((thanks this is pretty awesome!))


@itsmejim hm, I tried going on the band camp but it says that there is nothing there?

@tendergender they are pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

@idiotxque damn Germany has pretty awesome bands! I should learn German so I stop bugging my friend to translate every time I find an awesome song.
You should check out the song Fur Immer Punk by Hladno Pivo. Their style is similar so you might like it

@boyjaws I heard of GLOSS, they r amazing! And I like the other two bands as well! Thank you for sharing!

~ mod Petar

anonymous asked:

Wait, are you drawing some of your OCs?

Dear anon, I’m sorry if my horrible english confused you but no, I don’t draw any of our OCs :( that’s a shame I know, sometimes it feels like a burden to me. I’m truly sorry if that disappoints you, it disappoints me also because I don’t feel worthy at all of all the support you guys give me ; in the end, it’s thanks to the pretty art of awesome artists that I interest people (omg is this ask going super depressed or no ??? sorry lmao !). 
Anyway, to be clearer, I just wanted to say that I needed to commission more OCs who haven’t been illustrated yet because you guys may start to be tired of seeing the same OCs (like Yahalom) all over again /laughs ! 
Once again, I’m sorry if that disappoints you ;_; *insert a sad writer face before her keyboard*

anonymous asked:

Can all of Karasuno have shirts about Daichi like Hinata and Kags "If lost return to Daichi" or Tanaka's "One time Daichi punched me in the face" and on the back it says "it was awesome"


My first order from @bekkathyst just arrived and I’m super excited especially with the surprise of the tiny rose quartz heart!

From left to right: Clear Quartz Crystal, Rose Quartz Heart, Amethyst Heart, Mini Rose Quartz Heart, Orange Selenite Pebble, and Carnelian Heart.

I just wanna stare at them all day!! 😍

Petra: It`s so great meeting Eren`s friends!

Eld: It`s a pleasure.

Reiner: Hey, thanks for taking care of him too.

Sasha: It`s pretty awesome meeting all of you.

Connie: Yeah, speaking of which, didn`t Eren have a huge crush on Captain Levi for like, all of training? Is that still a thing? Because, I mean, Eren was crazy about you sir, he-

*Roundhouse kick*

Eren: Whoops! Sorry Connie! Haha, I`m so clumsy sometimes!

Levi: Well then.

Gunther: Uh, are we gonna address-

Eren: No.

Oluo: Bu-

Eren: I will accidentally kill you I swear.

she-ran-away-in-her-sleep  asked:

Hi Marc! Just wondering, is there any reason why all of the people who have "come between" olicity recently have connections to the name William (i.e. Oliver's son / Susan Williams / Billy is often a nickname for William) or is all just total coincidences? Either way, I think it's pretty funny! Thanks! x

Wow.  That’s awesome.

It’s a total – but completely amazing – coincidence.  Susan is named after a comic book character.  Billy is named after a friend of mine.

But you seriously just blew my mind.  I wish we were this clever.

Can’t wait to tell the Arrow writers tomorrow.


it came in!! thank you so much @riceflowerrabbit <33 I’m so happy right now!! >w<

I love it so much!!! ;w;

@ all the artists in the nitw fandom: YOU GUYS ARE SUCH GOOD ARTISTS! OMG YOU’RE ALL SO GOOD. Thank you for sharing these beautiful things! All the love! ♥♥♥

So, if y’all can’t tell by the banner today is my birthday, 19th birthday to be exact, and I wanted to do one of these in honor of it. I also hit a pretty cool milestone on Sunday. After being on here for quite a while I finally hit 1k, which is pretty fucking awesome, so thank you to everyone for that. 

Before I actually list all the wonderful people I think y’all should follow, I just wanted to give two quick shout outs. One to the awesome people in the lenaluthornw and supercorpnw as well as their group chats (y’all have definitely made this past week a good one). And another to my friend @dream-your-reality: Thank you for being there for me so much last year. You have become one of those friends that I don’t think I can ever live without and I hope that we are friends for the rest of our lives. I love you bud, I hope you’re having a great school year, and I really miss you.

I’m shit at picking favorites so instead I’m just gonna list all my wonderful mutuals! If you wanna see more of the amazing people that I follow, just go to my blogroll.Thank you all so much for sticking with me through everything! I love you all!

@acciosupercorp - @alexzorels - @altsameen - @badasssupertash - @crayscience - @danveers - @danvers-grant - @danversgrants - @directordanvers - @dream-your-reality - @flowerbisexual - @gayshorty - @its-all-in-your-imagination - @karadabvers - @karadancers - @kara-luthors - @karaluthrs - @karedanvers - @karlenah - @katiemcqrth - @kinkylena - @lenailuthor - @lenalumberjack - @lenaluthcr - @lenaluthhor - @lenaluthordefensesquad - @lenaluthorisgay - @lenaluthrr - @lenvluthor - @luthoring - @luthorology - @luthxrs - @memberofnumerousfandoms - @nevertobeships - @nxncy-wheeler - @prettyaveragewhiteshark - @queeralex - @rosesdancinginmymind - @singinprincess - @slightly-unpredictable-queen - @suprcorp - @swanquecn - @westsanvers - @wildsanvers

freshgratednutmeg  asked:

Hi! I have a followup on your bite info. What about human bites? My MC is attacked by someone who thinks they’re a zombie (has been in the wild for a while) and gnawed on in the neck/shoulder. I know that human mouths are nasty. They’re in an encampment that will have medical care. Will he need antibiotics along with bandages/stitches? If he’s kidnapped out of the hospital would he need specialized care beyond changing bandages, finishing antibiotics, etc? Thank you so much, you are AWESOME!

I realized my previous ask may not have been clear (darn character limits!) the person doing the biting thinks they’re a zombie, but is a human (albeit one that has been gnawing on rats and bunnyrabbits for a while). Thank you again for being so awesome!

Hey there! You’re pretty awesome too!!

So the first thing is that this character won’t be getting stitches right away. Bite wounds are usually left open so that the bacteria in the wound have somewhere to drain. There’ll be dressings but the wound will be left open for the first 72 hours, then may be closed with sutures.

This isn’t terribly different from a dog bite (except humans are grosser). The wounds will be cleaned, and may be cleaned every day for a little while. Antibiotics may be given prophylactically if the wounds had to be closed immediately for some reason. 

But unless the wound gets infected, they may not even need antibiotics! If the wound gets hot, red, swollen, and tender, with a purulent discharge (pus), then yeah, definitely they need antibiotics, but otherwise they’ll just be allowed to heal on their own.

As for after care, as long as their antibiotics finish out, it’s mostly changing bandages (like you said).

Best of luck!!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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