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Hey! I read a fic a while back where Phil did tech stuff at BBC radio and Dan was a famous youtuber that was a new host. Do you know what it is?

A Dying ArtPhil has been a technician at Radio 1 for a few years after graduating uni (he doesnt do yt) and Dan is an up and coming vlogger who’s just got his own radio show. They meet at work and sometimes Phil has to wander to the desk (in front of cameras) during a show and he and Dan always joke around/flirt during songs so people start to ship them and things snowball from there.

- Gabriela

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Ok. Does anyone else just... NOT trust Jarret? Why is he in Whitestone? He was supposed to be guarding Greyskull Keep, which I think still has refugees from Emon. Did I miss something or was there NO explanation as to why he's now in Whitestone? Everyone was so excited to see him that no one questioned it. There was an insight check rolled on him during the conversation about a spy, but it was a low roll. I think he's the spy. Someone offered him more money than VM was paying and he turned. :(

He’s probably a dragon.

I’m tired so my memory is likely off but I think that he was part of the group that VM sent through a tree with Transport Via Plants to Whitestone from Greyskull Keep after the initial attack on Emon?  Correct me if I’m wrong critters! 

As for someone offering him more money and turning - you gotta keep the faith. Not everyone’s a Clarota!

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i love tony and i know you do too so i'm not trying to start a fight or anything but what do you have to say about him blasting sam after rhodey fell in cacw ?

basically: http://www.ptsd.va.gov/public/problems/anger-and-trauma.asp

i’m also low key super annoyed that people zoom in on tony’s immediate reaction to his friend crashing against the ground at 5796458536 mph like that single non-lethal repulsor blast is the most condemnable act of intentional violence in the airport sequence, after an entire fight tony was resolved to keep non-lethal as other people threw a garage-full of CARS on him and ACCIDENTALLY EXPLODED A TRUCK THROWN AT RHODEY ETC ETC but anyways! anyways

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what puns can be made from combeferre's name? (this is bc of an ask you answered abo the les amis' names)

Haha “Ferre” is phonetically equivalent to the words “faire” (do/make) and “fer” (iron) so basically my favs are:

  • Va te faire/Ferre -> Go fuck yourself
  • Je vais me le faire/Ferre -> I’m doing to tap that/I’m going to hit that
  • Croiser le fer/Ferre -> It normally means “Being in a conflict with someone” but with Ferre is literally means “bump into Ferre”

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How old are the shoot around characters currently? (I know the teens are around 17-18)

making a list of this actually sounds useful to me too so have an entire list! : D

as of season 2, the ages go as follows

kayla 19, ana sofia 17, lyanna 17, lakka 17, chau 18, hotaru 18, coach 42

obi 17, jörgen & elise 17, sun-mi 17

takao 26, eero old, haven’t decided!, ming 50-60something?, andie 21, malik MYSTERY~~, manuel 35, miriam 24

i hope i’m not forgetting anyone haha!! I’D FEEL AWFUL IF I DID…!! hope this is helpful! :3


I’ve made screenshots of her!!
Distance and up close!

See, guys ??  That’s not Homura, nobody panic, she’s wearing a sailor suit, typical of Japanese School Girls !!

It makes a lot of sense, since the Haunted House is supposed to be based on a school’s hall ??  You can see the classroom chairs and even an anatomy model (I suppose that’s it) … that could explain a few things.

~Mod Jyushi

I found these amazing messages you sent during my absence and they just made my heart melted and also made me want to share them, since my anon asks are closed. Thank you so much for so many wonderful words and your time! <3

I don’t know if I’m shaking because of the combo of so much love or the fever.
Large kissable lips, El Dorado with Ezio and Leo instead of Miguel and Tulio, Yusuf giving you life, bringing you back to Ezio Trilogy…. is this the real life?

Thank you sakura-kagurazaka, mars–the–red–planet, fee-itsnotlikefee, wolfzrain. Thank you so much!

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What books would you recommend?

It depends what genre of books you’re looking for. I personally prefer fiction.

You could look at this classic literature books list and pick any of them that sound interesting to you based on the description. From that list, the titles that I’ve read and would suggest are To Kill a Mockingbird, Fahrenheit 451, Odyssey, and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. You really can’t go wrong with picking any book from that list. 

If you’re looking for a series, then I’d definitely recommend A Song of Ice & Fire series. It may take a while to read all 5 books but it’s worth it. The Harry Potter series is also a good read if you’re into fantasy. 

Personally, the Sherlock Holmes novels/shorts by Arthur Conan Doyle are my favorite books. They’ve always fascinated me. 

I don’t read books as often as I used to, but hopefully this helped. 

