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This one is dedicated to @onceuponagladerhead, @noones-girl1980 and that one anon who said they wanted it I appreciate you guys so here it is

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Summary: AU in which Jughead and the reader are roommates at boarding school and they hate each other. The reader employs some ~interesting~ techniques to find out if Jughead likes her


A/N: I know some people really want Jughead to be asexual but he is not in this fic so if you don’t like the idea then please don’t read it 

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не or ни?

You could notice in the texts that sometimes there is a particle не, sometimes there is ни. While talk they both sound like ни, some poorly educated Russians don’t know the difference and write ни instead of не which is inappropriate for a Russian because it’s a very easy thing to remember.

НЕ stands for not. It always goes before the word like in English:
Я не занимаюсь спортом = I don’t do sport.
Он не студент, он учится в школе = He is not a college student, he studies at school. (студент in Russian is someone who studies in a university).
Я чувствую себя не очень хорошо сегодня = I don’t feel very good today.

With adjectives не in most phrases becomes a prefix, except for the sentences with clear antithesis:
Анна пришла не в белом, а в чёрном платье = Anna came not in a white, but in a black dress.
Without antithesis, it would be something like: 
Мы живём в небольшом доме = We live in a small house. (though небольшой is somewhere in between big and small).

НИ is only used in ни…ни construction, which is the same as “neither…nor”:
Они не едят ни свинину, ни говядину = They eat neither pork nor beef.
As it’s a negative construction, we still need не before the verb to show that it’s negative. A positive sentence would be и.., и (with a comma) without не:
Она слушает и современную, и классическую музыку = She listens to both contemporary and classical music.

So ни always goes in pair with a second ни, except for probably a word combination “ни разу” that is the synonym for никогда - never.
Ты ни разу не катался на сёрфе = You’ve never tried surfing 

so am i the only one who thinks it’s beyond inappropriate to refer to star wars villains or w/e as “literal fascists” or the sith sending out robot clones to massacre the jedi as “literally genocide” because words, like, mean things

So, does anyone know if the whole Addison/Emily/Paige thing is supposed to be a little parallel to Noel/Aria/Ezra in season 1?

  • Season 1: Noel threatens Ezra to give him a better grade than he deserves, knowing about his relationship with Aria.
  • Season 7: Addison threatens to get Emily in trouble after Emily punishes her for blowing off practice, making false accusations about Emily being “inappropriate” 
  • Season 1: Ezra decides not to give into Noel and is ready to be fired/quit/whatever, but before he can actually get in trouble, Noel is caught with test answers he shouldn’t have and gets in trouble with Principal Hacket. The test answers were planted by A, and he dramatically claims he didn’t do it.
  • Season 7: Emily decides to stand up to Addison (with footage given to her by A which was taken behind the brew, cough cough Ezra). But before Emily can get in trouble (because of the accusations or blackmailing a student), Paige swoops in saying Principal Hackett now has emails from Addison bragging about setting Emily up. Addison also claims she never wrote those emails, the way Noel claimed he didn’t steal those test answers.

I’m not saying that Paige is supposed to be A. I just think it’s interesting. Did A actually set Addison up with the emails? If so, why? Perhaps because A wants to be the only one playing with his/her “dolls.” Maybe this is telling us that Addison wasn’t actually working for Jenna (for AD) the way Emily thought.

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My heart is melting from the adorableness <333 sleeping ON Viktor is hardly inappropriate though ;)

No it really wasn’t, Viktor was very happy about it ;)

No, I can’t do that, but somebody should have, a long time ago. Probably some poor kid who got off the bus three stops early because they couldn’t deal with your dirty looks or the sounds of your snickering two rows behind them. You wanna know what’s inappropriate Addison? You,you’re inappropriate and you need to be stopped because I was that kid on the bus.
—  Emily Fields standing up to Addison

It has come to my attention that there is a potential threat on here who goes by Kyle. Gator-fan-15 are his kik and tumblr. Lonewolf20 is his snapchat. Immediately he starts asking for very inappropriate stuff (like nudes, semi nudes, if you are sexual, what your bra size was, what panties you’re wearing, etc.) Please pass this along.

Also, if you know this person personally or you think these accusations are false or unfounded, please feel free to message me. Thank you 💗

Theres some girl thats running for class president against a bunch of boys that are like MAKE HIGHSCHOOL GREAT AGAIN and TRUMP IS BEST FRIENDS WITH CHRIS!!! (its in Indiana. Just 2 clarify) but she made a bunch of HUGE posters of her as communist leader Mao Zedong and shes like “ARE YOU MAO ZE DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL? VOTE FOR TINA” and its so funny lmao but the school made her take them all down because they were inappropriate in the school environment lmaoo…I was rooting for u Tina

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Hi mom! Do you think bokuro at all? What do you think their relationship is like? If it were to exist?

Saying Bokuro doesn’t exist is the same as saying Adam Sandler is a good actor (which is a blatant lie, sorry to say it, folks.)

From a surface view, their relationship looks all schemes and jokes. It’s calling each other “bro”, high-fiving at inappropriate times, eating convenience store food in the middle of a park at 2AM. It looks fun, but best of all, it seems easy. It’s hard not to envy what they have, and the pair of them will damn well do their best to make you wish you had what they have.

But exactly what do they have? Nothing sustainable is built solely off sex jokes and snide one-liners. It’s more complicated than that – more private. Something about rambling over to one another’s house past midnight is strangely vulnerable. It’s intimate to not feel pressure to crack a joke every time you open your mouth. Terrifying when you see the other shut down, and they’re just too guarded to let you in so you can reassure them, realistically, that it’s something you both can handle together.  

It’s a little something like that, maybe. Even they don’t really know for sure. But it’s manageable, and that’s more than fine. 

to counter that homophobic pidge ask blog, i’m making my own about Pidge and their lovely edgy girlfriend, Trina. 

Matt will be the mediator, sorting through inappropriate questions and answering questions abt Pidge’s childhood too. 

everyone else can be there too if they wanna. >:)