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shit i remember from my 2007 - 2013 fanfiction.net experiences (before i finally jumped ship for ao3 like everyone else)
  • “don’t like don’t read”
  • uses of the terms “lemon” and “lime” (apparently there was a difference. lemons were porn but i’m STILL not sure what a lime is. i also have NO idea how “lemon” came to mean “porn”. not sure i want to, tbh.)
  • soooo many “i do not own please don’t sue me” disclaimers
  • fics where the whole premise that the whole cast was trapped someplace together and the reviewers would leave questions in their comments and then the characters would answer them in-story. like “ask that guy with the glasses” except shitty and usually self-indulgent towards the author’s preferred ships. (i may have written one of these when i was 12.)
  • authors who legit updated on a schedule (and stuck to it). some every fucking day. (you still see this on ao3, but not NEARLY as much.)
  • fanfic authors who basically had a following and fandom of their own. (again, this still happens, but not as much. not sure if that’s a good thing or not.) not bad considering most of them were 13.
  • “yaoi!!! that means boy kisses!!! don’t like don’t read!!!”
  • putting “————-” or “xxxxxxx” bc ff.net wouldn’t let you insert a horizontal line to show the end of a section
  • very long, very rambley author’s notes
  • some of which had the authors interacting with/talking to the characters in the fic.
  • fics that weren’t so much stories as they were a chapter-by-chapter detailing of all the cliche plots and tropes used in that fandom’s shitty fanfics. (i actually sorta miss these, tbh)
  • songfics. no, not fics inspired by songs. fics where the lyrics were put in between every paragraph, with some lyrics altered to fit the characters. it was horrific.
  • fics that were up-front about the oc being a stand-in for the reader so they can read about themselves getting with their fave character. as in, it was written in second person and the summary outright said the pov character was meant to be the reader.
  • the forums being used for roleplay before tumblr rp was a “thing”
  • long, LONG author profiles, filled with things like “copy/paste if you’re a [whatever] shipper!” or obviously fake sickly sweet anecdotes (think chain email levels of bad), or worst of all (in my opinion), a pro-life anti-abortion story from the point of view of a fetus. it was as bad as it sounds, if not worse.
  • listing all your ships on your author profile page
  • seeing a title that was all lowercase letters and thinking “lazy” rather than “aesthetic”
  • “101 one ways to annoy [insert character here]” (voldemort was popular for these things)
  • it being fucking impossible to find f/f fic that wasn’t porn
  • writing ships as “characterxcharacter” instead of “character/character”
  • author’s notes in the middle of the story. literally you would be reading a fanfic and all of a sudden, in between paragraphs… A/N: awwww isn’t it cute how they’re thinking the same thing!!! XD”
  • for that matter, author’s notes using the XD emoticon
  • people FLIPPING THEIR SHIT whenever their fave author (or just a well-established author in the fandom) changed their username. ESPECIALLY if they changed it from something fandom-specific to something more neutral.
  • “character x/character y. NO CHARACTER X/CHARACTER Z.” bc apparently you think i’d think your fic clearly marked character x/character y would be nothing but character x and character z making out.
  • trollfics trying to capitalize on my immortal’s infamy. there are still trollfics, of course, but they tend to be more subtle. 
  • for that matter, trying to pass a trollfic off as a legitimate fic rather than just admitting it’s a parody
  • specifically reading fics for your notp just to bash it in the reviews
  • people putting replies to reviews for the previous chapter in the author’s notes (this died down a LITTLE once ff.net finally added a reply function, but not much)
  • the great fanfiction.net purge (ahh yes. history lesson time. basically, back in the olden days of fanfiction, when everyone actually used ff.net, one fateful day, back in biblical times – 2011 – ff.net decided to make MA rated stuff – basically porn – not be allowed on the site anymore. ofc people kept posting it anyway, but then ff.net started deleting stories from the website with no notice to the authors. just poof! gone. the aftermath was HORRIFIC. people were FURIOUS, as a lot of people had no backup and just lost their stories. so ff.net stopped enforcing the rule, but the damage was done. this was when people began to officially leave for ao3, i think.)
  • lots of harry potter fanfics about the my immortal versions of the characters interacting with the canon characters. some of these were actually quite funny – i think they’re still around, but i don’t see them as much. (i actually wrote one of these stories. it is still, to this day, the most popular story i ever wrote.)
  • drabbles that were ACTUALLY 100 words long.
  • fictionpress (a sister site for original fiction. it was like wattpad before wattpad was wattpad. it never really took off. come to think of it, i may still have some stuff on there from when i was 12 i need to take down)
  • “crackfics” that consisted mainly of “lulz iM SO RanDOm!!!111!!!!!oneone XD cheeeeeeeese!!!!!!” humor
  • “i suck at summaries”
  • “this is my first story so please be nice”
  • “i’ll only update if i get 10 good reviews”
  • AUs before “AU” was a really widely used term, so the author’s note would have a length explanation for why they had to change things for the story and apologizing over and over instead of just noting the AU in the summary
  • AUs out of laziness rather than for creative/plot reasons (ie, “luna’s a gryffindor in this fic because i couldn’t find another reason for her to be here”)
  • authors notes apologizing for late updates
  • being genuinely shocked when you found a GOOD fanfic
This is what “balancing the Force” looks like:

I wrote a 25-page paper on Star Wars arguing that “bringing balance to the Force” didn’t mean “the Jedi will be 100% in control” (and of course not the opposite) but bringing the two aspects of the Force into alignment, using Anakin as a case study. Brief recap of my paper:

    • The Jedi literally don’t know that slavery still exists in the galaxy and are shocked when Shmi says “The Republic doesn’t exist out here… We must survive on our own.” So like… the fuck.
    • Anakin asks Qui-Gon “Have you come to free us?” and Qui-Gon says “No, I’m afraid not,” to which Anakin replies, “Why else would you be here?” Here we can see the innocence and goodness in Anakin juxtaposed against the moral ambiguity of the Jedi. They’re there for repairs on their ship - nothing more, nothing less. Witnessing slavery does nothing to change those priorities.
    • The Jedi take a child away from his mother, and when Anakin is (rightfully) scared for his mom, who has been left in slavery, the Jedi are still like well, you know, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, enforcing the laws against slavery seems kinda like a lot of work so we’re just not gonna get involved. That’s like… not quite what you would expect from the “Light” Side.
    • Anakin is literally a child whose mother has been left in slavery and, understandably, he’s kind of freaked out. Instead of acknowledging Anakin’s pain as legitimate and working with him, the Jedi take an oppositional stance, telling Anakin that “Fear is the path to the dark side” - a phrase that was much more apt in the Original Trilogy than it is here, where Anakin is only nine, and his fears are 100% rational.
    • Obi-Wan asks Anakin if he’s sleeping poorly because of his mom, Anakin basically admits yes, and Obi-Wan says “Dreams pass in time.” Uh, Obi-Wan, I’m sure you have good intentions and all, but the problem isn’t in the dream world. Anakin’s dreams are a reflection of the actual, legitimate, very real danger his mother is in, and Obi-Wan’s response only dismisses Anakin’s fear and drives him further away from the Jedi Council. And, again, the Jedi could have fixed this entire situation by either rescuing his mother or actually trying to stop slavery instead of just paying lip service to the idea.
    • Anakin and Padmé fall in love, and Padmé is like “yo is this, like, allowed to happen for you??” and Anakin says “Attachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is central to a Jedi’s life, so you might say we’re encouraged to love.” So… Taking a woman’s child so he can fulfill their prophecy and leaving that woman alone and enslaved on a desert planet is compassionate behavior now? Right. Sounds fake, but okay. Also, Anakin is literally pointing out the hypocrisy in that statement - so you can love humanity and people, but you can’t love a person? That’s super weird.
      • Falling in love is like… not really something you can help? Especially not the first time. Just, you know, speaking as the classic lesbian who has fallen for a straight best friend… just saying “don’t do that” is not really going to help. At all.
    • At this point, the Jedi have created a situation where if Anakin falls in love (as he is wont to do as a literal teenager who was not brought up in the Jedi Order of his own volition), he has to keep that love secret or a) risk expulsion from the Jedi and b) prove them “right” that he can’t be trusted. Which, you know, nobody wants to do.
    • Padmé tells him that he “had a nightmare again last night,” and Anakin says, “Jedi don’t have nightmares.” Yo, what the fuck. This kid is a teenager, his mom is on a desert planet and enslaved, and now he feels like he’s not even allowed to have nightmares? Which are not conscious? I get that the Jedi are supposed to have total control over themselves, but first of all, that’s a completely unrealistic expectation to have of anyone, much less a teenager, and second of all, that’s a real fucked up thing to imply on a mental health level. “You’re guilty, even for the pain that your brain is inflicting on you from childhood trauma in situations (i.e., unconsciousness) that you can’t even control!” Yeah, no. There is no way that could possibly go well. 
      • If Anakin is made to feel guilty for being scared or having nightmares or missing his mom from whom he was taken when he was not even ten years old, and Jedi are pointing to those feelings as evidence that he is dangerous and untrustworthy, he is put in a situation where he cannot admit that he needs help and therefore cannot access help. Like, just get the kid a shrink! And maybe rescue his mom! There are ways to address this and help Anakin stop having feelings, if that’s something we really have to do, without shaming him, which is gross and also distinctly unhelpful.
    • Anakin goes back to Tatooine to find his mom, she’s been kidnapped and tortured by Tusken Raiders, she dies in his arms, and he slaughters the Tuskens and vows to become so powerful he will be able to stop people from dying. Which, like, is not ideal - not condoning murder - but he’s also seen his mother for the first time in years, like at least half a decade, and he is a) completely overrun with survivor’s guilt and b) rightfully grieving and c) also rightfully pissed the fuck off that he finally sees him mom again only to have her die in his arms. Like, I’d be pissed, too. And you know what helps with grief? Talking it out!! Therapy!! Friendship!! You know what Anakin doesn’t have? Literally any of those things. He can’t admit that he’s grieving his mom because it would threaten his place in the Jedi Order. The Order’s strictness continues to place him in a catch-22 where admitting he needs help is already condemning him.
    • Anakin beats Count Dooku in part because he is furious that Palpatine has been “captured” and taps into the Dark Side with that emotion. THEN, Padmé’s like “surprise, I’m pregnant,” and Anakin (again, understandably) flips the fuck out. He has nightmares about her dying in childbirth, and guess who he can’t go to for advice or help or even consolation? The Jedi!! Wow, this is going so well for everyone, what great policies we have here.
    • The Jedi Council want Anakin to spy on Palpatine, and Anakin (correctly) points out to Obi-Wan that this goes against the Jedi Code, against the Republic, and asks why Obi-Wan is asking this of him… to which Obi-Wan replies, “The Council is asking you.” So, you know, this doesn’t exactly endear Anakin to the Council, who have already been pretty shitty to him and are now seemingly hypocritical as well.
    • Palpatine says to Anakin, “Be careful of the Jedi, Anakin. They fear you. In time they will destroy you.” and yeah, he’s playing on Anakin’s confusion and suspicions and totally using him as a pawn here, but he’s also right. The Jedi have proven themselves to not have Anakin’s best interests at heart, even if they have good intentions. And they do fear Anakin, so, you know, that whole “non-attachment prevents fear” thing isn’t really working out for them either.
    • Palpatine tells Anakin that the Dark Side can allow you to control death, and Anakin (who, let’s remind ourselves, has watched his mother die in his arms) begs to know how so he can save Padmé should his nightmares come true and she die in childbirth. And, again, since he can’t go to the Jedi for any help with this, he feels he has no choice but to trust Palpatine.
    • Here we get to a real fun sequence of events. Palpatine tells Anakin he’s a Sith. Anakin threatens to kill Palpatine, but doesn’t, so he can maintain the possibility of learning how to save Padmé. He goes to tell the Jedi, who rush into action and don’t allow him to join them because they think his fear will cloud his judgment, ignoring the fact that a) they’re scared out of their asses too, and b) he literally just betrayed someone close to him??? for people who have really been nothing but shitty??? So I feel like Anakin’s doing surprisingly well rn and the Jedi are basically like, “Yeah, great, but also fuck you and stay here.”
    • Soooooooo, Anakin goes to save Palpatine (again, to then save his wife), and in order to save him he kills a Jedi. At this point, Anakin’s like “I’m completely fucked,” which is true (although he’s been fucked from the beginning because the Jedi suck), and he pledges himself to Palpatine because he doesn’t think he has any other option.
    • Okay, then he goes and murders a bunch of kids, so like. That’s not great. Not gonna condone that. This was A Mistake™. I think we can all agree on that. Moving on.
    • Obi-Wan and Yoda see footage of Anakin’s fun murder time and Obi-Wan goes to try to find and defeat Anakin. In order to find him, he tells Padmé what happened and then hides away on her ship.
    • Padmé talks to Anakin, flips out when she realizes Obi-Wan was telling the truth, and as she tries to talk Anakin down from his panic- and grief-fueled descent into insanity he says, “I won’t lose you the way I lost my mother! I’ve become more powerful than any Jedi has ever dreamed of and I’ve done it for you. To protect you.”
      • Side note, at this point I get annoyed because, like, Anakin, she literally Did Not Ask. Buddy, pal, friend, she specifically told you not to do this. I know your heart is in the right place, but like, this really could have all been prevented if you’d just listened to your wife. Why are the women in Star Wars consistently the only people who know what the fuck is going on?
    • Obi-Wan reveals himself, Anakin thinks Padmé betrayed him, and Force-chokes her. So, like, again, the anger is understandable, the Force-choking is not. Not going to defend that.
    • As Obi-Wan and Anakin fight, Anakin says something extremely telling: “From my point of view, the Jedi are evil.” He isn’t lying. He isn’t even exaggerating. The Jedi have fucked him over at every turn. And the point that is being made here is that Anakin descends into madness because he, like the Jedi, lives at moral extremities. He goes mad and gives himself over to the Dark Side because the Jedi have thoroughly erased any possibility of a middle ground. 
      • The utter distrust that the Jedi Council have of “Gray Jedi” and the fact that “Gray Jedi” means both people who walk the middle ground of the Force and people who don’t answer to the authority of the Jedi Council also point to this. We can see this with Jolee Bindo and Qui-Gon, among others. If you walk the middle line, the Jedi will turn their backs on you. (Pro tip: if nobody is allowed to disagree with you, you’re probably not the good guys.)
    • Aaaaaaaaand finally the whole fight ends and Anakin becomes a weird lava-deformed creature of the night and when he finally wakes up and asks Palpatine if Padmé is okay, Palpatine says, “It seems in your anger, you killed her.” So, Anakin at this point a) is consumed with self-hatred, b) has nothing to live for because all of his loved ones either hate him (Obi-Wan) or are dead (Padmé, theoretically), and c) feels like he has no way out of the horrifying mess he’s put himself in. And here the prequels end.

