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Suprise Part 3

Bucky x Reader

Warnings: mentions of blood, bombs, fluff

Word count: 3,756

Y/N = your name

E/C = eye color

Summary: Bucky finds out one of his old gal friends is in town and was invited to hang out. But reader has a bad history with her since she too loved Bucky so she wants to come along, but Bucky doesn’t think that it is a good idea. This leads to an argument that doesn’t end with tears of happiness.

Part one  Part two

Justice has been served to you on a silver platter. Bon Appetit!

“Bucky! Bucky, wake up!” Steve couldn’t believe this. Bucky’s nightmares had come back, but they weren’t about him being back at Hydra headquarters…They were about Y/N. And it was always the same thing, Y/N walking out of the door, Bucky trying to stop her, but he can’t move. Or her coming back with his son or daughter and them resenting him for what he did to Y/N. Bucky said they would say things like, “Maybe if you hadn’t told mom you didn’t love her anymore you could’ve seen my first steps, or heard my first words” or “I got married Dad and you weren’t there to walk me down the aisle”.

These dreams were killing Bucky slowly, and all Steve could do was stand by and watch his best friend be consumed by his fears once again. Of course Steve had thought that his friend was stupid for leaving things the way he did, but he thought that they would work it out. Y/N has been gone for five months now, god knows where she is but Bucky has barely been able to sleep, eat, or even talk. He had been looking for Y/N every day, trying to figure out where she’d gone, to no avail. Steve would have to be the one to tell Bucky that it was time to call it quits, sometimes he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Steve also had to make sure that Bucky showered regularly, sometimes he would have to stay in the bathroom with him with his face to the door just to make sure Bucky was actually cleaning himself. The whole team (not including Wanda or Natasha since they’re still pissed at Bucky for what happened) has been trying to cheer him up, trying to get him back into missions with them, or even a simple movie night, but nothing worked.

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Jealousy Feelings - Pt. 1

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky wants to date the reader, but becomes jealous of her relationship with Steve.

Word Count: 1,360

Warnings: post-WS Bucky, jealousy, self-hatred, fluff

A/N: Bucky’s POV. I was going to make this all sad and angsty, but I just couldn’t do that for this one. For AnaGP on AO3 who requested this, thanks hun!

Steve’s laugh echoed down the hall, followed by hers. Then the two of them came walking in with tears in their eyes, arms wrapped around their sides bent over laughing. Y/N was wheezing trying to catch her breath from something Steve said. I watched as her hand held tightly onto his arm as she wiped the tears from her face. Steve wrapped an arm around her shoulders and continued on towards the couches after grabbing some snacks from the kitchen.

I watch from my hiding spot, well not really a hiding spot, just a place where I was hardly noticed where no one could bother me. Didn’t need the extra attention, I had enough I had to deal with anyway. So I continued watching the two. My best friend was so comfortable, so carefree, laughing with another individual. It looked so easy, being able to lounge around and laugh as if the world outside didn’t even bother him or that the nightmares were not even a thing to be worried about, and how it was so fucking easy to make her smile, to make her laugh. When instead I do the complete opposite.

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I know you just started but your blog looks so great already! Headcanons for an s/o who likes adult coloring books to relax with Shoto, Izuku, and Kacchan~?

Awe thank you hun! (I’m still surprised myself by all the people following and sending me asks~ Happened so quickly XD) And yes! I love adult coloring books! 

Todoroki Shouto:

  • Shouto doesn’t think too much of it. If his S/O is able to relax, then he’s all for it.
  • If his S/O offers him a chance to color, he’ll do so.
  • He likes to color the patterns that look flowery
  • Reminds him of when his mother used to color with him. But he’s happy he’s able to them with his S/O now
  • He is fond of most colors, but his go to is blue.

Izuku Midoriya:

  • Izuku loves watching his S/O color in their book! He’s fond of them as well.
  • He and his S/O will relax after a long day of classes by coloring in his dorm with a movie playing in the background. The atmosphere is really nice and further calms them down
  • Izuku likes to use the color palette All Might has (yellow, red, blue, etc)
  • Soon enough, both of you have a good portion of the class coloring as well (it’s contagious!)
  • He also enjoys just sitting and watching his S/O color, thinks they look really cute so focused on making a cool design!

