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Okay so imagine Spock Prime in the days after Nero destroyed Vulcan.

After all of the chaos settles and people start to mourn and plan how to move forward, Spock Prime is (illogically) blaming himself for the destruction of his planet and the billions of lives that were lost. Deep down, he knows that the blame rests with Nero, but he is also acutely aware that his actions played a role- starting with the Kelvin. He is partially responsible for this version of his friend/brother/t'hy'la growing up without a father. So, he starts looking into this reality’s Jim Kirk, because there will never be a universe where he does not care about him. He is devastated to find out that he still was on Tarsus. He had held out hope that by one horrible tragedy happening, another could have been avoided. After all, the death of his father would have been more akin to a tidal wave than the flapping of a butterfly’s wing. He digs farther and farther, finding new information and grieving for the young man that will shape his counterpart’s life (that had shaped his life). A police report about a boy driving a car off of a cliff, an (unresolved) notice of George Kirk Jr.’s disappearance, Starfleet logs about the aftermath of Tarsus, and then… nothing, nothing for years until suddenly there are outstanding aptitude scores with a rap sheet to match. Then, the official Starfleet cadet headshot, and glowing remarks from professors (with demerits and discipline records to match).

When he reaches the end, he feels as though he had lost his world again. He mourns for the young boy who would never be the same man he knew (he thinks my fault, my fault, my fault), and it sinks in that, for the first time in his life, he is truly and completely alone in this universe.

nsfw prompt list #16 and #40

Requested by a lovely anon!

#16: “Don’t make a sound, or I’ll make you want to scream even louder.”

#40: “Don’t cover your face. I want to see you.”

Lol this was supposed to be a drabble but I got carried away and I’m not sorry about it. I love these feel free to send me them whenever!

You stared at yourself in the mirror, pretty proud of what you saw. Tony was throwing a huge party in honor of the success of the team’s latest mission: a month-long trip to infiltrate a hidden Hydra base in Paris. It had been a long, strenuous, dangerous trip, and everyone was beyond grateful to be done. You hadn’t really felt like yourself in a while; your mission clothes got old really fast. Perhaps the most annoying part of it all was that Bucky hadn’t been on the trip with you.

He and Steve had taken another mission a few days before you were set to leave with the rest of the team, meaning you hadn’t seen each other in a month. You’d gotten back to the Tower pretty late last night, and by the time you’d woken up this morning, he was already gone and out on another mission with Steve. Saying you were desperate for his company would be an understatement. Luckily for the both of you, he’d be at the party tonight.

A knock at your door pulled you out of your thoughts and you practically ran to answer it. You opened the door to find Bucky waiting for you dressed in a white button down and black slacks, something different from his usual black athletic attire. His hair was slicked back and away from his face, and he’d shaved recently. You smiled, launching yourself at him.

“I missed you,” you cooed, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck.

Bucky chuckled into your skin, pressing a kiss to your shoulder.

“I missed you too, baby,” he hummed.

His fingers played with the thin fabric of your dress and you pulled away to smile cheekily at him. You’d bought the dress while you were in France, knowing that at some point you’d be able to wear it and drive your boyfriend up a wall. It was a maroon-colored silk wrap dress that just barely reached your knees, held together by thin spaghetti straps. It fit close to your body, and you knew that as soon as Bucky saw you in it, he’d want to rip it off of you.

“Is this new?” he mumbled, pressing soft kisses to your neck.

You nodded.

“I bought it in Paris, for you.”

He smiled against you.

“Well if you bought it for me, kitten, why are you wearing it for everyone else to see?”

He pulled away to look at you, blue eyes blazing. You bit your lip.

“I like it when you’re frustrated.”

Bucky smiled, and took your hand in his.

“You’ve got me right where you want me then, doll,” he whispered, and led you toward the elevator.

You sat at a table surrounded by all of your friends, laughing at some terrible joke Sam had just made about Vision’s inability to cook. The party had been fun, for the most part, but you were pretty bored and figured your time could be better spent elsewhere. You fought back a yawn and lifted your wine glass to your lips, taking a sip.

“You tired, baby?” Bucky asked, whispering only to you.

You shook your head.

“Not tired, just bored.”

He nodded, placing a hand on your thigh. You smirked into your drink, knowing Bucky wouldn’t be bold enough to try anything while you were both in front of your friends. You were wrong.

“Hey Y/N, how’s that ankle doing?” Nat asked, referring to really bad fall you took toward the tail end of the mission.

You’d limped for a solid week before you were finally able to put equal weight back on your feet and get back into the field. Tony had kept you busy researching in the meantime.

