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Stumbled across your art recently, and I totally admire your work! As a complete noob to the digital art scene, I'd just like to ask whether you have any tips on colour picking (like for skin tones, under varied/dramatic lighting and such!). I have a ton of other things I want to ask, but I'll limit myself to one question and then try to google the rest, haha/ Thanks for sharing your art with us! ^^

ahh thank you so much! ♥ welcome to the digial art scene friend, i hope you enjoy your stay and ctrl + z

now onto your question! (if you don’t know what layer and layer modes are and how they generally work you should probably google that before you continue reading)

we all perceive colour differently (thx science) and i trust my intuition a lot when it comes to colour picking because of that, and also because i feel like you can make pretty much every colour combination work within the right context. context is key! but still, remember that all of this is about how i perceive colour, so you might not agree with everything i say.

here’s a quick rundown of terms you’ll see around a lot in reference to colours and shading: the hue, which is the ‘colour’ itself, the saturation aka the intensity, and the brightness [or value] which describes how dark or bright we perceive a colour to be.

rule of thumb: when you shade don’t just add black (or white) to your base colours, that will make your drawings boring and lifeless. use different hues and saturation!

now first things first: which skin colour does the character have?

you’ll mostly be navigating in the red to yellow spectrum for the skin tone. so when i pick the base colours i usually start with the skin and adjust the rest of the colours accordingly. if you’re not sure where to begin it might help if you first determine the values (brightness) of the base colours in grayscale.

and here are a few colour variations—i stuck to the approximate values but played around with a lot of different hues and levels of saturation.

now compare 3 and 5: you’ll notice that 3 is very bright and leans towards orange hues, whereas 5 has a pinkish tint.

on the left i gave 5 the hair colour of 3 and in my opinion the pink hue of the skin doesn’t go well with the orange undertone of the hair. you’ll have to experiment a lot to find out which combinations work for you.  

ctrl + u is your biggest friend (or image >> adjustments >> hue/saturation in photoshop, the shortcut works in sai and clip studio paint too). play with the sliders and see what happens. i do that a lot myself, because it’s easier to coordinate the colours like that afterwards instead of trying to manually pick perfectly matching ones right away.

for further adjustments i like to use an extra semi-transparent layer on top of everything with just a single colour to add atmospheric light. this unifies the colours and makes them more harmonious, if that’s what you’re looking for. this is about as far as i’d go if i didn’t want to shade the drawing.

if i do want to shade, especially with high contrasts and dramatic light, i darken the base by just adding an additional black layer, here set to 40% opacity. of course you could add a colour layer like the ones i mentioned previously too.

to create an impression of dramatic light you need a high contrast between light and dark areas (1). if i want additional visual intrest i often add secondary light which falls onto the main shadow areas. here i picked a faint greenish blue to balance out the yellow (2). and since light is at least partially reflected when it hits a surface you should add a faint glow that goes across the shadow/light border. i uses a mid-brown with a very soft brush on a layer set to overlay here (3).

for this shading style i like to use the layer mode colour dodge with lowered opacity + fill settings. for some layer modes opacity and fill do the exact same thing (e.g. for multiply or screen). however for colour dodge there’s a big difference:

a lowered opacity merely alters the transparency of the entire layer. that looks pretty awful sometimes, because the bright orange affects the dark of the hair much more intensely than the already brighter skin. but when you lower the fill percentage you primarily lower the amount of light that falls onto darker colours. so the layer’s opacity setting treats every colour equally whereas the fill setting takes their values into consideration. it might be hard to understand if you don’t try it out yourself, so just play around to get a feel for how it works!

and to summarise, here’s a process gif:

colour is an extremely big topic and i’ve only barely scratched the surface but i hope that still helped you out a little! the fastest way to learn is always to try things yourself, so grab a sketch and experiment. 👍

When the only purpose of a painting is enjoyment there will be freedom in every brushstroke.
I listened to an audiobook during the process and now I remember the protagonist’s adventures whenever I take a look at this painting. So he’s in there, too. I don’t know why, but the thought makes me happy.