What I’m trying to say here is that the Jedi aren’t perfect, and they don’t always use the Force for good. (See: “slavery is cool, we guess.”) Their emphasis on shutting out your emotions is ultimately what drives Anakin to the Dark Side because they allow no room for mistakes and therefore erase the possibility of Anakin ever getting help. Or, you know, compassion, which is supposed to be the Jedi version of love. So… The Sith suck. But the Jedi also suck. Not as much, for sure, but they are definitely guilty of some real fucked up things.

Now for the fun part!!!!! Rey, in Ep. VII, wins her battle against Kylo when she gets pissed. You can also see in that scene that when he’s overpowering her, you can see both the red and blue light reflected in her eyes, and when she closes her eyes and thinks “use the Force” and opens her eyes again, you only see the red.

What that piece said to me, and what this trailer and the poster say to me, is that “balancing the Force” means recognizing that emotions are not evil unto themselves, that you can love people and use that love to fuel goodness. Rey has the potential to balance the Force because she has already proven that she can harness emotion, be driven by emotion, and still use that for the Light Side.

Anyway, I fucking love Star Wars, meta is great, Rey can kick my ass any day, and if I’m right and these trailers are backing up my theory I am literally going to lose my mind.

*rises from a deep endless sleep wide eyed*

What if Bitty and Jack met when he came to do a tour of Samwell campus? Just like the frogs?

Maybe Coach’s team had a game not too far from there and he dropped Bitty at Samwell with intentions to pick him up later.

17 year old Bitty nervously and wide eyed walking around, already imagining himself in Samwell, when he turns around and realises he can’t see the group.

After some panicking he decided to head to the ice rink because he knows that will be part of the tour, and he can wait there till the other guys show up.

Practice is over at this point, but there’s somebody still taking shots at the net so Bitty sits out of the way and tries not to look too amazed by the skills the guy is showing.

Jack, eventually notices him and approaches to get him to leave, Bitty explains he is there waiting for the group and Jack tells him the group already passed through the building.

“Wait,” Jack says when he realises what this means, “are you applying to Samwell? To play… hockey?”

Bitty awkwardly shrugs, “I already got in with a scholarship I just wanted to see the campus.”

Jack is horrified and demands that Bitty puts some skates and joins him on the ice. Thankfully Bitty had his skates with him and they play and Jack is a little annoyed because Bitty managed to score on him once, Jack scored 3 times which is actually not bad on the rookie.

He asks for Bitty’s email address.

“I’m sending you a workout program and a diet plan, you need to bulk up before the season, I want you to keep me updated on your progress and send me your stats, actually send them to Ransom he keeps track of that…”

Bitty wide eyed just nods along, trying not to cough a lung out.

“The checking is going to be an issue, we’ll think of something…”

Jack here sees Bitty and sees potential, he has a few months before Bitty will join them so he is determined to get him up to his standards by then.

And that’s how Bitty ends up becoming long distance friends with the Samwell group. Ransom and Holster keep track of his stats and give him tips on all the stuff he should do before coming to college, Shitty writes a long essay about how he hopes Bitty isn’t some dickhead from the south and then goes into weird tangents about feminism and social justice.

Jack messages him all the time asking if he’s eating enough protein, if he did the latest workout he sent and if he studied for his math exam.

Bitty replies to all the emails a little weirded out but happy he sort of will know people when he arrives, and also he sends pies, a lot of pies.

Ransom and Holster send a lot of emojis in gratitude, Shitty somehow finds his phone number and calls him to tell him what a magnificent person he is, and Jack calls to remind him to eat more protein.

And I don’t know where this is going besides this, I was just intrigued by the idea they could have met Bitty before he joined Samwell, feel free to take it from here :)

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Six

Summary: You have to break the news to Jared and, later, Genevieve. At a convention, Jared lets slip some information that gets you into an uncomfortable situation.
Jared x Reader (mentioned Jared x Gen, Jared x Reader x Gen), Genevieve, Jensen, Kathryn Newton (brief Matt and Rich)
Words: 6.2k+
Warnings: pregnancy, hella drama/angst, self-deprecating reader, uncomfortable confrontations
Beta: @blacksiren

IKYW Masterpost

Your name: submit What is this?

You had to get through another four hours of filming before you would get a chance to talk to Jared alone.

You apologised to the make-up team when you went back into the trailer, your face blotchy from being sick and your make-up ruined from crying.

The whole time you were on set, your mind was elsewhere. Specifically, you were wondering how to tell Jared that you were carrying his illegitimate, unplanned child.

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That Special Time of the Month

Originally posted by antisepticdark

Summary: Fem!Reader wakes up to find that her period came during the night and now she has to deal with the guys being annoying at the office… Well mainly just Mark. Hope you guys like!

A/N: Hello! I wrote a fic, and trust me its not very good and it’s waaay longer than it needs to be. Be gentle, I’m new to the whole posting my writing thing. Also! I speak fluent Spanish so i used some slang in the fic!
“No mames”- Spanish slang/curse for “no way”/“no fucking way”
“Sentida”- Spanish for upset or offended (in this context reader is sad)
Lastly there’s a text conversation in the fic so ‘-’ is Ethan and ‘=‘ is Tyler.

Wordcount: like +2k I’m sorry this is too long bye

Requests are open? This is no good so I don’t know why anyone would be requesting but yeah you can do that if you want. Hope you guys enjoy!

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(Note: All real nhl teams are populated by fake fictional people in this fic.

Also note: I’m sorry this is disjuncted, I just needed to bang this out.

Triple note: yes this is a pride and prejudice au. 

edit: Part 1

“Brah, brah!” Shitty burst into Jack’s apartment. Jack was sitting next to his counter with a protein shake and smiling down at his phone dopily. “You gotta listen to me.” 

“The emergency key is for emergencies, Shits.” Jack sent a smiling emoji to the other person and received a string of unintelligible emojis in return. It was adorable. 

“There are two emergencies today,” Shitty said. “No, strike that, make it three. So the first emergency is that I wanted to see you.” 

“You can’t keep using that excuse to burst into my apartment whenever you feel like it.”

“Shhh,” Shitty put his hand over Jack’s mouth. “Just let me love you.”

“The second emergency is that I finally ran Chad Wickham out of Providence and I wanted to celebrate that with you,” Shitty plopped a bag of booze and snacks onto the counter.

“Shits, I’m not eating that junk,” Jack said, still looking down at his phone. “Anyway, Eric left some pie and pastries we can eat if you have to celebrate this.”

“That’s the third emergency, brah.” Shitty said seriously. “That bro is bad news. You gotta ditch him.”

Jack’s phone buzzed twice. 

Eric: Omg Shitty is there? Tell him hello from me! 

Eric: I left some banana pie in the fridge for him tell him to help himself!!! UuU

The two of them looked down at the text. 

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#2: “Can you shut up for five minutes, please???”

#14: “I think you forgot who wears the pants in this relationship.”

#15: “You’re breaking my heart, babe.”

#56: “I found the candles, we’ll be alright.”

warning: cursing

word count: 1,056

a/n: Haha, so I know everyone wants more Monty so here ya go! I’m kinda happy with this because I managed to put 4 ‘quotes’ in this, feel free to request more Monty or anyone else from 13rw! <3

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Handle With Care

“What’s on your mind babe?” 

Richie’s voice burst through Eddie’s thoughts but he didn’t feel like replying yet, so he let the boy think he was still lost in thought. His chin rested on his shaky palm as his eyes welled up. He didn’t think it would bother him as much as it did but his stomach was twisting and turning in pain from the rush of awful anxiety that he had felt when he stared at the name tag on that shitty red vest. He blinked and tried to calm himself down. 

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Keep on Living (Chapter 4) Lin-Manuel x Reader

Part 4 was delayed due to sickness and a broken laptop, sorry for the wait. The final 5th chapter will be up soon!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Summary - Your boyfriend is an abusive asshole and you’ve been trying to hide it from Lin and everyone else in the company of Hamilton. Lin has suspected for a while, and you are forced to confess when he notices a bruise on your stomach .

I’m an abuse survivor myself. Not all abuse is the same, and so this fic is not meant to be a universal experience.

To anyone that may be experiencing abuse then my inbox is always open and I will always believe you. Tell a friend or a relative if you are able to. And there are many support lines depending on your town/state/country, talking to someone helps. Stay safe.

Warnings - I’m adding a trigger warning for mentions of emotional and physical abuse.

Word count -  3371

Tags - @21phantasticromances @doctorstethoscope @huffleheyguys @fandom-nerdness7 @superwholockbooknerd526 @rachurro @alirants @awkwardlyfiona @ruth-hamilton-delrio @shockingblonde @musiclover1072 @breiler @hollyisnotsocial @justfangirlingaround @autistic-alien @ktpayne @chloehamiltonn @livinglikelaarry @iputmyselfintothenarrative @hamlintonheights @favouritefightingfrenchmen @plamspringsdancingontables @myfatherseyesandmymothersname @ctrl-altdelete 


Your office was dark and silent as you waited for Lin. Down the hall you could hear warm laughter and excited chatter as the cast stayed after the show to meet with the various celebrities in attendance that night. You looked at your watch. If you set off home now then Mark wouldn’t be mad.

Lin had insisted you stay with him tonight. “Remember to wait for me ok? I mean it Y/N, I’m coming to get you as soon as I can get out of here” He’d reminded you minutes before the curtain call that evening.

So now you sat and you waited. You felt like a kid waiting to be picked up after school, and you felt stupid. This was ridiculous. You weren’t a child, you didn’t need need rescuing. You had a home to go and you hated the thought of being a burden to anyone, Lin was probably just being polite. A roar of laughter echoed down the hallway and you flinched. You didn’t want to tear Lin away from all that just to babysit you. You looked at your watch again. If you set off now then you would only be a few minutes late and maybe Mark wouldn’t be that mad. Maybe he’d just shout at you, maybe he wouldn’t hit you.

Lin had promised not tell anyone about the bruise, he’d promised not tell anyone about Mark,  until you were ready. You explained you just wanted to work through today, to put all your energy into the mountain of incredibly dumb and mind numbing paperwork Alex had left you so you wouldn’t have to think about anything else, just for today. He hadn’t pushed you, he hadn’t pressed you. He’d nodded solemnly and said “whatever you need” with a devastatingly kind look which just crushed you.

The weight of this secret hung over you both like a dark cloud all day. The Ham4Ham show which he’d been excitedly plotting all day was now postponed and he approached Renee and Oak to take the lead and host instead.

“Hey what happened to the Backstreet Boys thing? You getting nervous about those dance moves huh?” teased Oak.