“Oh it’s fine Nat, I just, ah—”

You bit your lip as Bucky’s hand slipped underneath your dress to brush against your panties. Nat frowned.

“Y/N? You okay?”

“Y-Yeah, fine,” you muttered, glancing at Bucky out of the corner of your eye.

He simply shrugged and leaned forward to press a kiss to your temple, slipping his fingers inside of your panties at the same time. You brought your wine glass up to your lips and took a big sip to steel yourself as Bucky’s fingers found your clit, lightly touching the sensitive nub. Bucky began to move his fingers slowly, not enough pressure to get you where you wanted to be. You sighed.

“You might want to slow down on that wine, Y/N,” Sam teased. “You’re looking a little flushed.”

Bucky’s fingers pressed harder to your clit, making you laugh louder to cover up a moan. Bucky kissed your ear this time, slipping one of his fingers inside of you.

“Fuck,” you whimpered, careful to keep quiet.

Apparently you weren’t quiet enough. Bucky’s teeth bit down softly on the shell of your ear.

Don’t make a sound, or I’ll make you want to scream even louder. Do you understand me?”

You nodded, biting your lip.

“Good girl,” Bucky whispered, and added another finger.

He leaned back into his seat, looking at the rest of your friends to make sure that no one had noticed what the two of you were up to. You gripped his arm to hold his fingers there, just in case he had any ideas about pulling away and leaving you to deal with yourself until he was ready to. Bucky’s thumb brushed against your clit, and you leaned over to bury your face in his shoulder. You were going to come any moment now, and he knew it.

Don’t cover your face. I want to see you,” Bucky whispered.

Your head shot up to meet his bright eyes. He was biting his lip, watching you come undone as his fingers worked you faster. To anyone else, it probably looked like you two were having your own sweet little moment, lost in each other’s eyes. You whined in the back of your throat as your fingers clenched around Bucky, making him smile.

“That’s it, kitten, come all over my fingers,” he cooed, coaxing you to your orgasm.

Your head fell against his shoulder as he moved his thumb faster against you and brought you to your release. Your breathing was ragged as you sagged against him and came down from your high. Bucky pressed a kiss to your hair as he slid his fingers out of you.

“Thank you, baby,” he whispered.

You lifted your head to see him smiling down at you.

“What do you say we get out of here?”

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sorry this took so long!! enjoy :’)

Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa

listen okay kara doesn’t mean to okay it’s just that sometimes she walks really fast and she doesn’t notice that the door says push and not pull but it’s not her fault that the door came off of it’s hinges okay like they should really just make sturdier doors!!

Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them

lena!! luthor!! she does it all the time when she’s reading over reports and editing speeches and pitches and it got to the point where jess noticed and bought her a notebook specifically for doodling all things related to kara!! (”um, miss luthor?” “yes, jess?” “are you sure you want to send these blueprints to the investors for the alien detection device?” “why wouldn’t i, jess?” “well-it’s just that-you kind of wrote ‘ll+kd’ in hearts all over the margins..” “you know i’d really like to check the scale on that blueprint before i send it out. can i have it back?”)

Who starts the tickle fights

is this a real question?? kara totally attacks lena at all hours of the day. lena pouts once? kara tickles her. lena tries to steal the remote? kara tickles her. lena exists?? kara tickles her.

Who starts the pillow fights

they try to avoid pillow fights tbh. it once ended with kara’s tv going through a window..the landlord wasn’t very happy and it took a very big donation from l-corp to get him to let kara stay

Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile

it switches. if kara was just out saving the day she falls asleep before lena can even get under the covers. if that happens then lena will stroke her hair until she knows that kara’s out and just revel in the thought of knowing that kara’s safe for at least the night. 

when lena has a busy day at work or a product launch it’s usually her who falls asleep first so kara will stay up and watch the worry lines from the day disappear from lena’s face :’)

Who mistakes salt for sugar

neither. lena’s pretty good in the kitchen and kara’s senses are Too Good to mistake anything like that.

Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning

lena. she’ll come stumbling in at one in the morning because “kara i literally just thought of the best invention, i’m going to build an entire prototype tonight!” and she’ll just throw something in the microwave real quick but fall asleep on the couch waiting for it. kara wakes up instantly whenever she hears the beeping and she’ll storm out of the bedroom ready to fry lena’s entire meal with her eyes until she sees lena slumped on the couch fast asleep and at that point her anger just dissipates and she’ll carry lena to bed and then wake up early and make a big breakfast since she missed dinner the night before PLEASE

Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines

i want to say kara but the memes are too good so for meme continuity’s sake i’ll say lena. 

Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order

hello, you’ve reached anal fucking retentive lena luthor. please leave a message after you’ve stated the time, date, your name, reason for calling, and exact number and time she should call back!

Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies

this is tricky. lena always gets the spoon when they’re done, but only becuase kara steals spoonfuls of batter while backing them. (”kara why should you get the spoon?” “because it was my idea to make brownies?” “but you literally ate more than half the batter!” “your point?” “i should get the spoon!” “fine. but only if i get more brownie squares once they’re baked.”)

Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion

lena. she doesn’t like all of the traits she picked up from having to wear a dress at the dinner table since the age of four, but she can appreciate a nice dining set up from time to time.

Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen

kara. they’ll be sitting on the couch watching tv while kara scribbles note for any interviews she has the next day and when her brain is finally fried she’ll just grab lena’s hand and start doodling instead of using the paper in front of her. (”kara, what is that?” “it’s a meme, you know, the one with the-” “nevermind, i really don’t want to know.”

Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation

kara. jeremiah used to help her pick out cool stuff when they took her all over after she landed and if anyone loves to keep tradition alive it’s kara danvers. the magnets are the only colorful thing that lena willingly lets kara put up in the apartment so she loves to pick the craziest looking ones.

Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines

kara. she’s always been obsessed with them and to her bewilderment, lena never really did them when she was a teenager so kara loves to make sure that she gets to experience the greatness of finding out which one direction member is lena’s soulmate. (”i think harry is the most respectable member. he seems to have a knack for the whole ‘brand’ thing.” “lena you’re a total niall horan match up.” “he seems more for you, dear.” “i am a sucker for an irish accent”

send me a ship!

I lied

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GIF not mine

Jordan Parrish x Reader 

Warnings : none 

Request : Hello, if it’s not bother for you can you write a fic where Jordan Parrish pretends he need the reader’s help with something or fakes an emergency or something whilst she’s on a date (or about to go) because he is extremely jealous and wants to get her away from her date? Maybe he realises she’s his mate ? ❤

     “ Can you excuse me for a minute ? It’s from my place of work and I really need to get it .” you explain and your date nods in approval knowing that your work was extremely important for you . You got up and went to the bathroom to talk with your lovely partner of work .

     “ What is the problem , Jordan ? I told you that I’m on a date .” you whisper-yell and Jordan smiles when he hears how annoyed are you .

     “ You know that raper-criminal that we have had been looking for ?” he asks and you instantly say “yes”. “ We have got a trace on him and we need to go now but if you really want to stay there with your date it’s okay , me and sheriff Stilinski can handle it .” he says nonchalantly .

     “ No , no I’m coming . I’ll be there in five .” you mumble fast and you run back to your date .

     “ Hey , I’m sorry that I have to do this but there one trace of a man that we are searching for a long time by now and I really need to go catch it .” you apologize and your date just nods . He gets up and pays for your drinks then he drives you to the police station .

     “ Thank you !” you mumble as you get out of the car but he catches your hand and you turn around , before you van react his lips are on yours and you find yourself kissing him back .

     “ Call me to find another day for a date , sweetheart!” he demands before you get out and you agree . The man leaves and you see Jordan right in front of you .

     “ Let me go change ! I’ll be here in a second and we can go to look after that son of a bitch .” you affirm and try to leave but Jordan takes a grip of your wrist and you turn around , an angry expression plastered on your face .

     “ I lied .” he says in the moment when you turn around .

     “ What ?!” you yell an he flinches a little .

     “ I lied ,(Y/N) . We know nothing about that man .” he affirms and you look at him confused and angry .

     “ Then why did you told me that we have ? Why have you done this while you knew that I’m on a date ?” you asked and Parrish looked at you with love and fear on his eyes .

    “ I need to tell you the truth ,(Y/N) . I know this thing for a while by now but I was to afraid to tell you this . I mean maybe for you it will seem extremely strange but I can tell you that I never meant to do this to you .” he talks so fast that you can barely understand but you take his hand and give it a light squeeze .

     “ It’s okay , Jordan . You can tell me everything .” you affirm and he looks once again in your eyes .

     “ You already know that I’m a hell hound .” you nod .” Well , hell hound are supposed to find a person whom will be their mate , there’s like a bond between these two and nobody can break it … The thing is that I found my mate .”

     “ That’s great !” you exclaim excited for your partner. ”Who is it ?”

     “ You’re my mate ,(Y/N) .” he divulges and you stay there frozen , not a word slipping past your lips . “ Please say something !” he pleads but all that you do is to bring him closer to you and to kiss his pink full lips . He instantly wraps his arms around you and sighs when the familiar smell of green tea and citrus hits him . You stay there for a while holding onto each other before you go to his house , starting a new life.

