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Something That Needs To Be Addressed:

My embroidery piece called “Little Lonely Soul” (first posted on my Instagram as seen in the first photo) has become very popular, which I’m grateful for. The problem with that is, EVERYONE REPOSTS IT WITHOUT CREDITING ME SO NOBODY KNOWS THAT I AM THE ARTIST. Now, I do realize that I should have put a watermark or something on it, I just didn’t want to ruin the photograph. This piece is very dear to me and aesthetic blogs keep reposting it without even attempting to give credit. So, if you do use this, please credit me. This is a problem that happens to ALL artists. Not just me, but with any artist, please please please remember to give credit. Thank you.

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When rin can't sleep he'll go and break into one of his friends dorms

On more than one occasion Suguro has woken up to a little bundle of warmth sprawled on top of him and an open window. At first he was like “AH SHIT WHAT TH E FUCK” but now’s he’s kind of used to it, since his dorm is closest to Rin’s. 

Konekomaru has woken up with Rin curled next to him a couple times. It freaks him out a little but he doesn’t mind. 

Rin has been literally kicked out of Izumo’s bed numerous times. 

Shima has woken up completely tangled with Rin’s limbs and freaked out, screeching “NO HOMO” a handful of times. 

Shiemi kind of expects Rin to come over sometimes and her beed is always open and warm. She likes cuddling with Rin!

and, honorable mention (Shura isn’t technically his friend bcus she’s an adult and his teacher), Shura gets a little concerned when Rin isn’t in her bed at least once a week. He’s lucky he’s cute and that she kind of sort of loves him like he’s her son…

Goddain also woke up once and screamed because “WHO THE FUCK IS IN MY BED– RIN HOW DID YOU FIND MY DORM?!

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Aged-Up! AoEx Casts’ Fave Alcoholic Beverages

(Requested by @randomfan101)

Rin Okumura - Manhattan!

Yukio Okumura - Martini! 

Shiemi Moriyama - Margarita! 

Ryuuji Suguro - Kentucky Mule! 

Shima Renzou - Strawberry Daiquiri! 

Konekomaru Miwa - No Alcohol! 

Izumo Kamiki - French 75! 

Noriko Paku - Negroni! 

Nemu Takara - Japanese Gin & Tonic! 

Shura Kirigakure - Beer! 

Mephisto Pheles - Jack Rose! 

Amaimon - Bloody Mary! 

Arthur Auguste Angel - Red Wine! 

Lewin Light - Scotch on the Rocks! 

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How would the demon kings + Yukio react if they accidentally kill their S/O? Btw I love your Tumblr! You're amazing!

(oh shit, super cool & dark request, thanks ;) and tysm i’m glad you like my blog!)


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  • He won’t even realise
  • He just thinks your sleepy
  • He wonders why your napping for so long
  • Until he realises your dead
  • This is one of the only times he has a reaction
  • He starts to freak out
  • He’s outraged and overwhelmed 
  • He doesn’t know what to do
  • He realises he must of been too rough in the play fight
  • He wasn’t very good at play fights yet, he couldn’t register the word ‘play’ together with ‘fighting’
  • One of the few times he’s felt guilty 
  • It’s okay in the end though because ehe brings you back 
  • He apologises to you for killing you, with that blank expression…
  • However you can tell he genuinely means it


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  • Tbh he probably lost you in time and space
  • Then when he finds you your like…dead
  • He feels guilty of course, but a small part of him finds it slightly amusing
  • He knows he’s able to bring you back
  • So it isn’t much of a problem to him
  • Although he regrets hurting you
  • Once your back he probably buys you something nice as an apology
  • If his s/o were a demon he’d be slightly less worried 
  • But if they were human he’d be more panicked 
  • He knows how fragile humans are


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  • He would actually be really scared
  • And ashamed
  • But most of all guilty
  • He genuinely loves his s/o a lot 
  • It’s probably in blind rage and they get caught up in it
  • Astaroth feels so torn
  • He never wanted to hurt his s/o
  • He will mentally curse himself and lash out
  • RIP to any random servants standing by
  • He’ll totally unleash his rage out at them
  • He’ll summon Big Bro Azazel to fix his mess
  • After he’ll be a lot more clingy to you
  • He’ll apologies a lot as well
  • It’s rare to see him like this 


  • He’s never felt as terrible as he did in that moment
  • Your the single thing that matters most to him
  • (other then the Illuminati and completing his goal and such)
  • He’s utterly devastated he’s taken away your life with his own hands
  • He would be frantic and overwhelmed if he managed to give you a paper cut
  • So accidentally killing you is the worst thing imaginable to him
  • He immediately resurrects you 
  • After that he’s so ashamed and depressed
  • He’ll apologies to you and then disappear for a while to think
  • If his s/o is a human, he may consider breaking up with them for their own protection


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  • He’s so heartbroken 
  • The one person he trusts, and loves, and can talk to about his many, many, MANY problems
  • And he killed them
  • It was the slip of a gun
  • In the moment
  • No one blamed him
  • But he blamed himself
  • He cant handle this on top of everything else
  • He finally looses it
  • Even though he already has 
  • He spirals out of control 
  • Goes fucking crazy
  • Doesn’t bother pointing guns at his students heads anymore, probably shoots up the school instead
  • He probably is even more enticed by the Illuminati during this time
  • He carves in and accepts their offer on the promise they’ll bring you back

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Headcanon : Rin, for all his being a fire demon, runs cold and is likely to pile his bed with blankets in winter.

The even stupider bit? He feels cold to the touch as well. His friends want to cuddle with him in the summer. Shiemi theorizes that he feels cold to the touch because his fire demon side is locked away within his sword, kept mostly separate from his body. Yukio just thinks he has shitty circulation.

Yukio is no fun.

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Hey about do you think about A little Mermaid au for Appleshipping with Rin as the princess and Yugo as the merman.... I thought you could use to cheer you up from the last one...

I love the idea……. so I did a quick AU scene thing for it…. Ahhh I’m so out of practice :’) but thanks for the inspiration!