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So two weeks ago I meet my boyfriend who lives 100 km away from me and we were both horny as fuck and I wanted him soooo bad. We were walking near some clothing stores and I got an idea and told him I wanted to try some jeans I saw and he was like "wtf you dont like shopping" and I was like "get the fuck in and shut up". Long story short I gave him head in the dressing room and it has so hot bc he was constantly moaning and we were close to be catched but I didnt stop until he came

hi im getting addicted to OneShot and Niko is, my child

Mass Effect’s regression

Mass Effect 1, out of all the Mass Effect titles, has the most varying models for NPC’s. With each game, you see less and less (this goes for all Alien species in the games). By the time you get to Mass Effect 3, only one or two models exist and only vary through colour palette. Hanar, Elcor, Quarian, Vorcha and Volus dip out the most in terms of a unique model. But in Mass Effect 1, there were several very unique models for Aliens, especially the Salarians. Dr Saleon (last row, 3 across) to me was incredibly unique considering he has next to no screen time. Several models for Turians existed too (male only). Some had slight mandible and fringe changes (short, long, bent) as well as a more expansive colour variety and face tattoos. 

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, every Salarian is Kallo Jath’s model with a different colour or face paint slapped on top. Turians are all the same and all Asari have Dr Lexi’s face. Many features of the Salarian’s have been left out such as their upward blinking and large pupils and now they tower over Krogan.

Andromeda has less variation than Mass Effect 3, cruder animations and is just as glitchy as the first release of the first game. 


After returning from vacation last week, this was a short, 5 day “week” where my primary goal was to get back into my routine. For the most part, I think I accomplished that. 


I was down 2 lbs this week for a total 122 since surgery and 153 off my highest weight. I am currently 3 lbs ahead of the pace my Dr. set for me. While I am very pleased with the progress, I am a little concerned with the rate dropping and how that will impact my ability to get to my May goal. 


I slipped a little this week, frequently forgetting my last supplement of the day. I will get that back on track starting today.


I got back into running this week. I decided to go back to week 4 of 10k training and when that went well, I moved on to and finished week 5. I am going to start week 6 tomorow. I have my first 10k of the season in 4 weeks and I am doing my best to get ready. 

Food / Hydration

I did OK with hydration, though only hit my goal 3 out of 5 days. 

My eating choices were better. I snacked a little too much but otherwise I am pretty happy with my progress this week. I plan in limiting snacks this week but upping my calories and carbs eaten during meals. 


I hit my sleep goals all days this week. 

Next week

My focus of next week is to complete week 6 of 10k training and to stay on track with my food, hydration, sleep and supplements. If I can do this, I expect positive results to follow. 

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I'm a little confused by the last chapter because it seems like Yuuri is only seeing Victor for the first time that season at the free skate? what happened at the short program?

“That night Yuuri slept badly and by the time the short programs rolled around the next day he was feeling less prepared than he had ever been before. It didn’t seem like he was the only one. The young Canadian skater fell prey to nerves, his program almost painful to watch and as he exited the rink Yuuri gave him a small nod of sympathy, noticing the way the boy’s eyes widened a little at the gesture before he nodded back. Yuuri knew from bitter experience how awful competition nerves could be, how they could get under the skin and undermine everything and he understood.

Worst of all though was the fact that he barely saw Viktor the whole day. The other man was conspicuously absent from all the practices and only appeared very briefly to skate his short program and receive his scores before disappearing again. Yuuri had no idea if Viktor was avoiding him or avoiding the reporters or the crowds or just being generally, if uncharacteristically, elusive. Throughout the whole Grand Prix Series Yuuri had been building himself up to the moment that he would see Viktor again, working through his feelings time and time again until he finally felt ready to face the other man.” - chapter 14

Friday Rundown 3-24-17

On the docket for the weekend

  • This is the weekend I start tackling this horrid, horrid storage closet we have. It’s pretty much become a “crap I don’t want to look at” depository. I need to go through it, purge some things, keep some things, and get an idea of what I need to do to properly store our items. We want to get a unit in there because we want to leave the floor space open for future projects.
  • We’re having a huge freezer clear out next week so I don’t need to cook a lot, but I still need to stop by the store tonight to grab some fresh stuff to munch on.
  • 2/2 weekend workouts! We have leg day on Saturday, and if it’s not raining we’ll probably take a walk Sunday. If it’s raining I’ll probably pick up another short little cardio session or do upper body. Sunday’s always been kind of a free-for-all “what doesn’t hurt” day.