Fill the void (Pt. 3)


*Sorry this is kinda short but I got back really late from vaycay and I wanted to get you guys an update as fast as possible and this was all I had finished. I’m working really hard on getting the series completed and I’m working on two other fics and a request. Please let me know about anything you want me to write. I love writing for you guys.


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a non-au when jikook are dating and keep it secret but eventually they decide to somehow make it public

The lack of non-au’s is also really ridiculous, so let’s get into Jikook secret dating AU!~

(I know that Korea is not this accepting but please just imagine)

+ Around the time of the group being put together, Jungkook had felt an unexplainable pull towards the boy with the smile that reached his eyes.

+ Over the years leading up to their debut, Jimin and Jungkook had been close friends for a while now, bonding over their home—Busan

+ Jungkook liked that no matter where they were, he always felt as if he was right at home with Jimin by his side. Jimin always holding him at night when he feels lonely and homesick. Keeping him company when he’s alone

+ Before Jungkook even realizes, that strong bond of friendship he thought they had blossomed into so much more—love

+ When Jungkook firsts realizes he’s in love with Park Jimin, he is 17 years old and has locked himself in a bathroom stall during a music video shooting.

+ Seokjin had come by and asked Jungkook if he was okay. He replied from the stall. “Yeah I’m fine,” he then whispers to himself, “except for the fact that I’m in love with my best friend.

+ Of course, Jungkook had unintentionally distanced himself from Jimin, leaving the older wondering what he did wrong. Jungkook getting more flustered around Jimin now having realized his feelings. He feels a shortness of breath if he is within two feet of the older.

+ It was a day he didn’t expect for all of his feelings to come blubbering out. Jimin had been enthusiastically showing Jungkook new dance moves he had learned and that they could put in one of their dances. Jungkook’s eyes had been on Jimin’s smiling mouth the entire time, and when Jimin reached an arm out to show him a movement, Jungkook’s body had a mind of it’s own. Grabbing Jimin and pulling him close, slotting his lips warmly with the other.

+ Jimin had froze—they both had froze, shocked at the younger’s movements. Jungkook pulls back with wide eyes, going to blurt out an apology, but instead—“I love you!” the word vomit came spilling out. Jimin gasps as Jungkook slaps a hand over his own stupid mouth. “I’m so sorry, oh my god. Please pretend that just didn’t happen

+ Jimin had pulled Jungkook’s hand away from his mouth, “Did you really mean it Jungkook?” Jungkook nods, eyes still like saucers. “Every word.”

+ Jungkook let’s out a squeak when their lips smash together again. They stayed like that in the middle of the practice room for the rest of the night.

+ They decided not to tell the boys at first. Too afraid that they wouldn’t be accepting of what they had.

+ Their nights consisted of sneaking into each other’s rooms and cuddling while no one was around. Fleeting kisses in the kitchen, them jumping apart when they hear footsteps approaching.

+ Jungkook trying not to show too much affection around Jimin which resorts to back hugs. Lots and lots of back hugs.

+ One time, they were a bit too lovey-dovey at a photoshoot and Hoseok laughs and makes a joke: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you two were dating.”

+ Jimin and Jungkook had both choked on their spit.

+ It’s extremely hard for them to find time to get intimate because of their schedules and the other boys were always home. One day they were finally about to do it, but yoongi had come back early from recording, and the next thirty seconds consisted of them frantically running around the room and trying to put their clothes back on.

+ Sneaking out on weeknights to go to little food places together

+ When they are practicing as a group, Jungkook’s favorite thing to do is catch Jimin’s eye in the mirror and mouth “I love you.” Jimin usually ends up stumbling over a move or smile like an idiot.

+ The day the boys found out, they weren’t being particularly careful and Jimin currently had Jungkook cornered in the kitchen and his lips were attached to the younger’s—Namjoon of all people had to be the one to burst in.

+ The couple was reduced to a panicking mess, coming up with excuses. All Namjoon said was: “Living room. Now.”

+ The other boys were called into the room and they all sat down, confused as to what was happening. Before either one of them could speak, Namjoon says: “I think we have known this was going on for a while now.”

+ Jimin and Jungkook were shocked and Namjoon is quick to tell them that they have been pretty damn obvious for the past year. The rest of the boys reassure them that it was okay. And They had never been so grateful in their lives.