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Do you know why people like Musichetta so much? She's only mentioned a few times but the fandom seems to really like her when other characters with similarly small parts aren't ever talked about?

I can think of a few reasons that combine into why people love Musichetta so much:

  1. She’s a tertiary character, yes. But that’s not a bad thing. That means people can expand her character and do a lot of things with it without being constricted by canon. And that’s a lot of liberty to play with and have fun. I’ve seen a lot of Chettas that are equally great and interesting as long as she’s treated with respect and that’s amazing!
  2. Her relationship to Joly and Bossuet. She’s canonically in a relationship with two boys at the same time in the book. She is first stated to be Bossuet’s mistress, then it’s said that Bossuet and Joly share everything, even their mistress, and Joly seems to really love her. The whole things seems really respectful and chill. Now, nothing is said to be happening between Joly AND Bossuet, but a lot of people (myself included) conjecture a polyamory relationship between the three of them. She’s thus often included in the crew.
    +possibility of angst post barricade because we’re terrible
  3. She a female character. Les Amis is a real sausage fest in the book. Due to her relationship with two of its members and various interpretations, the general fanon represents Musichetta as knowing les Amis, especially in Modern AUs. Girls are great o/ 

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imagine being phil and having this giant squishy dan but who's four years younger than you and you've known him since he was a lil babe teenager but now he's taller than u and you watched him grow up and you're sooooooo successful together like what I'm not crying :')

idk how phil looks at dan w/ crying tbh i can only imagine how proud he must feel of dan laksjdaksjdkajs

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The more I see all the cricky, the more I think it's actually true. I mean, it HAS to be. Cris is never really happy with women around - but with Ricky he's a completely different man. I'm so glad he found a partner like Ricky in his life.

I think what stood out to me to begin with is how supportive they are of each other. They have become such an important part of each other’s lives and they have known each other for years and rarely seem to be far apart..

(did you see Cris’ eyebrow raise btw..?)

They have created a life together, taking care of not only each other but a child as well

But what really made me fall in love with their love is the way they always seem to have so much fun together. They are constantly laughing and they are being super silly around each other which is so important in a relationship, I mean look at the two of them:

And I mean, this is on another level of support and love isn’t it..?

So yeah, I think you are probably not wrong… ;) 

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Do you have any weight loss tips?

Nope, but I give tips on doing the best things for your overall HEALTH, which stretches beyond just weight loss–

Eat whole foods from the earth and enough of them to fuel yourself properly, drink plenty of water, move your body in ways that make you feel good, be positive, work hard, surround yourself with good people and good things, get enough sleep, and do things that make you happy. Daily.


Ahh the wonders of youtube

fjksdhfjkg i love this thank u keith

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Your cat isn't fat at all.

see, I thought I’d get an ask like this!

the left photo shows Pangur slightly underweight (last December, before she had teeth extracted)

the right photo shows Pangur slightly overweight (after 4 days of gorging herself at my parent’s place). she’s lost her waist, and has a lil sagging belly

Oriental cats are like greyhounds - it’s hard to judge a healthy body weight if you’re not familiar with their normal, fit condition

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in your opinion, when do genders/sexualities go over the edge? like, there are some pretty extreme ones and some that are just plain made up, like "softgender" what the hell?? anyway, where do you think the line is?

idk i just see words as tools, especially when it comes to gender (all this applies to sexualities too).

someone labelling a certain way can allow them to find community, comfort (like, a sense of belonging, an explanation for certain things, a connection emotionally/physically/mentally/whatever etc.) and sometimes it can just be… helpful… to categorise yourself somewhere. there’s no right way to be a certain gender and one of the reason we have labels nowadays is becuase there’s a human need to NAME things for convenience  sake - it’s all about communication.

So if someone wants to communicate their gender experience is a certain way, and they have a name for it…cool!!! whatever!!! good for you champ!!! glad you’ve found a simple name for this confusing complex thing known as ~gender~. It could just be to describe there gender presentation/experience not their gender identity too?? they may be a form of non-binary implying they could neither be trans or cis.

idk idk i’m generally just like… ‘you do you’ if i don’t understand something/haven’t heard of something and it isn’t causing any harm to anyone.

there’s always a chance some of these identities you see could be trolls making fun of legit genders bleh but idk if that’s the case with ‘softgender’ as i’m pretty sure i’ve heard that term before.

Overall, I personally don’t think there is a line becuase the human experience is so vast and can be so confusing to understand…so having a label, that sure might not be v common and may seem ridiculous to some, can really just.. hold your ground and make life a lil less confusingly overwhelming for you and others who share a similar experience to you.