Memories// Niall Horan imagine

Titel: Memories// Niall Horan imagine

Summary: The reader and Niall catch up and talk about the memories they shared. 

Warnings: Cheating, cursing, yelling. 

masterlist ( only laptop)

‘ Come in Niall’ You said when the Irish lad stood in the front of your apartment. This wasn’t casual, not since you two broke up, but Niall was in town and asked if he could come over. Of course, you needed to think about it, but couldn’t reject it. Niall and been there for you in a hard time and even though you broke up, he was still important to you somehow. Niall followed you and saw a couple of pictures standing in the hall. The picture which caught his eye immediately was the picture of your dad. He died two years ago, in the time you and Niall were dating. It was hard for you, especially since you were a daddy’s girl. But Niall helped you through it and you couldn’t be more grateful. When Niall arrived in the living room, it was just how he remembered it.The walls were still the same colour, the couch stood in the same place, the only difference was that you couldn’t see that Niall and Y/N had been dating, every single picture was removed. ‘ So… how is life?’ Niall asked Y/N when they sat down. ‘ It’s great. Finally got the job I wanted’ You said. Niall smiled, he was glad you made it. 

‘ Ugh! I can’t do this anymore’ You said, throwing your book somewhere in the room. Your finals were coming up and to say you were stressed was an understatement. You had been studying for the past two hours, but it was simply too difficult for you. At least, that’s what you thought. Niall, however, was sure you were going to pass the finals. When he saw you sitting in the room, he smiled sadly. You were trying so hard, and it wasn’t working anymore. ‘ Babe, maybe you need a break’ He said and you turned around. ‘ A break?Don’t you know how much I need to do? I need to read my assignments again, I need to make an essay that will make me help remember it-’ Niall cut you by kissing you on the lips. ‘ I’m sure you going to make it, babe’ He said, smiling at you. ‘ You are even smarter than me!’ Niall added with a laugh. ‘ Everyone is smarter than you’ You teased your boyfriend and shook his arm playfully. Niall stuck his tongue out and you laughed. ‘ What? I’m only saying the truth’ You said, teasing Niall again. Before you knew it, Niall began to tickle you and you felt down on the bed. He tried to kiss you but failed when you laughed too hard. ‘ N-Niall, stop!’ You said between the laughs. Niall calmed down and laid down next you. ‘ I knew you needed a break’ He said, smiling at you.

Those days were the better the days. The days where everything was well, without any problems, without the tears and without fights. Niall was pissed he let you go that easily, but also glad it had happened. ‘ So, you had become a nurse?’ Niall asked. ‘ Yes, I did. It’s hard, but you get used to it’ You said. It was weird to speak with Niall, but you it wasn’t like you expected. It was more comfortable, nicer and you felt being yourself when you were with Niall. ‘ How are the boys?’ You asked Niall. You always had been close to the boys, especially Harry. Even after your break up, Harry kept seeing you. Some fans thought you were a couple, but Harry denied it a couple of times. ‘ Good. We hadn’t spoken in a while, with all the solo’s, but I bet they are happy’ Talking with Niall was weird, yet it was nice. You felt being yourself when you were with Niall. Although you couldn’t trust him, not after what he did to you. 

‘ Why?’ You said between the tears. Niall stood in the front of you, but couldn’t look at your face. Niall didn’t answer, instead, he walked away from you. ‘ Why Niall?’ You asked him again, and this time he turned around. ‘ I don’t know’ Niall said honestly, it was barely a whisper but you could hear it every word of it. ‘ You do, Horan. And we both know that’ You said angrily. Niall sighed and ran a hand through his hair. ‘ It kind of happened I guess..’ Said Niall, he was unsure how to have to this conversation with you. ‘ IT KIND OF HAPPENED?’ You shouted.‘ WHAT THE FUCK OF ANSWER IT THAT NIALL?’ You added, shouting louder than you mean to. ‘ I don’t know… I was drunk… and the lads forced me to do it’ Explained Niall. ‘ Always blaming the lads huh?’ You said. ‘ Goddammit Y/N. Yes I was drunk, but I barely remember it anymore’ Niall said. ‘  So you slept with her?’ You asked. ‘ Fuck, yes I did’ You could see Niall getting frustrated. ‘ How many times?’ You said, your voice cracking at the end. Now, when Niall admitted he cheated, you felt betrayed and heartbroken. ‘ Just once’ Said Niall, his voice was normal again but still low. You felt relieved that it was ‘ just once’, but you didn’t know if you could trust Niall or not. He lied to you, he cheated on you, he kissed you while he already fucked someone else. You walked upstairs to grab some clothes and other stuff and when you arrived back in the living room, Niall sat against the wall. ‘ We are over’ You said, feeling the tears in your eyes. You left, leaving Niall in the apartment. 

