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Jake Gyllenhaal Request

I’m the anon who asked about Jake✌ would you mind doing a imagine of the reader and Jake, maybe they’re on a interview with ellen (and they also have being in a lot of movies together) and they’re finally dating? Please… I love ur blog btw 💜

“Here to talk about their new movie, Life, please welcome, Y/F/N Y/L/N and Jake Gyllenhaal,” Ellen introduced your names and you and Jake walked out to the applause of the audience. “Hi,” she greeted and hugged you both as you reached the couches. “How are you guys doing,” she asked once everybody was in their seats.

“I’m so excited,” you cheered. “I haven’t been here for, what’s it been, almost two years?”

“That’s right when you were here just before your Oscar win,” she recalled. “And Jake, what about you, how are you doing?”

“I’m great. It feels great to be back, thanks for having us.”

“Of course, I love having you both here. So, you two are in the new movie Life can you tell us what it’s all about?”

“Life is about this group of six astronauts that are in a space station and have to test samples that are from Mars. What happens is that they find a sample that has a living cell and they realize that Mars does have life but things take a twist for the worst,” Jake trailed off for some sense of mystery.

“You and Y/N play two of the astronauts and you two get to play alongside some amazing actors like Ryan Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, and just so many other great actors. What was the set like with everyone on it?”

You laughed a little thinking about all that went on on set. “It was kind of crazy,” you admitted. “Of course, with all these great professionals it was so interesting to watch everyone in their element and awesome to get to work with them but I think we got into more trouble on set than anything else,” you looked at Jake who laughed in agreement. “Jake and Ryan, especially. Those two together caused nothing but trouble.”

“We like to joke around and have fun, what can I say,” he lightly shrugged.”

“Ryan was on the show last week and he talked a little bit about the jokes he pulled on set,” Ellen told you. “He mentioned one with you Jake, something about breaking a finger.”

“Ahh yes,” Jake nodded. “We thought it would be great to see the reactions on everyone’s face if I broke a finger so, while we were doing some of our floating stunts, I pretended to drop to the floor and pretended that I broke my finger.”

“It was not funny,” you interjected! “I was so mad.”

“She was worried about me,” he grinned.

“He must have tried jokes on you before Y/N. You guys have known each other for a long time after all.”

“He tried to be a jokester but he’s usually not that good at it,” you laughed. “But, yeah, we’ve known each other since 2004, when we both worked on The Day After Tomorrow.”

“And you’ve done how many movies together?”

“This is our…seventh,” he said thinking about it for a moment.

“And, for those of our viewers that don’t know, you two started dating not to long ago,” she said with a hinting tone.

“We’ve known each other for 13 years and it only took me 11 and a half years to ask her out,” he tried not to blush.

“What took so long, Jake,” Ellen jokingly exclaimed.

“I don’t know,” he laughed and clapped his hands on his knees. “We were such good friends right away after our first movie together. We were hardly able to ever hang out living in different places and busy with movies but we always talked and obviously saw each other on set. But we never really accepted our feelings for each other and made the decision to give us a shot until we worked on Southpaw.”

“I think the funnies thing about it all was the fans reactions because there have been rumors and blogs and ships about us being together so when it became official everyone kind of freaked out a little.”

“So after almost 12 years of being friends you started dating, so when’s the wedding,” she asked quickly.

“Wow, Ellen,” Jake through his hands up, “one step at a time.”

anonymous asked:

I can't stand those "it's been x months and people are still upset about the ending" posts, especially since they almost ALWAYS go on to say "I'm an IchiHime/RenRuki shipper" or otherwise reveal this on their blog. Bitch no shit you're okay with the ending, you got what you wanted, don't you dare try to make us accept it when we were stabbed in the gut so blatantly.

hi anon, i’m so sorry this response is so late!!

but i completely agree, it’s entirely unnecessary. they only say it because they’re immature, unsympathetic, jealous and (most of all) they just want the ichiruki fandom to die. all of us vehemently continuing to ship ichiruki makes them angry - which brings me back to the immaturity because adults ship and let ship and stay in our own lane. it’s not that hard.

they must be pretty bored with that canon of theirs since they’re so wrapped up in what we say and do. i almost feel bad for them.