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An original comic would be a lot better to see than another Undertale AU, not to say Wartale wouldn't be any good though. I'd like to see more of your imagination, storytelling, character creating, ect. Especially in something completely new. I would like to say thanks to ADC too, as it had me come to love you and your blog, along with your cool friends (shoutout to them UvU.) I just want to congratulate you and your accomplishments, you've definitely worked hard for them and every follower. 💙.

Awwww thank you!
Hopefully you’ll see moar of the comic one of these days~

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honestly, how do you come up with interesting/ dynamic poses? i try to follow several tutorials and all, but you manage to hit the nail everytime, tell me your secretssss (keep up the amazing work òwó)9☆)

Thank you so much! Glad you approve of my figure drawing, haha

Honestly though there isn’t like, a set way of going about it??? In my case I just go with the flow and erase a lot of duff versions before I settle on a pose I like; but some recommendations I can make from my own experience would probably have to be:

  • Being looser/sketchier with the roughs tends to help with keeping the ‘flow’ of a figure more natural
  • ^^on that note, if you feel like you’ve been stuck on one attempt for ages, open a new page or layer or paper and try to whip up a super loose rough version as quick as you can– a lot of the time i find those quickies look a bunch better than the versions I’ve gotten hett up on
  • Curves! bodies aren’t made of straight lines and all the parts tend to flow into eachother rather than clicking into place stiffly
  • Good tunes! rocking out to dynamic songs or tunes that get u pumped tends to help some, lol

wow this ended up longer than i thought it would– hopefully it’s at least a lil’ helpful tho, lol– cheers again! :D

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Thanks guys, I suck at being prompt so here we go finally!

Name: Zoe
Nicknames: Zed
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Height: 5 foot 2
Orientation: bi
Nationality: Scottish
Favourite fruit: oranges
Favourite season: winter
Favourite book: I tend to just read fics at the moment but book-wise, I’d have to say Salem’s Lot 
Favourite flower: oriental lily
Favourite scent: I love cedarwood and rain
Favourite color: blue
Favourite animal: cat
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: earl grey tea
Average sleep hours: urgh. 6 maybe.
Cat or dog person: cat ftw
Favourite fictional character: Levi Ackerman
Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 duvet with a foot stuck out
Dream trip: I’d love to go back to Germany, visit Italy and Japan
Blog created: March 2016

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Hi there! Longtime follower, first time question-asker, here! So I have a question about the power dynamic that comes with being on the pole that you mentioned as part of your "pole dancing classes are cultural appropriation of sex workers" debate. I promise I'm not hating! I'm genuinely curious and would like some clarification so I can understand the argument better. Thanks so much and have a lovely day! :D


so strippers are a hot commodity, right? sex workers too. people–cis women–want to feel cool and sexy, and if you aren’t sure about this check any gym for stripper-robics and look for local pole classes. g-strings have become
main stream, “twerking” is a thing every bitch has tried in and out of the strip club (and again if you didn’t follow me last year, i tried it at home in front of the mirror cuz i got no butt but it’s a very popular stripper move and i wanted to look cool and was rightfully taken to school over that and over why i didn’t get the power dynamics THERE that I was abusing)

people want all the edginess and cool of sex work without any of the risk and they are able to take on this edginess thru things like pole classes, stripper-robics, &c, and their friends are pleasantly scandalised and go to their embarrassing pole recitals which are often held at actual strip clubs on slow shifts and the actual people whose job it is aren’t paid ANYTHING for this displacement (i know this personally and i’m still angry) and then they get to go back to their fucking middle class lives without any of the taint or stigma or risk that dogs our heels. no one follows them home from pole class, pole class won’t interfere with your ability to get or keep a home or a partner or a scholarship or child custody. they aren’t doing it enough to get injured and most of them aren’t even doing it in heels. they get all the lighthearted cachet and none of the misogyny–they’re paying to look stupid, sure, but they aren’t paying stage fees and tipouts, they aren’t at risk of leaving in debt to the house–it’s a HOBBY and it’s one that they took from a very marginalised group and then tried to sanitise with their stories about mallakhamb (can’t spell) and #notastripper and how oppressed they are because people think their hobby is weird.

i have to get to class but i have a very lengthy tag “#the gr8 pole deb8” if you want to see hobbyists in action.

I made this blog just shy of 2 months ago and never once thought i’d get over 100 followers. You all have just been so kind, friendly, understanding and caring and I honestly couldn’t POSSIBLY thank you enough for what you’ve done for me as a person, not only just as a mun behind this blog. You’ve all done just so much for me, and I am eternally grateful!

Special Mention to my lovely wife ♥ If not for her, I would not have joined tumblr, nor would I probably have joined this fandom as Mipha. Thank you, darling! 

@herosluminis // @crimsonzora

I know this measly bias list can’t possibly do enough to express my gratitude to you all, and I apologize in advance that there’s no possible way I can mention you all. In this, I want to give a shout out to those that have affected my life one way or another.

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Tumblr suggested your blog to me a few days ago and I absolutely love your work! I love the story and mystery you’ve got going and it really does feel like a “Night in the Woods 2” to me. Please keep up the amazing work, and I hope you enjoy this little picture I made for you.