“Yeah I guess” Lin replied wearily. Renee pushed Oak aside, sensing something amiss and reassured Lin it was fine.

A few hours earlier he had been so excited about doing something so goofy. But now his eyes had lost their sparkle, instead he looked pensive and reserved and you noticed that he kept tensing his hands into tight fists and closing his eyes. And that made it worse, because it was fine for you to feel shitty, but now there was the overwhelming guilt of making Lin feel shitty too. And he didn’t deserve that.

You looked at your watch again. Ok, if you set off now then you’d definitely be home late. Mark would most definitely be in a terrible mood. He would yell at you that you were disgusting, ugly, pathetic, and as long as you kept quiet and apologized maybe he wouldn’t hit you that hard.

At that moment the door to your office swung open and Lin’s head popped round the door

“Hey Y/N, you ready? Sorry it took so long”

You swallowed the panic that had been rising in your chest only moments before and breathed. The sight of Lin’s soft eyes and a face greeting you with such kindness melted away your trepidation. You nodded nervously and Lin stretched out his hand.

“Let’s go” he said, smiling at you. You offered a weak smile in return and he grabbed your hand to lead you out.

“Ok so I’m warning you, I wasn’t expecting company tonight so things might be a little bit messy” laughed Lin as he opened the door to the apartment. It actually wasn’t that bad, you’d expected it to look a lot more chaotic, but there were piles of notebooks, papers, post-its, forgotten projects, and just the usual chaos you were used to seeing around Lin all the time.

“Honestly it’s fine” you mumbled, looking down at the floor. “I’m just so sorry to be putting you out like this, I feel awful, I shouldn’t be here.” You paused as you entered through the door, as though maybe you really should just turn back home right now. Maybe it wasn’t too late.

“No way, you’re staying. I mean it. You spent the whole cab back here apologizing, you are now entering a no apology zone, ok? No more apologies.” He gave you his best school teacher frown, the one that he used in rehearsals to make you laugh, and you squeezed out a small smile

You place your bag down on the couch, feeling everything move around you in slow motion. You felt like you were under water. When did this become your life? It was an almost an out of body experience where you could see yourself from above, feeling sorry for this mess of a girl in Lin’s apartment. You wondered when you had become this weak.

“I said are these ok?”


You realized Lin had been talking to you and you’d zoned out. You’d been doing that a lot lately.

Lin gestured at the clean towels in his hands.

“I thought you might need a shower, I just got you some towels. There’s some stuff to sleep in as well, it’s all clean I promise”. He smiled warmly at you but his eyes were still clouded in darkness. The face of someone so desperately trying to cheer you up while masking their own pain. You nodded and smiled and headed to the bathroom.

The hot shower felt good against your sore stiff muscles. Your body ached, and your belly was tender to touch. You looked down at your skin now marked in a map of bruises, some old, some new, and vowed to yourself that there would be no more new bruises after tonight. Mark would never hit you again.

You dried off and smiled to yourself as you unfolded the Ducktales t-shirt and sweatpants Lin had left you. The jersey felt soft against your skin, smelling of peppermint and fabric softener. You headed back to the lounge and for a second you watched Lin as he sat, unaware of your gaze. He sat on the edge of the couch, his hands clasped together in a tight fist which rested on his knees, bouncing up and down in agitation. He cricked his neck. There was a rage in his eyes which he’d been hiding from you. You’d seen it briefly that afternoon when you’d first shown him the bruise, but he’d worn a fake smile all evening for your benefit. But here was the same murderous look on his face, the anger that had scared you, and you felt an instant pang of guilt for making him feel this way.

“Thanks for the shower” you said, making your presence known. Lin looked up at you, the rage instantly melting from his face, and he smiled at you.

“And thanks for all this” you said gesturing to the camomile tea he’d prepared and the blankets and pillows on the couch which he’d set up.

“Oh this is for me, you’ll be sleeping in my bed tonight” said Lin, moving over so you could sit down next to him.


Lin held up his hands in protest. “Y’N there’s no way in hell I’m letting you sleep on this couch ok? No arguments. The bed is yours.” You sat down clutching the mug of tea for warmth and gave a resigned nod.

“God I’m so sorry…” you began

“Hey, this is a no apology zone remember? “ He smiled at you in reassurance and his smile, god, it was more than you deserved right now.

“I’m sorry. I know you said no apologies, but god I’m so sorry” You blinked back the tears forming in your eyes as Lin affectionately placed his hand on your shoulder with a soft squeeze letting you know that it was ok.

“Talk to me” Lin said gently.

And you talked.

You finally talked.

All the things you hadn’t been able to say, finally got said. You told him how things weren’t always like this. How the early days of your relationship with Mark had been fun, how he’d made you feel good, how he used to be a nice guy. But then how he’d lost his job and ended up moving in with you far too quickly and now it doesn’t feel like your home anymore.

Lin didn’t look away, he nodded at you to continue, he never interrupted. When you found yourself unable to form words when things get too difficult, he lightly traced small soft circles on your shoulder with his thumb, inviting you to continue, but never pressuring you to speak. His eyes showing you that he unequivocally believed you.

In a moment of quiet you sipped your tea which had now turned cold.

“And when did he first hit you?” asked Lin, his tone solemn quiet.

“It wasn’t hitting to begin with” You explained. “He’d say things, yell things. He’d yell at me that I was a slut, that I was a whore, that I was disgusting. He’d tell me I was pathetic, that nobody would want me, he made me feel grateful that he even wanted me. He laughed at me, said that my music, my work was worthless, that soon everyone would see I was worthless. And after a while I guess I just started to believe it too. I know that sounds stupid. I mean I know I’m stupid.”

Lin shook his head and stared at the floor, his mouth opened then closed, as though he was about to speak but forced himself not to before taking a breath.

“You aren’t stupid” he whispered.

You told him about the first time he’d hit you. The black eye, the marks on your wrist, the way he’d pulled your hair.

You told him about how Mark had seen the video, about how Jasmine’s words had antagonized him. How angry he’d been.

“And if that wasn’t enough, he heard me drunkenly refer to you as cute in that video, and boy was he gonna punish me for that”.

Lin turned his head to stare at you in that moment, his eyes were wild.

“It was nothing, I was drunk, but he heard it. And that’s why it’s my fault. That night he…. Well I don’t think I can even say out loud the things he called me that night, I don’t think I ever want to hear those words again” You swallowed hard.

“That night I guess I was just a punching bag for him. He told me he’d hit me where nobody would see. He punched me so hard I couldn’t breathe. I just remember him kicking me in the stomach and then nothing. I think I passed out from the pain.”

You swirled the mug of half drunk cold tea in your hands and breathed deeply. You had said it. You’d finally told someone. You felt lighter and free but also in utter shock from your own words, you’d not heard them said out loud before.

You looked over at Lin. He was still staring at the floor. His knee bounced while slowly shaking his head. His hands were in two tight fists, his knuckles white which he flexed and tensed. He muttered in Spanish under his breath

“…Voy a matarlo”


He looked up at you. He couldn’t keep the anger out of his face this time.

“I’m sorry. I just… god I just can’t believe that someone has done this to you!” He spat out in a rage. “That this fucking scumbag thought he had the right to do this to you. It just….”

Lin sat back against the couch, running his hands back through his hair, exhaling in exasperation.

He looked at you biting his lip, biting back the rage and steadying himself.

He lowered his voice.

“This wasn’t your fault. You know that right?”

“I know. But it’s also hard to really know that. When you hear that you’re a giant piece of shit for 4 months straight that becomes the only truth that you really know.”

Your eyelids felt heavy and you rubbed your temples. It was 3am. You’d talked for most of the night and you suddenly felt exhausted.

“Come on, let’s get you to bed. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made you talk about this so much.” Lin said, standing up and reaching out his hand.

“Hey, this is the no apology zone remember” you said smiling sleepily, and you grabbed his hand as he lead you to the bedroom.  

You couldn’t keep your eyes open and Lin pulled back the sheets while you climbed in bed. You wanted to say more, you wanted to apologize at least a hundred times more, explain that you weren’t stupid, you wanted to figure out a plan of action, figure out what you were going to do about Mark, and then add a few more apologies in for good measure. But all you could mumble out was a sleepy “thank you” as your head hit the pillow.

Lin pulled the blanket over you and gently kissed your temple while whispering “Goodnight” before turning out the light and leaving you to sleep.

You woke up just 3 hours later in a panic. Where were you? Where was Mark? You caught your breath and tried to calm yourself down. Your eyes adjusted and you realised you were in Lin’s room. Last night’s confessional came flooding back and you realised it was ok,  you were safe. Mark wasn’t here.

You sat up in bed. The blanket, the pillows, your t-shirt all smelled of Lin: peppermint, his coconut shampoo, and something else, something warm and familiar. Looking at the empty space next to you in the bed you felt a pang of loneliness and the dawning realisation that you wished Lin was there with you. You rubbed your tired eyes. It was far too early in the morning to be having these kinds of confusing feelings. You at least needed coffee before sorting through those emotions.

You crept out of bed, heading down the hall hoping to get a glass of water from the kitchen without waking Lin. You stood in the doorway and a smile crept on your face. You didn’t have to worry about waking Lin. It was 6am and Lin was sitting cross legged on the sofa eating cereal watching cartoons with a dopey contented smile on his face.

“Morning!” you croaked

“Hey sleepyhead” he grinned moving up to give you space to join him on the sofa.

“Why are you even awake?” you laughed as you climbed up next to him, resting your head against his shoulder.

“I could ask you the same” he smiled.

He set his bowl of cereal down, putting his arm around you and greeting you with a friendly forehead kiss, which made your skin tingle. Oh yeah, this was definitely adding to the confusing crush building in your head. But you didn’t move away, you felt safe, and warm, and happy for the first time in months.

“So I’m guessing you didn’t sleep much?” he asked.

“Nah” you sighed. “But it’s ok, I actually feel good. There’s just still so much to sort out though.”

“This definitely calls for coffee then!”

Lin jumped up and brought back the pot of coffee from the kitchen and two mugs and for the rest of the morning you quietly watched old episodes of Powerpuff Girls under the blanket on the sofa in a comfortable sleepy silence. You were so relieved that he hadn’t pressed you for more details, thankful that he hadn’t tried to get you to talk any more. You were all cried out, and you were so grateful that there was no expectation for you to continue the intense conversations from the night before.

“You know you can stay here for as long as you need” Lin said finally, breaking the silence. “You don’t have to figure anything out just yet, we can deal with Mark stuff later when you’re feeling up to it.”

You nodded. You weren’t able to make any of the big decisions that morning. Decisions such as whether to go to the police, how to get Mark out of your home, how to move on with your life, and why you felt this strange nervous flutter inside you when Lin smiled at you. They would all need to wait for another time.

“Thank you” you said earnestly. “Honestly, for everything, just… thank you.”

He smiled before pulling you back into another hug. It’s a friendly gesture, you told yourself. But still, you felt tingles of confusion and excitement ripple through you as he pulled you back under his arm and kissed the side of your head. You shivered and turned to face him, your nose practically touching his. Your skin felt electric.

This wasn’t just a friendly gesture.

Neither of you spoke. Neither of you looked away.  He glanced down at your lips, his mouth opened and he gently cupped your cheek with his hand. He looked up at your eyes searching to see if this was ok. You saw the corners of his mouth turning up ever so slightly before he pulled you close to him and closed his eyes.

He kissed you so softly it tickled your lips. A small soft butterfly kiss that seemed to linger in slow motion as his bottom lip dragged lightly against yours. It lasted a second before Lin pulled back, removing his hand from your face and shaking his head, his eyes already full of apologies.

“God, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that” He shook his head and bit his lip.

You looked from his eyes, down to his lips and you didn’t even think. You leaned in and kissed him again. You caught him by surprise and pressed your lips to his.  He slowly began to kiss you back. They were small delicate quick kisses at first, turning into deep hungry desperate kisses, and you felt his hand in your hair, holding the back of your head pulling you closer to him, and his other hand caressing your cheek while his lips danced with yours. Strands of his hair brushed against your face as your pressed closer.

His lips felt urgent and warm and you felt his hand move from your cheek, slowly moving down your arm before wrapping around your waist. You gasped, your skin was still so tender to touch and you suddenly broke away from his lips, moving his hand away from the sore and aching bruise on your waist.

“Oh shit…” Lin began

“It’s ok it’s ok, I just… It still hurts” you winced.

“God, Y/N I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, we’re in a no apology zone, remember?” You smiled, but Lin didn’t smile back. He stared  down at your waist where you’d lifted up the t-shirt to inspect your bruise. Your skin was dark purple and blue, with yellow edges and his eyes were wide in panic.

“No, this is too soon. You’re vulnerable and not ok, and I don’t want to take advantage of you. I shouldn’t have done that.”