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • He’s utterly confused by them. Why are you coloring? It’s something kids do right?
  • He’ll bad mouth it at first, but when he sees how his S/O gets so calm (especially when their stressed) by using them, he wants to give it a try
  • He only colors in red, oranges and blacks. Claims them to be the most badass colors.
  • “Katsuki… you’re supposed to color inside the lines”

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you are the best people, you make me happy everyday, i love you so damn much💜   

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so here a looong post of nice words about my lovely friends whom i cherish so much 🌸

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If you're taking requests...Prompt #72, reader with any one of the bros introducing them to the other bros or to their families ^^

Heyo~ Finally getting around to this~ Thanks for the request~

72: “ They’re going to love you, don’t worry! ”

Prompto x Reader

@roses-and-oceans @insomniacapples @femmescientia @momokitty27 (if any of y’all want me to tag ya in stuff, just hit me up~)

Today was the day. Finally, after all this time, it was here. The day of reckoning for all couples. The make it or break it test of will. The passing of judgment that left many feeling both excitement and apprehension.

Dinner with the family.

You rolled your eyes at the thought. People could be so overdramatic sometimes. It honestly didn’t seem like that big a deal to you. If anything, the sunset walk to the restaurant added a whole romantic spin on the affair. You were dealing with your own family, granted, but those still seemed like hyped up stories to scare young people; young people like your partner for the evening.

Prompto walked beside you, pulling and pushing at the sleeves of his casual blazer. “Hmm…Aggggh! I don’t know! Y/N, which looks better? Sleeves down or pushed up?”

“Pushed up. Seems more you.” You had to admit, you found it touching that he got somewhat ‘dolled up’ for the event (as much as you love his punk look.) You’re almost certain he bought the blazer just for today.

“Alright, cool cool. And my pants? They go with this, right?”

“Dude’s skinny jeans usually go with anything, so-”

“Oh! How’s my hair? Does it look alright?”

“Same as usual. Same ol’ Chocobo butt.”

“Hey!” You laugh as Prompto’s hands shot up to fuss with his hair. As he does, you notice his hands were shaking, stopping your chuckles instantly.

“Prompto, hey…” You step closer and gently pull his hands to his sides. While he giives you a quizzical look, you start fixing his hair instead. “Deep breathes, sweetie, you’re okay. You’re just fine. In…and out…” As you continued to work, he followed your instructions; In…and out…, In…and out…

After you’d finished returning his hair to normal, you tug at his hands again. He faces you, his eyes expecting. “You look perfect, Prom. Chocobutt hair and all.”

He lets out a chuckle at that, followed by a sigh. “Thanks, hun. I’m just…I reeeeeally don’t want to mess this up, y’know?” His grip on your hands tightens a bit and you start swing them gently, trying to ease the nerves as you let him vent. “I mean, what if your parents don’t like me? What if they think I’m not good enough for you? You could get anyone you wanted; someone like Noct or Ignis, or Gladio. Man, you could do so much better than some struggling photography student, but that’s what you’re stuck with! I’m just-”


He freezes, your voice echoing down the near empty street. You didn’t like cutting him off, but that wasn’t him, that was depression and anxiety and you weren’t letting them win, darn it! You look him dead in the eye, hands on your hips, as he stood stiff as a post.

“You are an absolute ray of sunshine. Not a day goes by that you haven’t brought a smile to my face. Jeez, I don’t think there’s been a day you haven’t made someone smile!” At this point you can’t contain the grin on your face. “And I’m sure that’ll include my family. They’re going to love you, don’t worry!” And you mean it. You’re certain in your boyfriend’s heart.

It seems Prompto’s worries hadn’t completely dissipated, however. “But what if they don’t?” He asks, leaving the rest unsaid in fear of another outburst.

“Then honestly, that’s tough toenails for them!” You huff, wrapping your arms around his shoulders. “I love you. I chose you. As many people as there are out there, there’s only one you.” You stroke his cheek and he leans into your touch with a small smile. “I’m not leaving, not even if all of Eos wanted us apart.”

He looks at you again, eyes almost spilling tears, and grins at you. “Thank you, Y/N…I love you too…So, so much…”

He gently presses his lips to yours and you respond in kind, pulling him closer. You knew he would try spouting poetics about how much he loves you later, feeling you deserve so much more than just ‘I love you’, but these were the confessions you liked most. The ones that were simple, raw, and pure. Pure love from his pure heart.

You pull away and stare at your love, the night sky beautifully surrounding the adoring look on his face.

…wait, night sky?

“Sweetheart, what time is it…?”

“Oh, uuuuh it’s…8:27.”

“AHHH! We’re gonna be late for dinner!”