(BTW do you have a twitter account? I’d love to follow you there too)

============================================================== Ivan: Awww, This is so cute, thank you so much for this!

( Nope sorry, I don’t use twitter. )

Hi, I wanted to say thank you to everyone that follows me and that I made 100 followers and although it isn’t a big milestone it’s something! This blog is only a week or so old but I’m happy I made it despite being so unsure at the beginning. Everyone I’ve spoken to is great and you all make amazing content which truly amazes me.

More importantly, since reaching this, I feel braver to share more of my content so any requests for drabbles or ships, just inbox or message me :D (if u like my writing im not great lmao)

Here’s a small list of my top 12 blogs :

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(Sorry if I left people out I didn’t want to make it a huge thing.) 


Hello all you wonderful people!

I… never thought Gaster would get so many admirers???? X’D

First, I’d like to thank the people who helped me start out here:
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You guys were my first friends and have stuck with me through the thick and thin of it all, through sickness and in health and all that jazz! I love you so much!

And thank you to the people who I’ve come to know and love along the way:
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If it weren’t for you all and your continued support, I would have probably given up on this RP blog ages ago. Thank you guys… and thank you to everyone who has interacted with me thus far! I owe it to everyone!

+ For my new followers: ALWAYS read someone’s Rules and About pages before interacting! Thank youuu~

Have a lovely day~

OMG 300??? WOAH! I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS? Actually thank you all so much! I never thought I’d get 300? 300 people who take time out of their days to see and follow my blog?
Thank you to everyone who is following me I seriously can’t thank you all enough
A couple of special mentions
@ask-wyrimen-jimin - honestly Sprout and Nyth you guys have been the best! Always talking to me and being supportive and everything? I LOVE talking to you both and hope we will continue! The combination of your writing and art is an inspiration of mine!
@ask-business-jikook @ask-dancer-jimin CRYSTAL! Talking to you is always a pleasure! Eomma! I love your singing and your art and you’re amazing! It’s thanks to you I was able to talk to more people through Skype!
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@ask-fairy-seokjin @ask-single-parent-yoongi - NESSI!! WE HAVEN’T TALKED IN A WHILE BUT BELIEVE ME YOU’RE THE BEST! Your blogs and you yourself are a blessing and I love talking about things! Thank you for being amazing!! I love your art!
@askwolftan - Lucas! Your blog and art is amazing! Haha can’t wait for when prom rolls around for Tae and all his dates. You’re the first one I reached out to after that fateful CAH game, and the reason I was able to gather the courage to make this blog! Thank you so much!
@lovehobs - Bea! Thanks for Talking with me! Your art and blogs are the best! Hope we can talk more soon!
@ just everyone who I couldn’t tag! All of these blogs and people who have served as an inspiration to me! Thank you!

For anyone wondering there will be an event soon! If like feedback once I gather my thoughts, so you can all give me some input!

Again thank you so much!


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I think you are an exquisitely talented artist and a gentle ancient soul. i've gone off the Kylux pairing entirely and unfollowed tumblrs posting Kylux content, but I won't unfollow yours because your art is so gorgeous and evocative. When I see you struggling I worry and hurt for you, because I know the same feel and have no idea what to say. Tumblr and the world in general is a better place because you are in it. <3

Ah thank you so much anon ♥ It means a great deal to me that you’d follow even when you’re no longer in that part of fandom. It means a lot that my art means a lot to you. I’m also sorry you see my struggling. I’ve realised I bring  lot of my real life worries and stresses with me online and I’m trying so hard to stop that. That the one person that is holding me back from making friends and being more open in fandom and the seeing what my art gives to others is me. And I’m working on trying to be the silly, gentle, down to earth person that I am and not let that stuff bring me down. I hope people don’t feel shy to approach me of talk to me about anything because I’m not scary I promise. Everything people say to me is taken in a loved. I never forget ♥

400 Followers, That’s Cool. Wait... WHAT?!

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I’d been hovering around the 375 mark for forever and was losing more followers than what I was gaining, but then you- my wonderful, amazing Bellarke fam stepped in and encouraged people to follow me. I can’t thank you all enough. You have been so kind since the moment I first joined Tumblr and I’m so incredibly grateful for all of you. Thank you for welcoming me into this community with open arms and for liking and reblogging the things I post. You truly are the best.

I’ve been ridiculously busy as of late, but I’ll try to write a few poems to celebrate and give back. In the meantime, stay awesome and know that I love you guys! Thank you again!

Best wishes,


new twitter for original stories!

So I’m working on my manuscript and original stuff, and I’ve got my public name all fixed up and ready to go: Renée Knight! (You can still call me Ren. ;D)

Want to join me on my adventure into the world of published authors? Follow my writing profile @reneeknight_ on twitter, as I work on manuscripts, clutch chocolate desperately, and juggle the aches and pains of writing!

The twitter will be only for my original works, so if you’re interested, come visit! This tumblr will remain the home of my fandom works, so no worries there. Thank you, lovelies!