The successful

  • Rest Day. Guys, Monday I barely moved. I didn’t even think too hard. It was absolutely glorious and I really needed it.
  • I have an NSV for you. My side boob is gone. Y’know, when your bra smooshes your sides and it spills over the band? I don’t really know when this change started occurring, but it was really only the other day that I was, “woah.”
  • This clearly has more to do with him, but my boyfriend loves his protein shakes! I’ve had to beat it over his head that he doesn’t eat enough protein. He’d always tell me “I eat what you eat” Queue me, “I’m 5 inches shorter and 50 lbs lighter so under no circumstance should be eating exactly what I eat.” Also, I’ve been giving him a protein mocha so he isn’t spending $2 at Tim Horton’s every morning. He needs to make his own habits out of things, but I seriously think he’d only eat Jimmy John’s and Jet’s if I didn’t pack his breakfast and lunch in the morning.
  • 3/3 weekday workouts, including that killer cardio session. I feel like I really upped my game this week.
  • Kept my sweets under control. After last week I needed to put my foot down and it turns out I actually didn’t think about sweets at all this week, really.

The not as successful 

  • Well, these weeks happen sometimes, but I can’t think of anything I’d do much better! All of my cooking came out well, no one had a meltdown, I broke PRs, I slept very well, and my freezer is so stuffed that I don’t even need to cook much of anything next week.

Cruuuuushed it.

Home for a bit, after a intense, nerve-wrecking 2 days in hospital. I have to go back in for another operation hopefully some time next week. Long story short, I wasn’t going to open up about my “illness” as it’s mainly a “woman’s problem”, so won’t go into too much detail. I found out yesterday I have uterus didelphys aka “double uterus”. It effects 1 in every 2,000 women (well aren’t I a rare gem) as a result of being born with one kidney which I always knew about. From the operation, my surgeon also my gyno, had to stop and was very confused as he didn’t understand how I was getting this unknown “liquid” and didn’t want to damage my insides, so had another MRI the other day with dye injected into me to go further in depth and with all these specialists intrigued by my rare condition; everything started to make sense with what was happening to me. My right side has been blocked off and a lot of trapped fluid been building up for years and somehow it must have burst into my left side and has been pouring out of my left cervix. Finally, my doctor knows exactly what to do and I am so relieved. The thought of the impossible is one of the most blood curdling feelings to ever feel. We don’t realize how much we take our bodies for granted. We ARE all lucky to have a normal, healthy, functioning body and we don’t think about that enough. Finding out about my condition as a woman has changed my life forever; good and bad. We need to be aware of these “rare abnormalities” and am so happy I found out earlier so I know for when I want to have a baby one day. But I want to get my stuff sorted first off!

Thank you all for the lovely messages of support! So sweet of you ♥

Writing update: Chapter 4 of The Ice Plague is written (*bounces quietly*) and now tagging The Golden Age back in. :)

(Also, it’s weird writing chapters that are around 4000-5000 words because they feel so short compared to what I normally write).

Round 2 of there being a kid with lice in my son’s preschool. I’m taking it better this time. As the same with the first time a few weeks back - it’s a kindergartener in the local public school who comes for the after school care. Another girl and I’m told my son doesn’t really interact with her. I’m glad that we’ve been using the Fairy Tale spray daily and then aerosol hairspray daily on top of that. We go for a spikey hair look. All the classroom kids are getting checked today and the afterschool kids will be checked when they get off the bus. But as long as they’re combing for nits at home they are allowed to go to school and aftercare. 

I’m fine with blood, snot, poop, internal parasites, whatever. This is THE thing that makes me a crazy lady - I freak out and get itchy at the thought of lice. 

Oh well, he’s due for another haircut anyways. We’ll be going really short again. 

Friday Prompt

So, like I said I wanted to do earlier this week, this is going to happen on Friday’s and you have until the next Friday to write something up and post it. You could write a scene, a short story, prose, poetry, literally anything. Hell, you could do art for it or a comic or something.

