((starts crying))

Hey guys! How are you? Hope you are doing/have been okay. *hugs*
So I’m making this post just to apologize to my babies who requested me some edits! I’m sorry for not having them done yet… ‘cause I have been with a depression and with no motivation to do edits… And even when I do them I take too much time now (I wonder where are my inspirations and ideas went orz). I’m not how I used to be when I edited on the past few years (you can noticed on how my edits have been looking now, so simple and plain lol…) just have been feeling really down everyday and with no patience for anything. I’m getting worried by my depression and I’m afraid it gets any worse… So just wanted to let you know that I will still make the requests and bday gift edits for my cute friends :) *hugs* They just will be so damn late and I’m so sorry for that! Wish you all the best (specially luck for your exams at school) and thank you for being with me and for being such a sweethearts!! ily all!
PS: please dear anons, don’t come to my ask box and send me shitty messages ok? I feel really bad and sad already and don’t make me feel more stressed with stupid and mean asks… I won’t answer them! Respect it please!

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this is really random but I started becoming a more active follower because of kght and then began going through ur fic list and I realized u also wrote human error which is literally the reason I started writing again and wrote my own Jungkook robot au n I'm only on anon bc my stupid tumblr only sends asks from my personal but yeah I just wanted u to know ur phenomenal and ily and I hope your hands better and I want to give you the moon n stars 🌹

omg this is so nice ;-; thank you for sending this and letting me know D”: im emotional. thank you so much, i love you! <333

oh god to follow up my already rambly post


my biggest hope/dream is for when the map is finished, for the SSO team to add the Winter Rider’s map and just. keep it as is(with needed updates and added stuff)

like. Keep the waterfall and lake and rivers and building just.. update and make prettier and add new things? keep the stables and.. yeah. Especially the mountain. it is my biggest SSO dream to be able to spend a night on that mountain with my best SSO friends during winter(so snow will be everywhere and it will be just like the original game lol). You have no idea how bad my heart yearns for this.


Jhope was so happy the entire concert
he was so smiley and we sang mama amazingly. Taehyung got choked up and started crying towards the end, (that’s when I started crying tbh, I was a mess) - Namjoon loves Chicago “"If I were to live in America I’d live in Chicago.”
Cypher pt 4 was lit as fuck and there wasn’t one second between that and FIRE - (I WAS NOT emotionally prepared) We sang part of Yoongi’s lines for him in DOPE, The solos were beautiful and we did the “We Love You” for Namjoon during Reflection They all did so well?? Both the fans and BTS. The fans were all so good and I couldn’t be prouder of Chicago as a whole! We were so loud!! Can you believe Chicago, so far is the loudest of the concerts?? We made BTS so happy and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. // okay to rb

And through the flames, she sees you, Magnus, alive.