He's Abusive...

This was a requested pref that I do! Just wanted to say I do not support domestic violence, if you ever find a guy or girl who has put their hands on you in an abusive way, please leave and somehow let people know the signs of what’s going on . He/she may say they love you but that’s not love, that’s pain and misery, please don’t stay…



The cold wind whipped at your still sore skin making you hiss quietly. The key had yet to let you open the door and the weather was just killing you, more than Harry’s undying love for you. He was such a sweet guy. Finally, you twist the door knob and the cold seemed to back away as it was met with warm air. Acknowledging the room, you saw no signs of Harry which was always a little plus in your mind, that way you could have at least an hour to yourself before he came home to start some drama and to show you his way of affection. You couldn’t even believe he calls himself a man. You scoff at the thought. Somehow the house seemed a little brighter when he wasn’t around but don’t be fooled, he could put a rainbow on the wall and there’d still be hell.

Your legs hurt as you walked up the stairs, yesterday Harry dragged from the bottom of them to the top with both hands in his own. It hurt a lot and I guess in the morning he was very sorry about what he’d done so he made love to you. You scoff again. Why do cute guys have to be the crazy ones?

With your eyes half closed, you open the door to your bedroom but was met with a clothed Harry. You quickly widen your eyes and squint them in disbelief. Why was he home so early, he only has an hour or two left? I didn’t even see his car!

“See something you like,” he smirked, advancing his way towards you. The door had already been closed resulting in you to be trapped against him. “Um, I was just wondering why you’re home so early is all.” Don’t sound too harsh, don’t sound too harsh…

He cocked his head to the side and let out a throaty laugh. “Why? You don’t miss me?” No. “Yeah, I do it’s just I thought that,” Harry bent his head downward and you both stood forehead to forehead, looking deeply into his forest green eyes. How could a monster be so beautiful?

“Well I miss you,” his minty breath fanned over the bridge of your nose as you look at him with innocent eyes. “I’m going out tonight,” was all he said before stepping away. Harry’s demeanor seemed to change which was a red flag considering now you had to get on his good side. You didn’t like it when his moods changed.

“Oh, where,” you slowly inched closer to the the edge of the bed awaiting his response. He slipped on his Rolex watch you bought him for his 20th birthday then looked back at you. “To the club, you’re not going so you can forget about it.” His words were harsh but you didn’t have the energy or stigma to dance anymore. It was fine by you.

“O-ok,” you tried not to stutter but it was a force of habit. He didn’t like it all too much and that’s one of the things that makes him want to hurt you. Just the littlest things. “If anyone asks why you didn’t come out tonight you tell them that you weren’t feeling good and you threw up earlier alright? I don’t want to hear people talk. I bought you some cream it should be in the bathroom for your bruises and what not,” he said it so sly like he didn’t care. He just brushed it off like what he did to you, what he created was nothing.

“Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” Silence had passed by as he continued to fix himself and you sat on the bed waiting for him to leave. You planned everything out, a nice bath, a funny movie to stop from crying and heavy applications of that cream he bought. Because you definitely needed it. Harry’s phone rung which made him stop to answer the call while you played with the covers loose strings. “Hello?”

“Yeah, I’m on my way,” he sighed ,“ well she doesn’t feel good and I don’t want to force her out. She’ll be fine here by herself, she’s a big girl Niall.” Probably wondered why I wasn’t going, they always do.

“Niall she said she’ll be fine, she wants me to go out,” yes I do! You are completely right Harry! “Whatever man, bye.” He huffs shortly and comes sit beside you on the bed. “If you want to go out you can just wear one of my sweaters so people won’t ask what happened alright? I’ll be back at around one maybe so don’t wait up, I love you Y/N.”

You swallowed a lump in your throat ad gave him one of the fakest smiles you could muster throughout your relationship.

“I l-love you too, Harry.”


Stefani was such a sweet girl. She was Gabriel’s girlfriend, your son you and Liam had together. The problem though was, she was so quiet. She ate her dinner peacefully but you could sense some heavy weight on her limp looking shoulders. Stefani looked so broken with her smile that looked as if it was fading away. A girl her age should be hip and cheerful with some sort of glow but it wasn’t even that.

She looked absolutely beautiful wearing a long sleeved blue shirt and black jeans that clung onto her like a glove. She seemed to remind you of yourself when you were younger, unknown but still there. “So how have you guys been?” Liam loved his son and he’d do anything for him, he was just like his father. “We’ve been great dad, right Stefani?” She glanced up with a quick smile and nod of the head.