+ Everything went back to normal for the next few months, But then Jungkook brings up the idea of making it publicly known. Jimin is hesitant at the idea even though their managers are okay with their relationship

+ They end up arguing about it for the next couple of weeks until it finally blows up. “Jungkook, I just don’t think it’s a good idea okay!” “So you’re saying our love isn’t good enough to be honest about?” “No! I just—” Jimin sighs in defeat.

+ It takes a while for him to come around but they finally decide to make it public. Their managers figure that it will be okay since the fans already love all the fan service they do.

+ They end up going on V-live to do it. They make it short and simple. So simple, in fact, many don’t believe them.

+—until the next day they are seen holding hands freely backstage at a performance and Jungkook pressing kisses to Jimin’s temple. (The videos got everywhere and fans around the world about combust at seeing the couple so in love)

+ Jungkook smiles, looking at all the responses on social media. “See? I told you that it wouldn’t be so bad. And now everyone knows that I love you Park Jimin.” Jimin takes the phone from him and sets it down lightly. 

+ “Okay, you win. Now show me how much you love me Jeon Jungkook,” He smirks, pulling him in to a kiss.

Cold - Part Two | Jughead Jones

Originally posted by bvreathe

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: After finding out Jughead lied to you, all you want to do is avoid him but that’s easier said than done.

Warnings: nothing rly. just a lil fighting and that’s it.

Word Count: 2218

A/N: so many people asked for a part two so i really hope it lives up to expectations! there is a possibility for a part three. i left it open either way. let me know what you think like always <3

Part One

Two weeks.

That’s how long you’d hid yourself away and avoided going to school. The last thing you wanted was to talk to anyone - especially Jughead and so far, you’d managed to. Well, in person anyway. A few people had been texting you asking you if you were okay since it’d gone around the school what had happened. Even Jughead’s friend Archie had sent you a message to make sure you were okay. You and him weren’t even that close but you sat together in maths class and he was always friendly to you. Jughead had text you every single day but it got to the point where anything from him just made you burst into tears and your heart feel like it was breaking all over again so you blocked his number. Why did he think texting you was a good idea? The last person you wanted to talk to was the lying ex-boyfriend of yours.

It was still hard to believe that the boy you had considered your world had been lying to you the whole time. Was it even a real relationship then? He said he cared about you but if he cared about you he wouldn’t have done what he did. Getting close to you just to find out information he could report back to Betty about Jason? That was cruel. It was one of the cruellest things anyone could have ever done. Like you didn’t have enough to deal with coping with your brother’s death now you had to learn how to cope and fix your own broken heart that some stupid boy had ripped into pieces.

And, if that wasn’t enough, during those two weeks it had come out that Polly was pregnant with Jason’s baby. You were going to be an aunt. When you’d found out, that was the first time you’d smiled in the whole two weeks. A little part of Jason still existed. Your family had pretended to help Polly but Cheryl had warned her away from them and now she was safe and living with the Lodge’s. You really wanted to go and talk to her and let her know you were happy for her and wanted to be involved but there was no way you wanted to face the stares from everyone who knew what had happened between you and Jughead. It wasn’t until the Monday after the two weeks when you decided enough was enough. Moping around wasn’t doing you any good and with a little help from Cheryl, you decided it was time to go back to school.

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Words Like Knives

Getting into a heated argument with Toye and you both sitting on high tension. “Maybe people keep away from you because they don’t want to put up with someone so fucking cynical,” you spat before you could stop the words. You catch yourself and look over at Toye to see him frozen, looking at you with tears welling in his eyes and jaw clenched. “Is that how you feel?”

For @fandomscenariosforyou

Also on AO3 here

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note: hope this is what you had in mind! Enjoy! (First Dylan imagine, yey!!!)

Part 2

You were sitting in your room, listening to some music while trying to study for your math exam next week. As the door slammed open and you twitched by the sudden movement and it nearly gave you an heart attack.

“Damn it, Erik!” You almost screamed at your one year older step-brother and he looked kind of shocked. 

“I’m sorry… What are you up to?” He asked, still standing over by the door.

“Studying” you sighed and turned your focus back into the math book, low key wishing he would leave. 

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worth fighting for

a short fic about transboy!tsukki and protective yamaguchi that I promised a lil while back. haha sorry about the kinda (imo) unsatisfying ending. I suck at knowing how to end things.

Pairing: tsukkiyama, but it’s only romantic if you want it to be tbh

Warnings: gender dysphoria, insulting language, bigotted language, violence (as in, there’s a playground fight), depiction of an anxiety attack (kinda vague, but it’s there)

Rating: General

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WIP Meme

i was tagged by @gingergallifreyan. oh boy. i’ll only talk about the two that i’m actively working on atm since i’m still struggling with writer’s block on my 2 main doctor who ones.

of all the truths i could not tell

this is a Rogue One fic that explores the premise of “what if Lyra Erso hadn’t died?” Lyra isn’t a super-prominent character, as i’m focusing on Jyn and how her character is different with this change in her life; i’m currently 38k words in and the fic has just begun the rewrite of A New Hope. i hope to finish up around 60k words total.

