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Welcome to Mama’s 100 Quotes of Supernatural Challenge!!!

Wow! I am truly amazed at all of you wonderful people in Tumblr land. After 1 year on here I have 2000 followers!!!! (OK, so I know my blog is not a big ole bomb of excitement the majority of time but I am still tickled pink!)

So to celebrate my 1 year blog anniversary, I am going to do a 2-part thing. I put a poll out a few weeks ago to see what all of you would like and the 2 popular responses were a challenge and for me to do some more blog promo’s. You asked so shall you receive!!

I have searched and searched for some of the most memorable, funniest, best quotes from our beloved characters of Supernatural. Below the cut you will find the list. I have tried to include at least 1 quote from just about everyone (well, from a whole bunch of them anyways) but the majority of the quotes do belong to our sexy Dean, Sam, and Castiel! So keep on reading to see the list and the rules for this challenge!!

(And feel free to hop on over to my other part of this challenge, Mama’s “Spread The Love” Blog Promo’s and shoot me some suggestions!)

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tfwno-waifu  asked:

Hey I just wanted to ask you something, and I just want to say this right off, I am in no way trying to be offensive. Why do you get upset when you see moffat hate? Because, in my opinion, he's not the best dude. In his writing the women are seen just as love interests not as actual people, he has plot wholes left and right big enough to drive a truck through, and in general his stories arent great. (im hopeing you can make me see him in a different light perhaps ^u^)

holla friend!!!! thanks for asking so nicely!
i get upset when i see moffat hate because, very often, it’s more of a hate trend than actual, well thought of and well written criticism. because i’ve seen so many people call him horrible things and get so mean and personal like he’s not even a real person. because one time i’ve actually seen someone tag a moffat hate post as “moffat hate ftw xD” and it makes me sick to the stomache. 
now i’m gonna divide my response to 3 parts:

  • moffat’s women: i strongly disagree with your claim about them. i don’t think that what moffat does in his writing - i think that’s just how people choose to see his characters; by degrading them into a few motifs or characteristics, while in reality they are so much more complex and interesting than that. nancy’s story wasn’t about romance but about her struggles with the children she took care of, and the horrible truth about her “little brother”, and her bravery; reinette had a gig with the doctor, yes, but it wasn’t what her story was about, and it doesn’t make her character weak at all - she was noble, wise beyond her years, decisive, graceful - she dealt with the happenings in her life with incredible grace; sally’s story contained romance, with billy and eventually larry, but it wasn’t the focus either - it was about her getting thrown into the dangerous life of the doctor almost unwillingly, dealing with the weeping angels and losing her friends on herself, with just a video message from a strange man to trust - she was brave and intelligent and took no shit, determined to have control in her life but not patronizing; and i’m not gonna start talking about river and amy and clara becasue they’re main characters and it’ll take me ages to explain how i see them. my point is, making moffat’s women into mere love interests is fan concept: in reality, his women are real people, with their own lives and decisions, much more complicated and layered than how fans make them seem. 
  • plot holes: personally i found that many of his “plot holes” are perfectly explainable. his plots are like puzzles - you need to get the right pieces and put them together in the right order to see how it makes sense. but it DOES make sense. moffat also doesn’t ignore it when people don’t understand his plots and explains them in interviews (like the amy and rory in new york issue). also, he does occasionally have holes in his plots, and he often acknowledges it. he’s not perfect - every writer has their faults. it’s impossible to keep such complex plotlines as moffat’s spotless. expecting him to do that is a bit too much in my opinion. also, i actually like it when he doesn’t explain everything - it leaves place to speculations and your own imagination which, to be honest, can be much more powerful than “official fixed explained plot facts” or whatever. it happens a lot in who - that’s the fun.
  • his general stories: saying they’re not great is a very general, and very subjective, thing to say, and it’s perfectly fine. you don’t like his stories - i do - it doesn’t mean we can’t coexist in the fandom. but when people take their opinions to horrible extremes - that’s where i put the line, and that’s what i talk about when i get upset over moffat hate, not casual opinions like yours or anybody’s, which are absolutely valid and which i totally respect.

basically, like i said, i could go on forever - this is where asking about specifics helps, and even then, i could still go on forever - which just comes to show how much this whole thing has to do with personal interpretations and views. it’s huge fun discussing it and seeing other people’s points of view. it’s much less fun when it gets personal and offensive. it depends HUGELY on what sort of blogs you surround yourself with (when it comes to tumblr), which views do they offer, their sources (super important!!!!!!! sources can often be twisted and biased; written interviews often get interpreted in certain ways, while they can have a lot of meanings; and, most of all - when it comes to moffat, he’s not being serious about what he says like, 90% of the time. he being cynical and humorous A LOT and people take what he says seriously way too often. the best you can do, in my opinion, is draw your conclusions from video interviews). 
look, i don’t think he’s perfect; there’s lines of his that i don’t like, and episodes which could’ve been better, just like rtd or any other writer on any other show. but demonizing him like so many of the fans do it just wrong. he’s a human being.