“Yes, sir.” Fake.

“Well that’s good to here, he isn’t giving you any trouble is he?” For a second there was a flash of uncertainty in her eyes but she shook it away with gloominess and what she wanted to say. “No s-sir, not at all.” It seemed like everyone had been done with the main course so you offered to collect all the dishes but Stefani wanted to help you as well.

“Thanks hun, just follow me in here,” she got up from her seat and Gabriel squeezed her thigh gently before letting her out of his sight. “You two hurry in there,” Liam warned, directly at you already knowing what you would pull off.

As soon as you stepped foot into the kitchen, Stefani hugged you so tight that you felt your bones grumble with madness. “Help me,” she whispered into your ear. “What’d he do?” A tear ran down her cheek and she covered her face with her shaky hands. Her hands were shaking!

“Yesterday he took a knife and dug it on my stomach, he tied me up to the bed Mrs. Payne! He keeps h-hitting me and I can’t take it anymore,” you held the girl in your arms, never wanting to let her go. Gabriel was just like his father, monkey see, monkey do. You knew exactly where he was getting his behaviour from but never once thought he would try to diminish those thoughts from his head. They are wrong!

Now you had to get you and this girl away from the two of them until they had gotten professional help, quick and fast before someone winds up dying.


No matter how many cameras were placed on the both of you, they seemed to flash quicker and quicker. Beads of sweat formed on your forehead out of nervousness wondering if you’ve covered up enough. Every once in a while you’d zone out resulting in Niall’s grip to get tighter and tighter which hurt like hell from two days ago. You just didn’t want to be here. From the corner of your eye, you saw Niall smile widely at the cameras knowing good and well that smile that has swooned tons of girls was fake.

He was fake. But you wore the same smile too wishing that the day would end so you could get out of the killer heels a stylist laid out for you. “Smile Y/N,” Niall’s voice interrupts your thoughts almost scaring you half to death and you drop your purse. I need to stop doing that. Niall chuckled at your response and you bend down to pick up your clutch. He could have helped me, ass. Halfway down into trying to pick it up, you heard a rip and a tear making you gasp. The dress!

Everything happened so fast, all you could hear were the sounds of clicking and people shouting out questions to the mysterious marks on your upper chest and neck.

“Y/N, what happened?”

“Did you get into a fight?” Something like that…

“Do you have some sort of illness?”

“Is there something we don’t know?” Oh a couple of things you don’t…

Niall harshly digs his fingertips into your side, pressing your body against his. “You need to be more careful Y/N,” he said aloud, kissing your cheek when you knew what he could have really done.

“You’re getting it when we get home, puling a stunt like that. You’re so lucky,” he went on and on and inside, you were praying for a miracle to send you away for good.


During this time, there was always singing and laughter in the Malik house and you loved it. Besides Zayn’s moods that made you want to hide when you’re alone, it was amazing how he was around his family. So cheerful it made you wonder why he was a cruel guy. “OK, guys the food is ready. Lets eat!” His mother is a very beautiful woman, inside and out which is why you two always got a long very well. She just understands you. “Alright tell me how everyone’s Christmas’s is going so far,” Trisha asks cutting up her tenderloin steak. The whole table talked all at once which made you smile remembering some of the dinners you had with your family.

“Mine’s is going fantastic! I’ve got another nail kit from Zayn everyone, please give him a round of applause,” Safaa announced clapping her hands excitedly. The whole table, including you, gave him a applause which made him blush. “Oh it was nothing honestly.”

“But Zayn what did I tell you? We were supposed to wait till tomorrow,” his mom drug out giving him daggers. Zayn raised his hands in defense looking towards his younger sister. “It’s OK thought, that was just a starter, I have more.” You heard whispers of yes and his dad chuckled. “Always spoiling somebody.”

“Speaking of spoiling somebody, I heard the news between you two, congratulations!” Zayn gave you a stolen kiss and it made you blush in front of the table. “But Y/N darling I just need to ask, what are those marks on you?” No, not here, not now.

“Oh, um I just-,”

“She fell while trying to get out the tub.”

Everyone at the table stopped eating to give him a weird look. “Well I hope you’re OK, Y/N! Did you go to the hospital?”