That’s how your relationship ended. With huge fight. It was awful, very awful, but you got over it. It took a long time, with help from your friends and family, but it succeeds. You also stepped out the spotlight, you lived without the fame and you were fine with it. ‘ Our break up was hard, at least for me’ said Niall suddenly. You were surprised by his words. Why would he say that? ‘ You were the one who cheated’ You shot at him, but almost took the words when you saw Niall’s hurtful expression on his face. ‘ I didn’t mean to’ Said Niall. This time, you believed him somehow. Maybe it was the tone of his voice or the expression on his face. ‘ It was hard for me too. But I got over it’ You said. You walked over to the window. The rain was pouring, you saw the people on the streets running away to their houses. The most people found it weird, but you liked the rain. It set you free, the teardrops made you fresh. You couldn’t explain it though. 

‘ C’mon Niall! It will be fun!’ You cheered, looking at your boyfriend. Niall shook his head. ‘ It’s freezing, the rain is pouring and we were supposed to enjoy the holiday together’ Niall pouted. It was your second holiday together and it was fun, but today it was raining in France. You stood in the rain currently, dancing like a mad woman. It was quite embarrassing, but no one was watching besides Niall so it didn’t matter at all. You liked dancing in the rain, simply because you grew up doing it. ‘ But Niall you are so boring! You are a bad boyfriend’ You teased him. You liked teasing him because it made Niall do things that he will never do. Niall took one step closer, but not too close. You take out your hand and Niall finally gave in. He took your hand and he joined you in the garden of the holiday house. The rain was still falling, but the neither of you couldn’t care. You were happy and so was Niall. This is matters, you and him. Nothing couldn’t stop it now. Niall picked you up and kissed you passionately on the lips. ‘ I love you’ He whispered. You smiled. ‘ I love you too’ 

You and Niall drink the tea in silence, not knowing what to say. The day was almost over and Niall needed to go back to his hotel, at least that what you thought. ‘ Can I stay here for a night?’ He asked after he had put the tea down. ‘ Sure. Why exactly?’ You asked him. ‘ Because it’s probably too late to drive home’ Said Niall. ‘ Nevermind, it’s a stupid question’ Niall said. ‘ No it’s not. You can stay here if you like, I’m just surprised’ You told your ex. ‘ Great. Do you have a spare room or something?’ Niall asked. You nodded and showed him the spare room. While walking upstairs, you saw a picture of your dad. 

You stood outside the house of your mother along with your older brother. You heard silent cries from your left side, and that’s hurt you. Your brother crying? He was always so strong. Always taking care of you, always joking and being happy and protective. It made sense that your brother was crying though. Your dad died three days ago due to cancer. It was a short battle and he hadn’t much pain. The nurses immediately said it was impossible to save him because the cancer was everywhere, even in his brain. For you, it was hard and unexpected. You knew something was wrong, but you hadn’t expected this. On your right, stood Niall. He flew from Los Angels to your hometown to be there for you. You said you would make it on your own, but Niall didn’t listen. He wanted to be there for you, no matter where he was. You and the rest of the family got in the car and followed the car with your father’s body. You cried during the car ride, although you didn’t want to. Your father didn’t like seeing your cry, he always made you were safe and happy. But now - when he is gone- you lost it and broke down. The rest of the funeral went in a blur for you, you didn’t remember much of it afterwards. ‘ It’s okay Y/N, I’m here for you’ Niall said, hugging you tighter when the coffin went into the ground. You nodded your head, not able to speak. Niall was right, it was gonna to be okay. 