Fandom Favorites

@sangoslays tagged me, thank u bb!!!

RULES: Choose any three fandoms (in random order) and answer the questions. Then tag some friends.

I choose:

inuyasha, dragon ball, and sailor moon (keeping it in the cartoon network family)

The first character you loved:

  • inuyasha: ………miroku lmao i was in LOVE with him when i first watched it as a kid but now hes…a canon problematic mess, but who’s following canon???
  • dragon ball: goku bc i just knew he’d be my husband some day
  • sailor moon: makoto!!!!! i wanted to marry her too lol she was a badass who Did It All: cooking, gardening, kicking ass, like what a babe

The character you never expected to love so much:

  • inuyasha: sesshomaru! i was unimpressed when i was younger, then i got smarter and learned to love the sess 💖
  • dragon ball: VEGETA hooooooly shit…….i thought he was SUCH a dick (which he is) but then rewatching i was in love……wtf…..and dragon ball super is esp killing me i love him
  • sailor moon: minako! i didnt GET her character as a kid, but now…oh my god she’s AMAZING. her personality has so many dimensions and she plays so many roles at once…..what a babe

The character you relate to the most:

  • inuyasha: honestly? totosai. he doesn’t take anything seriously and i can relate (everyone else takes everything WAY TOO SERIOUSLY, and the only way to not get hurt is to never be serious am i right? 💁🏽)
  • dragon ball: bulma! she also is a carefree fuck, plus shes smart and confident and me too girl
  • sailor moon: usagi or minako, they’re also carefree and fun but hopeful and don’t give up ever also what babes

The character you’d slap:

  • inuyasha: u know naraku’s catching hands
  • dragon ball: goku, he is fucking UP in super and im SO mad about this current tournament
  • sailor moon: mamoru, he broke up w usagi in literally the worst way and while i understand his intentions, her crying in that phone booth warrants a slap 👋🏽

A character you liked at first but not so much anymore:

  • inuyasha: inuyasha, he’s cool and all but……he’s a p transparent character and that’s not rly my thing
  • dragon ball: goku……u short-sighted sweetheart….
  • sailor moon: the starlights lol

A character you did not like at first, but they’ve grown on you (by a lot):

  • inuyasha: u know what? kagome AND kikyo. i never hated them initially, i was just not as interested in them but now…….id die for them
  • dragon ball: vegeta for sure
  • sailor moon: ami, we used to play sailor moon at recess in elementary school and i ALWAYS had to be mercury bc she was smart and i was too even though i rly wanted to be jupiter >:( but she’s one of my faves now and wow what a babe

3 OTPs:

  • inuyasha: 💗kagsan💗, kagukik, kagkiksan (hehehe) 
  • dragon ball: vegebul, uhhhh…i guess bulma x lunch, and…u know what, mai x lunch idc
  • sailor moon: rei x minako, ami x makoto, usagi x rei

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Howdy! Its nice to meet you, and I wish to say that I love your art. If I could draw like you, I'd probably have more followers on my Undertale AU, Haha! You do amazing art, and I hope you never stop! Continue to spread happiness in this world, but never forget to find your own. Have a nice day, and stay determined!

Hello!! Yay- Nice to meet you!! ㅇㅂㅇ)/   You can draw better than me! ㅇ0ㅇ)9 Always! X3 And Thank you very much- So sweet! I’m so glad someone feels better with my drawing! Again Thank you and You too always have a awesome day!

cooper-klebba  asked:

Don't know if you watch Red vs Blue, but a character called Felix is pretty similar to Aquamarine (smug snakes who you just want to punch in the face) and I'd love it if you doodled them side by side.

had to look up some refs for this one! hope it’s alright. thanks for all the support and ending good posts my way :D

to all followers; don’t forget i have open commissions! so if you’d like to help support my gf and i, feel free to commission me!


Hooray! New milestone everyone :D 

I hit 200 two days back, but I forgot to post about it XD 

Thank you to all my followers for following me <3

Special mentions to my amazing mutuals @megalovaniacal, @jam-the-giant, @bluerosesilver, @sugarcoatedpoop, @unaesthetic-unicorn@homurahyakuya, @dunsparcewings, @damen-the-fuck-of-a-lifetime, for bringing so much happiness to me ^^

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Follow up question to the commissions question--- if not copyrighted characters or props, would you consider doing sculpts of real people? Your recent sculpt of Kyle MacLachlan was stellar. Thanks for your time!

(Thank you, that is kind of you to say.)

Original characters, historical figures, and currently living real people who have given their consent are okay for commissions in my book. I know that’s kind of extreme, but I don’t know how I’d take it if someone sculpted me without my permission and sold it as a piece of commissioned artwork. Some might find it flattering, and most celebrities are probably used to it and don’t give a fuck, but I’d be…weirded out.

Anyway, PM me if you have a serious offer and we’ll talk about it. While this is not a solid yes, I am open to the idea, and I really want to get that thing for my little sister. I would only do 1/3 scale heads (not full busts) for now– $450 and up, if I try to make it worth my time and materials. If that doesn’t put you off, hey, PM away. All I ask is to be fairly compensated for my time.