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How about a Merry Kiss…mas to shut up?

Doyoung scenario, a mix of angsty-fluffy-smutty feelings! 

Word count: ~ 3400 (A literal long-ass ride!I am sorry for that, I got really immersed into my own emotions!)

Resume: You were finally achieving your dream of working as a script editor at one of the most famous radio station in Seoul, but fate had to play with your perfect life and introduce you to one of the newest DJ who was going to work with you from now on - Kim Doyoung. What you didn’t know was that behind his rude acting towards you he was actually hiding something else…

Note: This is my first Doyoung scenario! I wrote many scenarios for Yuta, Taeyong, Taeil, Hansol and Johnny, now I am taking a chance to give place to the rest of our boys! Seeing that lately some of my old scenarios gained popularity, although I don’t think they were really really perfect, I decided to start again with my old writing! So Doyoung is my first “victim” for this comeback! He’s just too handsomely rude to let pass this opportunity!
I hope you will have fun reading and you know - if you liked it - please send in a feed back! (You must know that it really matters for us who write scenarios, it keeps us motivated to continue writing!)  Thank you all! ♥♥♥

Christmas was almost there but you never thought of celebrating. As a script editor working at one of the most famous radio station, it was almost impossible having time for yourself to breathe and eat properly, even more celebrating holidays. You already knew your Christmas day would be just another day of work, but it didn’t bother you much. More two months to endure it and you would finally step on a completely new road – the dream you always had was about to become true.

It was already 10 months since you started to work as an intern and it wasn’t too long to become a long-term employee after one year of internship. You were getting lots of praises because you were always passionate about everything you did, very organized and hard-working. Everything was perfect. Too perfect. But fate had to play its game too. The game of messing your perfect workplace by night.

A usual morning. The first snow settled its soft white blanket on the streets of Seoul. You woke up excited like a kid seeing how beautiful the city was all painted in white. Quickly, after stepping from the hot shower and preparing yourself, you picked up the warmest jacket you had and jumped outside. Before stepping into the radio station building, you stopped by the coffee shop which was located just 5 meters away of it. Because you were already 30 minutes ahead, you wanted to recharge yourself with a warm coffee drink and something delicious to eat, before getting back to your routine.

That was when the day had to start differently.

“Oaah, isn’t him? Omg, yes it’s him!” The lady on the cash register whispered to her colleague who was preparing two warm drinks and peeked from time to time at the nearest table located near the window.

“It’s him, I knew it. He’s so tall and handsome. His smile. I swear he smiled at me!” The same lady continued while her colleague almost spilled one of the drinks, laughing sarcastically and answering her back “Keep dreaming girl. He is a celebrity; he’ll never look back at us!”

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10/21/2015- Happy Back To The Future Day!

Chase (Nyx X Fem!Reader Fic)

A/N: Listen, it’s my birthday tomorrow (the 18th for different time zones) and I wanted to write just a little something for myself (cause why can’t you get presents for yourself?). @luvleekaotix-imagines and @c-qcatwrites (these two lovely ladies) got me into FFXV Kingsglaive so I was more than a little inspired to just word vomit a fic out. Hope you guys like it and enjoy (sorry for any typos, I literally just spat out words everywhere).

 (While I’m still under construction, requests are open! Anything video game related [especially Assassins Creed, Deus Ex, and Overwatch] and FFXV Kingsglaive are welcome! More details later!)

Of course.

They just had to send the hero to come and collect you.