“She did and the doctors said she’s fine.” The utensils slowly began to resume their clinking but everyone was still trying to process what was going on. “Right, well sweet heart how’s your head? Where did you fall-,”

“Mom! She will be alright, come on Y/N,” Zayn took your forearm in an instant, dragging you upstairs to question why you didn’t cover up more. As soon as he closed the door, you traveled to the other side of the room away from his pacing.

“Baby, you know that I love you, right?” You nod. “Then why the hell do you keep doing stupid shit? It’s not fucking hard to cover up Y/N,” he yelled. “But Zayn, I thought they wouldn’t see-,”

“Oh, you thought? YOU just thought!”

“Well it’s not my fault that you can’t be a respectful man! I am the one that you beat up on and for what? For you to realize that what you’re doing is wrong in the morning or right after you’ve done it? You don’t love me Zayn!” By now, he was furious. Beyond furious. In two strides, he trapped you in between the wall with hateful, cloudy eyes.

“If you were fucking submissive, maybe I’d treat you better,” Zayn hissed, clinging his hand to your throat. He shoved your head into the wall creating a loud thud. “Ouch! Stop Zayn my head hurts,” you plea gripping at his fingertips that dug into your skin painfully.

“I hate you,” you scream, spitting in his face. “Goddamn bitch!” His other hand collided with your face and the loud smack echoed through the room. Your knees went weak for a moment but you held your ground. You weren’t going down without a fight. Surely they were going to ask what all the commotion was about once you made it downstairs and the look on their face’s once they’d seen what he had done.


“You enjoy this, don’t you?” He sneered trying to fight against your moving body. “Damn right, every fucking second of it Malik. ‘Cus the day you go to prison for what you’ve done to me? Is the day I’ll finally escape Hell. Oh! And here’s a tip you might need later on in life,” you leaned close to his ear making sure to skim the tip of your tongue against the shell of his ear, making him shiver.

“Don’t drop the soap.” With Zayn still in your face, the door swung open and there stood a very concerned Trisha. “Hey I heard yelling and so I came up to check on you guys- Y/N, sweetheart what happened?” She walked closer and just before Zayn could get another word out, you stepped away.

“What is going here,” she looked to Zayn for some sort of explanation. Only he couldn’t think of one that was suitable. He was finally caught and his mother got to see the ugly side of him.

“Zayn, go downstairs right now. I will have a word with you after. And Y/N? I want you to go down the hall into the room on the right. What have you done Zayn!”


“I don’t know, it’s been going on for a while- I don’t know!” Tears started to stream down Bethany’s face as she tried to recollect herself. Her parents were soon to be split apart because of the abuse that had taken toll upon your relationship. It was ugly. Way horrid then what you could possibly imagine horrible.

Sick to her stomach, Bethany guides her uncle Zayn through the house in search to find you. After Bethany heard everything from her bedroom, she was determined to stop all of this and for once. “Have you seen her ever since the fight?” She shook her head and rounded a corner to the bed room you share with your husbandYour husband.

They both stood in front of the door and looked at each other before Zayn knocked. “Mom? A-are you in there?” You waited ten seconds and there still wasn’t a reply. “Y/N? This is Zayn, please open up.” Ten seconds later and no respond. Zayn sighed nervously raking a hand through his already tussled raven hair. “Alright you stay out here and I’ll go look for her inside.” “No!” Bethany protests. “I’ll go with you.”

“Are you sure?” She nods. Taking a shaky breath, Zayn’s fingers fumbled with the doorknob shakily twisting it open. They both pad quietly inside the dimmed room looking for anything. Blood. Broken glass. Discarded clothes. But nothing. Everything inside the room was neat- except for the bed but it looked like someone had just gotten out of it since it was undone.

“I don’t understand,” Bethany shook her head, circling the perimeter she stood on looking for evidence. “I heard them yell and shout but,” her breath quickened ,“ nothing’s here.” Zayn’s eyebrows furrowed and he couldn’t spot a thing. But something was nagging him. Someone came in here and cleaned something up.

“Look Bethany, something’s not right.”

“I know!”

“Where’s your father?” She shrugged her shoulders. “I-I don’t know. He didn’t say anything when he left, he just left! He does that all the time when he’s mad.” Zayn nod his head understanding. They both were worried. “You said you were in your room, correct?”

“Yes, I was.”

“So, he left-,”

“I heard him leave. It’s easy to hear his footsteps. They’re loud.”

“So if your mother’s not here, do you possibly think he could have taken her with him to-,” and she stopped breathing. Her mind race with the thousands of possibilities that could have happened to you and she couldn’t breathe. Bethany’s tears seemed to increase at the enraging thoughts and she kept shaking her head.