You can tag it with my URL or the tag prettylittlewritingprompts

Then, I will go through the tags on Friday’s and reblog your guys’ stuff! Most of it will probably be queued/scheduled to post throughout the week, but I swear, I’ll reblog it all, because the whole point is to share our writing, get it out there, and get commentary. I’ll leave comments in the tags and tell you guys what I think.

I really want to be more active on this blog and interact with the community and find my absolute love for storytelling again. I want to focus less on the pressure of being perfect and I just want to share the things we love about writing and help one another become better!

Sooo, the prompt for this week is found here, and I’m also going to copy and paste it below!

Write a story using one of these that includes all 3 of the items listed! You can pick whichever one you want, and mix them up for all I care, but have fun with it! And don’t forget to tag me either at justaprettylittlesoulwriter or prettylittlewritingprompts!

1) An apple, a sweater, a tube of lipstick that is not what it seems

2) A special rock, the color black, walking through clouds whilst on a mountain

3) A scarf, a present wrapped very poorly, a kiss

4) Fireworks, a broken clock, a toast

5) Ripped up paper strewn across the floor, a potion, a lost item

6) A pair of glasses held together by tape, a missing phone, a small, mean, dog

7) A very old letter, a wolf, a family heirloom

8) Raindrops, a singed teddybear, a photograph so worn it feels like fabric

9) Sleeping until midday, a stolen item of jewelry, a drug laced with poison

10) Lightning strikes, gunshots, roses

Mononokean Headcanons

because why the fuck not  (っ'▽’ )╮ =͟͟͞͞ 🍤

  • Ashiya can LIFT - I bet he does most of the heavy lifting at his mother’s flower shop, and since his favorite class is physical education he’s probably pretty fit (imagine Abeno walking into the shop one day and seeing Ashiya at work in an apron with his sleeves rolled up and then WOW dokis)
  • Zenko can find a practical use for anything - she probably wouldn’t even have batted an eyelash if Yahiko had really brought home that skull from the mountains; just stick it in a field and “hey it makes a good scarecrow”
  • Abeno gets cold easily - more of an observation than an actual headcanon but Abeno never seems to wear short sleeves (he was the only one in long sleeves during the training camp, he apparently zips his PE uniform jacket all the way up and he has long pants compared to Ashiya’s shorts…)
  • Ashiya does drink coffee; Abeno is strictly a tea person.
  • Saga still isn’t sure that Ashiya, Abeno, and Zenko aren’t all in some kind of relationship one way or another
  • It’s somehow become Ashiya’s job within the class whenever someone needs something to do with Abeno: ask Abeno a question? Ask Ashiya to ask him. Give/request something from Abeno? Leave it to Ashiya to pass it on! Funnily enough, Ashiya still hasn’t noticed.
  • Ashiya has so, so many pictures of Fuzzy on his phone (and quite a few in the Mononokean); he often wonders what the pictures look like to people who can’t see yokai.
  • Extremely extremely headcanon until/if she appears, but Ashiya’s older sister is his polar opposite and super extremely cool to the point that people will wonder if they’re actually related if they’re next to each other; neither of them find it strange though
  • Abeno isn’t a very big eater, Ashiya’s not a glutton, exactly (closer to normal than not) but Abeno is often incredulous at how much Ashiya can eat in one sitting (Ashiya insists he has a second stomach for his favorite foods and that Abeno’s the weird one for eating way too little)
  • Fuzzy’s favorite spots to nap: on the alcove by the Mononokean’s scroll, Ashiya’s shoulder because Ashiya’s face is in close proximity to nuzzle, Abeno’s lap because Abeno’s good at sitting still for long periods of time (doing work in the Mononokean, etc)
  • Zenko’s family buys their flowers for the temple from Ashiya’s mother’s shop
  • Yahiko is jealous of Ashiya, partly because he feels Abeno as his playmate is being taken away, and partly because he’s envious that as a human, Ashiya’s sense of time/perception of things flows better with Abeno than Yahiko, who’s remained the same for many years
  • Zenko’s warned him against doing anything big, but Yahiko sometimes plays tricks on her father such as toppling things over, or making food “disappear”.
  • Ashiya and Abeno are jealous of each other in different ways (mostly unconsciously): Ashiya admires how Abeno always seems to have everything together and is good at so many things, Abeno envies Ashiya’s straightforwardness and the fact that he can so easily cry and laugh and express things when he needs to (despite Abeno calling it “unstable”)
  • Ashiya is reeeeally salty over Abeno’s 1cm height difference over him and secretly wants to surpass it someday
  • Ashiya hums; Abeno has found himself getting drowsy when he hears it on occasion
  • Ashiya tries to get Abeno to go places with him other than by Mononokean (and the Mononokean is more than happy to oblige, much to Abeno’s annoyance)
  • Abeno’s not concerned about his appearance at school at all (although Ashiya calls it still “irritatingly perfect” and is absolutely sure Abeno’s hair is on purpose); he’s only concerned about appearances when he’s at work in his kimono