There was a stunned silence, and your face flushed with embarrassment. Of course he didn’t want to kiss you. Who would want to kiss you? You were ugly and pathetic, and isn’t this what Mark had always told you? You were worthless, you were nothing, you were a joke, and you all you heard was Mark’s cruel laughter ringing in your head.

“It’s ok” you said softly. “It was my fault, it was stupid. Let’s pretend that never happened ok? We’re just friends, I was confused and I overstepped, I’m sorry.”

(Mark was right, I’m pathetic. I’m ugly. I’m a joke)

You looked back at the tv, suddenly finding yourself incredibly immersed and engrossed in the latest Powerpuff Girls adventures avoiding all eye contact with Lin.

“Hey Y/N really, it’s ok, you didn’t overstep, I really wanted to…”

You cut him off

“Hey, so I should probably get dressed” you exclaimed, a little too brightly. “And I might need to head to Target and pick up some underwear or something.” You began clearing up the the mugs and Lin’s forgotten cereal bowl.

“And we still have Ham4Ham to work on today. I hope you’ve been practicing your Backstreet Boys!” You forced a wide grin.

Lin’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you ok?”

“Of course!” you smiled.

(I’m ugly. I’m worthless)

“Are we ok?”

You sighed and closed your eyes. “Yes of course we are. You’re absolutely right, that shouldn’t have happened. Let’s just keep things light and easy today, I think that’s all my brain can handle.”

(Mark was right)

Lin looked at you, studying your face before nodding slowly in agreement.

“Whatever you need, I’ve got you.”  

You nodded, unable to speak. Faking a smile and holding it together had become your speciality.


Thanks for reading.  The 5th and final chapter is coming soon here!

thewesternredcedar  asked:

A birthday that doesn't go as expected

Thanks for the prompt, my dear!  Here you go, @thewesternredcedar.  I hope you like this bit of nonsense.  xo

Summary:  It’s Jack’s surprise 30th birthday party, and the suit on his bed isn’t the only one everyone is going to see him wearing that day.  Also on AO3

Crisse de calice!” Jack yelled as Bitty ran behind him and begged him to stop.

“Happy birthday!” the crowd screamed when Jack entered the living room, and then immediately the cries died as everyone got one giant eyeful of Jack Laurent Zimmermann, naked as the day he was born.

That… was not how Jack expected his birthday to go that morning when he woke up.

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Act of Kindness | 06 |

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05

Yoo Kihyun | Fake Relationship!AU | Fluff | Smut

Since day one, boundaries and personal space were never really part of the picture.

[this is fluffy and smutty as hell. enjoy :))]

Kihyun looks just as puzzled as you feel when he walks outside—now dressed in light jeans and a white tee with no make-up—looking both ways before his eyes land on your form leaning against the wall.

“Why are you out here alone, baby girl?” he frowns as he walks in front of you. “What’s wrong?”

“I just needed to clear my mind,” you reply. 

There’s already a tight feeling in your throat at the fact you’re about to open yourself to him and put everything on the table with no way to take anything back. But Hoseok’s words repeat in your mind and give you this little sliver of hope that you’re going to hold onto until the last second.

“Talk to me?” Kihyun asks, lifting a hand to cup your face. You’ve never flinched at or dodged his touches, so it worries you why your body’s reaction to seeing his soft hand reach up to your face is to lean your head the opposite way. His brows furrow, hand falling limply to his side and the hurt and confusion in his eyes makes you feel like you just kicked a puppy right in the face. “____…”

God, you feel like such a shitty person for bringing his mood down and making him worry about you on the night of his showcase. He was just smiling and laughing minutes ago and now the down curve of his lips is like a punch in your face.

“Why… what happened this week?” you hesitate to ask, trying your hardest to maintain eye contact.

The wrinkles between his brows deepen.

“What do you mean?”

“You disappeared for a week then called me like it was nothing. Maybe I sound like a whiny brat but you even texted me in the middle of learning choreography and other times you’ve been really busy,” you elaborate. You know the next thing you’re about to say has nothing to do with the situation but you really just don’t want to sound like a whiny brat that’s overlooking such a simple situation because of your feelings. Hoseok’s words have no meaning as your doubts start getting to you again. “Did you have another breakdown? You said you’d tell me—“

“No, no. That’s not the case,” Kihyun interrupts you, shaking his head wildly before sighing. “God, I was really hoping this conversation could be avoided a little longer.”

Now your eyebrows are scrunched together. Your heart drops to your stomach because you know this is when he’s going to tell you something that you don’t want to hear.

“Honestly, I was avoiding you.”

And there it is. 

His gushing about you stopped because he realized your feelings and he didn’t want to hurt your feelings by rejecting them. The conversation Hoseok overheard was going in the opposite direction of what he thought. Because this fake relationship has been starting to feel real Kihyun’s been avoiding you because that’s not what he wants. He wants you to remain as the therapist that helps him get recognition in the media that he can hug and cuddle with platonically because when his career started he didn’t have the time to have a girlfriend. He put distance between the two of you because you’re just so fucking obvious and he needed you to get a grip and realize what you guys have is fictional. He didn’t really want you to come tonight. His boss knew that if you showed your face at the showcase it would draw attention and have people talking about Monsta X. Kihyun’s too nice to tell you straight up that you need to get over yourself and that you’re here for business and shitty advice and nothing more—

“And I realized that was a dick move, so I apologize for that.” His voice is low and soft and somehow it makes you feel even worse.

Blinking back the tears of embarrassment and swallowing the thick lump in your throat, you ask, “Mind telling me why?” 

Your voice is surprisingly even and you shock yourself.

“I feel like shit for closing myself off from you after we were getting so close but I did it because I just needed some time to get my shit together,” he laughs bitterly with a shake of his head. “Not really an excuse, but yeah.”

Nodding, you clear your throat. “It’s not that big of a deal. I could’ve reached out but I didn’t, so…” you trail off, looking down at your shoes.

He breathes out a laugh.

“I already know you well enough to know you don’t text first unless something important comes up,” he tells you about yourself, your eyes widening in shock. “I went from texting you as often as possible to trying to avoid you at all costs because of some stupid mistake I almost made that night you came over.”

You swallow harshly.

You already suspected that night was what made him go ghost, but the fact that he’s really telling you this to your face is unexpected. 

At the mention of that night, your mind goes back to it, thinking about when you felt as if he was about to kiss you. But with all these self-doubts and bitterness swirling around in your head, you can’t help but think if you were just imagining it after all. What if you just wanted him to kiss you so you interpreted his actions completely wrong? Literally nothing makes sense when you’re upset and overthinking and it’s annoying you even more right now.

“Stupid mistake?” you whisper, too afraid your voice will crack.

As in possibly almost kissing you or inviting you over and getting your hopes up unintentionally?

If he means the latter option, you might just break down right then and there because of how harsh the reality of the situation would be. You’re not even a super emotional person, but if someone were to refer to inviting you to their place as a stupid mistake, how else are you supposed to react? 

If he’s referring to almost kissing you, it’ll still be harsh, but expected. The first interaction you had with him consisted of him telling you he hadn’t been in such close proximity with a female in a while, so that night at his place he could’ve just been so caught up in the moment with him being so exhausted and so close to you on the couch. No feelings nor ill intentions behind his actions. And if you’re being honest with yourself, after a week of saying the situation hasn’t bothered you, that definitely rubs you the wrong way. Such an act with no meaning behind it, and even though he stopped himself it was too obvious and now it’s been a week without speaking.

Kihyun’s eyes close as he takes a deep breath, his head tilting to the ground. 

“I…” he hesitates.  “I really wanted to kiss you that night and I was about to, but then I remembered what we are.” Heart beating out of your chest you almost choke at his confession, eyes lifting to look at him. Kihyun keeps his eyes closed and head down as he continues, “I tried to blame it on how tired I was the next day but if I’m being honest, I’ve been wanting to kiss you for a while now.”

Okay, your mind definitely didn’t consider that possibility and when the words come out of his mouth you can’t help but stare at him stupidly. He finally looks up at you, and when your mouth opens to say something (even though you have absolutely no sentence that you could put together with all those doubts and his confession circling around your brain) he’s speaking again.

“Let me finish before you say anything,” says, eyes widening before quickly adding, “please?”

You give him a dumb nod that matches your stare.

“We’re a business couple right?” he asks, voice only slightly above a whisper.

You blink at him. Yeah, you’ve been saying that to yourself but hearing the words come out of his mouth rubs you the wrong way.

“We go on dates for the public to see. But that night I invited you to my dorm because I genuinely enjoy your company,” Kihyun explains, pushing his bangs out of his eyes. And if you were to say the look in his eyes and his words don’t make your stomach flip, you’d be lying. “I don’t know much about you other than the basics and we haven’t known each other long… but I feel this attraction to you and I want to act on it.”

At this point, he’s back to looking down. You’re registering his words but you’re having a hard time letting them sink in, still trying to wrap your head around the word vomit that’s spewing from Kihyun’s mouth.

“I just don’t know if the feeling is mutual, hence why I didn’t bust such a bold move on you that night. I’m an affectionate person so I’m a hugger and cuddler when it comes to people I’ve known for a while but I just can’t stop myself from wanting to be close to you when I’m around you. It took me a whole week to come to terms with my feelings and this time apart has honestly been torture,” he admits with an exhausted laugh at the end. 

Kihyun takes another deep breath before shyly looking up at you, to find you still looking at him like an idiot.

“Is your silence your way of telling me it’s not a mutual feeling?”

His question has all those thoughts from earlier in the week that you claimed were irrational swooping back to your mind in less than a second it seems. You read his body language, words, and every other fucking sign he gave you correctly. You weren’t being illogical when you kept having what if thoughts. The questions of being anything more than a business thing all made sense and you don’t know if you want to laugh or cry at the realization because a whole week. It’s not even that long of a timeframe but at the same time, all of this extra time and doubt on Kihyun’s end could’ve been avoided if you were just honest with your feelings that you knew were building up for him. If you would’ve just texted him like your body wanted this could’ve been avoided. The two of you were in the same boat at one point when it came to the uncertainty of what the real terms of your friendship/relationship are.

“It is,” you confess, voice barely audible. 

The look of shock that washes over his features is endearing and you let your tense body relax with a quiet laugh, shoulders dropping comfortably with a nod of your head.

The door opens but you don’t hear the creak it makes, too focused on the smile that has replaced the frown that was on Kihyun’s face. 

“I really wasn’t expecting us to have this talk like th—“ 

Kihyun’s eyes get wide and his body jerks forward. He catches himself with his hands on the wall, his arms caging you in and his face so much closer. If this isn’t deja vu you don’t know what is.

His head snaps to the side and you follow his gaze, only to see blond hair and broad shoulders shaking with laughter, walking away from you two and down the alley towards the street.

“He always has to ruin the moment,” Kihyun curses under his breath with a puff of air. 

“If it weren’t for him this conversation wouldn’t have just taken place,” you say softly.

Hoseok gave you a little push and he’s doing the same for Kihyun.

Another puzzled look washes over his face but you don’t let him question what you mean, bringing your arms up to loosely wrap around his neck.

“You know, right now would be the perfect time to finally kiss me,” you sniff, speaking as if you were simply talking about the weather.

Kihyun’s lip twitches in his attempt not to smile, but he gives up and lets it take over half of his face. The mole above his lip and perfect teeth steal your attention once more.

Hands gently land on your sides. 

“Oh yeah?” he licks his lips while his eyes fall to your mouth.

You nod, rubbing your lips together.

“You sure?” 


“Positive?” he asks as he gets just the slightest bit closer.

“One-hundred percent.”

He leans in, mouth centimeters away from yours only to take a detour at the very last second and press a gentle kiss to your left cheek.

“Like this?”

“Not exactly,” you laugh out. “Here,” you bring a hand to the side of his face and barely push on it to bring him back in front of you.

“Oh. So like this,” he pecks your forehead.

You scrunch your nose and put your arm back around the junction between his neck and shoulders.

“For someone who said they’ve been wanting to kiss me for a while now you su—”

This is what you’ve been wanting since Kihyun not so smoothly pressed you up against the wall weeks ago. The soft, hesitant presses of his lips are what you were hoping for that night on his couch. The way your eyes shut slowly, lips puckering to meet his timid, chaste kisses, the way your heart slows down then skips a beat before finding a quicker rhythm than before is all worth the wait. How Kihyun’s confidence kicks in at you kissing him back, him parting his lips to kiss you properly and firmly is all worth the self-doubt. 

His grip on your waist tightens when you moan softly at the feeling of his tongue swiping across your bottom lip before he cradles your face in his hands. Kihyun takes a deep breath through his nose, tilting his head to deepen the kiss and nudging your tongue with his own.