“No, no my father? Louis the Tomlinson? He wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t kill his wife would he?” Zayn just scratched the back of his neck trying not to lose control of the situation. “I hope to God Louis doesn’t do anything like that. Y/N is a wonderful woman, she doesn’t deserve to die! No body deserves to die!”

“We need to think. We have to tell the police,” Bethany’s voice quivered as she thought about the police. Her family. Her mother. Her father. Everything seemed to be slipping away in just a matter of time. “OK lets do that-,”

“Alright let me just,” she breathed ,“ turn off the bathroom light.” And Zayn’s direction turned to their bathroom door which was cracked letting a light pour through the room. “Yeah, you do that.” Bethany walked toward the bathroom and opened the door. Just as she reached for the switch, there you were.

Lying on the floor naked wearing nothing but blotches of blood, everywhere. Her breathing really stopped and she felt like someone just punched her in the stomach, painfully. She opened the door wide enough so she could tell if this was really real. And it was.

Your hair acted as a halo as you lay cooped up on the floor, barely breathing a steady breath. The floors were covered with tremendous amounts of some dried up and still wet blood as you were beaten to the pulp. The tub next to you was filled with water and had some evidence of blood left behind signaling that you did climb out.

Bethany slowly walked towards you mumbling your title. “Mom, m-mom, oh my God!” And she shook you as hard as she could so that you could get up. Zayn must’ve heard all of the commotion because he ran in their too shocked as hell to see you there. “Call 911! Mommy I am so sorry I did this! It’s all my fault, I should’ve known sooner, I didn’t know he would do this to you! Mom please I need you, just wake up,” and she shook you and shook you until she couldn’t shake you anymore.


Hey guyz, sorry this took forever…


thelightthatstillshines still believes in you...

Christmas was right around the corner, which meant Jack had to make one final stop at the end of the night and for once, Jack was terrified to reach that destination; Jamie’s house. The spirit had been pacing on a neighbor’s roof for a little over an hour, mulling over what he wanted to say without sounding too lame. “Jamie, hey kiddo, Merry-ugh, no..”

He groaned, rubbing his palm over his face in exhaustion. In the end, he gives up on rehearsing and checks the pocket of his hood to make sure the weight of his gift was still safely inside before he carried himself over to Jamie’s window, pressing a tentative hand to the glass to let ice consume the panel in an intricate design to let his friend know of his arrival. If he played his cards right, this would be the best gift ever.

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Just who is this guy you find yourself meeting on a cold Winter’s night? Hm, Gunner? Can you answer that? Of course you can’t. Hell, you must seem like some amateur, you feel like one at least. You find yourself grasping at your muscled biceps with gloved hands in a poor attempt to warm yourself up. You’re watching the skyline for rain, treading the ground lightly in case of following shadows and edging your way around nooks of alleyways in an attempt to keep your 6ft 5" frame a hidden secret.

Truth is, you accepted this job with no knowledge of just who this guy could be. Money was good, that’s why you took it. But now you’re getting doubts, your feet are feeling cold.

Stepping away from the darkness and into the shelter of a street light, you see a figure across the road. Is that the one? Is that the guy?

“Hey!” You grunt his way with a small wave.

He knows you’re here now.

Allen-Desu has hallucinated Lotuses


.: [] :.—————— :. Alma’s eyes widened when he spotted Allen down the road and quickly hurried up to him. He had heard that the male had gone missing and was in hiding and now declared a traitor by the order. But that would never stop him from looking up to the man who had gave Yuu and him peace in the final moments… before the order found him again.

.: [] :.—————— :. "Allen!“ He spoke, trying not to attract anyone elses’ attention except his. He still wanted to thank the male for what he had done. 

†adequateblonde Started Following You†

Dashing through the woods he’d just about had enough. It felt like he’d been running for hours and ever since his rifle had given out, this was it. If another one of those creatures stumbled across him he was done for. He knew that much for certain. 

Catching his breath in this shade of an oak tree he stood panting for a few moments before the rustle of the bushes got his eyes wide and heart racing once more.

God fuckin’ damnit.

Holding the unloaded rifle before him, he prepared himself to hit whatever it was with a force hopefully strong enough to knock them off their feet. He couldn’t outrun more of them creatures, he was far too tired. Whispering, he prepared himself.

“You come out here you damn son of a bitch, you won’ wanna be messin’ with T.J Luther, ye damn corpse.”