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Summary- Having Daryl confess his feelings for you, was the only thing you ever wanted in this ruined world. But what happens when Negan shows up and everything changes.


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Characters - Father!RickxReader. DarylxReader. NeganxReader.

Note- it’s going to be a series.

Warnings- Smut in future parts, maybe? Violence. Abuse.

Number of words - 1195

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He kept hitting, and hitting and hitting.

He laughed

He killed

He enjoyed

 Everything was happening in two ways

Fast motion and slow motion

The talking was in fast motion
The killing went in a very, very slow motion.
I didn’t close my eyes
I didn’t flinch
I watched every second of it
Daryl took my hand, trying to squeeze it, but I snatched it away.
I did this.
I didn’t deserve comfort.
I got them killed.
If I had just stayed home.
All I could do was look at Glen’s dead body, I killed Glen.
Glen who saved my life more times than I could count
Glen who thought me how to sneak into places, Glen who used to take me with him out on runs and get me candy and treat me like his small sister
Glen who saved Rick’s life.
Negan, I’m going to kill you. I promise.
Everything was happening fast now, Negan dragged Rick into his van.
They drove away.
Maggie was crying, everyone was crying, sobbing, mourning.
“Y/n, please talk to me.” Daryl said as he reached to me but I moved away from him.
“Y/n.” Carl called softly, my eye sight was still on the ground.
I didn’t want to talk, I just wanted to kill Negan.
Avenge Glen and Abraham.
Negan you are a dead man.
I didn’t realize what was happening until I felt a tip of the gun behind my head.
I looked up and Negan and Rick was back, Carl was next to dad on the ground laying down.
“Simon, get me that girl!” Negan said pointing Lucile at me.
I was yanked by my hair up, I didn’t struggle, I didn’t feel pain. I just felt numbness everywhere.
Kill me now or I will kill you, I vowed.
Simon dropped me next to Carl, I fell on my knees.
Carl looked at me, he saw what I felt
Broken and numb.
His face didn’t hold fear now, it held rage and anger, just like I felt.
“Spread them wings, boi!” Negan laughed as he spread Carl’s arms
I wanted to speak but I couldn’t, I couldn’t find my voice, I couldn’t find my soul. It all felt like a dream, and what better way to wake up from a nightmare then to let it play, just so it could get over faster
“Simon.” Negan turned thoughtfully “you gotta pen?” He asked
“Yeah.” Simon guy said before he tossed a pen over to Negan.
“It’s probably gonna be cold, kid!” Negan laughed as he went on and on but I had tuned him out.
My body was like my prison, I couldn’t hear or feel anything yet I could see everything happen around me.
“Stop it please.” I heard dad plead, or at least I thought he did “please don’t.” He repeated
“Me?” Negan chuckled “I ain’t doing shit!” He said as he got up
“Sweetheart why don’t you take daddy’s axe and cut your brother’s left arm off, right on that line.” I think he said, I dont know. Everything was a haze
This was just a nightmare
It will end soon
Play along
Don’t interrupt, just be quite.
“Now I know you gotta process that for…” I tuned him off again, my mind seemed to go on and off, I didn’t know half the shit he said, but I knew it wasn’t good.
“Do it or all this people gonna die.”  He kept rambling, I just couldn’t make out the words.
“Please let her go.” I thought Daryl said “Don’t do this to her.” He added
“Are you two together?” Negan asked pointing Lucile between me and Daryl. He laughed evilly “Oh this just got interesting!” He swung Lucile in the air “Come on sweetheart! Chop chop, we ain’t got all day!”
I didn’t move
I couldn’t move
“Y/n.” Carl called. I could see him but at the same time I couldn’t
He looked like my little brother but his face made him look elder than his age.
“Y/n, answer me please.” Dad said softly, trying to reach for me but Negan shoved him down, in his place.
“Men, get your guns ready to shoot at 3” Negan snickered
“Please.” Dad pleaded, to me or to Negan I don’t really know.
“1” Negan started counting but it made no difference, I couldn’t control my body, I couldn’t move “2” he continued.
I looked at Carl, he was looking at me intensely, like he was trying to tell me it was okay, that he forgive me.
Any second now everyone would die
Any second
Negan laughed again.
“Please” Rick begged
“See Rick, this wasn’t her punishment” he said pointing Lucile at me “it was all about you, you had this look like I shit in your scrambled eggs and that certainly wouldn’t work!” He smiled “oh certainly it would not!” He laughed as he shoved me a side
“This is your test, I would never ask a young lady as herself to do that, its fucked up!” He snickered “Come on Rick, take the axe, quick and clean cut. Don’t make it dirty.”
“Please we understand, we do!” Michonne begged
“You do, Y/n does, Prick here doesn’t!” Negan glared at Rick
Everything got tuned out again
Everything was going fast
Rick begging
And begging
He couldn’t take his own son’s hand
He couldn’t
Yet he was forced
Rick holding the axe
Carl assuring him it’s okay
Everything was fast
Maybe I would wake up soon
I was watching again.
I had to watch
I had to remember every bit of it
It’s all because me
“Speak when you are spoke to!” Negan yelled holding Rick’s face between his fingers
Dad was shivering
“We provided to you.” Rick whispered
Negan kept talking
Giving speech
The son of a bitch loved to hear himself talk
“Dwight!” He called and I could feel Lucile grazing my skin “Load her up!” He said and I felt myself being pulled and carried away.
I tried to struggle but no use
This wasn’t a dream
This wasn’t a dream
Dad looked at me with a broke face, he wanted to help. But he couldn’t.
Daryl wanted to help, but he didn’t want to risk someone’s life
I know he blamed himself, for Glen and for what happened to me
It wasn’t his fault
It was mine
“She’s got guts, not little bitch like someone i know!” Negan gloated at Rick’s face “She’s mine now!” He chuckled
“If you still wanna try something, not today not tomorrow I will cut pieces of her!” He looked at Dwight “What’s her name?” He asked