“Ki,” you mumble against his lips, smiling when he hums but doesn’t stop kissing you. “We should leave,” you barely manage to say because a moan threatens to slip out when he steps even closer, a thigh finding its way in between both of yours. “Anyone could walk by and see us.”

“It’s dark and no one is going to come back here, baby girl.”

Teeth gently nibble at your lower lip, almost distracting you from trying to convince Kihyun to get off of you for a few minutes so you can continue this is in a more private setting.

“Baby,” you try, clenching your jaw to fight back a smile when the nibbling falters and he backs his head up to look at you with wide, blown out pupils. “We can go to my place. Krystal won’t be home for a couple days.”

“Are we—”

You don’t let him finish his sentence, cutting him off with your lips pressed to his.

When you were driving he couldn’t seem to get his hands off of you. Touching your thigh, interlacing his fingers with your free hand. The bulge in his pants easy to spot in his light washed jeans, even in the dim lighting of the night, and easy to feel when he teasingly brushed up behind you like there wasn’t enough space between your body and his bed while you two were picking up a pair of clothes from his dorm. The few members that were at the dorm watched as you guys walked from the front door to his room, then back to the front door with a bag hanging from Kihyun’s shoulder, knowing smirks and eyes squinted in amusement. It was embarrassing because not only is picking up clothes obvious as fuck, Kihyun decided to walk close behind you to not-so-discreetly hide the result of making out.

But now that it’s just you and him in your room with no worries of getting caught or listening ears, the embarrassment is gone.

“We could,” you answer his unsaid question, walking backward until your bed stops you. “Seeing you dance has me curious,” you say lightly, trailing your lips to his cheek.


His voice is lower than usual and it makes your stomach stir.

“How good you’ll fuck me.”

That sentence alone sets him off and he’s back to how he was in the alley, removing any space between your bodies as the two of you fall onto the bed. Kihyun settles in between your spread legs after reaching the middle of the bed, putting his weight on his knees and his forearms beside your head on your pillows.

His mouth is harsh and sloppy against yours, nothing but teeth, tongues, and spit. You claw at his sides, grabbing the cotton covering them to pull him down further onto you. 

This isn’t at all how you imagined the night turning out. Watch the performances, greet him afterward with compliments, then say your goodbyes to everyone after hanging around for a little bit. Come home, take a bath and watching tv until you passed out. That’s how you envisioned the night. Not Kihyun slowly grinding on you, making your body heat up and everything blurry with his hungry kisses.

“So you enjoyed the show?” his breath tickles your ears, a shiver running up your spine at him mouthing at your earlobe. 

“Ye—yes,”  you barely get out, Kihyun mouth latching onto the skin at the juncture between your neck and shoulder. The breathless moan has his hips rolling down into yours harder, mouth sucking harder. “God, yes.”

Sneaking your fingers down to the hem of his shirt, you crawl them under the fabric. The uneven skin covering his abs feels so smooth under your light fingertips and you feel the way his stomach clenches at your soft touch.

“I didn’t know you sang that well,” you praise him, stretching your neck to the opposite side of where his lips are trailing up. You feel the leftover stickiness of whatever his makeup artist put on his lips but it doesn’t bother you one bit.

He laughs softly, breathily. “I told you to watch the show.” A hand moves to slide up your torso, stopping under one of your breasts to cup it. The action causes spillage, the top of your breast coming out of the low collar of your jumper. “Maybe you’ll start listening to me?” he questions, voice muffled due to the way his mouth engulfs the newly exposed skin. 

The retort on the tip of your tongue is delayed, replaced by a humming noise that squeaks towards the end because teeth teasingly nip at your chest. 

“If I never listened to you, would you be in my bed right now?” Your voice is weaker, softer than you wanted but it’s hard to care if he knows how much he’s affecting you right now when his tongue is drawing patterns over your clavicle. 

Another chuckle vibrates your chest but you don’t get a verbal response. Instead, his hand slides down from your chest to the button holding your jeans together. He doesn’t undo it, but lifts his head to look into your hooded eyes. 

“This is what you want, right?”

The concern in his blown brown eyes momentarily covers the desire swimming around them, and if you didn’t want him before you damn sure do now.

An arm dangling off of his shoulder and a hand raking through his perfectly styled updo, messing the locks up in the most perfect way, you nod, teeth worrying at your lower lip. The fingers in his hair slip down to gently grip the side of his face, his lips once again slanting over yours but this time softer. Soft nibbles on your top lip, his thumb and pointer finger work at the metal of your button and zipper. With a shimmy of your hips, you assist him in pulling your jeans to the middle of your thighs. Cold air hits the wet spot that’s formed in between your legs, but then Kihyun’s warm fingers replace the breeze, two digits sliding up and down your slit, making you shiver for another reason.

Putting more pressure behind his strokes, his fingertips sink into your folds and find your clit. The moan that bubbles up your throat is muffled by his tongue carefully exploring your mouth.

In a blur more pieces of clothes are tugged at, your hands gripping the hem of his shirt and lifting it off of his upper body quickly. Yours is soon thrown onto the floor, fingertips gingerly gliding over the curve of your breasts with his lips trailing opened mouthed kisses down the center of your chest, going lower until he reaches the waistband of your panties. Slowly climbing backward and off of the bed, Kihyun pulls them down and off. He quickly disregards his jeans and boxers in one tug downward. There’s barely a chance to get a glimpse of what’s below his waist because he’s turning and squatting down, rummaging through his overnight bag so you get a view of his backside. His spine is noticeable in his hunched over position, smooth, creamy-like skin unblemished and calling out for your fingers to caress. 

Snapping out of your trance you reach behind you to pull apart the clasps holding your bra together. Kihyun stands up and turns right as you toss it to the side. The fingers holding onto a squared foil packet clench when he looks at you, laid out completely naked and waiting for him. You’re ogling again, but this time your eyes are taking in the way his chest rises and falls down to his half hard erection.

With a hand reached out towards him you beckon him back onto the bed, him interlacing your fingers together when he has crawled back in between your legs. 

Condom placed to the side, Kihyun coats his fingers in your juice before sliding his middle finger inside of you. 

“Fuck,” he bends his neck forward to see the way his finger disappears then comes out soaked. He adds his ring finger and the stretch coaxes a whimper from you, his eyes snapping up to your face. He spreads his digits apart and your chest starts to slightly heave, the quiet noises coming from your mouth barely audible compared to the slick sounds coming from your cunt. “You ready, beautiful?“ 

Swallowing back another moan you nod, knowing your voice will crack if you verbally answer him.

His wet —drenched— fingers wrap around his cock but you sit up slightly to lightly swat it away, replacing it with your own hand. 

“Open it,” you nod at the condom beside you, keeping yours eyes on the way your fingers look wrapped around his dick. He feels thick and heavy and warm hardening in your palm and the thought of him being inside of you soon makes your mouth water, makes your hand move a little faster. 

Kihyun’s breath stutters and when you take a glance up you see the way he bites the inside of his lips. He fumbles with the packet a little so you go back to your initial pace and weaken your hold just the slightest bit. Once the condom is out he hands it to you with a lick of his lips. Pinching the tip of it, you slide it on. Your heart is beating a mile a minute, anticipation and excitement is running through your veins because this is really happening. 

“Lay back for me,” You’ll listen to anything he demands of you with that husky voice. 

He crawls back on his knees to give you room to slump down until your back is flat on the bed, knees bent. The pace he pushes into you is so agonizingly slow but every inch is delicious and has you gasping for air. The stretch is welcomed and feels so good you grab onto his tense biceps on either side of your head.

“Holy shit,” is groaned into your ear once he’s fully sheathed. 

Holy shit indeed. Your fingers and the head you got from Krystal’s friend (Taeyong? Taehyun? Taeyoon?) months ago don’t compare to how good Kihyun feels inside of you. And when he pulls his hips back to start a steady pace you can’t hold back your moans because he feels incredible dragging against yours walls, whimpers becoming hiccuped when there’s a little more force behind his motions. 

He lifts your leg over his hip and keeps his hand on your thigh, sitting up straight on his knees. His other hand runs up your tense stomach and grabs at a bouncing mound, almost using it for leverage when his dick slams into your pussy at a faster rate. 

You choke on whatever noise was about to come out and keen, pushing your chest further into his palm and trying your hardest to meet his thrusts with a roll of your hips. The coil in your lower belly is threatening to snap already, heat rising and slowly making its way down to your core. 

Earlier you realized how beautiful Kihyun’s voice is on stage but nothing compares to the sweet moans he couldn’t bite back, the groans that couldn’t stay within. 

And when nothing but curses start to tumble out of your mouth he understands, letting go of your boob to snake his thumb to your clit and work firm circles on it. You can’t keep your eyes open any longer, the pleasure too intense and causing them to roll back. Your hands feel around your comforter for something to grab onto and your face twists up into a look of pure satisfaction. 

His hot gaze on you is hard to miss even when your eyes aren’t open. His groaning grows in volume and bubble out of his throat more often than in the beginning. 

“I'm— mm. I'm—fuck Kihyun,” you babble when your lower abdomen continuously clenches. Chest heaving and grip on your duvet tightening you find the strength to crack your eyes open. Kihyun’s attention is on his thumb drawing shapes into your bundle of nerves, but when he feels you looking at him it diverts to you. His brows are furrowed in concentration and his teeth are nibbling away at his lower lip. There’s a scrunch of his nose and everything about him just sends you over the edge, the coil finally snapping and the pleasant burning inside of you spreading down to your legs. Nothing but his name is understood from the mess of words that leave your lips, back arching and eyes squeezing shut as your walls clench and unclench around his cock repeatedly. 

You can hear your pussy getting wetter and wetter, his thrusts only getting faster. Compliments of how tight you are, how good you feel around him are growled and your body is curling into itself at the now sloppy thrusts, him chasing his own orgasm. 

His final thrust is sharp, going so deep into you you almost see stars, body scooting up your mattress a little. His final moan is music to your ears and it repeats in your mind, even as he pulls out, takes the condom off, ties it and tosses it in the trash can beside your nightstand. Even when he’s slumped over you with the side of his face pressed into your right boob, sandwiching you between his slightly sweaty body and the bed. 

Your hands somehow find his raven locks, combing through them and watching the way the strands slip through your fingers. 

The relaxing atmosphere after coming down from your highs is ruined when Kihyun clears his throat. “I’m starving." 

Your hands stop their movements and you get a double chin looking down at him. "When’s the last time you ate?" 

"Like, this morning?" 

You roll your eyes. This isn’t the first time he’s gone a few hours too many without eating. 

"There’s food in the kitchen, feel free to eat whatever you want." 

Fingertips gingerly skate along your stomach. 

"You’re not gonna eat with me?" 

You snort. "Only if you bring the food in here because something tells me I won’t be walking straight if I tried right now." 

"I guess you got your answer to how good I’ll fuck you." 

Choking on your spit you lightly tap your knuckles on the top of his head. God, you really said that didn’t you? 

He retaliates with a nip to the side of your chest he hasn’t gotten comfortable on, then pushes himself up with his arms. With one last kiss to your lips and a mumble from you telling him you’re not hungry his body warmth leaves and he’s slipping his briefs back on. 

"Hurry back. I wanna cuddle,” you say cutely. 

And when he’s gone you slip out of the bed, a little wobbly at first as you make your way into the bathroom. This isn’t the bath you were looking forward to but the spray of the shower is just as welcomed and relaxing enough. 

You’re lazily putting lotion on your legs when he comes back, in a silky night gown. 

There’s a smirk playing on his lips and his steps slow until he’s standing at the foot of your bed, hand on his hip. “Are you trying to get me hard again?" 

"Shut up and take a shower. There’s towels in there for you,” you roll your eyes, nodding in the general direction of the bathroom. 

The sound of the shower starting up again brings a big sigh from your chest. All of this is just too good to be true, but at the same time you’d never question the look of pure sincerity that Kihyun gave you after you confessed you felt the same way he did. The look of raw adoration that his face showed as he saw you laid out for him. There was lust swirling around his irises but there was so much more and that let you know he wasn’t just saying those things just to fuck you.

On the way to turn the lights off, you place the bottle of lotion back on your dresser. Back on the bed you switch on the lamp on your nightstand before crawling under the blankets and tucking them under your chin, facing the bathroom door.

Your eyes grow heavy by the time he steps through it, towel around his hips and another hanging from his head. He throws a smile in your direction and you just scrunch your nose a little in acknowledgement, continuing to watch him as he pulls bottles out of his bag and put them on your dresser. You watch as he does his whole skin routine, combs his hair out and slips boxers and sweatpants on.

“Do you enjoy staring at me?” he chuckles, crawling behind you. 