(she thinks someone says her name, but everything is warped and sharp as shattered glass, and she is burning, and drowning, and she cannot breathe )

(and she stares, stares ahead, at his face, his mouth moving without words, and dimly she wonders how she got so short, and maybe she’s a little girl again, his little stardust, and the thought is so absurd she laughs, strangled and tight, and then it turns into a sob)

And, quite suddenly, Jyn is on her knees sobbing like a broken thing, and the holo is gone, and she curls one hand desperately around the kyber crystal until the edges cut deep into her, and then there’s a familiar voice.

“Jyn! We’ve got to go !” Cassian bursts into the room, running from the sound of his footsteps, and skids to a stop behind her. “I know where your father is,” he adds, sliding a hand beneath her arm and pulling her to her feet.

“What?” she chokes out, dazed, staring, unsteady and trembling and slow, and then she understands.

The sound was her comm, and the voice calling her name was her mother.

“Go with him, Jyn,” Saw says, painfully ragged. “You must go!”

“Saw?” Lyra’s voice echoes, tinny and small, from Cassian’s comm.

“Come with us,” Jyn whispers, thin and torn and desperate.

Saw shakes his head. “I will run no longer.”

“You must come with us!” she cries, fighting against Cassian, trying to wrench her arm away from him.

He doesn’t yield. “Come on , Jyn.”

Outside, through the window, the world is exploding, a wave of dust and light, and if she squints she can see the tiny black dot that is their ship, just barely outrunning the wave’s base, and Saw–

“You have to save yourself,” she says, one last line of bloody desperation.

Saw rips off his oxygen, stands proud and tall in front of his window as it shatters, and smiles. “Go, there’s no time. Save the Rebellion, child! Save the dream!”

(he turns to embrace the oncoming destruction, and she cannot save him)

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Honestly I can't with the Sanvers proposal, it's basically the lesbian u-haul stereotype. I love Sanvers, I think they're cute, but honestly? They have had no build-up whatsoever, like EVER. As much as I want all the gays to fill my screen, Alex realized in an episode she was gay, was in love and rejected by Maggie the next, and then 2-3 episodes later they were together. 2 episodes ago they said I love you and now she proposed. I'm sorry but, WHAT?

Yeah I’ve had been flip flopping back and forth with being happy and being surprised its happening so fast. But I’ve started to lean towards just happy.  I read a post where somebody made a really good point that it hasn’t really been that they haven’t been together long, it’s that everything sanvers has occurred offscreen, the build up got taken away from us with the screen time cuts. Which really sucks. Like we never saw them date before we saw them sleeping together, and then it was valentine’s day etc etc. And that the episodes also cover day at a time sometimes. Someone added that there was also an episode in which someone mentioned that Mon-El had been awake on earth for about 9 months so they figured Sanvers has been together of known each other for about 9 months to a year.

Which I can believe. Alex tried to come out at Thanksgiving which is in November(?) for Americans, and she already knew she liked Maggie at that point. They had probably known each other a couple months at that point, given that they were hanging out and working together and such. Then they had Valentine’s day, so that’s about 5/6 months and the Valentines episode was 2x13. If the first 10 (Maggie is introduced in the 3rd) episodes cover about 6 months, its easy to think that the last 9 covered about the same. So it’s been about a year, which is better then the like three months I had in my head. 
I can still see it being very u-haul, zero to engaged in a year, but I was raised on when you know you know, so after I heard a year I was like Oh! That’s all good!

This was way longer then I intended, you just got all the thoughts!


Sorry, I haven’t been active in a long while. My daddy and I have been dealing with a lot this month. In the beginning his grandfather got really sick and passed. The same day he passed I found out my grandmother was sent to the hospital. The days following days were horrible. We were traveling back and forth all over the place from state to state. My grandmother had then passed. It all went too fast. Two otherwise healthy people got really sick really fast and couldnt fight it. After one funeral we had to attend another. Both of us were very close to our grandparents. My daddy spent alot of time with his; and I, my grandmother raised me. This is a very sad time for us and will prob not be posting for a while. Thank you!

