging on one shoulder. An additional backpack on the other – pulling on his gray dad cardigan that complemented his dad hat and dad glasses.

Whew. Was that all?

And what’s worse…the flight was delayed, which meant keeping a 2-year-old and 1-year-old entertained for the next hour. Thankfully, a couple luggages were checked in, which freed Patrick a couple hands.

They stopped at an airport gift shop, browsing the items. Patrick found a set of AP magazines (whose cover looked uncomfortably familiar) and turned each of them over so no one would see.

Meanwhile, Elisa held the baby in the carrier, following Declan as he waddled around the toy shelves. He quickly spotted one of his favorites.

“Mashow!” he exclaimed, picking up a tiny, Beanie Buddy version of a stuffed Dalmatian dog dressed in a red fireman’s hat and jacket.

“That’s right! That is Marshall,” Elisa smiled. Suddenly, the baby sneezed. “Daddy,” Elisa called Patrick away from the magazines, “can you open the backpack and get a wipe?”

And he obeyed, like a good dad, wiping his baby’s nose. Soon, they made their way out of the shop to wait at the gate. Finally – a chance to sit down.

They settled their bags on the floor, and Patrick plunked down onto the seat, exhausted. Elisa unbuckled the carrier to free the baby for a bit. Declan bounced around a small toy from his mommy’s lap to his daddy’s, before landing the toy on Daddy’s tummy.

“Woof! Woof!” Declan said.

Patrick looked down at the tiny Dalmatian dog perched atop his stomach. Something seemed strange. Very strange.

“Mommy,” Patrick asked Elisa, “has Declan always had this toy?”

Elisa took a look and gasped. “Declan! You stole that Marshall!” Declan’s eyes grew wide and mouth shrunk small at the gravity of his mother’s voice, unknowing of what he had just done. He had never stolen anything before. He didn’t know what stealing was.

Elisa tried to keep a condescending look but eventually broke, bursting into laughter.

“Declan!” she went on. “You’re not supposed to take things from a store without paying for them!” She turned to Patrick. “Daddy, you need to take him back to the store and pay for this.”

“So we’re actually gonna buy it?” Patrick asked.

“Might as well,” Elisa laughed.

“Ughhh c'mon, buddy,” Patrick groaned, taking the toy off his belly and picking up his older son. “Don’t do this again, okay? You could go to jail.”

Declan nodded, eyes beginning to fill with tears. He wrapped his chubby arms around his father’s neck while they walked back to the store. “Am I in twubble, Daddy?”

“Yes,” Patrick said. “But we’re gonna go pay for it now.”

The father and son arrived back at the shop, the cashier already giving them a dirty look. Patrick grinned. “We, uh, we accidentally stole this…” he said, placing the stuffed animal on the counter.

“Yeah,” the cashier replied, scanning it. “And you messed up my magazines too.”

Patrick blushed, then shrugged. “Ehh, that band Fall Out Boy. I can’t stand their singer’s face.”

My colored part from a collab with @kmittingarts and @crashandburrnart         suze did the sketch and skoop did the line art 

This was a lot of fun to do and id definitely do this again if a chance came along

me: ah, i’m glad i’m finally over that obsession i had awhile back

my brain: *kicks door down* buddy you’re not gonna believe this


FIXed the errors this joke is dead but this is them

What if...

“Plagg, claws out.”

“Huh? Wait, Adrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee—!”


He’s so tired. So dead tired.

He’s so tired that he can barely function.

Still, as the model Agreste son, he has to make sure to uphold his image, just as his father taught him.

So he straightens his back and adjusts the strap of his backpack against his shoulder, and enters the classroom.

His classmates are all quiet but he doesn’t mind. He’s too sleepy to care.

He stifles a yawn and takes his seat next to Nino, giving him a casual, “hey.”

“Uhh?” Nino responds blankly.

Huh, he must be sleepy too. What a true bro.

He turns around to greet Marinette and Alya.

Alya is gaping and has her hand out like she’s texting on her phone. But her phone seems to have fallen on her desk.

Marinette is staring at him like he’d grown fifty-seven heads and laid an egg.

Seems just like usual then.

“Good morning,” he says to them, hoping the smile he offers them doesn’t look too tired.

Marinette’s eyes widen like he just sprouted an additional fifty-eighth head.

He has no energy to contemplate that so he turns around and lays his head on his desk, hoping to catch a few Z’s before roll-call.

And it’s roll-call that wakes him only a few minutes later.

“Adrien Agreste,” the voice of Miss Bustier calls out.

So he raises his hand and says—

And then he is jolted awake when Marinette starts screaming from behind him.

What if… Adrien was so sleepy that he just walks into class as Chat Noir?

Marichat May (What If…)

What your fave melodrama track says about you
  • <p> <b>Green Light:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Sober:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Homemade Dynamite:</b> You're gay<p/><b>The Louvre:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Liability:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Hard Feelings/Loveless:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Sober II (Melodrama):</b> You're gay<p/><b>Writer In The Dark:</b> You're gay and sad<p/><b>Supercut:</b> You're gay<p/><b>Liability (Reprise):</b> You're gay<p/><b>Perfect Places:</b> You're gay<p/></p>