“That sounds right! I will cut pieces of Y/n, and put it on your door step, or better yet I will bring her to you and let you do it for me!” He got up! “Welcome to your new life you sorry shits!”

And just like that everyone scattered
And soon the truck was moving
Everyone hated me
And I deserved it
But I was going to get revenge for them
I certainly promise I would.

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Trying a new sex position with harry

“Am I doing this right?”

“I think so- ow.”

“Oh, God, I’m sorry!”

“It’s alright, it’s alright, just-”

“Hold on, move your leg-”

“Well, I can’t until you move your leg.”

“Oh, Harry, this just isn’t working!” You dump yourself onto the bed beside him, embarrassed and frustrated and feeling a cramp developing in your right hip. You bury your face in your hands as Harry rubs your arm comfortingly.

“Come on now, don’t give up,” he murmurs, kissing your shoulder and wrapping his arm around your waist. Both of you are nude and a bit sweaty, having worked yourselves up in preparation for some new sex position you’d never heard of before that your friend wouldn’t stop talking about the week before. You weren’t unsatisfied in your sex life with Harry, far from it, and according to Harry neither was he, but it never hurt to change things up once in a while, and so you broached the subject to your surprisingly enthusiastic boyfriend.

After some research and even a short instructional video, the two of you had set to work, but despite being ready and willing and flexible thanks to the yoga classes you had started taking together, it was proving to be awkward and confusing and less than sexy.

“We don’t have to do this, Harry. How about we just do it like we always do?" 

"Well,” Harry hums into the kiss that you press to his lips, hands smoothing over your sides. “I’d be happy to, but I still think we can do this, we just need to relax and try again.” You frown skeptically at him.

“You want to do it that badly?” He smiles at you, lifting one shoulder in a shrug.

“It’s supposed to feel really good for you, right? I just like it when you feel good.” Both your heart and your belly warm at his words and the sincerity in his eyes, and you kiss him again, climbing back into his lap. 

“Okay. One more try.”

“I think-”

“Wait…is this the way-”

“Yeah, just- here, like this.”

“Like that?”

“I’m pretty sure- why are you laughing?! You’re the one who said we needed to give it another try!”

“It’s just kind of weird! I’m sorry, baby, just, let me move you a little closer-”


“Yeah? Good?”

“Oh…oh…yes, a-actually, very good." 

"Told you we needed to give it another try.”

“Mm, fuck, Harry…gloat later, right now just keep doing that and don’t stop.”

“Yes, ma'am.”