“You literally make a living out of people staring at you,” you counter flatly. You turn to face him and he welcomes you with an arm in the air, silently giving you the green light to scoot as close as possible. The tone of your voice doesn’t match the smile that begins to stretch your lips as his arm falls down around your waist gently. 

It’s quiet for a while and your breath is just starting to even out, eyelids just a fraction from closing all the way. Kihyun’s guided your face into the crook of his and the up and down motion of your hand on his torso slows to a stop. 

“Do your legs really hurt?" 

The question is soft and hesitant and it takes a few seconds longer than it usually would for you to make sense of his words, but when you do, you chuckle. And when his hand dips down and fingers start kneading at your thigh you laugh louder, apologizing when he winces because of the proximity of your mouth to his ear.

The bearable pain you feel is actually on the insides of your thighs, and though he’s not even touching where you feel the burn, you just let him do his thing.

A/N: okay so this is the longest chapter yet and will be the longest. the way i wrote it might seem like this is the finale but nah, the next one is ;) 

Ice Cream and a Joint: Elliot x Reader

Originally posted by ramibabe

A/N: Hey guys I’m v sorry for my absence as of late. I’ve been going through a kind of shitty breakup and generally just a rough patch in my overall mental health. I’ve been trying so hard to write but I just can’t. But finally, tonight I managed to get something finished! I have a feeling you guys are gonna enjoy it.

This is a response to multiple requests, which I can’t name bc it’ll ruin the fic lol.

Warnings: Explicit. Sexual. Content. Bitches.

It’s eight o’clock on a quiet Wednesday, the just-visible sun still providing some warmth to your skin. You’re on the pier waiting, unsure what the evening would bring. Wednesday was a good day for you. It was halfway through the work week, your stress levels were relatively low, and your plans were almost certain to put you in a good mood.

A warm breeze ruffles your hair and the thigh-length dress you’re wearing. You cross and uncross your legs somewhat uncomfortably. You’d made a risky choice in underwear, or lack thereof, and virtually everything was a reminder. But the reason you made such a decision was walking towards you with his hands shoved awkwardly in his pockets.

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What’s Your Deal? - William Nylander

Anonymous: that was so good!!! could you do one with william nylander where you guys have a fight but make up? maybe even make up sex with lots of fluff!!! have a good day xx

I am so sorry that this took so long, I hope this is what you wanted! 

Requested: Yes | No

Word Count: 1907

Warnings: smut, swearing for sure because it’s me. 

Bonus points if you guys know what song I referenced.


“I don’t get why you’re so mad at me!” He shouts from across the living room after Mitch and Auston had left, causing me to roll my eyes at him.

 “Of course you don’t ‘get it’, WIlliam.” I reply, walking into the kitchen of the apartment he and I share, ignoring his calls of my name.

 This is the third argument we’ve been in over the course of the past week alone and it’s only Wednesday. It’s the third time I’ve come home from work, stressed out and just wanting to relax with my boyfriend, only for the apartment  to be full of Leafs and the living room trashed.

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So! I hit 1k followers (DAFUQ?!) & I figured, since I’m going to be leaving soon, that I should do a follow forever (because everyone does one at one point or another lmao) These are pretty self explanatory, so let’s just get to it before I die from this sriracha cabbage… 

Honorable Babes ♡

@apollonic {Sophie}

So you know I had to start this out with you, right? You are one of the most kind hearted, humble people I know. You have a diamond heart and I 100% mean this when I say there were some days I didn’t even want to get out of bed and you gave me the inspiration to take on the day. You already know how much you mean to me, even when we don’t talk for weeks or even when I suck at replying, I know I’ll always be somewhere in your heart, and you in mine. Thank you for being such a good friend. Oh, and by the way… your fashion is A1 and you make me feel like a total shrimp in comparison. I love it!

@archistratego {Eliot}

Heyyyy Eliot. ( / ; u;)/ ~♡ So I’ll try not to be a marshmallow for once and actually be serious. You and I have not known each other for long, but you’ve already become someone very important to me. I think we talk every day now? I know this because every day now I get this stupid smile on my face from your beaming optimism even when you yourself are feeling down. You are a knight if I’ve ever seen one, and are more talented than you will ever realize. Please be good to yourself; ily!

@auroremus {Bruna}

Girl.. ewe So you know… I had to get payback for that cuteness you displayed on your FF, right?? Can we all just take a moment to appreciate this cute being for a moment?? Okay. As you said, you and I don’t know eachother well, but you are honestly so fun to talk to. Some of the things you say has me cracking up, and I must say, thank you for putting up with my shitty communication skills. Also, your ambition is something I could only dream of acquiring. 

@dreadwvlf {Tallie}

Ahem.. I just want to say… Jimin is still  the ultimate bias wrecker. DON’T KILL ME!! Taeyang is great, BUT… dat Park Chimchim doe… (~e we)~ You and I hold the record for longest period of time talking about the same thing (…3 months..) OKAY, it might be because I’m retarded when it comes to responding on tumblr BUT, you were one of the first people I started talking to on here, and you love Kpop? Girl. GIRL. You are and forever will be my aegyo queen, and we shall bond over the untimely death of T.O.P’s wonderful hair (because you know they shaved that shit) 

@keries {Sierra}

My love, it goes without saying that you are the most important person to me. It’s kind of crazy. You’ve somehow found a way to enchant me, to pull my cold little heart out of it’s year long hiatus and now it can’t let go. You are perfection to me, and you make up for all my painfully obvious short comings. Every day I feel so lucky to have found you, and while I’m gone, you will be the first thing I think about in the mornings and the last thing I think about before bed. You are my wings as I am your anchor. Thank you for putting up with me. I love you. ♡♡

@opalynch {Ailen}

My little Maebear.. Do I even need to type this?? It’s so obvious that you are so so so so special to me. Like, I can’t even put it into words. I still to this day have no idea how we got talking, but it was one of the best decisions I’ve made on this tragic site. No one can take your place, and you have a permanent spot in my heart. You are so incredibly cute and ugh, such an angel. Where have you been all my life?!

@papakoscheis {Sara}

Sawa! (Okay I know what you’re thinking… can I NOT be a fucking marshmallow for one second?! The answer is.. no.) Okay so confession time. I kind of high-key stalked you for like a week before you followed me. I mean I’m going to act like I NEVER said that, but it’s the truth. Your whole existence is my aesthetic and you are so eclectic and unique, not to mention so damn smart. You’re going to go far in life and I’m going to ride those damn coat tails to victory!!! There’s nothing you can do to stop me! c:<

@tragicpatroclus {Daisy}

Okay… so… confession time again… You were the first person I ever talked to on this (still tragic) site. You are my first friend here! You took my tumblr virginity! I didn’t even get dinner out of the deal but hey, I’m… totally.. fine with that. Dates are overrated anyway.. >_> Seriously though.. where’s my dinner?! You are legitimately the smartest person I’ve met here. I’m not even kidding. You and I can seemingly talk about anything. I love it! Thank you so much for putting up with my shitty schedule and equally shitty social skills (I’m starting to see a trend here) you too have a place in my heart and I know you’ll soar like a wonderful eagle. Or Pegasus. I mean, your choice. c:

@virtuestars {Luna}

Last but not least! Okay so since I’m prone to going on and on and on, I’m going to try to sum this up in a paragraph. YOU ARE AMAZING! You and I met at a very trying time in my life, and talking to you really improved me. We can always procrastinate together and holy shit, I’m so excited for you to be studying abroad! We will totally have to go out and party sometime. I probably have to most in common with you out of anyone on this post and just knowing I can trust you with my thoughts, any of them, makes me feel so secure in our friendship and I hope and pray you feel the same. Love you!

❦ Loriat’s Follow Forever List

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Alicia is P.O.T.U.S - Shitty garden furniture

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Just wanna say I’m bowled over by how many people liked this so quickly.  I hope I can keep your interest :D

- - - -

He skips his morning run and the regret adds itself to all the others he has piled up.

In the back of the town car he texts Kent.

Mom’s running for re-election

They’ve been in the White House for two years but Jack could swear it’s been longer.  The moment the race started he stopped feeling like Jack Zimmermann hockey prodigy and started feeling like Jack Zimmermann potential presidential candidate Alicia Zimmerann’s son.  He used to hate the former title but he hates the latter more now. Despite the ugly uphill slog it took to get here he knows his mother was excited to move into the White House but Jack hates it.  He feels like a bug under glass in that place.  Always overlooked and spied on.  The only place he feels safe now is at a beautiful red brick townhouse with white window accents and a green front door.

Shitty greets him (and his protection detail) on the font step wearing nothing but a pink kimono dressing gown and boxers.

“Jacko! You beautiful son of a bitch.”

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“You’re quiet tonight,” Bitty noted. It was a common line between them, a way to recognise that Bitty understood that something was on Jack’s mind and an opening to talk about it if Jack wished.

“You were doing fine carrying the conversation on your own,” Jack had obviously recovered from his wandering thoughts enough to chirp him. “I was just letting you get it all out before you start texting about it.”

“It’s tweeting as you know full well, Mr Zimmermann,” Bitty shot back. “I know you’re hopeless but I refuse to believe that you forget it every time I correct you.”

Jack threw his head back with a laugh that always made Bitty warm with accomplishment every time he managed to draw it from him. “Like you said, I’m hopeless. Or maybe I just like to see your reaction every time.”

Bitty rolled his eyes but remained silent, giving Jack the space to gather his thoughts. Not that Jack ever needed an excuse to chirp Bitty, but he suspected his boyfriend was buying himself some time.

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anonymous asked:

Jug finally revealing how he feels about himself to Betty and Betty showing him her scars and what she does to herself was beyond emotional, Juggie completely bare without his crown and it really made for an intimate moment. It's obviously shown they're growing together as a couple and if it's not too much maybe you could write about them having their first time that night of his birthday, the both of them keeping each other's insecurities in mind.

bugheadisperfection:  I was wondering if after Jughead kisses her hands and Betty kisses him and she pulls away he kisses her again, but a little more roughly and passionately and later on they go back to her house and snuggle and fall asleep in each other’s arms? Neck kisses too please!

I combined quite a few prompts for this one! I also saw @lostinafictionaluniverse and @jandjsalmon tag me in something to do with Juggie acknowledging Betty’s crown sweater and realising what that means so I’ve included that in here too. I hope you enjoy, sorry it’s been a while since my last fic!

Warning: starts off a bit angsty and then all the smut at the end.

Betty sucked in a sharp breath as she watched Jughead press his cool lips against her trembling hands. The simple gesture was everything. It was him, despite his every worry and every fear, telling her that her imperfections were alright. It was him telling her that he accepted her for what she was, still felt the same way about her as he did before, despite her flaws. All the oxygen left her lungs as the realisation hit her full force. She looked at his soft features, illuminated by the bright neon light of Pop’s sign, heart clenching at the deepening bruise around his eye and the dark gash on his cheekbone. He was still here, he’d heard it all and he was still here. His eyes glanced up, meeting hers with a gentle uncertainty, down-turned at the corners as he tried to absorb as much of her pain through his touch as he could.

It felt like a magnetic pull, bringing her towards him. It had felt like a subtle shift in her centre of gravity at first, tilting her slightly off balance as she tried to find her bearings once more. An almost nonexistent buzzing just under the surface of her skin, so calming that she hadn’t even realise it was there, that he was the cause. And then he’d kissed her and everything exploded. The buzzing turned into full fledged vibrations, taking over her entire frame until she couldn’t think straight. Then the dust settled and everything was better. Everything was brighter, more focused, in a way she had never imagined before. What she’d felt for Archie, she realised, hadn’t even scratched the surface.

But the brightness had only made the darkness more noticeable in comparison. Not more frequent, not more intense, just an ever-present clouding around her peripherals, threatening to engulf her as it always did - now with far worse consequences, she had thought. She’d almost experienced, first hand, what it would be like to have everything taken away and never wanted that feeling, that suffocating void, to flood her again. Her eyes flicked to his lips, set in a frown and slightly chapped as he let out a deflating sigh. She drifted forward, unable to resist placing a hard, bruising kiss against his mouth, trying to tell him everything she was sorry for, everything she was grateful for - she needed him to know that he could have all of her, as much as he wanted for as long as he would have her. She settled against his shoulder, revelling in the feeling of being encircled in his warm embrace as she played sleepily with the fingers holding hers.

Betty knew they needed to say more - that she needed to say more. She cursed her mother in that moment for every doubt she placed into her head. She knew she trusted Jughead with everything she had, always would. He was a part of her, mind and body. Oh… The realisation sent a jolt though her tired frame, simmering beneath the skin like a thousand tiny flames, lighting her up with an unfamiliar heat that she’d never experienced before. She was ready to giver her all to this boy, she was so sure that it hurt. She took a deep breath, trying to release some of the tightness in her chest, slow her pounding heart, as she lay, stone still, in his embrace.