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can I request some short hc or fluff? Ardyn with rabbit ear and tail and tried to steal vegetables from kitchen but caught by reader XDDD This will be absolutely cute and funny XDD

Hahahahh, okay Anonnie, not completely sure where we’re going with this but

✓ “Ears, check. Tail, check,” Ardyn runs through his list, “All ready for mission. Target: acquire some leiden peppers, lucian tomatoes and caem carrots. Because where the hell do people get this stuff from? I have no idea. But I know this woman has them in her kitchen.”
✓ It’s early morning, before the usual wake-up time of the house owner. He’s been observing her for some time. He knows her patterns.
✓  Sneaking into the kitchen, he goes for the vegetable stash. But it’s a failed mission, there are no vegetables there this time! Only one onion rolling around in an empty basket.
✓  He hears footsteps coming down the stairs, but it’s too late. He panics. “Better play dead.”
✓ Coming down to make your morning coffee, you see a man in a long jacket with fluffy bunny-ears lying on the floor.
✓ “Are you allright?” you run to check for his vital signs. You notice he’s holding an onion in his hand.
✓ “So you’re the one who’s been sneaking in to steal all my veg?”
✓  “I’m sorry ma’am,” the man mopes with a guilty look. “I wanted to make a ragu.”
✓ “Then why didn’t you say so!” you poke him on the side. “How about I’ll invite you to dinner tonight? But on one condition. You’ll have to bring me some veg.“
✓ The man looks horrified. “Break into someone else’s house?”
✓  “There’s this wonderful thing called the market. Come, I’ll tell you all about it…”

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im lov the nature video u did!! i wish it was longer bc its really relaxing to have it on in the background ^^

thank u sm!!!! the reason this one is so short is bc i wanted to see if people would like it :000 bc i’m a perfectionist and i’d have to spend more days getting the footage i need. and it was raining all week (which did give off a nice effect tbh) but ahhh the lovely feedback has definitely inspired me to make something longer some time

700 followers writing challenge/celebration

i can’t believe i’m at 700+ followers already. you guys have no idea what this means to me and how fortunate i feel! so i wanted to do something for you all who might want to get your writing out there, want to write new characters, or want something to break up the writer’s block (we all have it).

i’m going to be doing a song challenge. so here are some rules/guidelines for you all.


  • if you want in, just send me an ask with the song and character that you’d like and i’ll get you on the list (:
  • i ask that you write for marvel, but please feel free to do ANY character you like. i also prefer that they be reader insert fics.
  • pick a genre, any genre. i don’t mind what you write: fluff, smut, angst, anything! feel free to let the song inspire you!
  • no limit on word count: make ‘em as short or as long as you want to. all i ask is that you relate it back to the song in some way.
  • please please please tag me in your entries when they are posted. i want to make sure i don’t miss anyone’s post.
  • please post your entry by may 5th.
  • i’ll post the masterlist on may 7th. so you have a little wiggle room (;


1. a change of heart—the 1975
2. acquainted—the weeknd
3. avalanche—walk the moon
4. breathe me—sia
5. certain things—james arthur
6. first heartbreak—tori kelly
7. hallelujah—panic! at the disco
8. happier—ed sheeran
9. hello my old heart—the oh hellos
10. if you ever want to be in love—james bay
11. into you—ariana grande
12. just a kiss—lady antebellum
13. lights down low—max
14. oops—little mix
15. play it again—luke bryan
16. speakerphone—rixton
17. the one that got away—katy perry
18. this means war—marianas trench
19. tomorrow—olly murs
20. trumpets—jason derulo
21. wake up with me—gabrielle aplin
22. what breaks my heart—parachute
23. what if—adam friedman
24. where do broken hearts go—one direction
25. wicked game—james vincet mcmorrow

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