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Okay nit what about Steve being worried that his two best friends won't get along and then getting jealous when they get along a little too well? And then they all end up together after Tony and Bucky are just like 'you food we are both gone for you too' or something like that? (I need fluff to survive civil war tbh)

A/N from CJ, sorry for the long radio silence guys, but both RMX and me are really busy this year with school. And unfortunatly, school still comes first. Anyway, here’s another fic for you guys! Written by RMX, beta’d by me.

A/N from RMX , Sorry dude, this got really angsty really fast, but hopefully not Civil War Level Angst?


During Bucky’s recovery, Steve had worried a lot about his contact with the other Avengers. He knew that Natasha and Bucky already had some sort of history together, and that Bruce would be respectful of his space. He had specifically warned Clint to not climb through the vents around Bucky’s room, just in case it startled him, but that was the only real worry he had with them. Thor was more gentle with Bucky than Steve had ever seen him, easily recognizing a soul traumatized by battle.

And then there was Tony.

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it’s amazing really,   how fast time can really go.   how things can change in the blink of an eye.   one minute everything can be fine,   you can be on top of the world  ;   in a complete blissful daze,   and the next   .  .  .   the world is falling apart.   only an hour ago had she landed in miami   —   ready to console her brother and be there for him as much as she could.   her heart was aching,   pulse beating at an ungodly rate and she felt sick to her stomach at the very idea that his cancer was back   —   that there was a very real possibility he may not recover this time,   that his children would be left fatherless.

an hour ago she felt for him.   loved him unconditionally and would’ve risked her own life for him.   but that was an hour ago.   now   —   oh now luisa’s blood was boiling,   her heart broken in one too many ways.   she was conflicted,   torn on what to do   —   where to go,   and what to feel.   but one thing was for sure   —   the love she had for her brother was slowly beginning to subside,   and instead hatred was slipping into place.   something she never thought could be possible.

she’s tempted to head to the bar,   wipe away all the good she’s done   —   throw away the three years of being sober just so she can taste the liquid gold that always soothed her aching soul.   but as she’s about to head to the bar,   she spots jane emerging from the elevator.      “   jane!   ”      she calls out rather quickly,   her chest rising as the tears rimming the edges of her eyes begin to burn.   her feet carry her towards the woman before she realises what she’s doing.   but she also needs to do something that won’t send her in direction of the bar.

“   did you know?   were you apart of rafael’s big plan?   ”      her voice can’t help but drip betrayal and bitterness as she comes to a halt in front of the other woman.   her jaw tightens in the slightest and her fingertips threaten to curl into the palms of her hands.   she never thought her brother could stoop so low   —   that’d he’d pull having cancer to lure her down here.   he didn’t give one single damn about her   —   only wanted one thing,   and one thing only   —   to capture rose.   it just so happened that the only way to get to her was to use luisa,   and oh did she feel used.

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Lunch some days ago (high carb, low fat, vegan): Around 3 fully ripe sweet bananas topped with warmed red berries and 2 chewy caramel dates. So simple and fast to make if you don’t have much time, but really delicious and full of healthy, filling unprocessed nutrients and carbs. Please remember: carbohydrates aren’t the “enemy”, as long as they are healthy, complex carbs, they are actually really great for your body and soul, nourishing and filling it, so you got energy for the whole day! 
Sorry for the not so good photos, I was really hungry… :) 
Have a beautiful day, xx 

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im sorry sobs but ur headcannons for tododeku is so cute.... Could you make more about todoroki pining after izuku ?? Pleaseee omg

OMGGG NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR TODODEKU ANON !! I’m glad you enjoy !! I’m sorry this took so long to reply to, I had 6 hrs of class among other things to get done today @ @  

oh god, poor Shouto, he’d be pining for so long, sweet child..

 It starts around first year, when he realizes this little fluttering in his chest only happens around Midoriya. He doesn’t have a real word for it; it’s just a quiet excitement, just a little more eagerness to get to school and maybe see him. Maybe.

