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Disney Mothers

A mother loves you 

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She teaches you about the world

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She loves to make you smile and laugh

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She watches over you

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She is always ready to protect you

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And she will fight to keep you safe

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She gives you advice when you need it

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And is there for you when you’re sad

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She helps you find out who you are

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And she learns from you as well

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She supports you and your dreams

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And is proud when you succeed and fly

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No matter how far you go, she’ll be there when you return

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No matter how long you were gone

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She prepares you for the world as best as she can

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But she hates when it is cruel to you

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The one that raised you might not have been a true mother

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But somewhere in the world you will find a mother

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Your mother might be a grandmother

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Or a sister

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Or an aunt

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Or a godmother

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But you will find them

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Because everyone has a mother somewhere

date - peter parker

Date - ((Tom Holland)) Peter Parker x Reader | 3rd Person 

Prompt: in which (Y/N) pays Peter to go on a date with her that eventually spirals into something more. 


(Y/N) was walking down the halls, frantic. Earlier that morning she had told her parent(s) that she did, in fact, have a boyfriend. There was a large business event later that night, and (Y/N)’s family and parent(s) were pressuring her to take a date.

That morning (Y/N) stated that she did have a date, which was a complete lie. Though no names were said, she gave a description of what her “boyfriend” looked like. He had brown hair, brown eyes and was taller than her. (Y/N) thought that the description was detailed enough to make him believable, yet basic enough that anyone could fit it.

Her walking turned into running, as (Y/N) searched the halls for someone, anyone, to fit the basic description. There were plenty of guys that fit the description, it just had to be someone that wasn’t a complete dick. The majority of guys at the school were complete assholes, and she didn’t want anything to do with them.

Suddenly, the bell rang and (Y/N) rushed into her science class. She went to her lab station and sat down next to her partner, Peter, just in time. (Y/N) was practically panting, and let out a groan as she laid her head down on the cool surface.

Completely distraught, (Y/N) frowned to herself. It was her last class of the day and she didn’t have a date yet. All the nice guys that fit her description were taken and everyone else who fit her description were complete dicks.

“Hey, are you okay?” Peter asked.

(Y/N)’s head shot up. Peter fit her description, and he wasn’t a dick. She looked at him and said, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No,” Peter stated, looking confused.

“That’s great!” (Y/N) proclaimed, but regretted it quickly, “I mean, it’s not great for you but it is for me. Wait, I didn’t mean it like that. Shit, I’m sorry you must be really confused.”

“I am.”

“Okay, well, first question: do you want twenty dollars?”

Warily, Peter said, “Sure?” but it came out as more of a question.

“Amazing! Well, do you have plans for tonight and do you own a tux?”

Obviously confused, Peter said, “No, I don’t have plans and yes, I do own a tux.”

“This is the best thing that has happened today!” (Y/N) said, mostly to herself, “Okay, I told my parent(s) that I had a date for this huge event thing that their company is holding, and I obviously don’t so-”

“Obviously?” Peter interrupted, “What does that mean?”

“It means that it’s not hard to tell that I don’t have a boyfriend because, I mean, look at me! But anyways, stop interrupting. So, I don’t have a date and I need one. You got that right?” (Y/N) pauses and Peter nods, so she continues, “This is where you come in. I’ll give you twenty bucks if you put on that suit and go out to the event with me. It’s just for two hours and after that we never have to go out again.”

Peter was surprised, a pretty girl just asked him to essentially go out on a date with her, and he got paid. (Y/N) was waiting anxiously for his response, so Peter just said, “Sure,” quickly.

(Y/N) started cheering, “Thank you so much! Okay, can you write down your number here,” she handed him a piece of paper, “and wear a black tie because my dress is black and I told my family that we’ve been dating for two months. It’s at 7 o’clock but I’ll pick you up at six because it’s an hour away with traffic. And Peter, thank you so damn much you are the best person I have ever met!” (Y/N) was beaming, which made Peter smile.

The bell rang and (Y/N) walked out with Peter. She went to her car, and Peter started walking home. “Hey, Peter?” she asked, “Thanks. It really means a lot to me, I owe you big time!” 