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Soccer!Calum (looong imagine)

my dear friend Elizabeth at anarchyaustralia isn’t feeling very well so I thought I’d write something for her and she kinda liked it so I’m sharing it with you guys here we go :)
(sorry for any typos) (this was hastily written on my phone)

Imagine soccer!calum, who’s your flatmate in college (and who has had a crush on you in forever but barely anyone knows that especially not you) coming home from practice being kinda done because he is so unconcentrated lately and the coach scolded him for that in front of the whole team today (and he’s captain so it’s twice as embarrassing) but as soon as he finds you curled up under like two blankets on the couch, a cold plate of mac'n'cheese on the coffee table and a can of tea that’s also almost cold now his face turns from frowning to worried and he rushes over wanting to see what’s wrong and you dive up from under the cocoon you’ve made and look at him with puffy eyes and a red nose and your voice sounds hoarse and raspy when you tell him that you got a terrible cold but you have finals next week (so has he, one of the resons he sucks at soccer lately) and you’re just totally desperate bc you’re behind in studying with almost all your subjects and then Calum shushes you and helps you get up and then he tells you tontke one of those special baths with that cough medicine thing he has seen somewhere in a cupboard and you nod and then he goes into the kitchen and heats up some chicken soup he finds in the fridge and manages to not burn the rice and then prepares your bedroom with fresh covers and sets down the soup on the bedside table and when he has made sure you’ve at least eaten half the bowl he goes back to the kitchen and makes fresh tea only to find you asleep when he comes to bring it to you.

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End Up Here - Luke Hemmings Oneshot (Part 2)

Pairing: Y/N/Luke Hemmings

Requested: Yes

Words: 5,000+

PART 1 (kind of necessary to read this part)

A/N: LOL…………..hey. i don’t even know what to say… first of all, i am SO insanely sorry this literally took me A YEAR (omg??) to post a part two. i really wasn’t planning on it bc life got in the way, but i read part one recently (aka today) and i fell in love with the characters again and i remembered all i wanted to do with this piece. BTW this is definitely more fluff than anything. it’s a bit disorganized but i think i like how it turned out. lemme know what you think, i <3 feedback like i <3 you guys. i’m v sorry for any typos, i wanted this out asap! now, without further adoooooo ~~~

Originally posted by fruckinluke

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SPN Marriage!AU (Much more under the cut. )

Marriage!AU Dean and Sam get hitched to lure out a mysterious creature who has been murdering same sex marriages who all tie the knot at the same church. Sam is relieved to have a new chance at making things right between the two, and while he isn’t expecting Dean to fall in love with him, he does want him to admit to himself why it could work. 

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Made a quick graphics for a small favorite blog/follow forever-ish thing. I’m pretty sure that I forgot some people or didn’t recognize them because of the url change. I didn’t feel like checking everyone’s about me/description because I’m lazy like that. If I made any typos I’m sorry about that! Hope you guys enjoy these blogs as much as I do! 

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Loki es el hermano de Thor. Loki tiene un corazón partido pero es celoso, es arrogante, es orgulloso pero es bravo! Fuerte!


[Translation under the cut]

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Droplets: Sambuca

Hey guys! Here’s a little something as a Tumblr exclusive … Droplets style! I’ve been thinking about some Marco POV scenes lately, and this is one that stuck with me.

It’s an original scene, so not based off something you’ve already seen in the Jean POV. I mainly wanted to write Hitch. What can I say. She’s a delight.

Title: Sambuca

Word Count: 4179

Rating: PG-13/R (for Marco’s thirst, naturally)

Setting: between CH 9 and CH 18 (i.e. before the confession)

Characters: Marco, Hitch, Marlow, Farlan, Isabel

Let me know what you think, and please share! The next Droplets chapter is in the works. Should be around in a few weeks. Enjoy this for now, and hit me up with any questions!

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hey guys! okay so last year i made a follow forever on new year’s and i was going to try and keep that tradition but i’m lame and i got distracted by the new semester. it was probably partially laziness.  anywho, i’m sorry for the horrible edit, but i’m not very creative so yAY.

thanks to everyone who follows me! i appreciate so, so much and i wish you all a happy (and hella late) new year! i hope you all have the best year possible. there aren’t many people on here (im not good at these types of things, i follow close to 600 people so), but don’t worry, i love you all! 

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