  •  By the end of first year, and listening to the girls in class chat a couple desks over, that he starts to realize that this is a crush.
  •  By second year, he’s confirmed that this is irrevocably his first love. He probably knew for a while, but he had to confirm. He had to think it through. No more irrational decisions for him.
  •  Midoriya’s one of his closest friends. Actually, between him and Iida, probably his closest. This is also a foreign concept, since having ‘friends’ is also a new thing. Something that’s made his life brighter, right? So he can’t lose it. He keeps these, frankly, irrational feelings quiet, locks them down, puts a lid on the box.
  •  Midoriya’s laugh, his smile, his mumbling stammers, all of it threaten to blow the lid right off. Shouto knows better, he can’t blow this, he can’t lose him. He knows Midoriya’s too nice, and would let him down as gently as possible, but certainly not return his feelings.
  •  It gets harder and harder through second year and into third. Midoriya’s comfortable with him, that much is obvious. He jokingly sticks close to his left side on cold days, laughing lightly when Shouto asks if he wants to hold his heated hand, “But it might be dangerous.” He smiles at that, especially when Midoriya almost agrees.
  •  He’s not very imaginative, but sometimes he tries to picture if Midoriya actually liked him back. That’s partially why he starts calling him Izuku in his head. (ever since @saigennaku said it I CAN’T LET IT GO MMMM)
  •  You want pining? Damn are you gonna get pining. In third hear he gets so, so close to confessing. Midoriya confides him about All Might, about everything, because “You’re one of the people I trust most, Todoroki-kun!” And his heart just swells because he’s so glad Midoriya trusts him and believes in and Izuku, I’m–!
  •  He can’t. And it hurts.
  •  Graduation isn’t as dramatic as one would think. Ochako hugs all of them and Iida’s sniffing back tears through the entire situation. It’s a happy one. Shouto considered confessing then, because if need be, he’d never have to see Midoriya again… but he can’t.
  •  I’ve already written about them sharing a place after high school, and truly, it doesn’t help Shouto’s situation. ‘He’s a healthy young man’ and all that. But keep it secret, keep it safe, right?
  •  The fluttering in his chest is now painfully heavy, and has grown heavier with every following year.
  •  He thinks about every brush of their hands, every shoulder bump. Every time Midoriya bites his lip when he’s thinking, when his hair drips when he comes out of the shower, the little sighs he lets out whenever he finally gets to rest after a particularly intense battle. He thinks about all of it a lot more than he’d ever admit aloud.
  •  Surprisingly, amazingly, endearingly, Midoriya confesses first. Shouto can’t even respond verbally, just sucks in a breath, and in the midst of Midoriya’s ramblings and “If it makes you uncomfortable I’m really, really sorry-“ Shouto sweeps him up in his arms and all of that heaviness in his chest lifts terrifyingly fast. He doesn’t have any experience with this sort of thing, all he knows is that he’s never felt so full of happiness.

I GOTTA GET THIS KID A HAPPY ENDING HONESTLY… There’s so much more I could talk about, like him meeting Deku’s mom or the idol au and all that, but this already got really long and #sad so i’ll leave it at that for today.


Hello Dear Stranger

Summary: Six months have passed by and Nico is back in the streets of New York. Meanwhile, Will is still trying to move on and is just about to… but then once again, fate had decided to intervene and maybe this time it is for the best. 

Third installment to the Solangelo post-it notes AU

Other parts are Words Unspoken and Written Emotions which you might need to read first before this to make sense.

@honestoafault no one died, told ya. 

It’s been half a year since Nico had walked the grounds of New York.

The city, as always was this busy, loud and buzzing world that seemed to have taken a great liking into living life a little too fast paced.

There’s an emotion that seemed to have taken over his entire system much more than excitement.


Sure, he was looking forward to seeing everyone he had left. How are they? How was their life the entirety of his absence? Did they miss him?

How had Will been?

Is he fine? Had his life been a lot more exciting after Nico was no longer in his life?


Nico can’t say the same.

Will. He had already taken a constant spot into Nico’s life, a spot so strong he can never truly take out.

Six months might have been longer than the almost two months they’ve spent exchanging notes but memories either you’d want to forget them or not would forever be etched into a permanent part of your brain and somewhere else far more special.

“Maybe it’s about time you try moving on?” Kayla advised as she sat down next to her brother “It’s been six months, Will. You can only try to hold on for so long”

“That’s the problem. I don’t want to let go because all those what ifs are preventing me from doing so”

“Will, moving on is a closure”

“Easy for you to say, your not the one currently in my shoes” Kayla sighed

“You’re right, I’m not but I’m saying this because I’m your sister and I care for you and if telling you to move on would be better for you, then I’ll tell you over and over again”

Will fell silent , his eyes focused on the shoe box currently on his bed. The box had held memories, notes he had posted daily for the last six months. Notes he never got a single reply to.

“It’s not easy”

“It will never be easy, Will but you have to at least try. For your own sake”

Will nodded, obviously still with reluctance but Maybe he really needed this.

“I need to do something, can you help me?”

Kayla gave a brief nod “I’ll go get Austin”

When Nico finally decided to visit the place he dreaded the most, not because he feared the place but because it held those bittersweet memories he was trying to let go, he expected to see the exact same and boring phone booth.

One that people still often pass by, maybe give a glance or to but momentarily forgotten once they take the next step.

What he never expected was it to be filled with countless post-it notes.

All addressed to him.

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