“No problem, really, you don’t owe me anything.” Peter said to her, walking away and smiling to himself.

Ten minutes until six, Peter received a text saying that (Y/N) was waiting in front of his apartment complex. He walked out of his room, and heard his aunt squeal. “You look so nice! I can’t believe you’re going to a dinner party with a girl.”

“Oh my god,” Peter mumbled, “I’ll see you later.” He walked out the door and went out to the front of the building. He walked towards her and tapped her shoulder, making her turn around. Her jaw dropped, she had never seen Peter in anything other than jeans and t-shirts. Quickly regaining her composure, she smiled and said, “You look great.”

Peter looked at her, she was stunning. In a black dress with matching black shoes, she looked flawless. “You look great, too,” he managed to get out. 

“Thank you, now, shall we?” (Y/N) said, as the pair got into the car.

The party had went perfectly. They practiced their story in the car, and everyone believed it. The pair constantly were showered with compliments about how perfect they were, which always made the two smile and blush. (Y/N)’s hand was always in Peter’s, and she liked it. They said goodbye to everyone and got into their car.

Once inside the car, (Y/N)’s hand instinctively went into Peter’s. The two sat in silence, before (Y/N) they got onto the freeway and were stuck in traffic. “They took pictures,” (Y/N) said.

“What?” Peter asked.

“There were people there taking pictures of everyone. Of us. I have a few here,” (Y/N) said, taking out pictures from her purse and handing them to Peter. There were three pictures, and all of them made Peter smile. The first was a picture of the two sitting at a table, smiling at each other. The second was a picture of the pair holding hands, Peter smiling at her while she talked. The third was the two laughing, looking the happiest (Y/N) had ever looked.

“What are you going to do with them?” Peter asked.

(Y/N) blushed and said, “I was, I was going to keep them. I, uh, think we look cute.”

“We do,” he said.

“Hey, Pete?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“Do you want to go out on a date with me? Like a real date, together.” (Y/N) asked hopefully.

“I would love to,” he said, leaving both of them with large smiles on their faces.

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luxyray  asked:

*STICKS LEG OUT* Talk to me about Dad-might.

Oh, friend, I don’t think you actually want me to. BUT I’M GONNA DO IT ANYWAY.


So. Following the premise (which, for those of you that don’t want to read, is basically right after All Might’s fight with sensei; he’s been discharged from the hospital and is Sad and Introspective™ and then he meets a lil’ Izuku who is all determined and adorable about his dream to be a hero so All Might is all *wipes tear* “my son,” basically deciding right there that he’s going to help Izuku achieve his dream. I’m good at summaries don’t judge) All Might is probably thinking about his rather (read: very) impulsive decision to reveal his identity to Izuku. And regretting it.

Because Izuku is kind of about to combust - 

Okay that’s admittedly a minor reason in the long-run. He is, mostly, realizing that despite his determination Midoriya is very much a child - “how old are you?” Midoriya momentarily stops his fanboy-induced freakout to grin toothily and hold up nine fingers, “I’m nine!” - he is a nine year old boy and even if a part of All Might has taken a shining to the child, he is nine and One for All would kill him, and his thoughts are something along the lines of “what the heck was I thinking?”

But then Izuku looks up at him, all wide, hopeful eyes and gives him a heartfelt, “thank you.” Because no one ever believed that he could become a hero. In his entire life, All Might is the first one to tell him that - and how awesome is that? The hero, the #1 hero, All Might! His idol! Thinks he can become a hero!

He says that he doesn’t really know how he’s going to do it, but he’s certain that with All Might’s help, he’ll be able to become a hero. He starts to tear up to All Might’s silent horror, but (thankfully) wipes his eyes.

And All Might is about to say something but - 

Ofc Izuku is super worried, and suddenly he remembers that, yeah, this is what All Might looked like when he walked up to him, and he didn’t really realize it until now. He asks why he looks like this, and Toshinori tells him. *cue informational speech/monologue about his fight with a certain villain that occurred recently and left him like this*

Toshinori carefully keeps the truth of his quirk quiet. He doesn’t actually know if he will choose Midoriya as his successor, but he will at the very least help train him in case he does.