“Juggie, I’m sorry. I didn’t say it before but I truly am,” she whispered, feeling his head turn to gaze down at her but not moving to meet his eyes, unsure that she’d be able to stomach the open sincerity she knew she’d find there. “You were right… what you said about me trying to prove something. But… it wasn’t for Archie or for anyone,” she swallowed, choking out the words as she closed her eyes against the image of Jughead’s face as he’d spat the accusations at her, fingers closing a little tighter around his hands as they barred her fingernails from piercing the delicate flesh of her palms. A shaky breath flew from her lips as she tried to fight past her every insecurity, give herself up to him completely. “It was for myself, I didn’t believe in me. I… I didn’t believe that I could be anything less that perfect, that I wasn’t allowed. Here I was, finally happy with the way some parts of my life were turning out. I had you,” her voice trembled, pitch rising, thick with tears. She felt his heart thudding erratically beneath her ear. She used every last inch of her power to will him to stay. “And we w-were us, it was supposed to be perfect.” She breathed the word, cringing at her own use of the curse. But that’s what she’d realised - she spent so long resisting the label of perfect that in order to make herself something else it was exactly what she had tried to become. The perfect back alley investigator, the perfect sleuthing journalist, the perfect girlfriend to the boy she felt rebellious for dating. “It was so unexpected, so out of the blue - Betty and Jughead. It felt like everything that wasn’t supposed to happen but I needed it. I was proving to myself that I was good at being everything I wasn’t meant to be. And I used you to do it. But…” This was it, it was coming out and she couldn’t stop it. “I love you, Jughead,” she breathed, tension snapping in her chest like an elastic band. Her whole body felt like it was free falling and it was the most exhilarating sensation, she didn’t want it to end. “And I don’t want us to be together for any other reason than we make each other happy,” she finished, voice hard with the firmest conviction she could muster.

Jughead was tense beneath her. She held her breath as she waited, for what felt like an eternity, for his reply. He slipped his hands from hers, moving them to her shoulders to pull her back and force her eyes, swimming with unshed tears, to his. Adrenaline coursed through her veins, cheeks flaming, as she waited for his inevitable rejection. But at least she’d said it now, she wouldn’t regret it. He took a breath, closing his eyes for the briefest of moments. When he opened them again their blue was so deep she felt like she was drowning.

“Betty… Betts, I didn’t mean what I said to you, those things in Archie’s garage. I-I know I told you I was scared of getting hurt, for being who I am. I didn’t tell you that I was scared of who I am. I was trying to pass a shitty hand off as a full house and I thought I was getting away with it. I kissed you and you smiled. We were investigating Jason’s murder and writing for The Blue and Gold and it was enough to silence every tiny voice in the back of my head telling me that it was all one big shitty joke, that I couldn’t have this. Everyone gets left behind, everyone leaves. I was scared that I would be the one to leave you, it’s practically in my genetics,” he scoffed, rolling his eyes. “You don’t need the burden that I could place on your shoulders, so if I could make you leave me it wouldn’t be as bad.” He rolled his bottom lip between his teeth, force leaving stark white lines on his already pallid skin, disappearing as fast as they appeared.

Betty didn’t know when the tears had begun to fall. She reached up with shaking hand, thumbs skimming his cheeks, to card her fingers through his dark waves, finally free from behind his armour. His eyes slid shut once more, sighing in foreign contentment as she eased the ache building up in his skull. He startled as he felt soft lips press against one eyelid and then the other, corners of his lips tilting up in mild amusement. Her voice brought him back to the present.

“You said it yourself, Jug. We are not our parents,” she whispered, the soft spoken words glinting with a sharper edge. “You should believe in yourself as much as I believe in you,” she said, smile creeping into her voice as she thought of all the times he pulled her back from the edge. She pressed a hand against his chest, as if she was checking he was really there. He huffed out a laugh through his nose, eyes settling on her fingertips, following the line of her arm. His eyes came to rest on the bright yellow crown emblazoned on her chest. His smile widened as he reached out a tentative finger to run across the fabric.

“I never told you how much I liked this,” he mumbled, looking at her sweater with mirth in his eyes. He like this side of Betty, her playful side. It was all too frequently hidden away. He looked at his signature, prominently displayed across her front, the realisation knocking him back. She’d put it there, it was her choice. His head spun with its every connotation, he couldn’t help but feel the swell in his chest at the idea of other people looking at it and just knowing.

“I’m yours, Juggie,” she murmured, looking up at him bashfully from beneath thick eyelashes, crystal tear drops still clinging to a stray few. Her thudding heart suddenly made him aware of the positioning of his palm, pressed against her breasts, covering the crown with slightly curled fingers. A scarlet blush bloomed across his cheeks, mouth going dry as he attempted to pull his hand away. She was quicker, placing her own palm over the back of his hand, pushing firmly, keeping him against her. The green of her eyes deepened as she leaned forwards once more, capturing his lips, chests pressed close together, joint hands wedged in between.

Betty gasped against his lips as one kiss turned into two, three, four, Jughead lifting his free hand to the back of her neck, fingers slipping slightly into the tight hair of her ponytail to scratch against her scalp. Her open lips allowed him to swipe his tongue along the inside of her lower lips, eliciting delicate whimpers that he swallowed down like the sweet milkshake abandoned on the table before them. Her hand grasped at his denim-clad bicep, willing him ever closer to her every inch, their proximity never enough to quench the flames of desire that burned in the pit of her stomach. He groaned, the sound erupting from the depths of his chest, as she sucked gently on the tip of his tongue inside her mouth, tasting the remnants of the chocolate ice cream that still lingered there. He pulled away, mind dizzy, to rest his forehead against hers, breath coming in heaving gasps. The sound of the bell above Pop’s door alerted him to their surroundings, the diner all but a faded memory until then, fresh heat coming up to join his already flushed cheeks.

“We should probably…” he breathed, unsure of what he was suggesting to her. He felt Betty nod instantly against him, breath just as ragged as his own.

“We should,” she replied, not knowing what she was agreeing to but agreeing none the less. It didn’t matter, she just knew that she wanted to. She took his hand, pulling him from the booth and not letting go as they began the walk home.

He stood before the Cooper residence, unsure of what was going to happen next but still entirely unwilling to drop her hand. He could feel the tiny, rough edges of her fresh crescent scars rubbing against the smooth skin of his palm, spurring him to grip all the more tightly. They stood before each other, easy silence settling over them, their faces a reflection of timid smiles. Neither made to move, to break the trance that had seemingly swept them up on the sidewalk.

“Do you…” Betty began, pressing her lips shut as he raised an eyebrow at her in question, waiting for her to find the words to continue. “Would you come inside?” she asked eventually, words laden with hints of promise. A fine sweat broke out over Jughead’s entire body, cooling quickly in the frosty night air and making him shiver. Anticipation and nerves fought for dominance as she stared at him with wide, probing eyes. He swallowed, focusing on the way her hand felt in his.

“I want to,” he began, nodding his head in the barest of movements. “I do want to. Betty…” She silenced his concerns with a teasing kiss, lacing it with every intention she had, that she hoped to give him. He pulled back with a chuckle. As much as he’d like to just lose himself in Betty Cooper he’d made a promise with himself to talk, to use his words with her from now until forever. “I want everything with you, Betty. I just need to know that you’re sure, that it’s not just because of everything that happened tonight. Because we’re both scared…” he trailed off, brow furrowed. His fingers twitched by his side, aching to touch every inch of her, to know every part of her inside and out. She smiled easily, caressing his cheek with the lightest of touches.

“It is because of everything that happened tonight. But only because that has made me realise that this? This is everything I’m ever going to want. That we know each other completely. I want to feel it, Jughead. I’ve never been more sure.” He studied her eyes, nothing but clear, and nodded, firmer this time.

“Me too.”

An entirely new feeling coiled like a spring low in Jughead’s stomach as she led him up the stairs, walking him into her room with her bottom lip tucked between her teeth, half hiding her pretty smile. He cupped her face, coaxing the plump flesh back out so he could capture it with his own in a series of light, tender kisses. Betty left out a soft moan as his hands travelled down the slope of her neck, tilting her head to give him more access as his mouth followed, planting butterfly kisses along the almost translucent skin, breathing in deeply as he became drunk on the warm scent of strawberries that rose from her being. Her fingers clutched at his hips, spurring him to seal his mouth over her pulse point and suck gently. He smiled against her neck as he felt her pulse flutter, breath leaving her lips in a shaky gasp.

Betty walked them backwards, pushing his jacket off his shoulders and letting it fall discarded in a heap to the floor, until her legs hit the edge of the mattress. She broke away from him to crawl to the centre of her bed, sitting back on her knees and beckoning him towards her with soft eyes. He slipped off his boots and slid next to her, not sure of his next move, whether he wanted to do everything or nothing at all. His fingers flexed around empty air, catching her eye as she moved to a stroke a soothing hand through his hair once more. They were both damaged, both fractured, building up so many layers of protection around their hearts that is seemed impossible to break through. But here, in this moment, Jughead could feel the constant glow that poured from ever fibre of Betty’s being melt away the cold, hard wax of his facade. She pushed him back with steady hands until his head was resting against her pillow, her sheets wrapping him in the comforting scent he had grown to love. She draped herself along his side, following his descent until she could rest her lips over his, drawing out long, languid kisses as a more confident hand came up to push her hips harder against his own. A low growl that surprised even himself left his lips as her thigh brushed intoxicatingly against the slowly forming bulge in his pants.

Betty sat back, now straddling one of his thighs, chest heaving deliciously in front of Jughead’s face for just a moment as his tongue came out to wet his lips subconsciously. She ran the pads of her fingers down his clothed chest, eliciting a shiver that ran straight down his slightly bowed spine. She regarded the layers covering the boy below her. She knew how heavily he relied on swathing himself in a thick fabric of armour, never letting anyone get close to his surface without pulling away, shutting down. She needed him to know that it was okay to bare themselves completely before one another, happy to take the first step if it would tip them over the threshold. Steeling her nerves, teetering on the edge of excitement, she dropped her hands to the hem of her shirt, ready to pull it and the sweater off in one fluid movement. His firm gaze on her every movement incited a confidence in her, flinging the bundle of fabric in her hands onto the floor to join his jacket. High on exhilaration her hands went to the clasp at the middle of her back.

Jughead leaned up, hands gripping her wrists as he halted her actions. Her chest deflated, eyes looking everywhere but into his as she crossed her arms protectively over her front. His eyes widened at her distress, peppering kisses over her cheeks, neck, shoulders, anywhere his mouth could reach as he tried to reassure her.

“I just wanted to say, before anything else happens, I need you to know that what you said earlier… I do too. I lo-” She cut him off with a hard kiss.

“I don’t need you to say it right now, Jug. If you feel like you have to because…” she trailed off, gesturing between them. His expression remained determined as he placed both of his hands on her shoulders.

“I love you, Betty Cooper. Every inch, every flaw. Whether we’re in a booth at Pop’s or… in your bed,” he laughed, innocent embarrassment colouring his cheeks as she giggled prettily from her place in his lap, utterly dishevelled and the picture of everything but innocence. “I know, for sure, that I love you,” he finished as happy tears trembled along her waterline, fingers caressing his cheeks. He turned his head, picking up her wrist and placing a feather-light kiss against the veins near the surface. He continued his actions, pressing further kisses to each and every one of the scars that had found home on her palms, promising her, and himself, through his lips that he would do everything in his power to get her through this. His hands slipped down her arms, coming to rest at the opening of her bra. His eyes met hers, shy but sure. She nodded, taking a breath as she felt his fingers fumbling with the foreign object a few times until eventually the elastic slackened, straps falling down her arms and bringing the lace cups tumbling to their laps.

Jughead held her gaze for a while longer as new parts of Betty’s body were revealed in his peripheries. Dropping his eyes he finally took in her bare chest, at a loss for a moment as to what to do with the perfection that was presented before him. He’d never understood the fascination his male classmates seemed to have with female breasts, but watching Betty’s shift slightly with each anticipatory breath she took, bare from the waist up, sitting in his lap… he wished he could capture the image forever. His hand moved up, skimming the smooth skin of her waist with backs of his fingers, to pull the band out of her hair, letting it fall in loose waves over her shoulders. It framed her face, shining silver in the dim moonlight that crept through her curtains, transforming her into the picture of ethereal. Jughead smoothed down some of the silken strands, smiling as she leaned her head into his touch slightly. This was his Betty, without the intruding barrier of perfection, free from the cloying restraint of expectation. She was simply here, looking like something altogether new, yet intensely familiar. She was home. His hand drifted lower, cupping the firm mound of her breast, delighting in the sounds of her pleasurable moans that filled his ears while he squeezed softly, testing the new waters. He did it again, wanting nothing more than to keep those sounds a permanent fixture in his head, hips jerking upwards as a well-positioned swipe of his thumb across her hardened nipple had her body circling against his lap.