‘ Thanks, Y/N. I really appreciate it’ Niall smiled at you, but the smile faded when he saw where you were looking at. ‘ You miss him, don’t you?’ Said Niall and you nodded. It was true, you missed him, so much. Your father was your rock, your save haven. ‘ Come here darling’ Said Niall, opening his arms for you. Your head was on his chest and for the first time in forever, you felt safe. Maybe it was a good idea to let Niall stay here since you never forgot him. 

Flame Trees

For Arbor Day in the lovely US of A. Flame trees are actually native to Australia but whatevs - this is my drabble. Also this is named after an awesome Australian song, the Sarah Blasko version is great.

“Oh the flame trees will blind the weary driver. And there’s nothing else could set fire to this town. There’s no change, there’s no pace, Everything within it’s place. Just makes it harder to believe that she won’t be around.”

Klaus insisted he would never set foot back in Mystic Falls after graduation and he’d been successful so far. After completing both his law degree and MBA at Harvard he’d been on track to do just that until his father had to go and die. Mikael Mikaelson always was a selfish bastard. He’d contemplated not returning for the funeral but Elijah had decided they suddenly needed to play happy families even though they all felt the same way about their father.

Mikael was a vindictive bully who made it his main aim in life to terrorise his four children even more so after their mother passed away when Klaus was only eight. He remembered the day of her funeral still so vividly.

17 years earlier…

Mikael had told him to stop blubbering like a baby and act like a real man. He’d escaped as soon as possible making his way along their long, winding driveway and down the street not sure where he was going but determined to put as much space between himself and that house full of bad memories.

Klaus loosened his tie and pulled it off roughly likening it to a tight noose around his neck but Mikael insisted he wore it because it was all about appearances after all. The Mikaelsons were one of the richest families in Mystic Falls and as such had a reputation to maintain. If only they knew what went on behind closed doors. Klaus looked up realising that he’d been so lost in his thoughts he’d wandered into the woods.

He found himself distracted by a particularly bright tree with an abundance of brilliant, scarlet flowers. Unlike most trees that stood tall, its branches drooped over, creating an umbrella effect. If there was anything Klaus wanted it was to hide and he found himself standing beneath it taking deep breaths to calm himself. He grabbed onto one of the lower branches and lifted himself up so he was sitting in the tree. It was the most at peace he’d felt all day.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He looked down curiously at the familiar, curly haired blonde with blazing, blue eyes.

“I thought that was obvious,” he growled. Klaus really wasn’t in the mood and Caroline Forbes was the kind of company he didn’t need especially on today of all days.

“You’re sitting in my tree,” she insisted, her hands now on her hips.

“You don’t own it,” he scoffed.

“Yes, I do,” she drawled, pointing to her initials engraved on the trunk.

“Just because you put your initials on it doesn’t mean it’s yours,” he argued. Klaus wasn’t one to back down from a fight especially with Caroline Forbes of all people. She was a year below him at school but he’d never spoken to her. He certainly didn’t regret that decision at all now. “Just leave me alone, I’m not in the mood today.”

“Because of your mom?” He raised his eyebrows in her direction, given how small the town was Klaus shouldn’t have been surprised.

“I don’t want to talk about her,” he murmured, trying not to descend into that blubbering baby his father had accused him of being earlier. Not to be deterred, Caroline took hold of a nearby branch and swung up into the tree beside him. “You don’t climb so badly, you know for a girl.”

“I’ve also got a pretty good right hook that could knock you out of this tree, Mikaelson,” she shot back. That was the first time he’d actually smiled in a while and Klaus remembered just how good it felt.

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favourite stiles/lydia moments from s3

A little bird told me that today is your birthday!

I absolutely adore every single one of your stories and since I am terrible at expressing my feeling with words, this is my way of saying “Thank you” and “Happy Birthday” to you, @disneygeekwriter!

Here is Chef Kristoff from your fic “Unbreak you

Also, welcome to the club, life gets even better at 30 ;)