The comic “training” that I made probably fits somewhere around here.

Toshinori accidentally introduces Recovery Girl and Izuku to each other at some point. He’s probably on his way to visit her one day, and Izuku runs into him (because the boy has somehow developed some kind of inhuman radar that almost guarantees that Toshinori is going to encounter him at least three times a week) and promptly decides that he’s going to accompany him for the day.

It’s a little funny, because while in his real form, Toshinori realizes that Izuku is a lot more brazen as opposed to when he is All Might. It might have to do with the blood he’s constantly spewing though, and Toshinori also realizes that he’s got a bit of a mother-hen in Midoriya. He’d bring jackets, scarves, heating pads, 2-liter water bottles, and many other kinds of items for Toshinori’s benefit.

(At one point, Midoriya had asked Inko for help. She had asked, “what do you need?” He had then told her that a friend of his spewed blood everyday and he wanted to know how to help. Inko had promptly freaked out because “VOMITING BLOOD WHAT,” causing Midoriya to freak out even more, which resulted in him being even more cautious regarding Toshinori’s condition.)

Anyway, meeting Recovery Girl. She’s curious about Izuku, who is half-hiding behind Toshinori, but otherwise doesn’t really pay him much mind as she says, “you’ll need to have your stomach removed.”

Izuku freezes, Toshinori nods as though he was expecting as much, and she gives the rest of the explanation. By the end of it, Izuku is pale as a ghost, and before they leave, he asks her: “is there anything I can do?”

Toshinori is a little dumbfounded at the question, but Recovery Girl considers him thoughtfully. She kicks Toshinori out of the office for a bit, and sits Izuku down to talk.

“I’ve heard quite a bit about you from Toshinori,” she begins, smiling kindly. “And I have to say I agree with him, despite the circumstances. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders, and a good heart.”

Izuku is kinda ??? but nods anyway, feeling complimented but not really understanding what she’s getting at.

“Just be yourself,” she adds, reaching out to ruffle his hair. “He doesn’t really have a lot of people he can rely on, being the number one and all. Everyone relies on him, whether it’s as a hero or a symbol of hope. Be yourself, and you’ll be helping him plenty.”

Izuku nods absentmindedly, and asks, “but what if it isn’t enough? What if he gets hurt again?”

Recovery Girl slants a look at the door before looking back at him, an almost secretive but still kindly smile in place. “Well. Exercise is good for the body and soul.”

Then she kicks him out, and Toshinori and Izuku spend a chunk of the afternoon training more, the former a little more silent than usual and the latter determined. Also, Izuku ends up following Toshinori to his apartment because “I have to make sure you’re alright!” and Toshinori, on a whim, accesses his quirk, flexes, and says “I’m ALL MIGHT!”

He immediately spews blood because that pun was Fucking Terrible and I deserve to rot for even thinking of it

Silliness aside, he pats Izuku’s head and says “thank you, but I’m fine. You’ve done enough, Midoriya-boy.”

Izuku stares at him for a moment, and before Toshinori can ask if there’s something wrong, Izuku jumps forward and hugs him.

I’m gonna stop there because this is killing me, I love Dad-Might and Mini-zuku so much GAH TOO MUCH, ADORABLE-NESS OVERLOAD. FUKC

At some point, Izuku also probably shows Toshinori the sketches he has, plus the notes. Particularly, his dream-outfits for if he ever became Mighty-boy.

Toshinori is suitably embarrassed/flattered/”omg this boy is so earnest”/wat-do while lil’ Izuku is just smiling proudly.

…I literally just realized that you probably just meant Dad-Might in general, not the Dad-Might&Mini-Deku AU, as I’m posting this. With the drawings already finished. I’m sorry for the figurative avalanche of plot I dumped on you LOL *lies down on the floor face-down*

That aside I could probably talk aaaall about (and how much I love) the Dad-Might headcannon, but it’d mostly be incoherent words and screaming