Jughead took a steadying breath, trying to calm the overstimulating sensitivity of his skin at her every movement, knowing that he wanted this experience to last for as long as he was capable. He leaned towards her, focusing all of his attention on Betty in an attempt to steady himself, leaving a trail of wet, open-mouthed kisses along her sternum as she cupped the back of her head, forcing him closer towards her until he was gasping for air. He wanted to reach more, to uncovered everything. With a firm hand on her back he twisted them, both giggling at the uncoordinated fumblings of inexperience while limbs tangled ungracefully, until she was laid out before him, golden halo splayed around her on the white sheets. Trembling fingers trailed down her stomach, muscles clenching as he made his way closer to the waistband of her jeans. Betty licked her lips, glossing them with moisture, highlighting their already swollen appearance, as she raised her hips in silent permission. Every motion was slow, popping the button, pulling down the zipper, the first glance of the periwinkle blue of her underwear… Jughead shook his head, trying not to get lost in the thoughts of what hid beneath. Sensing his hesitation Betty took control, pulling the denim over her hips, shimming them down her legs until she could kick them off her ankles. The room felt overwhelmingly hot as Jughead took in the sight before him, a sight that only he was allowed to see. Miles of smooth, tanned skin. Sheer panties settled neatly against her hips. Her legs fell open slightly under his gaze, inviting him to move closer.

He couldn’t bring himself to cover up the view with his own body to kiss her lips, choosing instead to drop sweet kisses over her neck, her breasts, her stomach. The bottom edge of his lower lip caught on the waistband of her panties as he dipped even lower, pressing one last kiss above her heated flesh. Her thighs rubbed together beneath him, fingers grasping at the sheets as she waited for his next move. He was aware that she was almost fully naked beneath his clothed body, needing to make this moment about her more than himself, needing to feel her come undone. Betty knew, out of the two of them, he was feeling more vulnerable in this position than her, in this moment. He sat back, hands resting either side of her waist. She picked one up, fingers cool against his feverish skin, bringing it to rest against her core tentatively. His fingers twitched as they met damp fabric, Betty’s thighs widening slightly at the sensation, breathy whine leaving her throat. Jughead’s head snapped up at the noise, focusing intently on the way her eyelids fluttered closed and she repeated the sinful sound once more as he pressed his fingers more firmly against her centre. Her entire frame shook as he circled his fingers over the bundle of nerves at her core, another rush of wetness against his hand sending sparks throughout his body, making him even more aware of the desperately growing pressure straining against his zipper. Something snapped inside of him, surging up to press his lips against hers, deep groan rising from his chest as he sent every emotion inside of him into her, tongue delving into her mouth as his fingertips left bruising impressions in her skin, clinging to her body for dear life.

The dam was broken, there was no turning back. His hips thrust into hers wildly, gasping into her mouth, stealing air from her lungs to breath, as he tried to ground himself on this crashing tide. He tugged at his shirt, getting it stuck over his head as they struggled to get the offending item off between their closely connected bodies. His jeans followed, moving back from her embrace for what felt like too long to kick the garment away before falling back into her welcoming arms, now just the thin fabric of her panties and his boxers separating them. Jughead stilled, hot breath fanning over her chest as he brought himself back from the edge. Her hands were against his back, drawing small circles over the flushed skin as she waited for him to come back to her, patient and understanding. She’d made him completely forget himself, made him throw his vulnerabilities to the wind as the only thought he could discern was the need to be connected to her, as close as he could get, before his heart gave out. It was primal, an instinct he’d never known before, to protect her and be protected in return. There was nothing that had ever come close to this feeling - he didn’t think it ever would. He could feel her heat against the front of his underwear, drawing him closer.

“Are you alright, love?” she whispered against the shell of his ear, voice soothing and controlled. His huffed out a laugh, brushing his nose against the dip in her collarbone, following it with a lingering kiss. It was incredible, she was incredible. She could make him forget and find himself all in one moment, emerging a new, better version of himself, deep blue cracks filling up with her golden glow. He moved to rest his forehead against hers.

“Yeah… yes,” he whispered, dropping his lips over hers once more. She fiddled with the elastic at his hips, leg hitching higher to wrap around his thigh, eliciting a shaky exhale from the boy above her. “I love you,” he told her again, just because he could, because the world needed to hear it. She grinned, bright smile illuminating the darkened room for him.

“Good,” she replied, cheeky smirk slipping onto her face as he laughed at her antics. She would always know what he needed. Her eyes lost their teasing as he hooked his fingers around her panties, dragging them slowly down her body. He could finally take her all in now, spread out before him, sneaking a glance at her most sensitive areas before his mind could short-circuit at the overwhelming vision that was Betty Cooper’s naked body. His hands moved to his own underwear, removing them while still high on the view she presented. They were equals now, he felt it. All barriers torn down, all secrets uttered. He finally felt at one with another person, ready to meet her at every step of the way. Her eyes crept over his exposed body - that’s what he was now, fully exposed, and he wasn’t afraid. Her hand rest on his hip, fingers drifting over the clenching muscles of his abdomen as they moved to trail down the dark hair below his navel. He captured both her hands in his, unsure if he could stand any more of her delicate touches, bringing them to his lips to place an all too familiar kiss against her knuckles before locking their fingers together above her head. Their bodies aligned perfectly, each curve fitting like pieces of a long lost puzzle. Jughead suddenly started, cheeks darkening.

“I, uh… I don’t have protection,” he stuttered out, still an inexperienced teenage boy despite his newfound freedom. She hushed his worries, wrapping her legs around his hips.

“It’s okay. Mom put me on birth control the second she found out about us, after Polly…” she trailed off, squirming as she remembered the conversation. Jughead’s blush travelled to the tips of his ears as he thought about Alice Cooper discussing their, until now non-existent, sex life. He went to protest further but she cut him off with a roll of her hips. “And I’ll go to the pharmacy in the morning, don’t worry. I don’t want this to stop,” she added, pupils blown wide with desire, conscious of every sensation that was coursing through her body. Jughead searched the sincerity in her eyes, blinking up at him with nothing but trust, and he nodded.

“Okay,” he whispered, lining himself up against her entrance, biting his lip at the feeling of her wetness nudging up against his tip. He took a deep breath, calming himself down before tilting his hips forwards just an inch. Her body tensed beneath him and he stilled, eyes glued to her features, taking in her pinched brow and pursed lips. “Do you need me to stop?” he managed to get out, every muscle in his body tight. She shook her head instantly, angling her hips up to find a more comfortable position.

“No, just go slow,” she reassured, pulling him in to kiss her in distraction as her walls stretched around him. His hips finally pressed flush with hers, nothing but the sound of heavy breathing surrounding them as he waited for her direction. “You can move now,” she murmured a while later, shifting her hips experimentally.

He knew nothing would compare to the feeling of being inside her as he pulled his hips back before pushing in again, starting off slowly before he couldn’t take it any longer, skin slapping against skin in a newfound frenzy. She was gasping and trembling beneath him, fingernails digging into his biceps as he picked up his pace, still messy and uneven. He knew he wasn’t going to last long, trying with everything he could muster to stave off the inevitable as she clenched deliciously around him. A fine sheen of sweat was coating the both of them and Jughead dipped his head to lick a few rogue drops from between the valley of her breasts, eliciting even more despicable sounds from the beauty that had taken him into her body, her heart.

He didn’t want to reach the end without her, slowing his thrusts as best he could so he could bring her to the edge, trailing a hand between them to rub small quick circles over her clit with his thumb. It was slippery and he was uncoordinated, hands shaking with the effort to hold himself back, but he needed to give her everything she deserved. He found a rhythm eventually, pride blossoming in his chest as he felt her respond to his every touch, bottom lip tucked between her teeth, head thrown back, thighs quivering, soft whimpers drifting through the thick air.

His hand was cramping, his forearms weak, but he was determined to get her there before he finished. Her bruised lips dropped open and her back bowed in a perfect arch, breath stopping altogether as her pleasure crested, reaching the peak before exploding behind her closed eyelids in waves that consumed her. He couldn’t hold off any longer, planting both hands by her head as he fell over the precipice with her, keeping his eyes open, afraid to miss a single second of the expressions dancing across her features.

He collapsed on top of her, too tired to hold himself up anymore after the nights events. How far they’d come, he thought with an internal laugh, enjoying the feeling of her arms encircling his body, her heart thumping against his ear. He didn’t realise he was crying until small fingers were wiping beneath his eyes.

“Shh, it’s alright, Juggie. I’ve got you,” she soothed, pressing tiny kisses to the top of his head as he tried to catch his breath. She tucked him close once he finally found the energy to lift himself off her, resting her chin on top of his head as their legs tangled together beneath the sweat-dampened sheets.

Nothing was perfect, it was never going to be. But as she held him tightly against her warm body, humming soft melodies into his ear as they drifted into slumber, he couldn’t help but think this was pretty damn close.

Give me a smile

Now this is a request for the amazing @wolfcub1635

So the scenario is: “reader has had a pretty rough week, feeling pretty shitty and has made a sort of bubble by keeping people out, not even Mikey could cheer her up. But will a hothead cheer up a hothead?”

Originally posted by lillianlinus

It was raining for starters. That black cloud had followed you all the way into the lair, the thunder reflecting your mood, dangerous and furious. It was like life was against you, of course that wasn’t true but from where you were standing it seemed like the universe was telling you to have the shittiest life ever and they weren’t there to help you out. At all. You were on your own. 

The first one to notice your foul mood was Mikey. He cheered once you entered the fortress of the pizza smelling sewers but you ignored him. Mikey didn’t get hurt easily, but your frown, your posture, the less that skip in your step had made him feel sad. 

“Hey Y/N! How are ya?” he exclaimed cheerfully a second time but all you did was sulk and sulk. You didn’t even join him to play a video game. That was how shitty you felt. 

Donnie was next. asking if you were sick, you grumbled a no and made your way to the kitchen where Leo was trying to offer you some tea. They wanted to see you happy, they really did. But maybe you just weren’t up for it. You didn’t even give them a smile. Not as much as a twitch on your lips. Finally, after what had seemed forever, they had decided to leave you alone which unfortunately for you, made you feel worse. Did no one care? 

You heard the grunting of the certain steroid invested turtle punching a sandbag so you decided to pay him a little visit. The air smelled like tension, you could cut through it with a knife. You sat cross legged by some weights, tracing the patterns of the numbers on them silently, trying to waste some time, knowing Raphael hadn’t noticed your presence. 

“Watcha doing here, shortie?” he grumbled, letting out another grunt as he pushed the bar back up into its holster. 

“Nothin’.” you mumbled in reply, not seeing his rolling of his eyes. 

He picked himself up, swaggering towards you and sitting down beside you, trying to read your hard expression. “Why ya so pissed?” 

You rolled your eyes, sure, you guys had grown closer, having something in common. You were both hotheads. You considered him a friend, maybe something more but in your mind, it wouldn’t happen. 

“I’m pissed at life.” You answered with a sigh, your fingers ghosting over the crack in the floor. 

“Woah, that’s deep. Even for you.” he chuckled but you didn’t laugh. Not even a smile. He frowned. “Rough week?” 

You shrugged. “Maybe.” 

He shook his head in amusement. “You wanna talk about it?” 

You actually scoffed, a twitch almost making its way to your lips. “When have you ever ‘talked’?” 

“I talk.” He snapped defensively. 

“When it comes to your biceps.” You teased which made him smirk. 

“Now, you’re feeling better.” He said which made you frown again. He huffed, shoving your shoulder gently. 

“Come on, shortstack. Give me a smile.” He taunted and you scrunched up your face in a sulk. He rolled his eyes at you. “All you gotta do is smile, dammit.” 

“What if I don’t want to?” 

“Well, I’m tellin’ ya to.” 

“What’s the point?” 

He sighed. “It would make me happy.” He said and you dropped your wall of stubbornness. “I like it when you smile.” He muttered under his breath sheepishly which made a grin curl at your lips. 

You made a bold move. You kissed his cheek with a quick peck and he froze. Slowly, a red blush started at his neck and traveled all the way up to his cheeks, putting his own mask to shame. He then looked at you and you looked at him. He grinned. 

“There’s that smile.” 

Life Of The Party

Pairing: Reader x Pietro Maximoff
Warnings: Swearing!!
Summary: Being the youngest avenger did have it’s perks. Saving the world was your job man! What could get better then that? Maybe a steamy drunken make out session on top of the Avengers tower with none other than Pietro Maximoff?
A/N: I refuse to believe Pietro is dead so here you go this is for all my homegirls who are still in denial like me

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